The Runners

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"Wake up, fool."

A deep voice called out to a young man on a table. The young man opened his eyes, only to be blinded by the whiteness of the room. Everything in the room was a glossy white; the walls, the ceiling, and he assumed the floor though he could not see it. There was a bright light hanging directly above him, which reflected off the walls and ceiling. He winced and attempted to shield his eyes with his hands, only to find that they were being restrained. He gasped in horror as he realized where he was.

"Tell me… Where is Lucas?"

"I…I don't know." The young man replied. The brightness of the room made the figure in front of him only a dark silhouette. The man turned and walked away, but was soon replaced by another figure. This one was not as large, but there was something scary about him that the young man could not figure out.

"Tell me boy, have you ever experienced pain?"

"Yes." He replied, trying to stay calm.

"No, you have not… And unless you tell us where your master is, I will let you know what TRUE pain is!"

The young man tensed up and strained, as if trying to bring some power out of him, but nothing happened. The figure laughed.

"Yes my boy, you will find that your powers will not work here. Now tell me where your master is!"

The young man's eyes began to water, as he lay there silent.

"Another one who doesn't like to talk, hmm? Oh well, doesn't bother me much. This next part is my favorite…"

The ringing and grinding of power tools could be heard as the figure lifted up a device that was unfamiliar to the young man on the table. It was a mess of spinning, flailing, metal objects and sharp points.

He was inching it towards his chest area. It was getting closer and as it got closer the young man found he was breathing faster. His mind was racing, but he knew that he could do nothing. Just before the tool made contact the figure stopped and looked up once more. "Last chance." He smiled cruelly as he spoke, knowing he would get no response.

"Farewell then."

Hello and welcome! This is going to be a sci-fi/horror kind of roleplay which is based in quite a twisted world. The world is controlled by an evil and deceiving organization known as The Keepers. The Keepers control everything in society, from schooling to Public Protection. To some they may seem like the perfect government, but to those who do a little digging, they find otherwise. People often "disappear" without a trace from their neighborhoods. These are the people who do their digging. Nobody questions the authority of The Keepers... except the Runners.

Runners are a people who rebel against The Keepers, but they are even more secretive than The Keepers. To some they don't exist, and to others they are an evil group that needs to be extinguished. In reality, the Runners are a group of people who know the evil ways of The Keepers, and will stop at nothing to see the evil empire destroyed. The runners are led by a single man, Lucas, who is rarely seen. Lucas and the Runners have found a way to avoid capture, and can not even be traced or located. The only things known about Lucas are that he is a psychic, and that he was at one time very close to the leader of The Keepers. It is said that he came from a time before The Keepers existed.

The whole story revolves around time travel, something that was discovered ages ago. Lucas was in partnership with a man named Kain, they were scientists and inventors. Together they invented a pendant that would allow Time Travel, aided by an extremely rare crystal. There was only enough of the mineral to power a single pendant, and Kain decided that he wanted it for himself. Lucas was against the idea of using time travel for personal gain, and wanted to destroy the pendant when he realized what he had created. As the two struggled to gain control of the pendant, the crystal snapped in half, but not before sending them to an unknown time. Lucas got away with half of the crystal, wanting the other half to right the wrongs. Kain quickly rose to power, forming The Keepers. Lucas recruited others who wanted to fight against the evil empire, especially those who were gifted with strange powers.

And so the conflict for time has begun.

Well, hopefully after reading the super long intro, you're interested in the story! It will be similar to X-men in that yes, your character can have a power. Remember, though, that your character's power should not be over-developed, and your character should not lean on it for every fight. The plot will be the writers, as Runners, will be given specific jobs and missions assigned to them. There will be fights, assassinations, theft, sabotage, the works. The ultimate goal for the Runners is to of course take down The Keepers. Your character does not HAVE to be a Runner, though if not your character must be in a position where he/she would be contacted by them. For example, your character has just learned that he/she is gifted with the strange ability to control water, but has kept it a secret. You aren't a member of The Keepers, but an ordinary citizen. I hope that was clear enough...

Character Sheet:

Board name: (your username)
Character name:

Affiliation: (Are you a Runner already? If so, how long have you been a Runner? If not, what do you think about the Runners? What do you Think about The Keepers?
Appearance: (pictures or a detailed description)
Personality: (can be a paragraph, or just a simple 5 words)
Bio: (What is your characters story? If you would like to reveal most of it In Character that's fine, but we still need a brief background)
Power: (Your characters special power. Remember to not make it overkill)
Anything else?

I will post my own Character shortly!
Board name: DelicateSolstice
Character name: Melinna
Affiliation: Brand new Runner

Personality: Beyond her good looks is a tough one... One that could take two grown men. Melinna is a roughed up girl, fighting to rebel against the Keepers... She may be new at it, but she'll be a huge help. She's not shy... She's determined... Ready to finish what was started.
Bio: She lost her mother to the Keepers, and she hasn't heard much of her father. She's been on her own since she was 12, and now at 17 and a new Runner member... she's ready for revenge.
Power: Shape Shifting. (Typical, huh?)
Anything else? Nope. :D
Board name: BoredAsUsual
Character name: Evie
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Runner.

Personality: Despite her dark and excentric outfits she has a bubbly personailty. Can be very serious at times though. Easily upset but might not always show it. She likes to fight, not always using her powers though since she's a big fan of knives.
Bio: Both of her parents are Keepers and have no idea that she has powers. At the age of 6 she ran away from home since her powers are unstable, and she knew, from all of their cruel talk, that her parents would not hesitate in getting rid of her. She's been apart of the Runners for 11 years and is now 17. Her powers are still unstable but she's learning to control them.
Power: She can bend shadows to do her bidding. (Not sure on the full extent)
Anything else? She has knives hidden all over her person and has practiced in those 11 years on how to throw them so they almost always hit their mark.
Board name: Ryu
Character name: Skye
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Runner

Personality: This is an interesting combination. Clearly this guy has problems with self-control, especially with his hot temper. However, he's honest, kind and generous, and humble to boot. All in all, he's probably a pretty good friend to have. He has hated the Keepers for so long. The runners are all he has left.
Bio: Skye's parents were killed by the Keepers when he was five. When he turned thirteen, he became a runner, trying to find the specific keepers who killed his parents. He is now 17, ready for anything with the powers he has gained over the years.
Power: Able to heal himself and others. He can also mimic voices.
Anything else? When taking off his shirt, he reveals two scars on his chest that form an X that start at his shoulders and end at the bottom of his rib cage. He also has a tattoo of a white and blue dragon on his right shoulder.
(Forget the Watermark in the back of the pic.)