The Runaways: Origin

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  1. Jeffry Stern

    610 W Ash St

    Suite 1200

    San Diego, CA 92101​

    She walked over to the window where the sun shined bright over the Lower East Side skyline, opened to the Hudson River and Williamsburg bridge and the distant island of Brooklyn. The sun rays felt warm against her tense face. And she heard the cold howling winds of winter rush past the window. She bit the lower part of her lips as her eyes read the address again. The envelop in her hand was from her father. ‘Father...California.’

    She made a decision. Mira pulled down the travel bag from the closet, a carry on, and picked a mix of her favorite garments from the closet and dresser, and folded them into the bag. She shoved a pair of summer flats, and a pair sneakers into the bag. Lastly a small cosmetics bag and iPad, and sipped closed the travel bag. A smiled crossed her face, the thought of going to California excited her. She walked back to the closet and pushed to the side several storage containers, searching on the left wall she pulled off a hidden wooded panel, inside was a peanut butter jar, and inside the jar was a stack of cash. She counted the money, a couple of hundred dollars, but not enough to get her to California.

    Her grandmother sat at the sewing machine, her foot pressing against the pedal, and her hands carefully guided the fabric under the needle. Mira sneaked past her into the kitchen. She knew her grandmother kept the purse in the kitchen, and there it was on the kitchen table, in the usual spot next to the sugar bowl, napkin holder, and salt and pepper shakers. She grabbed it and opened it, pulled out a credit card, and set purse back on the table.

    “What are you doing?”

    It was Lucy, her aunt, and she saw Mira take the creditcard.

    Mira panicked, ‘Lucy will tell.’ - it happened so fast, Lucy’s body is tossed across the room like a ragdoll, the back of her head hit the edge of the counter and fell backwards. Her body lays cataleptic on the kitchen floor. The sewing machine stopped. Mira cover her mouth in shock, her eyes wide open. ‘Is she dead, did I kill her?’ She didn’t mean to do it. She stood frozen with fear. The silence in the room was palpable and almost audible. Then the sewing machine started up again.

    Mira made her way back to her room and grabbed her bags. She grabbed the shoe box stuffed with her father’s letters and shoved it in the travel bag, crushing the box, and hastily sneaked past her grandmother and exit the apartment. She didn’t bother to wait for the elevator and ran down the stairwells, jumping several steps at a time. Once outside she hailed a yellow cab.

    “Where to?” asked the Middle Eastern cab driver.

    “Penn Station.”
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  2. "I knew I wasn't a clone copy of my parents but..."
    "What if something's wrong with her James? What if she has some disease that is genetic? She could die!?" The voice of her mother Katelynn Moore, asked in a panicked whisper. Her hands were twisting and turning Korey's beanie, the one she had been wearing at the school assembly. "Honey, she is our daughter now. He also said she was healthy." James, her father, reassured his wife as best he could. What neither of them counted on their daughter hearing every word. The white haired girl was awake and devastated...
    "I'm adopted.."
    Memories of her reading, alone in the large empty house as her parents worked flashed through her mind. She bared her loneliness for them. She smiled to them, to make them feel better for not being there. When she was the one who hurt the most. For the first time, they had came to her when she needed them. Then she finds out that the people who were too busy to raise her, the only people she ever knew as her parents, were not even related to her. She was adopted. The word stung. "But, the letters. Maybe we should have read them.." Katelynn trailed off as she looked down to the ground. "No. Jeffery Stern is no longer part of her life. Or ours. She is healthy. Korey is our beautiful baby girl."With that the conversation died down. Not that the seemingly sleeping girl on the hospital bed seemed to upset about.

    A few hours passed before Korey was let out of the hospital, her parents taking her home. Telling her that she was not going to school and that they were going to stay home with her. For the first time, she used her powers to control her parents. Making them go to work the next day. It would be better that way. When they were gone, she searched their room for the letters they were talking about. They had hidden them in the bedframe of their bed. Reading the letters, she felt a small inkling of hope. Her real father wanted to see her. The trip on making it to California was the daunting part. She needed money to for bus fare, or a plane ticket... No, they would probably check those places first.

    She thought of how to escape while she shoved her clothes and belongings into her bag. Everything she would need, even the large jar of money. With that, she put it on her back and walked out the door. Leaving behind her fake parents, and whatever good feelings she had for them. At first, she was just going to walk there, since her car would probably be hunted for if she took it. But a better idea passed her mind when a guy had stopped next to her at a gas station to wolf whistle at her. Smiling as flirtily as she could,she leaned against his door. "Hey, do you think you could give me a ride." She asked with a wink, and putting a little of her hormones out there to make sure he would agree. Thus began her hitchhiking trip to New York from Ohio.

    The sites of the Big Apple alone, amazed her. Everything was bustling with life. All of her life, she had spent in Ohio, it was so different in New York. The newest fashions, the grand attractions, the people, the restaurants, and the museum. Oh, the museum. That was the first place she went. The Metropolitan Museum of Art was the first place she went.
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  3. Clothes were packed, laptop was charged, rent-a-car was sitting just outside. Aaron let the curtains fall back against the window and turned to gather her remaining items that lay in the empty space that once was her living room. A month ago her lease had run-out and the young woman began packing up her belongings and putting them in storage. She didn't really own much to begin with, but her dining set and black & white TV just couldn't come with her on this trip. The trip that would reveal so much about her and where she came from.

    After her "mother" told her she was adopted and where her parents first lived, Aaron looked into her real name and tried to find out all the dirty details. Nothing came up. And then the letters began to show up. Jeffrey Stern. It wasn't a name she had ever heard before, but he continued to write and she continued to leave the letters unopened. Now, with his address scrawled against the palm of her hand and his letters stuffed into her carry on, Aaron shut the door to her Brooklyn apartment one last time and made her way towards her one-hundred and twenty dollars a day Honda Civic.

    "I have to pass through Holland Tunnel to go West..." She began to create a mental map inside her brain as she loaded up the trunk of her car and got into the driver's side with ease. The night before she had Google mapped her trip out and made sure she wouldn't be able to get lost.

    The engine turned over and the cold air conditioner began to cool the girl's warm skin. Truthfully, she was nervous to leave her home, not just because this was a big step in her life, but because her brother's may not like the idea of her being so far from their grasp.

    "No, I've got to go."

    She put the car in drive and took Rogers Ave onto Flatbrush Ave.
    Aaron watched the familiar restaurants and stores pass by. "Gotta ride down through Jersey and get back on the 280. I'm gonna need gas though so let's stop in..." she trailed off, fishing a map from the glove compartment, "Newark. I'll need food too."

    Tossing the map into the passenger seat, Aaron turned the radio on and stepped on the gas. If she played her cards right she could be there in an hour and in Chicago eleven more hours after that.
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  4. Drake walked into his mothers bed room, coughing as some smoke flew into his face. She muttered something, but he ignored it, and walked on towards his goal, her jewelry box and purse. As he began to take out the gold jewelry, and a large wad of her drug cash, she muttered again, more clearly "Who- Who is it?" Drake ignored her as he left the room, eager to get away from the overwhelming smoke. Closing the door behind him, he walked back towards his room, where he was keeping his bag for this just occasion. Grabbing the bag, which was filled with clothes, cigarettes, his lucky flask (filled with vodka), his cell phone charger, and his headphones. He left his room and headed out into his garage, and over to a tarp covering his gate way out of this hell hole. Pulling it off, it revealed his ride, a black and red Charger. Smiling at it, he remembered the fun times he had with his "father" in it. Quickly thinking of something else, he grabbed tge keys outta the desk drawer next to it and unlocked it.

    Leaving his house, he headed to his first stop, a gas station down the road from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
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  5. "What wonderful paintings."
    "Do we have to see some dead guy's selfie of him cross dressing?"
    "I hate these kids. So disrespectful and unappreciative of the arts."
    "Where are the boobs on this thing?"
    The thoughts of the masses within the museum with her, flowed into her head. Thus she gained a dull ache that pounded her skull from the stress the voices caused on her brain. Since Korey had been expecting it, she had was not bothered by it much. During the days it took her to get here from Ohio, she had grown used to the telepathy. The only time it was overbearingly upsetting was when someone had a pervy thought. She did not want to see that. Or know that pervs plan for unsuspecting teens. Her hazel orbs rested on another painting as she dulled the voices around her and within her head out. It was hard, and it took some time, but she was rewarded with silence. It was moments like these, that she cherished being who she was now. Her life was not that bad, it could be worse.
    "How hard is it to find a stupid kid with white hair?"
    Korey's eyes widen as she looked about with her eyes, looking for the person who belonged to that thought. Not far from her was a man in uniform. A police uniform. Slowly she began to move behind a group near her. Using them to keep her out of sight. This was not the first time she had a problem like this. Her parents had put out flyers and even got the police involved with her disappearance. Now, her parents may not have have had the time for her, but they adamant on finding her. As she got closer to the doors, the group had went in the opposite direction she needed them to. Thus, she was in view of the officer. "Hey, you there!" He yelled while he lifted a hand to reach out for her. In that moment, she made a beeline for the door. Slipping past people and pushing open the doors to escape again.

    "Poop.Poop.Poop." She mumbled quickly and repeatedly while she kept up her pace. Putting as much distance between her and the officer. She could hear him cursing at his rotten luck while he pushed people out of the way. Taking a sharp turn into a small alley, the white haired girl pressed herself up against the wall and waited. The police officer passed by her in a rush, and he did not notice her in the alley as he passed. Letting a few minutes pass for good measure, she released her held breath before getting out of the alley. "I need to get out of here soon... They've caught up to me already."
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  6. ‘Oh God please don’t let Lucy be dead, please God I beg you.’ she kept repeating to herself. She was shaking, and scared out of her wits.

    The yellow cab stopped at 31th Street and 8th Avenue. Mira paid the fair and jetted out of the cab, she ran inside the Pennsylvania Station entrance, on the south side of the Madison Square Garden building. The place was buzzing with people and their thoughts. She literally had to stop and concentrate to shun them all out of her head. Then she felt a hand touch her shoulder - it was Kooky, and her presence gave her a false sense of safety. Kooky had been with her since she was a child, at first a child herself, but through the years Kooky had transformed into the mirror image of her dead mother. In some weird way Kooky had become her guardian angel, and although she understood Kooky was nothing more than an apparition, a projection of Marisol that her mind conjured-up when she was most stressed and lonely, she was happy to see her.

    Mira didn’t understand the powers she possess, she had kept them a secret and suppressed them at the request of her grandmother. And she had done so out of respect and obedience. But sometimes she had no control and terrible things would happen.

    The too similar females walked fast toward the information booth. Before them stood an Asian couple, tourist by their appearance, asking questions, speaking with heavy accents, and the information clerk was having a hard time trying to understand them. He was clearly irritated by the way he rolled his eyes, but yet maintained a fake smile and amicable tone as he answered questions. Looking around the place she noticed two police officers approaching, at least she thought they were coming toward her, and she started to walk away in the opposite direction. She walked aimlessly trying to put a distance between them - the officers walked past the information booth and disappeared among the crowd. When she looked back she couldn’t tell what direction they went. Scanning the area she noticed the automated ticket vendors and approached one.

    Her trembling fingers worked the touch screen as fast as she could managed. The next available train was do to depart in two hours, she accepted the generated itinerary and the screen change to payment option, total due was $474.00. She didn’t have enough cash and made a hasty decision to use the creditcard she had stolen. She swiped the card and the computer started processing, she felt like she had waited an eternity before the screen stated approved, and begun to spit out the printed itinerary.
  7. A girl was in a messy room frantically packing. She had woken up late and her flight would be very much soon. In an hour a half to be exact. Thank god she had packed last night, but there was still some things missing. A luggage was at the back of her room and a black bag hanging on her doorknob at the front of the room. She was packing the other needed extras she would definitely need and let out a heavy sigh as she looked out her window from a distance and saw a yellow cab. The cab honked loudly startling the female and she liked over to a nearby drawer taking out her passport and ticket and wallet that had money in it putting it in the orange backpack.

    The girl was named Elise and she felt anxious. For one thing she was running away to California with a friend, Caleb -who would be in the cab- and it wasn't long before a tap on her window was heard that she looked intensely with fear at. Oh... It was only Caleb and Elise opened the window using her gravity manipulation to make the heavy luggage feel lighter as she gave it to him to put in the trunk. Elise threw her chargers, first aid kit, laptop, some pills and medicine, and small electronics in her orange back pack. She shooed Caleb away as she locked her room door with the other bags and left as quickly as possible. She had a large grayish brown sweater in her arms and just left wearing skinny jeans and a black chest laced wrap. Her parents were gonna be away for a few days and in the living room was a cage she grabbed too. Her pet Flemish rabbit, Pillow. Her parents never knew about this pet cause for the most part pillow lived in a neighbors house and quickly did Elise jump in the cab with Caleb waiting before letting out a deep sigh quietly. Slightly trembling, what if her adoptive parents found out? Who knows..... And Caleb patted her shoulder reassuring her. The cab was silent and Caleb told the destination which would be the JFK international airport and off to California and Elise put her sweater on before putting her beats by dre earphones in listening to 'The Neighbourhood - Afraid'.

    Silence filled the cab. Elise looked over at Caleb, whom was leaning his head against the window in silence. Elise slowly did the same on her side of the window as well. She slouched her hip to the side as well, as if wanting to lay but didn't want to make her friend uncomfortable until Caleb noticed her slight foot and leg movements and grabbed her ankles resting them over his lap. They were just friends, and he was in truth Elise's only friend. The only person she would never shut out. Because there was just some sort of trust--a connection. It was hard to explain and slowly she fell asleep instead of him.

    She didn't get a good sleep. Everything just happened so fast. She got a letter to come--well go to California. So many questions. Like why her with such a dangerous power? Is she the only one? More importantly, will her parents be there? Her head spun giving her a massive headache and it lead to tossing and turning during last night. But Atleast she could have a slightly better sleep now. Not good, but still sleep and she let out a deep breath through her nose drifting off to sleep.

    How did these two teens afford a ticket? Well, by working hard. Elise had saved her paychecks and whatnot to buy a car originally, while Caleb worked both full and part time jobs altogether saving his money to originally get a apartment or so for himself. Until of course they both received a letter to California anonymously for slight unknown reasons and both planned. On the phone a few nights ago was a 'Vacation to California' so neither one knows the other's intentions of why. True intentions I mean. But the funny thing was that they both didn't know each other had powers in truth and both couldn't read each other's mind oddly enough. Caleb looked at his friend as if trying to read hr mind but nothing came up.... Perhaps she truly is thinking of nothing as usual then and he only yawned through out the cab ride allowing her to sleep.

    Whenever one tried to dad the others mind, it was nothing. Making them think the other thought simply of nothing and since Elise slept so easily and comfortably it was because of Caleb unbeknownst of her. Or when her luggage felt light as a box filled with notebooks, it was thanks to Elise. But the two still didn't know what the other was capable of and that was maybe the good thing. They didn't and shouldn't need to. Because,

    The more you reveal, the less you appeal

    Rather then vise versa. I mean, look at Elise... She's 'strange'.
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  8. A full sixty minutes and three Pink Floyd CD's later, Aaron pulled into a Chevron station in the heart of Newark. She cut the engine and shoved the keys into her pocket. Hopping out of the Honda and walking to the trunk, the young woman began to search through her duffel bag for her wallet. She wasn't dumb enough to keep the credit card she got for her fifteenth birthday, no, instead she pulled out all the money from her account plus the few hundred she had put away after working a summer camp job last year.

    She looked around and shut the trunk of the car after taking out a few twenty dollar bills. There was some shouting coming from the front of the mini-mart that caught her attention. As she opened up the gas tank and fit the pump into it, Aaron watched the little spat. It was a man and woman. The woman was speaking Spanish and the man was simply shouting nonsense. From her spot in the station she could barely make out what he was saying anyhow.

    The pump clicked off and the price blinked an even sixty bucks. After putting in the money and closing her tank Aaron got back into the driver spot, locking the doors. "Coffee would be nice..." she admitted, glancing at the map for a second. It was a state map so it wouldn't tell her where the closest McDonalds was.

    "Excuse me!" Aaron rolled down the window and called over a boy about her age who seemed pretty local. "Do you know where I can get some coffee around here? Good coffee."

    Five minutes later she was driving down Market Street and then pulling into a Dunkin' Donuts. 'A jelly filled donut would be wonderful right about now...'
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  9. “Anita Brown on line one, Sir.” announced, the secretary over the intercom.

    For a moment Jeffrey stared at the blinking key on the office phone. A dreaded realization came over him, he knew something was terribly wrong. He swallowed hard and picked-up the phone, his voice cracking when he greeted Anita.


    The train was moving. Every seat was taken, a man in a suit sat next to Mira, his face buried on the pages of the New York Times. She stared out the window, watching as the image of Kooky disappeared in the distant.

    Mira was filled with regret, she didn’t buy Kooky a ticket, and now had to leave her behind. She kept thinking how stupid she had been, how messed-up today had been, and she was having second thoughts about running away. She couldn’t shake Lucy from her mind, and she kept playing the incident in her head, how she tossed Lucy’s body across the room. She didn’t want to do it, it just happened. She wanted to go back home, but she couldn’t, she knew it was too late to turn back. Her cell phone wouldn’t stop ringing - it was her grandmother, it was other people too, other family members and possibly the police too. So, she turned it off, she didn’t want to answer, she didn’t even listen to the messages or read the texts she had received, she couldn’t deal with it. And closed her eyes wishing to forget it all, raising the volume on her ipad and letting the fast tempo and beats of the music distract her thoughts.
  10. Being the working man Gordon was, he sipped on his coffee slowly while browsing through his email. This was his work email that he had posted on his website. Being a private investigator was a hit and miss as far as work goes, sometimes everybody wants you, other times nobody wants you. Occasionally he would get the silly job of simply finding out where someone was going, which was ludicrously easy with his mind reading ability. Others might consider his methods unfair or unjust, an invasion of privacy even, but Gordon disagreed. He believed that if you had a skill or talent, it would be a shame to not use it. Mind reading was something he almost always did for work alone. Being something that's difficult to control, he chose to move to a rural area for that reason, among others such as enjoying the beautiful scenery. He could have done without the cold winters and hot summers, but modern technology made it easy to deal with.

    Letting out a silent sigh, the man shut his laptop. No work emails today. After setting the computer on his coffee table, he pulled out a cell phone, this one was for work. Again, no messages. It wasn't like he was desperate for work, but the dry spell was making him worry for his employments sake. He had plenty saved, it was always important to save when your job might not be needed. Perhaps work would come, it was too early to stress about it now. Instead, once he set his work phone next to his laptop, he stood up off his couch. His home was a simple one, brown cloth furniture for the living room sitting around a white wall. The carpet was a low fabric, consisting of multiple colors that collided to look like speckles of varying shades of grey with occasional blue or red, even green. the coffee and end tables were crafted from black walnut, Gordons favorite wood in terms of furniture. It was dark, but still had the rustic that Gordon liked so much. Of course, the coffee table had a plating of glass over top to prevent liquids from damaging the beautiful wood.

    After scratching the itch that was bugging him so much on the back of his neck, Gordon picked his mug of coffee back up and continued to drink on his way to the kitchen. While he was an excellent cook, he didn't much feel like doing anything with food at this moment, so instead he chose the easy way out and took out a few materials for a simple sandwich.
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  11. Jeffrey Stern was a man of mystery. After his problems with the law in New York he moved to Sand Diego in search of a better life. What he found was much more than he ever imagined. He started his own wine imports business, and it has been quite successful. He remarried, has two children, and lives a very comfortable life. But nobody knows of his past, not even his wife. Nobody knows that he was married before and that he has a daughter. And when Anita called him to inform him that Mira had runaway from home and was coming to find him, he panicked.

    He loved his daughter without a doubt. He had written her a letter every month for the 10 years he was incarcerated. When he was out he tried to get her back, but Anita had made it clear that she was no longer his daughter. And having heard nothing unusual about her he decided it was probably for the best to leave her alone. Still, he sent money to Anita responsibly, and he even opened a trust fund for Mira, which she can have on her 18th birthday. But he never expected to be reunited with her. The last time he saw her she was 3 years old. And she never wrote him back, for all he knew Mira wanted nothing to do with him, and like her grandparents probably blamed him for the death of her mother.

    He couldn't help but feel worried - he picked up the phone and called an old friend. He needed someone to track her down and bring her safely to him. He needed to figure out what to do. The phone rang three times before a man's voice picked up.

    "Gordon? I need your help. I need you to find my daughter."
  12. Filling up his gas tank, getting some snacks, and a cup of coffee Drake left the gas station listening to his playlist happily. Whistling, Drake drove past the museum, he slowed down a bit watching a white haired girl rushing from the museum and dodging down into an alley way. Seconds later, a slightly fat police officer left the museum and ran past the alley, and then the white haired girl left the alley.

    Paying attention to the museum, he remembered the few times he went with his family when he was younger. Sighing, he pulled over to go to the museum one last time. Stepping out of the car, he locked the door and felt eye upon him. Turning around, two cops stood behind him, the closest one spoke "Hello sir, We are looking for a missing girl, she is believed to be a runaway. Her name is Korey Moore, she is pale and has white hair, real hard to miss." Thinking about it, he said "Uhh yea I think I just saw her..." Pointing the opposite way, he lead the two policemen away from where the girl was.
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  13. Within ten minutes they finally made it to JFK airport. The cab had stopped before Caleb had paid for the ride, and soon he woke his friend up in silence nudging her before getting out the cab. Elise groaned as she crawled to the door coming out right after Caleb and as Caleb took her luggage out she made it lighter for him again, but not to light to the point of making it feel somewhat unusual and she grabs her large Burberry luggage waiting for Caleb who had the same luggage as hers only it was plain black yet had a zipper lining of the pattern.

    Once it was time to leave the two walked quickly in the airport. It was a hassle, going through the whole 'checking' thing. In which you take of metals and nearly empty out your stuff putting it in bins and going through a metal scanning detector before grabbing your things and putting some clothes back on. Overall that took forever, another ten minutes. So now that twenty minutes passed ten minutes was left and the two rushed over to where their flight would be. Seriously, it was packed and crowded and made Elise rather grumpy. Upon finding a seat in the 'waiting room' for their flight it was Caleb's turn to get his ten minutes of sleep before flight.

    Elise sat there going through her phone. Her number was changed incase her parents would try and call her and their lug gauges and bags rested under their seats so that it won't get in the way of people. The rabbit cage was in a different airplane and Caleb laid his head over Elise's shoulder taking a small nap.

    Sleeping or napping was easy for Caleb. He can even adapt to sleeping for a certain time that would feel like hours. Almost like a alarm. Ten minutes left? He'll use his powers to put himself in a deep sleep for that long before already being fully charged! And Elise continued browsing around in her phone, playing the annoying game flappy bird before hearing their flight open and looking down at Caleb whom immediately woke up all fine and not grumpy.

    Walking through a long corridor that lead to the airplane, Caleb had told Elise to sit while he quickly handled the bags -Elise, using her powers to make it lighter- and the two sat in first class side by side, Elise inside while Caleb was outside. They turned all electronics to airplane mode before turning it off. The flight would be a full five hours, and Elise would have an even bigger problem with sleep. For the most part the two were quiet towards each other and Elise always felt comfortable enough to sleep peacefully around Caleb. She didn't suspect anything and she slowly fell asleep on him before Caleb had used his powers setting a 'alarm' at exactly the time they'd land.

    And yet again the two friends dosed off asleep peacefully with their seat belts strapped onto them securely.
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  14. But the aircraft never took flight.

    The flight attendant, a pretty tall catlike female, moved down the corridor counting the heads of the passengers seated when she was called to the front of the cabin. There was an exchange of whispers between the crew and the captain - something was happening. The stewardess grabbed the intercom and her voice filled the space of the cabin hall, “The captain has turned on the seat-belt sign, please fasten your seat-belts and remain seated.” It was all she said.

    Then the front door was opened and two suits boarded the aircraft. The blond hair man walked toward Elise and Caleb. He flashed an FBI badge at them. “I need the two of you to come with me.”

    There was something strange about this blond hair man. It was the way he smell, it was an unfamiliar odor, unpleasant but alluring, almost intoxicating, like a drug, and it was making Elise and Caleb feel like they were losing control of their faculties. Another thing they noticed was his thoughts, there were none, as if he were not thinking at all. But his eyes, his eyes could not hide the cold intent with which he look on to them.

    The other suite stood by the door, and his thoughts were loud and clear, like the rest of the people on the plain. He was thinking his partner needed to hurry up. He looked at the two they had come to pick up, they were only kids, and he wondered what harmed could come of them. Everyone else was wondering what was going on. Some worried there was a terrorist attack, even that the plain was being hijacked. But their alarmed state quickly changed to a sort of befuddle state of mind, and soon enough there was nothing but a soft hum in everyone’s head - including the suit by the door.
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  15. Soon, Elise woke up immediately upon thinking she was being talked to. And she was. Seems like the plane didn't move and Caleb woke up right after. With fear in her eyes Elise froze at the sight of the FBI's badge. “I need the two of you to come with me.” He ordered. Caleb looked at Elise then at the man and was just as alarmed as Elise was. He sat up his seatbelt still on and looked up at the agent who approached. There was a scent that surrounded them, that made Caleb want to go with him and Elise had caught this too. Elise looked at Caleb, her eyebrows furrowed with concern and she looks up at the agent."What have we done?.." She asks gulping fearfully.

    Caleb stared dead on at the mans face. Whenever the scent got to him, he felt like he was being lured yet whenever he looked at his us which too a different story, his conscious told him to sit. Sit and don't move, because something was up. Mixed feelings. A temptation, yet also a resistance in Caleb. Elise on the other hand looked around. Everyone was thinking of something, yet the agent was blank. Just like Caleb's mind! Was this a sign?Elise soon witnessed a couple whom was talking behind them fall right asleep. What was going on? She blinked strangely and looked around again.

    Soon everyone was asleep while the plane didn't move yet. Everyone but the agent whose mind he couldn't read. Caleb had done so. Seems like he caught a connection. Blank minds that stands out of everyone? That strong irresistible scent that wasn't even here before? The cold eyes. The man probably had powers like him. He knew cause the irresistible scent was not here before and Elise looked at Caleb befuddled who looked at the agent.

    Something was off, and her stomach twisted. She too caught a connection but differently. Everyone sleeping? Elise sleeping so easily and instantly feeling recharged after the cab ride with Caleb? Caleb's mind blank as well as the agent? Was Caleb capable of sleep manipulation? From the looks of it everyone in the plane that didn't move was sleeping, except him, the agent, and Elise. That means the agent must have powers too as his mind was blank from everyone else's!

    The teens remained seated. Elise looking at the agents eyes, all were dead silent. Elise didn't know if she should trust this man or not. Maybe he knows and is helping them? But how would he know? Where would he know to find them if connections were closed? So many questions, it lead to the conclusion that he was untrustworthy and bad and Elise freaked out.

    "Why are you here, sir?" Caleb asked. Elise's heart was pounding ferociously. She can feel her heart about to jump out. If this mans intentions were physically touching them badly she was ready to use her gravitational powers to render him defenseless.
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  16. They had been so easy to find. Just like the others, at some point or other they reveal themselves, the ignorant little fools. And these two before him were just as naive as the rest of them. The agent introduced himself.

    "Agent Walker, don't be alarmed." His voice was soothing and alluring, like a soft melody, it made the teens feel relaxed. But it wasn't his voice that was affecting them, it was the man's enchanting scent that attracted them to him. "Remain calm, follow me, or you will put these people in danger."

    He moved toward the exit, where his partner stood, and beckon the kids to follow him out. Outside was a road of agency vehicles, all in black with tinted windows, and with government plates. Other agents stood around, some holding weapons, others scanning the area on alert.

    Mira yawn and cover her mouth with her hand. She was hungry, with all that happened she realized she had forgotten to eat something. She grabbed her purse and thought of grabbing her carry on bag too, but decided to leave it on the luggage space above her seat. The man seating next to her was fast asleep. She checked her watch, 6:30 PM, she'd only been traveling for three hours. It felt longer.

    Moving down the corridor she noticed a familiar figure standing at the end and it made her stop momentarily. It was Kooky, she had invoked Kooky again. It made her nervous because she didn't buy a ticket for her, and if someone realizes...well, she wasn't sure what could happen. Kooky would vanish at her command, but discovery of her would bring unnecessary attention. Still she felt safe with Kooky around. Moving on forward she enter the next train car, another road of seating passengers, some sleeping others keeping busy with their personal trinkets and electronic items. The next car was private rooms. She walked passed a couple standing on the corridor and asked them if the food car was in her direction, they said two cars down.

    The food car was busy, and it smell like food though not particularly pleasant, she though. There were all types of people, some louder than others, all consumed in their small circles. The waiters came and went with trays, and the barman pour fancy drinks to the road of men seating at the bar. Unfortunately there wasn't any empty seats.
  17. Before he got to far into his sandwich, Gordon heard his phone ring. Perhaps this would be the end of his work drouth? When he answered he was very surprised at the voice that responded. Someone he knew for a while, and one of the only people that knew about his abilities, Jeffery Stern was on the other line. It came to a very strong surprise to hear that he needed help finding his daughter. "Well, uhm..." Gordon spoke as he soaked in the event. "I'll need some information. A location or heading, who she might be with, and for formality sake a full name." He prepared his pen and pocket sized notebook.

    "And some exposition would be nice, if you trust me with it."
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  18. ((Sorry for the long wait.))
    "I'm surrounded by idiots.."

    Korey waited for a few seconds as the influx of the policemen's thoughts surged into her head. It was numbing, yet she risked a peek at the guy who had helped her. He had pointed them away from her. Her hazel eyes widened as she heard nothing come from him. 'That's a first.' With that in mind, she waited for the police to leave before slowly coming out of her hiding spot. Why did he help her? He didn't know her, and from the looks of it. She did not know him, she would have remembered. Time passed by as she unknowingly walked up to him.
    From a first glance, he was the type of guy she would have seen behind the library at school smoking, with her taking a secrete picture of him in the act. It would be the perfect shot, give him some shades and take it just after he puffs out the smoke into the air. The image in her head causing a smile to form on her lips.

    'Was that the only thing I could really say!? ZOMG! How lame am I?'
    "Thank you for getting them to leave."
    Korey lowered her gaze to the ground awkwardly as she bit her lower lip. Due to her quick thinking, she thought to salvage this by gently placing her hand on his arm. Hazel orbs peering back up at him through dark lashes as she silently used her powers to bring him to a more helpful attitude. Though she had a feeling he would have helped her anyway, she still had to cover her bases.
    "Do you mind giving me a ride out of here?"
    The words left effortlessly from her, it was not the first time she had done this. This would probably not be the last.
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  19. “My daughter, her name is Mira, Mira Brown. She is, 17-years-old. She’s been living with her grandparents in New York City,” Jeff, paused for a moment before he continued. “I haven’t seen my daughter since she was 3-years-old. I honestly thought I had lost her forever. But I got a call from her grandmother, she said Mira ran away from home. She took some clothes and stole a creditcard. She isn’t answering her cellphone. Nobody knows where she is. Anita believes she is coming here, to California to look for me. I need you to find her. I think her abilities have fully develop, she can be in danger of discovery. Gordon she has no idea who she is.”

    Jeff tried to think what other details he could provide Gordon with, but he was at a lost, he really didn’t know much about his daughter. He didn’t even know what she look like now. He was fearful for his daughter’s life and prayed that nothing bad happened to her.

    “You should talk to her grandmother in New York. She can probably provide you with a picture and other details. I convinced her not to report her missing with the police yet, to give me a couple of hours but I don’t know how long that woman will wait. We don’t have the best relationship. Please, find her.”
  20. Smiling down to the girl, he could see how cute she was. Staring into her eyes he had a sudden urge to help her....more. Answering her he said "No problem at all. I would do it again in a heartbeat." Smiling towards her, he nodded and motioned to his car, going to open the door to her. Once he was in he cursed himself mentally. He couldn't go around giving rides to strangers! He had to get to California, and away from his mom. Climbing into the car, he grabbed his sunglasses from the dashboard and looked over at the girl starting the car, extending his hand "I'm Crisp, and you?" He didn't give her his real name. Why? Because he was starting new: Why not a new name?
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