The Runners' Rebelion

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  1. In a huge city named Metropolis a dictator named Grant Warbern has taken the city into his evil hands. He has arrested, tortured, and killed many citizens just, because he simply didn't like them. The city and it's dwellers disgusted him and now he's trying to "fix it" or "clean it up"...if "cleaning up" means killing innocent people, then he's doing a good job. No....something's gotta give. A secluded group of abnormally athletic free runners band together. These guys were rebels in the past and were taken in to be experimented on to become the next super soldier. They some how escaped and came together to make this group called The Runners. They do whatever they must to make everything better in this city, while at the same time working to render or kill the dictator. It's been about 9 months after they have escaped and they have helped numerous people already...just not...everyone. With in those 9 months a lot of the original Runner's were killed. And it was only a matter of time until it was down to the last one, however more and more have been escaping the grasp of the dictator. They all know about the guild, and hope to become part of it. The time to find new recruits is now. They need as much help as possible to get to that dictator.
    (No character sheets needed)
    (The city of Metropolis is huge so feel free to roam)
    (The Runners have two bases. One in the sewers, and one in an abandoned warehouse)
    (Have fun! :D)

    Stealth sat a top a building casually waiting for a certain recruit that told him to meet that person there. Stealth didn't know what to expect. This was the first time he had every recruited someone. But he was eager to see what skills this one had. He watched the city. "Such a beautiful place...and that damn dictator is ruining it," he said to himself. Stealth looked up at the huge sky scraper that was being made in the center of the city. Must be one of the dictator's new offices. No one knows where he actually lives yet...not even the runners. He would've been dead by now if they knew. He shook his head and awaited the recruit. What's taking you so long? he though to himself.
  2. Jay hid in the shadows of a fire escape, one of the dictator's helicopters flying nearby, waiting for it to pass. When he was out of danger, he stood on the railing before jumping up to the next handhold, pulling himself up the wall of the building, his strong arms and legs giving him the strength to do so. Was this the right place? he asked himself, looking up at the top of the building. Stopping in his climb, he held onto the wall with one hand while the other took out the slip of paper with the address and the hand-made map of the city he had made. Leaning out as far as he dared, which was slightly more than a sane person would, he saw a landmark and checked his map. According to it, he was climbing the correct building. Smiling to himself, he continued his climb, determined not to fall this time.
  3. Stealth looked up to the sky, and smiled. It was the only part of the city that was still the same. He was distracted, by what sounded like footsteps. "Shit shit shit." he said to himself. People were walking up the stairs to the roof of the building, which was where Stealth was waiting. He immediately hid behind the door that the people would be coming out of. He had on his two hidden blades, and that's all he had with him at the moment. He stayed hidden hoping they would simply just go back downstairs. He didn't know if that would happen, but only time would tell.
  4. Pulling himself over the rail of the roof, Jay couldn't help but smile. Checking his watch, he sighed in relief; he had thought he was over half an hour late, but it was only fifteen minutes past the time they were supposed to meet. From his position, he couldn't see Stealth, and was left feeling confused. "'Lo...?" he said to the seemingly empty rooftop. "Anyone here?" It was then that he heard the footsteps. They were too close for him to be able to hide, so he frowned to himself, biting his lip as he made a split-second decision on what to do. Taking out the small knife he carried with him most of the time, he took a slightly ready position, choosing fight over flight.
  5. Stealth took a deep breath and peeked around only to see two anti-runners, which were free runners, that were genetically created to stop and even kill Runners after they became a problem for the dictator. Stealth sighed, then peeked more to the side and noticed a guy with a knife in his hand ready to fight. "Oh boy....." he whispered to himself. The poor recruit would have his first fight's a perfect chance to see his fighting skills. Cool! Stealth stayed hidden and watched.
  6. Jay instantly recognized the uniforms the men were wearing, and gave them no time to react before he pushed up the glasses on his nose and rushed the men. He didn't have any formal training in fighting, but on the streets, he would get pulled into fights and would have to hold his own. Drawing on this, he ran towards the men, keeping his gaze on their faces and not the various weapons clipped to their belts, knowing he would probably lose his nerve if he did. Throwing resolve to the wind, he stopped just short of the nearest one, spinning around so his foot would connect with the back of his knee. Backing up to give himself space, he held his knife close to him, ready to defend if needed.
  7. Stealth noticed the anti-runners stop in their tracks aiming their guns straight at the recruit. He just hoped he knew how to defend himself. "GET ON THE GROUND!" one yelled. Stealth let his hidden blades out just in case something went wrong.
  8. Fear ran through Jay when he had two guns pointed at him. Stopping in his tracks, as he had been about to rush at the men again, he felt his breath catch in his throat. The grin that had been forming on his face disappeared, and he backed up again. Taking a couple deep breaths, trying to make it appear that he was complying with the orders given, he tried to appear just like a scared kid. In reality, he was gathering his resolve to attack again. Guns terrified him. He had never been shot, but he had seen it happen, and did not envy the pain. It would take all he had just to take that first step and attack.
  9. He wasn't a bad shot -- he was trained under some of the most experienced snipers. His sight was impeccable.

    Axel peered between the sights, focusing on the runner, green eyes hardly raking over the other's slim form. He trained his eyes on the other anti-runner. There was a moment of tension, the air thick and nearly flammable.

    "This is it, kid," he chuckled, just before he shifted the aim of the gun and clipped the other just above his temple. He removed the half mask to reveal more than his eyes. "This is the place, I guess." Axel lowered his weapon, looking around. "They never change the recruitment spots..."

    Almost as if noticing the guy he'd saved in the first place, he broke into a toothy grin. "My manners; I'm a runner."