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    It was late in the evening, on a hot August night when the young man was late to work at his bench, littered with papers and books galore. The character sitting at this table seemed to be working away at something of great importance, and this is assumable by the sweat on his brow and the nervous thumping of his foot. Something that this person is working on has caused him some great distress, and whatever it is, it seems to be good at what it does. The cicadas churned and hummed a tune that did little to calm his nerves.

    The teen turned his body to look at a section of the desk that had an open book near the right-hand corner. He flipped the pages, and read it diligently. The name of the book was, "Seventy-Six MORE Ways to Put Yourself In Debt." and it seemed to scare the unnamed adult as if the work of literature was a hound.

    Another turn took him to a different book, near the center of the table, entitled "College Debt? No Sweat!" where the male turned and turned through each chapter, looking for something of use. He ran a nervous hand under his black beanie, and let out a groan. He turned to his notebook, that he had been filling up most of the entire night. The notebook seem tore up, and nearing the end of it's lifespan, but the teen took such care of the notebook that it seemed as if it was brand-new, but stocked-full of miscellaneous information.

    Well, not so much as miscellaneous. There was a neat little label on the front of it which said, "College Information - Eddward."

    Eddward, so said the label on the cover of the notebook, was in a bit of trouble. He figured that in order to get the amount of education needed to have the life he was destined to live, he would have to switch between two Private universities between the span of about six years at both. Now, this wouldn't be a problem for him because of scholarships, but both colleges summed up to about $70,000 a year, and that wasn't even with the additional cost of food, bedding, or travel.

    Now, that was about $75,000, times 2, times 14. Eddward pushed the numbers through a calculator (which was again entitled with his name at the top of it) and managed to get a whopping $2,100,000. Edward figured that both scholarships and financial aid would only break the surface of this, not to mention his own personal savings. But yet again, with all of that combined, he would still be broke out of luck.

    Now, the cost of living, finding an apartment, a job, clean clothes. Eddward sent out yet another groan, and slammed his head down onto the notebook. He was in trouble. Eddward lifted his head up, and chewed on the end of his fingernail. It was a disgusting habit, but it was uncontrollable. He was not currently in control of the situation, and Eddward did not like that. He did not, not one bit.

    This was a whole new development. Edd had known for a while that he would have some weight on his shoulders, but he didn't know how far he was going in this. He had all of his classes picked out between the two of them-- there was no way he was going to switch out now, for a cheaper course. He had it all worked out! He had it all planned, step-by-step, but he couldn't believe where the plans had gone to when the prices changed from year to year.

    Edd sighed, and tucked the notebook away in a stack of others, just like it. He flipped through them gently, till he found a row made entirely of C's, and tucked it in there in it's respected spot. He quickly shut the books, and did away with them, as well. He sat in his chair, and tapped his pencil against his desk as he thought to himself. He looked at his watch, and turned back outside. It was sometime around nine, and the sunset gave off a warm glow that seemed to melt Edd's fears away for a moment or two.

    He sighed, and neared the window. The insects were still chirping and the leaves were turning a lovely orange color. He almost forgot about his problems for a second before something caught his eye. He noticed a house near his that would probably hold all of his answers to college, and to payment, and to everything that would end up saving his hide.

    The answer was this: Kevin.

    All his life, Edd noticed that he was begin given letters, and awards and what-not. Edd scanned his room and raced to grab his pencil and College notebook again. He began jotting down information at lightening speed. Yes, yes! Lord knew how many activities he was in. How many scholarships he would be given, and how college maybe easy for some bruit like him.

    Yes, this was all clearing itself out. All Edward needed to do was join a few sports and--

    Join a few sports. Now, that made him freeze up like a slow computer. Oh no, it was futile. He was going to be homeless for the rest of his life. He tucked his pencil between the pages and shut it again. It was hopeless. Edd had tried sports once before, back when Ed had convinced him to join Lacrosse, and that worked out the same way a led-balloon hangs in the air. It doesn't. Edd thought about this gently, and worked through the ways he could possibly avoid a hospital bill, along with towering student debt.

    Something crept into his mind, but he quickly blocked it out. But yet again, it poked and pestered him endlessly, until he did think upon it. Suppose... Eddward got some training. Well, it couldn't be that bad, could it?

    Edd took out is notebook, hopefully, for a final time. He jotted down some information as his mind was racing. They did live close to eachother, and Kevin was the biggest jock he knew-- hell, he was the ONLY jock he knew. If he needed help from anyone, it had to be him. But knowing him, he would want something in return. Edd didn't have to think about this one-- there was an intelligence gap the size of the Grand-Canyon, and that could come in handy.

    Maybe this could work. Eddward drew out a game-plan, along with a script to follow. He gently tore out the page in the book, and folded it into his cardigan pocket. Edd closed the door to his room as he exited, and walked down the stairs. He was about to call for his parents, to tell them that he was leaving, but he realized he was alone.

    Just him and the sticky-notes.

    Eddward sighed. He missed his parents every now and then, but he was completely self efficient. He pulled out a pen, and wrote one of his own, explaining and elaborating about what he was to do, incase one of his parents does make it home before him. That would never happen, though, but Edd could hope. He placed it gently on the fridge, and soon he was off.

    Edd walked across the street, towards the house. He knew he had nothing to be afraid of, but even as children, the two never quite got along. Now that they were both young men, they had less and less interactions. Almost any of them seemed to be positive in the slightest. Surely Kevin couldn't be harboring any bad feelings, right? They were just children. And they were both currently nearing their early adult hood! It was almost their junior year of high school.

    As the teen neared the other's house, he began feeling as if he had made a grave mistake. He took a step towards the house, knees shaking. His anxiety was getting the best of him. He ran his tongue over his lips and took another step. He was facing the door now, and noted to himself that the exterior of the door did not match the house at all. He held up a hand, and readied himself to knock at the door.

    Eddward gulped, and let his hand rap against the door. He had a feeling it was going to be a long night.
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  2. The house had to be on fire, was the only thought that ran through Kevin's mind when, before he lazily made his way into the kitchen to receive a cold beverage to fight the over heating of his body, he was sitting in his living room, sprawled out on the couch, staring at the television as if he was hypnotized by the overly run commercial ad's of regrowing your hair back in the bald spots. His self conscious thoughts kicked in, causing him to unstuck himself from his black leather loveseat, reaching over to grab his signature black and red baseball cap, and rolled off his current resting place for what seemed like the entire summer. Staggering upwards on his two feet, sluggishly shuffling his way through the steaming house, with red and black basketball shorts hanging off his his waist, a black tank top, and his hat placed backwards on his head as usual, his destination: the kitchen.

    It was already August, another thought that swiftly crossed the boy who did nothing but stay at his home, occasionally invited Rolf for some video game sessions-- that usually never worked out in the long run due to Rolf not getting the concept of hitting the X and moving the joystick at the same time-- and texted Nazz about how he touched up the bike here and there, but her replies seemed to get shorter and shorter each time, until she just stopped responding to him. It was out of his control, was the only thing he said to his cellphone before throwing it on the floor, ignoring it for over the rest of his remaining summer.

    Pulling the cupboard open, grabbing a glass, then to carry it over to the sink, switching the cold handle on, filling it up with slightly luke warm water. Although, it did fog up the glass a bit with perspiration, it wasn't enough to cool his head from the late evening heat strike. He didn't get it, Kevin began to speak in his thoughts once more, as the cool glass touched his dry lips, as he began to lean against the cold plastic counter of his kitchen, his eyes looking out the orange tinted window with the see through the orange satin curtains. He didn't get how this summer was nothing, even though it was suppose to be everything to him. This feeling was indescribably, as it was him, the glass of already half drunken water, and his slightly over active thoughts. His hand slowly lowered the glass from his parted lips. His hypnotized gaze not wavering, it was growing deeper and deeper, absently letting his vision turn blurry, as his body froze in its current position, his breathing slow, and his surroundings slowly fading away.

    This feeling was something he felt before. It was no stranger to him. It started with the gut, an empty feeling. It didn't hurt, nor did it make him feel uncomfortable, it was along the lines of, 'it is here'. As he resided on the couch for more than half his summer, he felt so disconnected from the world, from this planet, from this city, friends family, from the coelvisac. It made him think, was anyone out there thinking of him? Maybe, just maybe, everyone forgot about him.

    Kevin was an enigma.

    The first day of school, will be the same as always. Everyone coming up to him, saying how they missed him, how they should've hung out with him during the summer, how they wanted to text them but they supposedly got a new phone and lost all their contacts, and they swore they told you this was going to happen. Knowing Kevin, knowing himself, he would go along with it. Not like it mattered anyway. The switch will always flip when you force people in a building, flipping that switch between popularity, and friendships.

    Kevin was lucky.

    He had it both, friends, and popularity, everyone liked him, for he was the star of sports, the MVP of his high school, the one guy that seemed to have everything going for him in sports. Although, with only one set back, his academics set him in a position where he was barely able to make it last year with a GPA of a 2.5, the one and only qualification that kept him in his sports, and activities. He heard it from his mother, especially his father. If he didn't shape up his constantly failing GPA, this was going to be the end of his career in any sport that would take him in. It was a nightmare of a thought, for it was almost the beginning of the new year, his Junior year, how was he going to keep up with his classes now? With college peeking past the horizon, scholarship opprotunites following not to far behind, will they turn the other cheek if they see his GPA?

    A star athlete, practically failing ever class he is in, even his art classes suffer. What an embarrassment.

    The feeling that lingered into his thoughts, causing him to block out his surroundings, blocked out his awareness of where he was, what he was doing, and all the above. Until, a high pitch shrill of a voice pierced his ears, and conscious.

    Kevin blinked once, it was his mother.

    "KEVIN. ANSWER THE DAMN DOOR ALREADY!" After he finally caught what she seemed to be yelling for a good minute or so, he set the glass of water down on the counter, and pushed himself off his slouched position, a foul expression falling over his features, replacing his once blank emotion.

    "ALRIGHT!" He yelled back with equal annoyance, a door from up stairs slamming after, along with another soft knock coming from the front door later. Kevin sighed, rolling his eyes as he reached the golden knob, twisting it, and opening it with a bit of irritable aggression.

    With a hard look in his eyes, his teeth slightly grinded against each other, masking his surprise to see the visitor of the late night hour at his door step. His considerably dark brown eyes scaled the familiar face's body from head to toe. The kid was in his usual attire, dork clothes, dork shoes, and a sock hat to top it all off. He wasn't the one Kevin would want to see during this time of day, especially during the last final weeks of his summer vacation.

    But something twinged-- for what seemed like a month of no human activity for Kevin, the unexpected was the first to show his face to him. Who knew, his first interaction outside of his man cave, would be none other than Edd, but to Kevin--

    "Double Dweeb, " The jock said lowly, his arms folding over his chest loosely, leaning his one shoulder on the frame of his opened door, his typical arrogant grin chiseled at his lips, "What brings you here? Let me guess.. You came for your daily pumble?"
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  3. If it wasn't the yelling that wanted to make him turn and run away, it was the yell at Kevin gave in return. Edd wrapped his arms around the back of him, waiting anxiously for door to swing open, and for the other teen to deliver his usual catchphrase, and for Edd-- regardless of how many times he's heard it before-- to cower and stutter, because he always did that. It was in his nature to be the underdog, he knew this by the time he was born. He just wasn't ready to face it once more, like always.

    Puberty had been graceful for Eddward. He wasn't he best looking, but he liked to think he looked better than he did in his Freshman year. Don't get him wrong, he didn't like to think about his appearance, but he did like to keep a professional edge on himself. He got a bit taller, his hair a bit longer, and his body grew into proportion with the rest of himself. He had grew into his features kindly and wholeheartedly. If you asked him honestly, he was a little fond of the gap in his teeth. Edd picked slightly at the elbow patches on his cardigan, twitching his fingers behind his back nervously.

    And there, almost like clockwork, the door flew open and out came Kevin. Edd was taken aback a little, only because he noticed that he hadn't changed a bit. Sure, his voice, his minuscule height and what-not, maybe his hair was longer? Other than that, it was just same old Kevin, in his same old house, with his same old hat. Edd wanted to laugh, that was the only thing they shared together. Edd then took a deep breath, and listened to what Kevin had to say about the matter. Probably something about beating him up, or perhaps a name or two to be called.

    "Double Dweeb. What brings you here? Let me guess.. You came for your daily pumble?" He called it. Edd drew in a breath, and pulled his hands in front of him. "Er," He started, quite pathetically. Edd used his hands to motion what he was to say. It was a bad habit of his. "N-No, no, not necessarily, Kevin. But thanks for... asking? Look, I-I know what your thinking, that it's oddly out of character for someone of my 'popularity class'," He used air quotations around his choice of words, "so to speak, to come to someone like you, but to be thoroughly blunt with you, " He paused, and drew a breath. "I am in need of your assistance."

    Along with his slight appearance change, his voice had gone through a metamorphosis of it's own. It was low, sure, but lower than it used to be. He was still pitched higher than most people, but atleast they could stand to talk to him for more than twenty minuets. Edd ran a nervous hand under his hat slightly, picking with a few piecey strands of black hair. "But, oh good lord, where are my manors? Hello? How are you this evening? I'm a nervous wreck, thanks for asking." He tucked his hair away, and used his hands once more.

    "But before I begin my lament, I need to ask you one thing." Edd paused for a second, chewing his words gently. "How terrible, for lack of better words, were your grades last year?" Edd saw the sudden change in character that flashed through Kevin. Well, that got his attention. He stood a little straighter, giving him a bit more attention. Perfect. That's all he needed.

    "Don't mind me noticing, but you do appear to be in... far less-- oh, what's the word for it?" He asked himself gently. He furrowed his brows, trying not to insult him by accident. "Far less... S-Superior, so to put it, classes than myself. You are still in Intro to Algebra, right?" Edd asked gently. Well, now he was going to get one thing coming for him.

    "But-But hey, that's all peachy-keen and so forth. You've been excelling in the athletic department for quite a long time, so what I'm trying to get to here is that..." Edd paused a moment. He had been deliberately avoiding large words, in fear that things would soon get boring, and that Edd would get that pumbling. It was so hard to make his point across with things like 'peachy-keen' and 'superior' and 'terrible'. "I need that. H-Help in the department of athleticism, that is."

    "Now, I know you want something out of this, so I'm willing to offer you a plethora of notebooks, full of notes and assignments from..." Edd paused a moment. "Well, from when I took your classes. I-I'll be willing to help you to understand it, as well, if you so desired. But what I need from you is guidance, so to speak." Edd sighed. Well, that took a long longer than he wanted, but he got everything he needed to discuss said.

    "So, what do you say, 'neighbor'?" He started, tucking his hands into his pants. "I will assure you a 4.0 GPA for your Junior year, if you guarantee me a chance to earn a scholarship or two towards a college education." Edd concluded. He saw the look on the other's face, and sighed. This was futile. He should just turn around right now, and reorganize his thoughts. Maybe he could take up a few jobs... Athletics wasn't his forte. It was hopeless.

    This really was turning into a long day.
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  4. There was a silence between the two, before the other teen in Kevin's presence opened his mouth to begin the biggest ramble of what seemed to be of Kevin's entire summer. During these passing moments, it gave Kevin some time to take in the, for what seemed to be the magical summer that turned the once, big headed, small in height and in size, into somewhat of-- well, normal looking human being. His body, was still lanky, hunched, lacking muscle here and there; Edd was always the one out of the two other dorks he hung out with, to be the weakling of them all, in both personality, and physicality. So to speak, Kevin always noticed Edd more, compared to Ed, and Eddy. Who knew a Dweeb like him, would stand out the most to Kevin, the guy who wouldn't even realize a rainy day until it ended, leaving puddles of its remains, and a confused look reflected off the asphalt of him, to him.

    Compared to Edd, Kevin didn't change, and that was obvious to anyone who has basically known him since childhood. Of course, the little things that happened during his summer was gracious change of height, a little more muscle definition in all the right areas, and his once hoarse undeveloped voice-- although, it was low for his young age-- got considerably deeper. Husky still, but low, deep, holding no more threats of a crack when he spoke. Kevin was satisfied with his slightly unnoticeable changes in physique.

    His head tilted slightly, as the silence was broken by the soft breath taken in by the usually nervous teen. Kevin decide to listened out of his curtsey, not because he wanted to, but instead of slamming the door on Edd's face, only going back to the same couch, sinking back into the same nothingness, being trapped in his constantly jumping thoughts mixed with emotions of loneliness, you could consider this an act of distracting him, from himself.

    The dark, seeming like a blank gaze coming from Kevin as the rambling kid spoke, with what seemed to be with constant stutters, and zero breaks; he stood there in his leisurely position against the door frame. His eyes following the motion of the dynamic proposition Double D was making. There were moments when he wanted to speak, but, there was never a opening to where this scattered brain would ask a question, but somehow answer it on his own, or moved onto the next subject. Kevin figured, maybe this is just a time in his life where he just needs to shut-up and listen to what this kid needs to say, for it was obvious this kid was dealing with something that brought him discomfort. Although, the discomfort Edd showed so easily always gave Kevin an irritable sting to his attitude, he also had to take in a deep breathe to keep what his own were emotions in check, and try to keep up with what the Dork had to say.

    Raising a hand to scratch underneath his chin, he nodded slowly in a contemplating manor.

    "I am in need of your assistance."

    Once said, it got Kevin's attention, piquing his interest into where this conversation was going. "Go on, I'm listening." Kevin said expressing his keen regard towards this still evolving topic.

    Although, the topic did a quick switch, Kevin skipped the side conversation that was brought by Edd, and only came back to his attentiveness once they were right back on track. There was no doubt that this kid was a nervous wreck, the need to even bring up the obvious to Kevin wasn't necessary. From the way Edd moved his hands, the way he stood before Kevin, the way he averted his eyes every time he tried to hold a connection for what could've been 10 second intervals each, spoke a thousand words; for Kevin was always a little bit more noticeable on the picture, instead of the description that went along with it.

    "How terrible, for lack of better words, were your grades last year?"

    The question came up without warning. For one thing, Kevin didn't expect it. Although, he tried his best to hid his emotions on a situation-- even though rage/anger was something he couldn't entirely hold back-- shock wiped his expression clean. Wide eyes, and a shifted jaw of discomfort, as a topic came up that he too was recapping not to long ago in the company of his own thoughts. He didn't want to talk about it, he didn't want to share his GPA too, what most likely was, the brightest kid in his High School, probably the brightest kid he has ever gotten to known since he came into the colevisac. Dodging the question with his usual aggressive response, "What does it matter to you?"

    His words cut at the other teen, causing the kid to be more alert. It showed in his posture, as Kevin noticed his eyes avert once more, leaving a reoccurring moment of silence, before he started up again.

    With the questions being laid on the table, Kevin nodded to each question that was asked of him, staying in silence until it was his time to attack, leaving his end of the deal to be given, and observed by the head of this plan; that Kevin was still trying to depict from the vast vocabulary Edd had, what was the main point.

    Words such as athleticism, which Kevin could pull out athlete and understand that much of it, along with other words such as excelling, and what not-- which, Kevin would be lying if he said he didn't feel some sort of boost in his confidence during this conversation as Edd emphasized how good he was in sports in his own words. His usual grin chiseled through once again, an eyebrow raising to complete his subtle arrogant filled expression.

    Reaching the end of this purposed idea, leaving Kevin a few moments to comprehend what the hell just happened. With one hand on his chin, the other holding his torso loosely, Kevin's eyes dropped down towards his concrete steps, staring at the scattered cracks it had on the main platform, along with small grass-lings that made its way in between the maze of the broken stone.

    "So, what you're saying is-- I teach you how to play a sport, you'll tutor me?" If Kevin wasn't mistaken on that clarification, that is what the Dweeb was asking. The more that sentence repeated in his head, the more Kevin realized, that this is a gate way to a majority of his worries he had coming into this year.

    Luck, so to speak, seemed to be on his side.

    Raising his gaze back at Edd, only to see a discouraged look on his face, an impulse rushed through Kevin, opening his mouth, only to say words he wasn't entirely sure why he said it, for, this was a situation that could turn off that switch that kept him in this 'popularity class' that was above Edd.

    "I'll do it." Kevin said, without anymore question to ask, without anymore clarifications, but came something that was expected in the long run: "But, I have a few rules." Kevin began, his hand from his chin dropping back into the fold across his now puffed out chest, as the usual tyrant self came out, "One, training will be early in the morning, no complaints, no if's, and's, or but's. We will train in the gym twice a week, and run the rest. Two, studying will be at night. And third, no one should, will, and ever learn about this, understood?"
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  5. If it wasn't the sudden change in Kevin's character that got him, it was his sudden willingness to participate. The suddenness of the situation was a little surprising to Edd, and he wasn't sure if it was something in the air, or if Kevin was just really desperate for a tutor. Lord knew that Edd needed some athletic abilities. Whatever it was that made Kevin agree, Edd thanked his lucky stars for that. He let a hit of a smile etch his features, and he listened for the last bit that Kevin spoke.

    When he brought up rules though, Edd could almost feel his smile leave quicker than a diabetic kid could open a Snickers bar. Well, duh, Edd wasn't the type to brag or boast if he could help it, and if this kind of information got out to his friends? Oh god, it would be hell on earth. Edd paused a second. What would his friends think of this? Would they still continue to be his friend? Now, this was a whole new world of anxiety. If he loses his best friends over some chance at the colleges of his dreams, he wasn't even sure if he wanted to go anymore.

    Sure, he wanted to be successful. He wanted to be ranked highly above the rest when it came to what he was good at, but he didn't want any of it if he couldn't share the glory with his friends. They were there with him since day one! They were the first friends, hell, the only friends he made since he moved here. Sure, there was Rolf and Naz, but he never had quite a deep connection with them. Through the good and bad, Eddy and Ed had been there for it all. Albeit, they were the cause for some of the worst memories in his life, but they also caused the greatest shenanigans he could ever hope.

    Just because he wanted to be a better runner doesn't mean he would lose his friends in the long run, right?

    Edd, after a second or two of thought, nodded gently. He couldn't complain with the rules the other put out. Sure, Edd knew that rigorous morning rituals aren't the best thing, but he didn't mention it. No if's, and's or but's. Studying at night seemed alright, too. Perhaps at his house, would be more in order. He didn't much like Kevin's house, and if Edd could help it at all, he wanted to be in the most controlled environment possible. Along with morning training, he didn't much feel up to lugging ten or fifteen notebooks at a time across the street and back. "That sounds in order." Edd said, finally. He looked at Kevin, and spoke once more. "Now, I do believe it is my turn to lay down some regulations." Edd said, using his hands once more.

    He held up one finger. "One: Ed and Eddy have no reason to be your enemy. If I hear anything at all, I will end the tutoring effective immediately." Edd said confidently. He never thought that out of all his friends, he would be the one standing up to the bully. Edd stuck up a second finger. "Two: If I don't see an improvement in your grades at all, I'll assume it's not helping, and end the tutoring session. I won't accept a D in any of your classes. Atleast a C-, do you understand?" It was asking a little much out of Edd to even think that anything below an A- was acceptable, but when Kevin got worse grades than Ed, something had to be done.

    In all honesty, Ed WAS a genius. Sure, he couldn't articulate a sentence to save his life, and English wasn't his forte, but he was absolutely exceptional when it came to farm-life or manufacturing. He was a wiz at Agriculture and Horticulture, not to mention Wood Shop or Metal Fabrication, and he was at one with his animal side. Edd could envision him as a wonderful farmer when he grew up, or maybe something along the lines of an animal doctor. His grades in last years Small-Animal Science made Edd's jaw drop.

    Edd continued, holding up yet another finger. "Three: Tutoring will either be at my residence or the library. If you don't have a library card, you must get one." Edd felt that he had covered enough with his rules. It looked like this would work out swimmingly. Edd looked at Kevin, and swallowed. "We'll start the first day of school," He said. It started a few days from now, which would give Edd some time to get a few sweatshirts or jogging pants, and Kevin enough time to get a library card. "Deal?"
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  6. Kevin watched as the sun lite up in Edd's face, and all the more was watchful when it vanished into thin air, disappearing almost as fast as his smile came into play. He could tell that Edd was on the same mind set as him on the importance of rule 3. Kevin didn't want to, or have to go into detail about how this little escapade, that was going to be a very constant, and consistent thing for what will me a good majority of their Junior year. Just the thought of waking up to the first thing that he will see every morning, hopefully compromising a few weekends here and there, will be with the Dweeb, Double D-- Kevin will need a nice cold shower, and maybe some pre-advil dosage before making the commute.

    "Now, I do believe it is my turn to lay down some regulations."

    His head slowly drifted to the side, for the nerd with the usual timid voice, began to spoke firmly with him. A solo eyebrow began to pique upwards, his expression falling into a amused feature. Kevin's eyes wandered toward the dynamic speakers tools, watching as his hands were going to pinpoint his own rules, bringing it to open discussion on this almost finalized deal.

    "The floor is yours."

    And as said, Edd began. The first one was something that would change the pace of high school quite a bit. There hasn't been a day where Kevin didn't verbally, and physically go at the Ed's. It was his own personal entertainment; since he was young, Kevin always intimidated the Ed's with all he had, sometimes all he had to do was shoot them a glare, and they flinched in fear. How as Kevin going to give up a daily routine? But, as the thoughts weighed out, which was more important in the end? The answer was obvious, and without objections to what Edd said, simply nodding in response, silently agreeing with his first regulation, urging him to go on with what else he had. The second rule raised a bit of wryness towards him, as if his once empty stress level he had created, and rejuvenated during his summer vacation, rose a bit, a octave higher than he felt comfortable with. His report card was the definition of the mass majority of D's, and the rarely scattered C-'s, and to think, if he didn't bring his all up to the plate, then he'd be kicked off the team, benched for good, his only chance, gone. Raising a worry factor towards him, he began to feel his back tense up a bit, making his position against the door frame slightly uncomfortable.

    Inhaling slowly, as there was a short pause before the last expected third rule, Kevin dropped the fold of his arms across his chest, forcing himself to straighten out his lean against the door frame. His eyes lifted in a lazy droop, returning the look that Edd was giving. The third rule was fair, Kevin wouldn't dare to object-- despite the fact of having to go get a library card was a bit out of the way (although, in all honesty it would only take him five minutes, maybe even less than that).

    Seeing the Dweeb's enthusiasm at the end of his spiel, Kevin cracked some what of a mocking grin, only to reply lightly after, with one hand on the door knob, and slowly back stepping away to close the front door in front of him. Looking at Edd, as the door began to close slowly, he spoke the last parting words, "Deal. 5:30 am sharp on the first day of school. Don't be late, Dork."
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  7. Did Edd hear him right? Five in the morning? Oh, he was tired just thinking about it. Before Edd could even articulate the very thought of how long his weeks were going to be, the door closed on him, and he found himself walking towards his house once more. He was deeper in thought than he ever expected himself to be in! What was the weather going to be like that morning? Oh god, his outfit was going to get ruined. Did he have a correct pair of running shoes? Would regular tennis shoes suffice? Edd sighed, and neared the front entrance of his house. He thought faintly of going to Eddy's house, but he knew he was gone until the first day of school.

    Eddy managed to get a job along side his brother for the summer, fixing up old carnival rides and games for loads of cash. Sure, Eddy and his brother made a horrible team, but together nonetheless they were a force to be reckoned with. Eddy sent him some oil-stained postcards a few times, and Edd was sure to save them. It sounded like he was doing quite well up there, and that they were getting along for the most part. Sure, they would scrap a few times here and there, but Eddy really did grow up from the time he was in Middle School. He managed a full head of hair! He was just covered in hair, now. Facial hair, hair on his head, and in one of his cards, he bragged and boasted about chest hair. Edd was so proud, and disgusted at the same time.

    Ed, on the other hand, had occupied himself for the summer, too. He was with either Rolf or his grandparents most of the time, at their-- you guessed it-- farm. He helped Rolf mostly, but Edd got to visit him from time to time, but he hadn't been able to within the last month. He changed, too, from what Edd saw. He towered over the two still, but it was completely ridiculous now. The man was atleast six feet high!! Not to mention his radical hair growth. It seemed to Edd that everyone was getting hair now these days. It made Edd laugh gently, as he entered his house.

    As Edd came in, closed the door behind himself, and wished gently that he heard a sound from the kitchen. But, alas, there was no one. He was alone. Again. Eddward sighed, and walked through the house, towards his bedroom. He wished that there was atleast someone here. He didn't even care if Ed and Eddy where here, raising hell, it was a lot better with them than it ever was with him alone. He missed them so terribly.

    Edd slithered up the stairs, and went into his room without another word. He went towards his dresser, and pulled open the slot that said "Sweatshirts". He looked through for appropriate running attire, and he managed upon a few articles he'd have to add to his gym bag. He found a hoodie that he had long forgotten about, and he folded it gently into a pile. It was from when he was forced into marching band his Sophomore year. It wouldn't have been so bad if he didn't have to play the god-damn Steel-Stringed Guitar. If that wasn't bad enough, the front of the black sweatshirt said, in white text, "Peach Creek Pits" and the back said, "88 Fingers Edd - Steel Guitar". He loathed that instrument, but the sweatshirt would work.

    Another article he found was a simple shirt from the Physics team. It was a heather-gray shirt with their logo on the front, which was nothing special. It was Peach Creek spelt out in forms of different Physic terms. He gently folded those away, and placed them next to his first day of school outfit. Edd labeled them as such, as well. He gently organized all the other clothing he had displaced, and quickly went to go wash himself before he was to go to bed. He went through his usual rituals, and did so peacefully.

    Eddward awoke at the ear-splitting sound of an alarm-clock going off. He rolled onto his stomach, and looked over it with hate. It was five in the morning sharp, and he had a half hour to organize himself before he was going to make the biggest mistake of his life. He rolled out of bed, and slithered towards his bathroom. The image in the mirror caught him by surprise. It was him, alright, but he was missing his hat. It must have fallen off of his head when he went to sleep. He ran a hand through his tangles, and looked over the foreign face.

    Edd took into account the reason for his cap being there at all. There was a large scar on the side of his head, starting from a little above his right eyebrow to the middle of his scalp. It was pink, and it had been there for as long as he could remember. He doesn't quite remember how he got it though, and he didn't wish to dwell on it for too long. It was from when he was a little child, barely able to walk and talk and such. It left him with about an inch worth of bald flesh that he didn't wish to indulge himself in.

    He stripped bare, and entered the shower.

    Edd took a quick ten minute shower, and spent the rest of his morning getting ready for both his first day of Junior year, and his first day of training. He wore his trademark beanie, not to mention his orange shirt under the marching band sweater. He threw on a pair of sweatpants over a pair of pants he planned on wearing for that day, and a pair of tennis shoes he had long since forgotten. The very thought of sweat sticking to his being disgusted him, but he only did so because he feared that there wouldn't be time to change, and simply because it was raining like crazy. Edd was sure to pack some lint-rollers and other handy items into his brown messager bag, along with a dry-cleaned cardigan, a white collared shirt and a nice pair of brown loafers to match. He packed all of that away, and headed downstairs cautiously.

    Edd trampled down the stairs, already a mixture of hot and cold from the layers he pulled on. He walked towards the kitchen, and made himself a quick breakfast and a nutritious lunch he tucked both away, intending to eat the breakfast at school. He knew that running on a full stomach was just asking for disaster, and he didn't want to risk it right away. He gobbled a quick granola bar to compensate, and he watched the clock patiently.

    It read five-twenty-seven on it's face, and Edd supposed he might as well be punctual. It was five-thirty sharp, and he was always known for time being one of his strong suits. He passed the time by cleaning up the kitchen before he left. Once the clock did read the dreaded time, Eddward gulped, and headed out slowly. It was raining steadily and gently, but enough to leave a mark. He walked towards Kevin's house, assuming that's where he was to meet him, and tried his damnedest to cover up his book-bag from getting wet. He ended up tucking it under a tree to hide it from the elements, which worked out relatively well. It wasn't long before Kevin came out, and that's when the torture would really begin to start.

    The time was five-thirty AM, and Eddward had a feeling that it was going to be a long morning.
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  8. "DON'T WANNA BE AN AMERICAN IDIOT! " Musical break. "DON'T WANT A NA-!"


    A fist slamming coming from the depths of the burrow that resided on Kevin's bed, where, Kevin himself, was tangled up in all of it. Silencing the loud obnoxious singing of Billy Joel, for he absolutely loved him for his band Green Day back when Kevin was in Middle School. With his hand then retreating, all the same pulling the blankets that covered his head, releasing the bedhead that was hidden underneath the safety, and the warmth of his covers; his exposed eyes, that were adjusted to the dark solitude of staring, and seeing nothing, but black, had the readjusted into looking at the dull glow of his red alarm clock that read, 5:45 AM.

    It was early, but, Kevin was no stranger to these new dawn hours. Although, Kevin was never inspired to wake up at such hour from the saying: "The Early Bird gets the Worm." It was more along the lines of, he will not be ready to go to school at all unless he gave time for himself to pick out an outfit, get in the shower, have his protein shake, and then gather up some money to get lunch for that day at school, before he went off on his 30-40 minute run or work out. It was a day by day ritual that Kevin has stayed consistent to ever since he joined High School; his father kept cramming down words in his throat about how sports will benefit him completely if he joined what he could, did the best he could, and was the absolute best. To become the best, you had to sacrifice something, and that something, was the unfortunately the sleep Kevin was going to lose, yet another year in the making.

    There was only an hour and 25 minutes on the clock that gave him the time to get up, and get ready for the day.

    Kevin untangled himself from the mix of dark colored sheets, and his thick blanket. He sat on the edge of the bed, for a moment, looking at his slightly cracked window that let in the early morning cool draft, that chilled his room, filling it with sounds of the morning drizzle hitting against the shingles of his room, a light scattered tapping sound. His head hung down tiredly, as his elbows rested on his knees, his eyes threatening to close on him if he didn't make movement soon. Forcibly pushing himself up, his first go to destination was to his already open closet, grabbing a red zip-up hoodie, a black t-shirt to go under it, black slightly loose skinny jeans, and black socks to go with his shoes of choice, which were going to be solid black converses. Laying the clothes out on his bed, only to forget his new signature input to his outfit, a leather jacket, he picked it up from the floor, only to throw it on the bed. After that was all assembled, he then made his way to the second thing to do on his list, taking a shower.

    Entering the slightly spacious bathroom, that had a three mirrored vanity that lite up the bathroom very vibrantly with the florescent nature saving lights all around it, two marble sinks that reflected that light unnecessarily, and off to the corner the shower. Turning the cold faucet on the most, to have the cold water simulate his muscles for the first big run of the year, then the hot faucet turned slightly just to save his body from not freezing half to death; Kevin peeled off his sleep attire of old black running shorts and whatever colored tank top, which was a navy blue one this time with a double take, kicking his clothes to the corner of the bathroom, entering the shower after.

    His shower was considerably quick. From ten minutes of picking out a First School Day outfit, to then a ten minute shower, Kevin's time was going pretty well, better than he thought. With a white towel around his waist, he retreated quickly down the cold, drafty hallway back to his room, to pick out his training clothes for the morning. His outfit of choice was an old Cross Country t-shirt that was now a faded neon yellow, with "Peach Creek High School" written on the front in big black letters, a pair of black running pants, and a new pair of running shoes Kevin got from his parents for his summer birthday in July. Before exiting his room, he grabbed another birthday present that came from his father for when he started his training for this school year, which is convenient, for it has a location setter that tracks his miles, and a timer, along with the given current time. Fastening that on his wrist, only to grab is original clothing of choice, his red and black cap, he was then out the door of his room, bolting down the stairs towards the open kitchen.

    There was a note on the counter, with a check that resided in the envelope for lunch money for the month from his mother. Deciding to leave it there for when he comes back, Kevin proceeded to make his breakfast, which a simple, and easy thing to make. Involving only water, and two big scoops of muscle enhancement powder, shaking it for only a minute for full mixage, all Kevin had to do was drink that, and he'll be set for the morning.

    He paced himself and his breakfast, for rushing it could cause a malfunction with what the drink is suppose to do for you (which was burn fat, gain muscle). With only a fourth left of his breakfast, his eyes wandered over to the stove clock which read 5:28, which caught him off guard a bit. Forcing the slightly distasteful drink down, getting some of the sour remains at the end that didn't thoroughly get mixed with his aggressive shaking, he slammed his bottle down on the island counter in the kitchen, and bolted towards his front door, for the time was already 5:30.

    The moment he closed his miss-colored door to his house behind him, he felt the cool rain hit his skin. A cold late summer morning, to Kevin, one of the closets things to running in comfortable weather. But, nothing could beat the morning autumn temperatures. Locking the door behind, he looked over the shoulder, only to see his pupil stand in a hoodie, sweats, and shoes that seemed to have seen better days. Over his control, his usual grin twirled subtly on his his lips, his features turning to something along the lines of somewhat impressed that Edd actually came.

    "Good morning Sunshine, ready for the worst run of your life?" Kevin said with third-person unwanted enthusiasm, as he hopped down the two tiers of stoned stairs, only to face the Dork, somewhat face to face, but Kevin being the one that held a few more inches on Edd.

    He brought his wrist up, revealing the watch to see that it was already 5:33 AM.

    "Time to run. The objective is for you to keep up with me. I'm not going to go to fast. We're gonna take it slow today. Two times around the neighborhood, which should be--" Kevin set in a tracking device on his new high tech watch, which he was still trying to figure out by using the manual, "--About two miles, maybe less, eight times around the track." As he gave the info to Edd, who was probably thinking thoughts of wanting to back out, or doubts on him not being able to jog two miles with Kevin, Kevin didn't want to waste time, for it wasn't on their side today, nor the weather.

    Taking the first step, the pace was slow, some what of a metronome. Although, it had its one speed to it, it was enough for the two of them-- hopefully the two of them at the same time-- to finish around 6:30, maybe earlier, leaving 20 minutes or so, enough time to get ready, and make it to the bus on time to go to school.

    Kevin tilted his head back, looking at the teen just got in, but was moving at a undeniably slow pace than what Kevin was bringing in, "Come on Double Dork! Keep up or I'll lose ya'!" He yelled back, before turning his head towards the chosen path for their morning run.
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  9. Edd listened to Kevin talk, feeling weak at the knees as he did. When he talked about running around the neighborhood, Edd did the math in his head to make sure he was right. One mile is seven-hundred and sixty yards, and the Cul-Di-Sac was about three hundred of that. It was a little less than two miles, but even then, that made Edd woozy. It wasn't long until they were at a running start, and Edd really did think this was the worst day of his life.

    The running wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for the rain, and the rain wouldn't be terrible if he wasn't running. He instantly wished that he had picked a different approach to this-- perhaps running in the evening? As much as Eddward wished to complain, he kept his mouth shut tight, and ran with Kevin. He was an experienced runner, and his jog was more like a plain-old run to Edd, but he was still up with him. Sure, keeping up with him was usually either three feet back or five feet back, but he kept 'up' with it as best as he could.

    The first steps were brutal, and the next were even worse. He tried not focusing on the pain in his side, but he then realized how hard it was to breath, and how cold he was, and how badly he really wanted to shower. He balled his fists up and ran, trying hard to breath the correct way. He wanted to breath out of his mouth, but he knew that if he just kept up the regulated breathing, it would be over a lot sooner. Tears welted up under his lids as he raced around with Kevin, praying to some god out there that this would be all over soon.

    And soon didn't come soon enough. Once they made it around twice, he could barely contain his joy. It was right on time, too. Kevin finished at 6:30 on the nose, and Edd finished four minuets behind. He heaved onto his knees and panted like a dog. It wasn't long before they both parted ways, and Edd left to change. He grabbed his back-pack from his safe-keeping spot, and he headed back inside his house.

    Once inside, Edd stripped himself of his sweatshirt and dirty shirt, only to show off a brand-new, pressed and clean orange shirt. He quickly changed into a clean outfit, and managed to get outside a few minuets before the bus. Edd was still slightly panting, but it wasn't as bad as before. At least he was in a clean outfit. He quickly checked over his being, to make sure he didn't forget anything. He was standing in his new shoes, clean pants, pressed cardigan and undershirt, and his hat was secure on his head. He had all of the papers that were to be signed and returned to the school, along with his lunch and supplies in his book-bag. As he was checking, the bus rolled over, and opened the door for him. Eddward closed the umbrella, and tucked it away into his bag. As he boarded the bus, he smiled gently.

    This was going to be a good day.

    The bus ride was quiet, mostly because Ed and Eddy got separate rides to the school. They both wanted a big surprise meeting for the first day of school and/or the last day of summer. And Edd, begrudgingly, agreed to it. He was anxious with excitement and longing, ready to see his friends after such a long time of being alone. He faintly thought that meeting them at the school was a bad idea, but what else was he to do? Edd sat in his seat alone, with his messager bag to his side, and he looked out the window with a small smile on his face. Even if his legs were killing him, he still had pure and absolute excitement embedded in him.

    The ride there wasn't bad, but it wasn't as pleasant as he wanted it, either. Nonetheless, they got there, and Edd braved his way to the front of the highschool. He walked the stairs quickly, avoiding conflict as easily as he could, and soon he was inside. The first people to attack him with questions were the teachers, saying things like, "Wow, you're looking sharp, Eddward!" "Did you get taller?" "Hey! We need someone like you on our Math Team again!" While Edd politely responded and declined, he tried his best to avoid all confrontation with teachers until the bell would ring.

    As soon as he was able to avoid them, he headed towards his locker, looking around and around for where his friends might be. He couldn't see them anywhere, and sighed. Maybe he would catch up to them later. Edd unlocked his locker. Maybe it wasn't going to be that good of a day after all. After he opened his locker, he organized his contents as he wanted them to be, and he retrieved his needs.

    After the door closed shut, that's when he heard it.

    Edd turned wildly to a large man with ginger hair and a notorious stripped shirt. Before he could even bring words, the oaf tacked him into a loving embrace, crushing him onto the floor. Edd flailed about under him, insisting that he couldn't breath, and that it was childish to continue that kind of behavior even into late high school, but soon, Ed scooped him up and managed to squeeze the dear life out of him. Edd could swear Ed was crying, but he didn't want to bring anything up. He blushed gently as Ed started calling him, "Baby Double-D," And such like that. It was expected, it's been forever since they talked!

    As Edd tried to make his way to the ground, calming down Ed as much as he could, he was tackled clear across the hallway by another figure. Eddy and Ed both tacked Eddward once more, and at last, the trio was complete. A teacher had to break them all apart, and they all had reasons to go to the nurses office because of eachother. Because Eddy tackled Edd, he managed a bloody nose. Eddy got a sprained wrist and Ed skinned his knee.

    Yep, today was going to be a good day for Eddward.

  10. It felt like a while, a long while, the entire summer sense he ventured out for his usual job around the neighborhood. With the first five minutes in, he could already feel his legs burn with growing fatigue. With a low grunt, as his hands balled up into loose fists, forcing himself to run a bit faster than the slow pace he promised himself, and Edd, he would go out for the first day of training. But, things change, and Kevin was searching for the sensation of feeling absolutely nothing in his calves, and the arches in his feet.

    Within 20 minutes later, his legs became numb. Running was a bit more comfortable, although he was huffing, and breathing a bit to loudly for his liking. The cold, musty morning rain entered his system, burning his throat as it took in the cold, only to force out large quantities of hot air. Surprisingly his body was chilled to the bone, goosebumps rose all over his skin, the tip of his nose a light pink, along with the apples of his cheeks, but the more he kept running, the natural heating in his body kept some of him warm, warm enough to keep going, without the desire to stop.

    As he was about to finish up his last straight, as time was slowly ticking down to their ending time, the thought of Edd popped up in his mind.

    Oh shit, Edd.

    His thoughts went a bit frantic as his pace was starting to slow down a bit, giving him a little time to look behind him to see if Edd was still keeping up with him.

    He wasn't there.

    Shit. Come on Dork..

    Kevin lowered his pace a little more, until it became a slow shuffling jog, as he waited for the teen to round the corner. It was a good two minutes until he saw the other, his face looked as if he was threatening to cry, or maybe that was just the rain as it began to pick up the more they got into the morning hours. A subtle grin twitched at his features, a low chuckle slipping past it, turning his head back forward as the path to the giant culdesac came into few, his house inching closer and closer as Kevin picked up his pace, resuming to his usual speed.

    Slowing down at his steps, he arched his back, as it ached around the lower regions. His hands supporting his stretched back, his knuckles digging into the stinging fatigued areas, he turned his head up to the pouring sky, feeling the cold droplets mix in with the light sweat that came from his forehead, and neck.

    It felt nice, almost heavenly.

    He heard the sound of keys jingle in the midst of his rejuvenating minutes of not running anymore, Kevin dropped his head, only to see Edd pick up his backpack and retreat back to his house on his end of the street. They didn't need to say goodbye, because they both knew that they'd see each other once more in an hour or so. Kevin waited until the other was in his house, the door was closed, and he was the only one crazy enough to be in this cold rain, that was beginning to lighten up a bit. Twisting the knob, he too went into home, not to long after Edd; he was ready to start the day with a new outfit, a new bike, and lunch money his parents left him for the rest of this month.

    Junior year was going to be a new chapter.


    A low roar entered the student parking lot of Peach Creek High School, behind many of the other students that made there way to their assigned parking spots for the new year. Veering the engine as the slick black Harley Fat Boy model 2012, with the rider, wearing the same slick black helmet to match along with it, the motorcycle came to a stop in parking slot 45. With one foot on the pavement, balancing himself and the bike, Kevin pulled off his helmet, placing it on the hood of his cycle, then, pulling his red cap out of his zip up leather jacket, and put it rightfully back on his head. Twisting the key, killing the loud rumbling engine of his bike, Kevin swung his leg over the bike, and proceeded out of the parking lot; his usual grin curled up widely into a threatening smile (which he was never really known for doing) he greeted his two solid friends he had since he grew up at the culdesac.

    "Mornin' Rolfy-Boy, glad to see ya'." Kevin said in his cool, new low tone of voice, reaching out to shake the opened hand Rolf offered to him, firmly gripping it, not able to match the brute strength Rolf has always had.

    "Cassanova Kevin-Boy! Your motorcycle vehicle is quite a change to your shabby peddle device." Rolf said in his heavy accent, attempting to compliment Kevin's new, and successful summer project.

    Although, this summer was full of doing absolutely nothing, but watching t.v. and eating food that would explain why running was such a pain this morning, he was working on a bike that his father once owned back in the day. The mechanics were simple, for all Kevin knew was motorcycles, due to the slight similarities of build the same of his old baby, his bike. With him passing the riding test, that took him twice to complete, he was finally eligible to ride his new born beauty to school, and then on out until the weather threatened otherwise.

    He took pride in that bike. He loved that bike. But, that is was usually how it went with him.

    Releasing Rolf's hand, giving his own a shake a bit to get the blood flow to continue to run through his hand, Kevin nodded, as the sun itself peaked past the gloomy grey clouds. Blowing past Rolf's question, he looked over to the girl who stood next to him, who was still the same size as usual: short. Kevin had to slightly tilt his head down to see the spunky blonde with her usual smirk on her dark colored lipstick stained lips.

    "Hey Babe.. Missed ya'."

    "Yeah right, if you really missed me, you would've called." Nazz responded, ignoring the nickname Kevin always seemed to use with her ever since they were both in middle school together. Although, Nazz wanted to punch Kevin in the arm, instead, she smiled genuinely, reaching out to touch his arm, "But-- Missed you too, Kev."

    Kevin grinned at her response, throwing an arm around her shoulders, leisurely leaning against her as he then pushed forward towards the school, with his favorite girl at his arm, and his forigen friend beside him, talking non-stop about how he went back to his country to visit his village, family, and farm. What Kevin gathered from it all was that he had a good time, and he wished he could've stayed there longer, but, school threatened his spot in High school, so a fast return was enforced. Nazz, on the other hand, talked about how she was studying to become a beautician for when she graduates, she shared that she already got her first job at a beauty salon as a secretary, and on the side, the head beautician was going to train her. All that explained why he never got a call from either of them, which lifted a giant weight off his shoulders of worry, and regret for hating them for their lack of communication.

    Nonetheless, Kevin was happy for the both of them.

    It wasn't until then, when entering the school, Rolf had to part, since his locker seemed to be the only one that was separated from the rest of the culdesac kids. Nazz shrugged Kevin's arm off the instant they entered the crowd of bustling students and teachers, greeting each other, and what not. With Nazz still at his side, for her locker was only two down from his, Nazz continued to talk about her new job, and the fundamentals of dying hair-- which Kevin was blocking out the entire time.

    The hallway was loud, and somewhat crowded with familiar, and new faces. Jimmy and Sarah were finally freshman in high school, still together, stuck like super glue to the hip the both of them were. Johnny, still caring that damned piece of wood. All that was left was to see--

    His shoulder got jerked, his body stumbling forward as the force was surprisingly strong. "What the hell?" Kevin began quietly, feeling his temper already boiling. He didn't have to look up to see who it was, he already knew. No wonder this day was going so smoothly, because the Eds were all here yet, but, he spoke too soon when Ed himself, ran past him, only to go tackle and have a reunion of his own with the Dweeb.

    Kevin took in a long breath, refraining, and trying with all his might not to say anything that would violate a rule he promised, and kept wary of sense. Stuffing his hands into the pockets of his leather jacket, he kept walking with Nazz, going past the reunion of Ed's after their dangerous collision, only to see Double-D with a bloody nose. The sight made him laugh, which was slightly unexpected of him, even for him.

    "Nice going, Dorks." Kevin said, his eyes stuck on the kid with the sock on his head, and a slow dripping blood coming from his nose, keeping his stare until turning away back to Nazz, his grin still plastered on his expression as the two went to class.

  11. "So," The nurse started, handing ice to Eddy. "Let me get this right." She sighed, and handed Edd a new napkin for his nose. "You--" She pointed at Ed, causing him to lift up his head and refrain from poking at his ripped pants. He looked down once more, and zoned out of the entire situation. "Saw him," She then pointed to Edd, "And then proceeded to..."
    Edd spoke then, holding his nose with the tissue. "C....C-Caress me in his arms... like a child." He said, with his nose pinched.
    "Right." She added, writing on a clipboard. Edd's heart dropped. Was this going on his personal record? Perhaps under penalties... Disruptions? Oh, he wanted to ask frantically, but the nurse continued. "And when he put you down, he...?" She pointed to Eddy.
    "Tackled me..."
    Eddy, on the left side of Edd, elbowed him sharply in the side, with a smile on his face. He chuckled lightly, and Edd grabbed his side. He couldn't help but laugh off his nerves, too. The nurse wrote down some more, and continued on.
    "I hope you three realize that it is only eight-o-three in the morning?"
    Edd cleared his throat, and quickly switched his tissue for a clean one. "U-Uhm, yes, we are aware that it is, in fact, early in the morning."
    Eddy snickered, holding his throbbing wrist like a child. "It's the first day of school and ya already sassin' the nurse? Who are ya', and what have ya' done to my sock-head?"
    Ed then poked his head up, and looked mortified at Edd. "Impostor, Double-D?"
    Edd flushed as bright as his last tissue. "Ed, you know I'm as real as the sponges in the walls of your house..." He muttered under his breath, but quickly turned a nervous look towards the nurse. "Bu-But, I-I assure you, er... nurse? Th-that I did NOT mean to sass-- Oh, why do I bother-- but-but-but we just have to get to our classes, and we can--"
    The nurse quieted him down. "What are you, kids? Freshman?"
    All three of them replied, each in their own personalities, what grade they belonged to. Ed strung a dopey smile on his face as he picked at his pants, Eddy laid back and pretended that his wrist wasn't killing him, and Edd just looked dissapointed as he proceeded to grab another napkin. "Juniors."
    The nurse looked over all of them once more, and cursed under her breath. "It gets worse every year..." She chucked the paper she was writing on into the trash, and turned to them once more. Eddy was wincing at his wrist, Edd was inspecting the wad of blood with disgust and Ed was... Ed.
    "Get out of my office."
    Eddy and Ed stood up quickly, and Edd followed them out the door. He only poked his head back in to ask something of importance. "Uh, m-may we have a pass, please~?"
    The nurse, upon his request, promptly threw a bundle of cotton balls and q-tips at Eddward. Eddy grabbed him by the hat and hauled him out into the hallway.

    The three walked down the hall towards the different rooms they were to go to. Edd's nosebleed was getting better with each step, but he wished he could say the same for Eddy's wrist. Edd couldn't help but chuckle. His chuckle turned into laughter, and and soon he was erupting. Eddy watched him buckle, blood washing out of his nose like the world's smallest waterfall, and he had to laugh at that. Ed was having fun just having fun with his best friends, and eventually it passed onto him. They were all walking down the hall, laughing themselves to class. Eddy was the first one to go, and he went loudly into his Business Education class. Ed stumbled into Welding, and Eddy went swiftly into his Current Events. He was thankful that he wasn't the only one who got lost on the way there-- he was soon joined in by a few other lost faces. Sure, none of them were any he knew well, because they came from the local college, but he managed to find a spot and get comfortable fast.

    Eddward past through his classes with little interruption for the rest of the day with little interruption. There was his classes, running around the school, and even sharing a class with Nazz and Rolf. Sharing one with Rolf was easy, but with Nazz? Oh, that was terrible. She had sweet-talked her way into Advanced Accounting and Marketing, and they were seated right next to eachother in the lab. It wouldn't be half as bad if she didn't have to bring up his appearance. Not to mention the cascade of words that rushed after. It started with, "Oh, you're looking wicked, dude!" and ended with, "Do you remember our Junior High Dance? Man, we were just kids!"

    The class with Rolf was AP Animal Science and Biology, and surely there was a long-drawn out shpeel of sayings and other lovely pops of foreign culture. Rolf went on and on to talk about how his summer was and how thankful he was to be back home after so long. Edd tried talking with him, to form a conversation, but Rolf was going on and on like a wagon with a new axle. Edd, as soon as he saw this war as futile, simply resorted to nodding and listening, and nodding some more. He had known Rolf for a while, and he knew that interrupting the Son-Of-A-Shepard was the same as insulting his Great-Aunt's Penny-Whistle. Whatever that meant.

    After Animal Science and Accounting, he had lunch. And that was good. Not only was he starving from the fiasco of that morning, not to mention that pathetic granola bar he called a breakfast, but he was also missing a long-awaited renewal with his best friends. Edd walked through the cafeteria, with his brown paper bag in one hand and a textbook for his next class in the other, and soon spotted the table that The Ed's called 'The Base'. They had plenty of bases, sure, but that was the school's extension of The Base. The original hangout would forever and always be the junkyard, but they could ever manage to get to the junkyard and back to school at a correct time. So, they managed to claim their own table.

    Edd walked over towards their table, and he claimed his spot. He was one seat away from Ed, and one away from Eddy. Eddy, in return, was one away from him and Ed, and Ed also. It was planned like that so they all had placed to put their feet, books, ect. Edd placed his book on the chair next to him, and Eddy rested his legs up on the other one. Soon. though, they had their own table to themselves, and they could not stop their talking.

    Eddy started, talking about how he spent the summer with his brother at the carnival. He really hated it at first, what with his brother either beating on him for doing absolutely nothing wrong or the heat would absolutely fry him out of his gourd. Eddy talked about how the first week sucked like a load of eggs, but then his brother ended up taking him under his wing, and he showed him how to fix go-carts with cheap parts and how to sell them for almost double. He and his brother spent the entire summer scamming, and Edd was ready to snore this story off, until Eddy started talking about a girl he met. Eddward unwrapped his peanut-butter and jelly sandwich from a protective saran wrap and laughed.

    Eddy wasn't kidding though. He met a real girl! And he must really like her, too, be cause he went on and on talking about how she was beautiful, and seemed to love money more than he did. He said that she managed to rip off atleast fifteen dollars off of him when they first met. Eddy was smitten. Ed, then promptly, interrupted.

    "Does she know your middle name is Skipper?"

    Needless to say, she did. And needless to say, she loved it.

    Eddy pulled out a wallet, characteristically empty, and produced a picture of a beautiful pixie of a women. She had blue eyes and red hair, cut short against her head. She was giving a happy smile, her face sun-burnt a blushy red. Eddy was in the picture, too, but he wasn't as burn, nor was he as confident with his smiling. His red race was real blush. Edd thought it was rather cute, and he made a few quick jokes about it, but Eddy quickly retaliated with the fact that Edd probably didn't meet a girl over the summer. And that he didn't! Not that he didn't want to, sure he did, but he didn't have time. He was too busy studying, and watching over the house, and helping his parents out with what little he could.

    Ed, then, quickly began to do a mixture of chewing and talking. He spat on about how he went to work at a farm for the summer, and how he made his own money and how he got to raise live-stalk, aka, "baby chickens". Ed gobbled up his lunch of sorts, and Edd did the same. Albeit, he did it politely and with his mouth closed. Ed shoveled food into his mouth and spoke again, about how he helped Rolf, too. Though Edd already knew this, Eddy seemed pretty impressed. Eddy made a swift comment about how he never knew that Ed had the brainpower for something like that, but Edd quickly hushed him. They all then took a moment to eat their own food, and then it came time for Edd to talk about what he did that summer.

    Edd looked to his left, and the his right, and took a moment to collect his thoughts.

    "Oh," Edd started, with a shrug. "You know,"
    "Do I?" Ed chimed in, with food in his jaw.
    "Er, yeah, you do. "Edd said, with a small smile. "I, uh--"
    "Didya' study this summer?" Eddy asked, with a hint of annoyance. Edd looked away shamefully. Eddy's eyes fell open angrily, and he let out a groan. "Oh my GOD. DOUBLE-D, ARE YOU SERIOUS?. EDD. TELL ME YOU'RE NOT SERIOUS."
    "I-I discovered interesting facts, Eddy, I really did--"
    "You. Are sad. The saddest person I've ever met. "
    Edd was taken aback by his works. "Wh-what? No, No I'm not! Ed? Ed, riddle me this, am I, quote en-quote, sad?"
    "When I'm sad I like to get my goat."
    Edd and Eddy took a collective moment to try and understand what he said, but they just moved on with Eddy talking again. "Er, well... I-I can assure you that I am, one hundred percent, flesh and blood, the embodiment of happiness."
    "It sounds t'me like you're one hundred percent, flesh and blood, the embodiment of lame-ness."
    "Lame isn't a state of being, Eddy," Edd said, giving him a bored glare.
    "I'm the enemy of the state," Ed spewed out with a glob of food.

    It took a long time before Eddy dropped the conversation, and the bell rang through, telling the school that it was class time. Edd hurried off, before bidding his friends goodbye. Ed went his way, Eddy headed off with him. Edd watched them go, and he smiled. He really did miss those guys. He turned around, grabbed his book, and headed towards his next class, with a big smile on his face.
    Edd managed to go home by himself. Ed had to stay after and help out with the Agricultural Club, and Eddy got detention. Per the norm. Edd took the bus home, and managed to make it there in record time, too. And once he got off the bus, he smiled intensely. He saw two cars in the driveway, parked so perfectly. He knew that they were no one other than his loving parents. He sighed happily, and walked towards the mailbox to retrieve the mail. He did so quickly, and then he rushed inside the house. He was so happy.

    Once inside, he was entangled in their conversation and their future conversations. He was at peace. Today was a great day.

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  12. It wasn't long until Nazz had to go her own way, and he too had to go his. Those two were on different levels of smarts. Although, she being known as the dumb blonde in many cases, she can channel that into getting the smart kids to partner up with her. Nazz explained the fundamentals of it all one time when her and Kevin were late night texting, but Kevin fell a sleep, and Nazz got upset, and she just texted way to much for him to even care about what she was saying. The next day he explained he was just tired from his late night work out (on laying on the couch and doing nothing) that he just passed out ten minutes after he started texting her. Obviously, Nazz understood his situation, and forgave him.

    It was funny, people always talked about Kevin and Nazz, their relationship, and what those two are doing with each other. Ever since Middle School, it started with Kevin, that is how it all happened, Kevin was your generic rising start Quarter Back in Peach Creek Middle School, leading his team, along with his trusted linebacker Nat-- a old friend of his that he unfortunately doesn't really keep connect with that much anymore, until football and track season comes around-- Nazz was his number one supporter. She was a cheerleader, he was a quarter back, you put two and two together, and in middle school terms, you become the perfect couple. They were in eighth grade when the two of them decided to give each other a shot to see where it would all go in the end.

    They were cute, that is what everyone would say when they saw the adolescent couple walk down the halls holding hands, and making each other laugh and smile. Their relationship was ordinary, no different than any other cupcake kind of love-- that lasted all throughout their final year of Middle School, then the summer came. Kevin and Nazz hung out in the summer like usual, no different than when they were in school. The only difference is, Kevin never once kissed Nazz, told Nazz he loved her, and did all the normal stuff couples would do-- although he did hug her, held her hand, and gave her good morning and goodnight texts everyday, supposedly it wasn't enough-- Nazz felt as if they were just really good friends, doing flirty things, or that's what she thought they were, and naturally, Kevin rejected it. He wanted them to stay together, for not only was Nazz beautiful beyond belief, he really did love her, but, he just couldn't get up the courage, or may the fact see the need to say that he did love her. Wasn't being with her enough? Kissing, on the other hand, Kevin couldn't do it, whenever the time was open, he couldn't commit to making the move for her to steal his first kiss from him. Even Nazz would hint that she wanted him to kiss her, and he just played it off as ignorance.

    Wrong move, naturally. But that all just lead to Nazz breaking them off saying: "As someone who loves you, I have to let you go. This isn't working between us Kev. I guess being friends is more for us, than being boyfriend and girlfriend."

    The twinge he got in his heart that day, attacked him again today. He felt the dagger poke at his feelings again for the day she broke up with him. Although, she did state before leaving him there on his front porch on that Autumn cool night, she said she would never stop being his friend, gave him a kiss on the cheek, and then went running back to her house across the culdesac.

    That was Kevin's first love, or so he thought it was. But, in the end, Nazz knew what was best, and he began to agree the more they went on being friends in their continuous High School years.

    He reached the room 128, Mr. Smithons room, the teacher for regular Chemistry 101. The class was small, mixed with a few sophomores and a majority of Juniors, and a couple Seniors all looking the same Kevin did, they all didn't want to be here-- besides one. A boy with a buzz cut waved his hand frantically, trying to catch the attention of Kevin who was still frozen in the doorway, looking for open seats in the class, preferably in the back.

    "Kevin! Kevin!" the boy resorted to wave his best friend of wood around over the mingling people.

    Nonetheless, it caught Kevin's attention, and with a wave of relief, he wasn't going to be alone in the class. Not like he wouldn't mind, but having someone there isn't always the worst thing, even if that someone is a bit annoying at times.

    Kevin proceeded out of the door, to where Johnny was sitting, taking the desk next to him a row before the very back of the class. "Sup' Quirky." Kevin said, throwing his back pack at his feet, and slouched back into his desk. Johnny responded in a smile, and without warning, just started talking about the random generic things: How was your summer? Mine was great, plank and I did a lot, we did this this and that. It didn't take long until Kevin tuned out Johnny, waiting for the bell to ring to start class, and for the day to begin.

    The day was average in general. It was nice seeing all his usual friends, his coaches for the sports he was going after this year, and the teachers who were determined to make him work hard. Lunch was average, the food, less than average, it reminded him why he hated hot lunch, it always tasted like garbage not matter how you look at it. He didn't understand why and how, half the people could eat this stuff. Although, he bought the food, he pushed it over to Johnny who sat with him, Nazz, and Rolf at lunch today. Rolf ate something disgusting, with a smell that made Kev move closer to Nazz on the other side of the table, Nazz ate her usual salad, granola bar, with a water bottle, as usual, and Kevin jacked an apple from Nazz's lunch.

    This year already looked like it was going to be no different the rest. Uneventful, consistent, boring.
    Kevin was the first out of the parking lot after school.
    Kevin was the first out of the parking lot after school. With his hat in his backpack, his helmet over his head, and his engine already veering, he zoomed out of there, missing the rush of students with their own cars out of the school, and the line of buses taking the kids back home after their 7 hour long day. The journey took him less than 10 minutes to get home, which Kevin couldn't complain, gave him time to ride his bike, which he absolutely loved. The wind hitting his leather jacket, the air still filled with summer, but their was a little draft that was starting to hit over the season. Autumn was on its way. Kevin's favorite time of the year. Although, that would mean his bike years were slowly coming to an end, riding his bike down a path where the changing leaves surround the scene, Kevin wouldn't give up that image for the world.

    Once Kevin parked his bike in the drive way, starting to roll it up back into its home at the garage, the kids on the bus were already being dropped off, retreating back into their homes with their beginning of the year homework stuffed in their backpacks. Kevin looked behind him to see that Edd too, was returning home. Kick the kickstand down on his Harley, he looked over his shoulder, watching as Edd grabbed the mail and started running to his house. Kevin was slightly curious on why he ran so frantically with a distinct smile on his face. Walking over to the garage door, his hand pressing the button as the the wide door then began to close on its own, and Kevin too retreating back into his house.
    "Welcome back Kev!" his mother shouted from upstairs. Kevin, throwing his bookbag on the kitchen table, proceeding to the kitchen to grab something from the fridge, his mother sounded again in her high shrill voice, "How was school?! Did you have fun?! Did you see Nazz?! How is she doing?!"

    Kevin sighed into his fridge, rolling his eyes, when he then returned away from the fridge with a granny smith apple in his hand. "School was fine, nothing new. School isn't fun Ma, and Nazz is fine, same old same old!" Kevin responded back loudly so she could hear.

    "Oh, ok! How was the bike?! Did it ride ok!"

    With a loud crunch, while Kevin took a bite out of his sour apple, chewing it fast so he could respond back to his mom, "Of course it rode fine! Dad and I worked on it after all!" He heard his mom laugh to herself, before the sound of a door closing sounded upstairs, and the house fell to a silence.
    ⇜Time to Get Down to Business⇝

    Finishing his apple after a few short minutes of eating it, and being distracted with his phone. He then threw the core away, stuffing his phone in his pocket, and grabbed his backpack after. He slung it over his shoulder, with his hand on the door knob, he looked back "I'm going out. Gonna get some studying in with... Nazz." The name came up on his own-- but why Nazz? Why didn't he say Rolf or Johnny or something, Nazz was clueless towards half the classes he was even, even though she was placed in slightly higher classes than Kevin, Nazz still didn't know anything. His mother responded, giving him a curfew of 11 to be home, to bed, and to sleep.

    "But you just got home?" His mother added, "What about dinner? We are having Spaghetti!"

    Kevin responded back with a followed sigh, "I'll have dinner at her house. If not, I'll eat leftovers, save me a bowl or something.. Tell Pop I said hey!" and went out the door, into the already sunsetting at the culdesac, with the orangeish glow of the street lights already glowing with a dim light, that stood. Kevin strolled down the street to the house that was light up at the bottom half of the house, but dark at the top of it. Edd's house, with two nice cars that were usually never parked there, and a average house like the rest of them around here. Reaching the door, his fist pounded on it. Leaning his shoulder against the frame, one hand on the strap that hung over his back, and his other hand holding his yellow library card that said Kevin J. Blake in black letters.

    The door opened, and a smug grin grew on him as he looked at his partner for this deal made a few days ago, "Good evening Dork. It's your turn."

  13. Eddward entered the home, and he was instantly rushed in with the family. His mother was at the kitchen, with one hand clutching a wooden spoon, and the other holding a bowl. She had her shoulder pressed up against her face, with a thin phone pressed between the two. His father- or, step-father, was at the table, with his horn-rimmed glasses pushed onto his head, and his white shirt wrinkled.

    His father, Lance Florence Smith, was the writer and editer for many and all different types of textbooks issued across the globe. He spoke atleast two languages terribly, his words falling over his four o'clock stubble like they were going to get lost. He was now currently chewing at the end of his pencil as he filled out an extensive stock report. He fell in love with his mother at the astrology department at her college, and Edd thought it was rather cute. Sure, Lance was a little messy and a little disorganized, but he treated his mother like a princess, and did the same for him. Edd liked him, but it didn't feel right just calling him 'Dad' or 'Father'. Lance settled with him just calling him by his first name, or just 'Mister Smith'.

    His mother, Marion Sherry Vincent, was the dean of the community college, and worked as a teacher there for Astro-Physics and Marine-Biology. His mother spoke only one language, but did so with a vocabulary of an Englishman. She was currently on the phone with an angry student, who didn't really care for their current room mate. Marion pulled her hair out of her tight bun, and let the hair fall down her shoulders in soft curls. It looked like Lance fell in love with her all over again. She met Lance when he decided to 'accidently' send the wrong text book to her Astro-Physics class, and needless to say, he fixed the problem and then some.

    And so, they decided to get married once upon a business trip. They've been engaged for about four years, but they haven't had the time to ever have a proper wedding. Edd, once he found out, was a little skeptical, but he thought it was for the best. They really did care about eachother, and they really did seem like eachother's soul mate. Edd, upon entry, removed his shoes and was tackled with a list of questions from both Lance and Marion.

    "Eddward," His mother started, with a large smile and a soft voice. She pulled the phone away from her face, and handed it to Lance. Lance happily took it, and talked to the screaming student. "Oh, Eddward," She sighed, embracing him happily. Edd hugged her back, and quickly pulled away. She smiled right at him, both of them sharing in a gap in their teeth. "Oh, my word, how you've grown... Didn't I purchase this for you a time ago? Splendid, I was worried you wouldn't get around to wearing."
    Edd smiled, and headed into the kitchen, to take over his mother's work. She promptly sat next to Lance, and took the phone. As Edd sturred, Lance talked.
    "Edd, how are you?" He asked, pulling the pencil out of his mouth long enough to form words. "I'm sorry we've been gone for so long."
    "It's quite fine," Edd said, turning over his shoulder. "How long until your departure?"
    Lance rubbed the back of his neck. "About four hours."
    Marion butted in, closing the phone and swiftly picking up Lance's hand. "Four hours and twenty-four minuets." She corrected. "We can be here for supper. We can finally eat together in peace, like you've wanted, Eddward."
    That made Edd's attitude shift tremendously. He smiled as he shifted the wooden-spoon in the bowl. "What are we having?" He asked, with a grin on his face.
    Lance took off his glasses, and spoke in a poor French accident. "Tartiflette, with ham."
    Marion rolled her blue eyes, giving him a happy glare. "Ever since your father learned we were French, he wanted me to get 'back to my roots', so to speak."
    Edd scoffed. "So you're making cheese-potatoes?"
    Lance butted in quickly. "With onions! And ham! I'll be making some Crepes as soon as I finish this."

    Edd chuckled. He finished sturring, and he placed it in a pot. He covered it with a lid, and watched it steam. He sat at the table, and his mother's phone rang again. Lance took it quickly, and walked towards the other room to deliver some choice words. All of them started with either F, D or otherwise. Edd looked over the man's work on the report, and instantly began seeing mistakes. Marion took a hand and ran it over Edd's head, only to get up and get started on the Crepes for Lance. Once Lance was finished delivering a shpeel to the angry college student, his own phone started ringing, and he answered it in poor French.

    Lance had gotten in touch with a French book company, and used that as an excuse to learn French for his mother. Edd laughed as he answered the phone with, "Cao?".

    In the time in took Lance to mess up in his French, Edd had finished his report for him, and heard a loud and obnoxious rap at the door. Marion gave a look towards the door, and Lance did the same. "I'll get it," Edd said, standing up and walking toward the door. Marion talked about how it must be some new textbooks from the postal man, and Lance said it must be some girl-scout. Edd walked towards the door, and opened it. When saw who it was, his stomach dropped.

    Oh, dammit. He knew he was forgetting something. "Good evening Dork. It's your turn." Edd's shoulders heaved forward slightly, and he rubbed his eyes. Looks like he wasn't getting that family dinner after all. "Oh," Edd said, pulling up his sleeve and at his watch. "How... Early." He simply said, pulling it down. "Please, come in. Oh, take off your shoes, first. You can sit at the table over ther-- Oh, mother, this is... Kevin." Edd said his name with a cup of salt. He knew that her mother knew Kevin. She didn't well like him, but she wasn't one to show it outwardly.

    Marion looked over her shoulder, her black curls falling all over her head, and looked at the guest. Her blue eyes scrunched, and she looked back at Edd. "Kevin?" She asked. "Kevin... Kev-in?"
    "Yep." Edd said, closing the door behind the jock.
    "He is... your acquaintance?" She asked, turning back to her work.
    "You could say that." Edd said, nervously scratching the back of his head.
    "Hmm..." She hummed, her phone buzzing in her pocket. She took a dry hand, and pulled it out. She sighed as she looked at the screen, and hit decline. "Well, Kevin, welcome to the Vincent household. My name is Marion, and the man stumbling around in my living room is Eddward's father-- er, step-father, Lance. Oh, Eddward, do help him out, would you? He doesn't know livre from connard."
    Edd nodded, and headed towards the living room. As soon as he entered, Lance went into the kitchen. You could tell off the bat that Edd and Lance weren't related, what with even their attire and how they acted and sounded. Lance sat across from Kevin at the table, and looked over Marion with eyes full of love. "So," He said, in the only language he mastered. "Kevin," He asked, taking his eyes off of his beautiful wife. "What brings you to our--"
    Edd called from the other room, interrupting slightly. "Lance? How did you manage to mistake 'book' and 'bastard'?"
    Marion bucked a laugh, one that sounded significantly like Edd's. "Sacrebleu..." She shoot her head, tucking a wayward curl behind her ear. Lance couldn't get up fast enough. Edd walked into the kitchen once more, and gave the phone to Lance. He began a slurred apology in French, producing an English-French dictionary. He was chattering in the corner, and Edd took Lance's spot.

    Edd looked over at Kevin, who looked almost in a trance. Edd loosened the collar of his shirt, and soon turned to his mom."Er," He started, "Mother? When was your flight leaving again?"
    She looked towards her watch, and began working diligently once more. "Approximately four hours and seven-teen minuets."
    Edd sighed. "Right." He said, gently. "Well, Kevin and I will be upstairs in my study working on, a.... er...."
    "School project?"
    "C-Correct, yes."
    "On the first day?"
    "It's for the..." Edd looked at Kevin. "Football... team? Y-yes, yes, just some.... Statistic reports."
    "Oh!" Marion said, with a little laugh. "Beau. I'll call for the two of you once dinner is ready."
    "Thank you," Edd said, standing up and heading towards the stairs. Lance turned around, and pulled the phone away. "Au Revoir!"

    Once Edd and Kevin were upstairs, Edd showed him to his room, and motioned him to sit somewhere. Edd walked towards an extensive book-shelf, and looked over it's contents. He produced an empty notebook, and some pencils. "Alright now," Edd started. "I didn't expect you so soon, or else I would have gotten this all ready." He said. "But, please, elaborate to me what some of the problem area's in your academic career are? It would help me a whole lot if you would comply."

  14. Kevin entered the home as asked too, returning the yellow library card into the back pocket of his dark colored skinny jeans; the house, it had a distinct smell of dinner, that masked the strong smell of lemony cleaning supplies, on the inside. Hearing the door closed behind him, and as told to do, he slipped off his new black converses in the corner, before entering the family home. He followed behind Edd into the family dining area that was right next to the kitchen. Offered a seat at the dinning area, Kevin didn't entirely bother sitting, instead he stood in the open door way with a forced smile, trying to mask up his ever so complacent grin of his, he was infamously known for. With his free hand, he held it up, "Hey." Kevin said plainly, making eye contract with the woman who looked awfully like Edd, or more the other way around, tooth gap and all.

    The way she spoke towards Edd, was so formal, he too spoke formally to her as well. Was that something on the normal side? In Kevin's house, all you could see was crude jokes, sarcasm, and just yelling to talk to each other in a casual situation. It was a house full of loud people who all some what looked the same, and acted the same. But, nonetheless, they were family people, with average lives, and were always home to get dinner on the table every night. Kevin, didn't know if he could relate his home life with Edd's. Everything seemed to be so clean cut, and somewhat organized chaos. Although, they were together, and everything seemed normal, was Edd's family actually normal?

    This was the first time he has ever seen Edd's mother, well, maybe he caught a glimpse of her once back in their elementary days whenever Edd had to be picked up from pre-K or something, but, seeing her up and close, and nonetheless personal, it made Kevin feel a bit tense in the situation.

    "Ah, thanks for having me--" Cutting his words short, a man stumbled into the kitchen behind Kevin, just like the woman said he would. So this was Lance, and Marion was right, that was definitely Edd's step father. If he was to put two and two right next to each other, Kevin would never guess that they were father and son in the situation. Not wanting to be in the way of Lance, Kevin sat himself down, although, he didn't really want to make himself too comfortable in Eddward's home, he didn't entirely want to be in the way of anything either. Sitting, was the only compromise.

    With one entering, and the other leaving, Kevin's eyes went frantic in trying to focus at one thing at the time. But it seemed that everything was going a bit fast pace. His eyes stuck on Lance, who sat across the table from him. Kevin sat up straight in his seat. His hands clasped together in his lap, and one leg nervously, and obnoxiously bouncing continuously out of slight nervousness. Although, Lance wasn't even looking at him when he was speaking to him, Kevin could feel this feeling of disconnection. They met eyes after the question was given. "Well," Kevin began in a controlled tone, much more different than his usually switch between cassanova, and aggressor, it reached a state of smooth, and steady. "Me and Eddward--" The sound of Edd's voice cut him off, which, he was thankful that it did.

    Kevin scoffed to himself, trying his best not to burst out laughing at Edd's father's mistake. Even though Kevin didn't, and never knew French, besides one word that practically the entire world knew, "wee wee", how could you mix that up?

    Raising an eyebrow at the elderly man who scrambled out of his chair to assist the problem, only for Edd to take his place in the chair across the table, Kevin looked at Edd with a silent blank stare. Disturbed, by Edd, out of his trance like stare, Kevin then looked over to Marion, who said parting words that she'd call them down once dinner was over.

    Taking the iniciative, Kevin then followed Double-D upstairs, into his room, alone.

    His room was so.. Boring. So bland, everything was the same. But, not only that, everything was so cleaned, so organized, it gave Kevin the thought of some sort of library of the sorts. Not even that, some sort of map you would see back in preschool where you would learn the words of everything in your room, that was the Dweebs room.

    "They don't call you Double Dweeb for nothing.." Kevin muttered as he walked into Edd's room, his eyes wandering all over the place, reading the passing signs everywhere, on everything. Kevin dropped his bookbag on the ground as the first thing Kevin went for with his curiosity meter on high was the Dork's desk. His hand moved on its own towards the magnifying glass. Laughing to himself on how big the lense was, he put it up to his eye, closing the other, and looked behind him over towards Edd, who was speaking to him, but Kevin, which was a given, wasn't listening to him.

    "What was that?" Kevin began, after looking at blown up head of Edd, before turning back towards his desk, "Oh! What I suck at? Everything, dude." Kevin said, placing the magnifying glass back down on the table top, then grabbing the skeleton with the sign that said 'head'. He held it up, turn it around in his hands to get a full view of this object. "This is so sick."

  15. Edd had to take a double-take, to see Kevin look so excited at the skeleton head. It wasn't even a real human skull, why was he so enthralled by it? Edd enjoyed it a few times as a kid, but now it was there for decoration. The only thing that really bugged him was the fact that Kevin was getting finger prints all over his magnifying glass. "Er..." He started, turning around towards the shelf once more. "Right..." Eddward took out another notebook for Kevin, and an extra one for him, as well. They were all brand new, and had never been written on. Edd placed them in a neat pile near his feet, and Edd soon grabbed some simple textbooks-- thank you, Lance.

    Edd asked him quickly what classes he was taking, and after Kevin stopped harassing his ants, he responded with a list of all his classes for the year. He managed an 'uh', and a 'uhm' every now and then, but Edd got the list. Edd turned around once more, and sighed. He would have to disinfect his entire room, not to mention miss the night he was looking forward to for most of that month. Edd really did hope that all of this would be worth it in the end, because so far, it seemed more trouble than it was worth.

    Eddward walked towards his closet, and managed a spare desk chair. He was feeling a little uneasy, what with him touching all of his items, but he did grow up with Ed and Eddy. Surely he had more self control than they did. Edd placed the chair on the far corner of the table, and made a second trip towards the bookshelf to grab the notebooks and textbooks. He placed them on the table, only to notice that Kevin had managed to the other side of the room, interested with something else. Edd gave him a look and decided that yes, this was going to be a running gag.

    Edd grabbed his label-maker, and labeled the three notebooks for Kevin. He labeled one, "Kevin - General Notes" another one as, "Kevin - Homework" and the last one as "Kevin - Study Key." The difference between the notes and the study key was that the study key was what Edd would partly produce. Since he had taken Chemistry and Algebra and the whole lot, he had all the tests that the teachers reused every year, and he would have Kevin work off of what Edd would make for the practice tests.

    Once he was finished labeling, he put his machine away and produced a pencil. Edd wrote down a small list, in handwriting like a font, for what Kevin should be able to solve for that day. "Kevin," Edd called, as he wrote in the notebook. "Come here. I want you to try and solve these for tonight, and upon delivery of homework tomorrow, I will assist you with-- Kevin, please put down Jim..." Edd broke from his sentence when he saw Kevin inspecting the bite mark in his beloved cactus. Once he did, he let the magnifying glass dangle at his side, and he slummed over towards the notebook. The list of questions looked like this:

    "Algebra: Define.
    Create and solve an example using square roots.

    Chemistry: Find the solution that each equation yields. Balance the elements.
    FePb + MgCl ---> MgPb + FeCl

    History: Fill in the banks.
    Columbus sailed the ocean to 'discover' America in _____, in three ships that the queen issued, named The ____, The _____ and The ______.

    English: Define.

    Edd, as soon as Kevin took time to process this, handed him a pencil and quickly stood up from his seat. "The notebooks are yours to use." He started. "You can bring them home, but it's your duty to bring them when you need them." Edd said. "Just solve those, and I can get a better idea of where you are... mentally." He tried to put it sweetly. He watched Kevin struggle with even the simple ones, and decided that this would be a way for him to get back at Kevin for the next few months. This was going to be a long process.

  16. It wasn't long until Kevin set the skeleton head down, naturally out of where its respected home was, with him and his curiosity leading the way, he then reached the one thing that caught his attention ten fold. Edd's ant farm. There were so many mazes, tunnels, and ants. They were every where. Kevin was both amazed, and disgusted at the same time. This is definitely something a nerd would keep, Eddward received that title respectively. Like a kid on the other side of the glass at an aquarium, Kevin started poking the glass habitat case for the ants; watching them scramble in their tunnels chaotically , the dirt slightly shifting with each tap. It was like Kevin was playing God against ants, this was way more amusing than he thought it would be.

    While Kevin was reliving the years of being 6 years old, and messing with nature, Edd was being the responsible adult, setting up everything that was suppose to be set up, ready to go, to get this study session done and over with in a reasonable time. It wasn't to long until Edd started asking questions about what classes Kevin was taking. To the best of his ability, he tried to remember his day, piece by piece, with his occasional scattered "ah", "uh", and "um's". Although, it was kind of pathetic that he forget the order his subjects went in, and the teachers he was with as well. You couldn't really call Kevin the 'best student', but you have to commend him for somewhat trying, especially when he is doing something that is taking up 80% of his attention at the moment.

    Another silence fell between the two, despite the sounds of Edd working on gathering supplies, going back and forth from the bookshelf, closet, and desk.

    "Kevin, Come here."

    Standing up straight from his hunch over the ant habitat, Kevin looked over across the room, to see Edd already sitting down, waiting for him, waiting to start his part of the deal. Making his way over leisurely, he dropped down into the chair, with one hand propped up on the desk, with his chin leaning on it, and his eyes lazily looking down at the words and problems scribbled in the notebook. All of it looked foreign to him, as if Edd was testing him in a foreign language only he knew, and Kevin would have to try and guess his way through.

    Kevin picked up the pencil, and tried his best to fill in the answers of each given question.

    The struggle of all this searching back into his mind and memory of his days back in freshman year History, and his English 10 Studies on when there was a whole unit on just words, how you can separate the sub words to figure out the meaning, then another unit on how to categorize sentences into metaphors, similes, and all that other stuff that Kevin barely understood.

    Kevin found himself placing a majority of his answers with question marks. He didn't try, he didn't want to try. The only questions he for sure got write was:

    History: Fill in the banks.
    Columbus sailed the ocean to 'discover' America in _____, in three ships that the queen issued, named The Santa Maria, The Nina and The Pinto.

    Algebra: Define.
    Create and solve an example using square roots.

    x^2 + x^3 = x^5

    He could feel himself get frustrated, slightly irritable. There was never really a time where Kevin felt so inferior against Edd. Kevin was stronger than Edd, faster than Edd, had more street smarts than Edd, more friends, more of a social life-- there were many reasons for Edd to be jealous of Kevin. But, never once was he. It seemed, Edd never really paid attention to Kevin unless Kevin was threatening Edd with a blow to the face. Putting Kevin up to Edd on academics, is putting a rock next to a boulder. Edd was a genius, and Kevin was nothing close to average knowledge.

    He dropped the pencil down. His back slouching into his chair, as his arms folded loosely, resting against his torso as he looked down at the practically blank page.

    "Does that paint a good enough picture for your-- mental idea-- of me?" Kevin said in a tone that hinted him being a bit offended. He couldn't help it. He knew he was stupid. The doubt was already hitting him like a tidal wave.

    It will be easy to get Edd to become an athlete. But, will it be easy for Kevin to raise his grades and become smart?

  17. Edd watched the jock struggle with even the simple ones. How could he not know gawk? Not even GAWK? Did this man not enjoy literature? Who was Edd kidding, he probably hasn't read anything since first grade. As he finished-- or, did what he supposed was enough-- Edd pulled the notebook towards him, and inspected it with a pen. He looked over it silently, with a had on his chin, and he then took a pen to the paper.

    "The good news is you're not afraid to try. Technically, the ones you did do are correct. Just hone that bravery into the rest of what you do, and that'll be peachy." Edd corrected his mistake on the History question, and gave a real example of what an Algebraic equation would look like. "And here, Kevin," He said, calling for his attention again. He had a feeling he would have to do a lot of that. "You don't even know what dilapidated means?" Edd asked him. Kevin shrugged, and Edd nodded. Out of his best intentions, Eddward would not judge.

    "Here, finding the meaning of words is easy." It really wasn't. But he wanted to do whatever it took to get him thinking as soon as possible, even if it meant being as vague as all ever-loving hell. "When I hear dilapidated, I think of... something ruined, because... Well, because it's a ruined word." Easy does it, Eddward. "Words can sometimes look like their meaning if you just think about it hard enough." That wasn't all entirely true, but that is how he taught himself when he was younger. Edd solved the formula for Chemistry and defined the rest of the words.

    "Don't be dissapointed, Kevin." Edd said, as he made a few footnotes for Kevin to follow. "I assure you, if you just work hard and follow through, you'll be sitting pretty in no-time." Edd wrote down a step-by-step example for both chemistry and math, and defined all the words while breaking them down. Edd also gave Kevin a little trivia with the historical article, and placed the pencil down on the notebook. He then went through and told him about which notebook is for what, and what he should do when he has notes, and how he should probably start coming at around six or so, because Ed and Eddy do come over alot. Alot more than his parents, but Edd didn't mention that part.

    Edd was going to move on, but he heard his mother calling from the kitchen. He would be lying if he said he wasn't startled by the quick sound, because he wasn't quite used to his parents being the ones making dinner. Edd stood up, fixed himself, and told Kevin he could just sit there while Edd went to see what the matter was. Eddward stood by the doorway, and talked down the stairs to Lance and Marion. There wasn't a lot to be said, but what was said made Edd a little upset. It wasn't long before Lance called for Kevin to come and eat.

    Edd sat at the kitchen counter as both his parents flocked around him, rushing to get ready and leave. Their once clean kitchen was now littered with sticky-notes and things he needed to remember. His mother caught sight of his dissapointed discomposure, and placed a hand on his shoulder. "I apologize, dear," His mother said gently. "It was both of our faults, we thought we had more time..."

    Lance stuffed a piping hot Crepe in his mouth, and struggled to tie his tie. Marion sighed, and pulled away from her son to work with her husband. She glared him dead in the eye as he chewed his food, and she slapped him gently twice on the cheek. "It seems as if Lance-A-Lot needs more help with French than we once thought. He thought the director said seven, but what did he say?"
    Lance scratched the back of his neck nervously, a habit that Edd had picked up as a child. "S-Shortly..."
    Marion hit his cheek once more, and grabbed her briefcase. Lance grabbed his glasses and fixed his hair. "Don't worry, Edd," He said, running a hand through his hair. "We'll be back before Christma--"
    "Wait, w-wait, Mother?" Edd protested quickly. "You-Your going to be gone for four months this time?"
    "Don't be silly, Eddward," Marion rolled her eyes. "I'll be back within weeks. Lance, on the other hand, will be back before Christmas." She corrected. "I have to go to Canada for some college training, and Lance has to go to France to see the editor. I'll be arriving not before too long, alright?" She quickly headed off, and grabbed her own suitcase. "There is enough money to last you, Eddward, but be sure to be wise with it."
    Lance quickly took Marion's bags, and headed outside. Marion hugged Edd, and sighed. "I'm sorry, Edd," She said gently, breaking character and calling her son by his nick-name. She kissed his cheek gently, and Lance then came strolling in.
    "Marion, the car is running." He said, walking in to simply give Edd a rough hug.
    It wasn't long before they both exited the door, and everything was silent. There was the sound of two cars pulling out of the driveway, and taking separate ways to the airport in a rush.

    Edd was slightly distracted before he realized that Kevin was probably hungry. "O-Oh," He said, shaking himself out of his thoughts. "My apologies. The plates are in the left, and the glasses are in the right. We have some juice in the fridge, or you can have some milk." He said, motioning to where the objects were. Edd wasn't ready to eat yet, he just sat at the table and inspected a nearby sticky-note that says, "Make sure lawn is cut before it snows - Mother."

  18. He felt like a kid, with his arms crossed against his chest, and him automatically disconnecting himself from the situation at hand. He didn't want to do this, or so it turned out at the moment. Kevin was already feeling the pressure, while his annoyance level began to build up, only because Edd was just trying to help him out, show how to do this and that, and make it a little easier for him. But, the childish side of Kevin, the stubborn side, said screw it. He wasn't going to learn anything at this slow pace Kevin was barely treading on to keep up. Normally, Kevin wasn't a pessimist. Usually, he was the one giving the pep-talk, or the guy threatening the weaker link to get his stuff together and get out on the field. But, there was a difference between the field, and a room surrounded by books. You can't pep-talk a kid to read better. Yeah, you can pep-talk them into getting their assignments in, but in the end, it is all about the quality, not the quantity. Kevin could bring the quantity, but the quality was going to be Kevin's problem.

    Kevin pulled himself out of his gray area thoughts. Only to hear Edd call his name a few times, for his attempt to get him out of his wandering thoughts himself. Edd spoke for a bit, until the muffled sound of a woman's voice sounded past the closed door of Edd's room. Kevin looked behind him quickly, only to look back at Edd who was already up, and half way to the door. Exiting the room, Kevin stood up as well, leisurely walking out of the room standing in the middle of the dark hallway, looking down at the descending stairs. He could hear the voices down stairs talking, from where Kevin was standing, he couldn't quite depict what they were saying, until there was a silence.


    The sound of Lance's voice startled him a bit-- putting a pep in his step he started towards the stairs, and went down them as fast as he could. Reaching the landing, he saw Edd's parents rushing all around him, and a colorful setting of sticky notes all over the place. Kevin saw nothing like it. One moment Edd's parents were making dinner, the next they were rushing to get out of there, not only that, all the stick notes that seemed to have pointers and reminders on them. Slowly walking into the open arch of the kitchen, Kevin saw a bright neon orange sticky note on the side of the peanut butter jar that was a little bit more than fully empty, that said: "We are running out of peanut butter for sandwiches, get the big tub so it can last longer. -Mother"

    What was this?

    But before he could outwardly say it, the parents parted from their only son. They were out the door, and the house fell into a silence.

    Kevin could feel the silence creep on him, leaving an awkward twinge in his stomach. He faced the back of Edd who seemed to look a little bit defeated, almost deflated than what he looked like before. He seemed happy to be around his parents. He was shinning brightly. Kevin could've swore the moments he was with his family, for what Kevin could gather, Edd was at his prime. And now, he was lost, empty, hollow.

    The silence broke, not by Kevin, but by Edd, the shortly after, by the sounds of Edd's steps on the floor towards the table where Lance once sat.

    This was a moment that was new to the Jock. He didn't understand it, and with the look in Double-D's eyes, he didn't want to ask what all of this was, and or for. All Kevin knew was that his parents were gone, for who knows how long, and this notes were just all over the place with little messages on them. Maybe, that was all the gist of it he needed, but more or less, it left a heavy feeling.

    "Dork--.. Edd.. Are you, uh, alright?" Kevin said in a soft voice mixed with a tone of being a bit unsure of whether he should've asked that question or not. Standing frozen in the arch way, forcing his hands into the back pockets of his jeans, his body a bit tense as he spoke to Edd in such a gentle way.
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  19. This feeling of collective togetherness (aka, another word for downright lonely) wasn't new to the brainiac. He had spent sometime in his early childhood living like this, bound by the sticky notes in a mess of colors and orders. Sure, it just used to be his mother's doing after his father left, but now it seemed to double with age. There were requests for things he didn't really care for, and things that he down-right didn't think he was capable of doing himself. Well, atleast, not alone. When was he going to make time to mow the lawn when he went to school and tutored at the same time? Sure, Eddy and Ed could help, but they wouldn't be too keen on helping him.

    In a swamp of thoughts and adhesive, he barely caught Kevin asking for his attention. "Beg pardon?" He asked, still shamefully distracted. "Alright? Oh-Oh, no, no I'm fine." Edd furrowed his eyebrows quickly, "May I ask why you inquired?" It must be because his parents left so soon, he thought to himself, and then it seemed to fall into place. "Oh, dear," He started, interrupting whatever train of thought Kevin must have had at the time. "If you are at all worried about me, I do hope you stop immediately." Edd started, sitting up a little.

    "This is nothing new for me," Edd said, taking a sticky note and placing it at the far corner of the table. "I've been doing this since Elementary school. Surely, not for months at a time, but... Y-You understand?" He asked quickly. He tried looking for some hint in his eyes that told Edd that Kevin had a clue about what he was going through, but this wasn't what every kid had dome before. Edd sighed gently, and slouched back a little. "I guess I'm just dissapointed that they left so soon. But it's not really my choice in the matter. Their word over mine. How about Crepes?"

    Edd deliberately changed the subject. He didn't much care to share information with a stranger, nor anyone else, for that matter. Edd slowly got up, and pulled out some plates. He missed his mother's cooking, and he was anxious to dig in and taste some. It's been forever since he had a real home-cooked meal, and if he wanted anything for Christmas, it would be for someone to make him dinner. Edd sauntered towards a cupboard and pulled out a small bowl, along with a little plate. He took it upon himself to grab the same for Kevin, along with a fork for the two.

    There was a stirring spoon on the counter, thankfully clean, so Edd used that to ration out the Tartiflette. He got himself a small helping, and took a Crepe and placed it on the small plate. Edd was sure to load in on the salt and pepper, but he was sure not to use too much. Edd took his foot and sat at the table, hopefully sitting for the last time. "You can help yourself." Edd said. "Or, leave. Your responsibilities are finished for today, I suppose." Edd said, taking a fork and placing a bit of soul-food onto it's end. He didn't start eating till Kevin gave an answer-- it would be rude!

  20. His hands went to the zipper of his under sweater, already beginning to bundle up. A small breeze chilled at the tips of his ears, causing a weird shift of movement to thaw his body from underneath the door way, moving backwards into the dark hallway that lead to the stair well. His backpack was upstairs, Eddward was down stairs, and his parents were gone. Kevin knew-- he knew this was no place for someone like him. This was no place for someone who was so ignorant towards a situation, such as this, to stand in an empty household, with the crushing feeling of not being wanted, or not caring if he was there or not.

    The longer Kevin's eyes lingered at Eddward, who didn't dare to look back at him, the voice that spoke so softly towards him, made Kevin almost feel hollow.

    "If you are at all worried about me, I do hope you stop immediately."

    As you wish, the only thought that crossed his mind, the only thought that pushed him to double stair into a jog to the second floor, retrieve his busted backpack that he had since freshman year, stuffing all the work that Edd labeled for him to take home into his backpack, and all the same leaving, and reaching the front door, with his hand on the handle, and his head dipped down.

    "This is nothing new for me, I've been doing this since Elementary school. Surely, not for months at a time, but... Y-You understand?"

    "I don't understand." Kevin spoke quietly, his voice barely a whisper, as his brown eyes gazed darkly in the non-lit home that was shadowed by the kitchens harsh florescent light.

    "I guess I'm just dissapointed that they left so soon. But it's not really my choice in the matter. Their word over mine. How about Crepes?"

    His shoulder twitched up, tensing lightly as Edd's voice sounded like a cool, chilling breeze that blew right through him. It raised goosebumps up his arm, causing the hair on his neck to rise eerily. "I'm not hungry!" Kevin interrupted Edd the moment the other grabbed a plate for his guest, along with a fork to start setting up dinner for the two of them. Kevin swung the door open, jumping out of the house, and quickly shutting it behind him. With light feet, jumping off the three porch steps on the pavement, with both backpack straps tightened as his hands grasped at them, while Kevin ran, trotting away from Edd's house, almost as if he was running away from something. Was he scared? Was he scared of Edd? Was he scared of Edd's house? What was Kevin, the jock, the fearless, the brave, afraid of that made him run faster out of there than school?

    His quickened steps came to slowing stop, standing in the poorly lit orange glow night of the culdesac. Facing his first floor lit house, seeing the moving silhouettes of his own parents in both the kitchen, and the living room. The very sight caused his heavy breathing to cease, into calm puffs of relief-- only to be held, as Kevin dared to look back behind him, only to see the one window lit home, of what was now only Eddward. Kevin grimaced, as if that it pained him to see such a sight. Forcing himself to move forward, onward to his own home, to his own parents, to his own life, closing the door behind the life he visited with Eddward.

    He didn't want to go back.

    But, tomorrow was a new day that he, and Edd, were going to have to face.

    ⇜After The Cold Night⇝
    The next morning. The same routine. The same time. The same place. But, a different Kevin. A different morning covered over the culdesac. The fall season finally hitting the weather of cool breezes, beautiful sunrises, and silence of the beginning day, to the quite dying chirps of the cold autumn night. It was Kevin's favorite season.

    Kevin sat on the edge of hid bed, in his night attire, his eyes tiredly staring at the digital clock that read a half an hour until he was to meet Edd for their every day run around the neighborhood. As the short minutes passed, as he began his day with his morning shower, he stood there underneath the hot, steaming water, letting the water hit him, as he stood in silence, for his mind was somewhere else.


    The name repeated like an obnoxious broken record. The sound was of his mother, Marion, saying his name, before she and her loving husband parted from their son for a unknown amount of time. The picture, of a broken clip in a movie, played in his mind of Eddward's back towards Kevin, as he, himself, was frozen in place while everything from last night rushed around him, with unanswered questions of built of confusion. He saw as Edd deflated before his eyes-- and what did Kevin do?


    The very thought of Kevin just standing there, saying a few words, then running out of there like a scared little kid like he was when him and his friends were to venture into the woods, without permission, at night, only to get scared by the shadows of the dark moonlight trees, and the sounds of the summer night.

    He ran away from Edd. He ran away, abandoning him, just like what his parents did.

    Kevin, was a horrible human being, and no one would tell him otherwise.


    Exiting the shower not to long ago, his clothes already laid out for the new day, and he already putting on the last layer of a plain grey Nike hoodie, to protect him from the morning chill, along with black Nike athletic pants with black shoes to throw his running attire together. Never forgetting his signature hat, Kevin was out the door, only to see Edd already there, waiting for him in a not so different outfit than his own.

    Kevin didn't say anything. With a slight nod in a silent 'Good Morning', he began to run, the same route as before, with his custom made watch already calculating the new day, with the typical run, and the same time as before.

    This was going to be nothing new than before. This was going to be the same as always; as the weather went colder, winter was coming.

    He was going to miss these morning runs, when it was just him and nature, with the distancing sound of Edd's steps in the background, not to far from him.

    For when the winter curtain falls, the test of strength comes into play, for this Running Gag.​
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