The Runaways: Origin (OPEN)

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  1. Welcome! This roleplay is open and accepting players. We have a total of four, we will accept four more. The special skills will be explained after you chose one.

    Eight teenage runaways go on the adventure of their lives. They are all from New York and they are all heading to California. Their personalities and ambitions vary, and they don’t know each other, they have never even met. In fact they have almost NOTHING in common...except.

    Each one has a secret, they have special abilities that allows them to move things with their mind. They are telekinetic and telepathic. They can't read each others mind but their power is stronger when they are together.

    These abilities manifested unexpectedly, like a switch was turned on, one day you woke up and realized you can perceive the thoughts of others, and move objects just by thought alone. The discovery of your special power was exciting, and you experimented, used the power to your advantage, kept it a secret for as long as you could. But reading people's thoughts isn't always good, you learn most people tend to lie, everyone has a dirty secret, and your family has been lying to you, you are adopted. In your search for the truth and answers to the questions you have you find a clue - the name and address of Jeffrey Stern, to find this person you must go to California. Time to runaway!

    Additionally: all of you specialize in something. In other words, each of you can control one thing better than anything else. You may not know how to use it, you need to master this skill, but this power is unique to you. It fits you like a glove. There are many specializations to choose from. These include:

    • Agrokinesis: Plants (Open);
    • Atmokinesis: Weather (Open);
    • Cryptokinesis: Hallucinations (Taken);
      • You can create and manipulate illusions, causing people to see, hear, touch, smell and/or taste things which do not actually exist or cause them to perceive things differently from what they truly are. You can trick the minds of others to experience phobias, pain, and death - your ability works on others like a mental disorder or like a drug, people can become delirious as a result. Additionally, you can project a holographic copy of yourself or another object/organism. The projected holograms will often only move as directed by your mind, but can be dispersed by the slightest touch, as well as distort and fade if viewed from different angles. Mastering this skill will allow you to to camouflage yourself, and even alter your physical appearance to look like someone or something else. With this ability you can make yourself and others invisible as well as objects; you can repel photons (light) and create a shadow hiding them from view. This is a Psi ability primarily a form of telepathic or empathic broadcasting, or suggestion in which you make it appear to be invisible to others.
    • Electrokinesis: Electricity (Open);
    • Echokinesis: Sound (Taken);
    • Geokinesis: Earth (Taken);
      • You have the power to manipulate earth, including sand, stone, rock, lava, dirt, glass, metal, and other minerals. You can create, shape and manipulate any "Earthen" elements including most solid objects, specifically all minerals and mineral compositions regardless of their state (mountain, boulder, sand or dust), dirt, soil, etc. You can cause avalanches, earthquakes, mudslides, or quicksands. You can release/use earth and earthen materials to attacks of various shapes and/or intensities, either projected, and used as a part of melee attacks. When you master this skill you will be able to infuse earthen materials in your physical attacks, covering your fists, feet or even body in earth (dirt, stone, sand, metal, salt, crystal and even lava). And shifting the earth beneath you and/or the opponent, or throwing earth telekinetically. Including tap into the earth’s magnetic and/or electromagnetic fields to fly.

    • Gyrokinesis: Gravity (Taken);
      • You have the ability to send out a wave of gravity that repels everything. You can repel and attract matter and energy regardless of its mass or move objects in a manner similar to telekinesis. Offensive uses of this power include repulsing people or objects with such force to shatter practically anything, increasing gravity to crush opponents, decreasing it to render them defenseless, or surrounding one's body in a gravitational field to amplify physical strength. Defensive uses include creating a gravitational force-field to repel all manner of attacks or anchoring oneself to the ground. Mastering this power will eventually allow you to 1) Change how much of anything you have (infinite food, flawless counterfeiting, etc.) You will be able to manipulate how much there is of nearly anything you encounter: Adding makes objects become larger (liquids and gases increase in quantity); Subtraction makes objects become smaller (liquids and gases decrease in size); Multiplication increases how many of an object there are; Division causes the object to split into smaller portions. 2) Gain the ability to release massive amounts of energies in every direction at once for almost unlimited scales. This ability is powerful and devastating, it will allow you to dispatch many foes at once and destroy large area like a town.
    • Hormokinesis: Hormones (Taken)
      • You have complete control over the hormones of others and yourself, allowing you to freely alter and manipulate them. Hormones are chemical released by a cell, a gland, or an organ in one part of the body that affects cells in other parts of the organism. In essence, it is a chemical messenger that transports a signal from one cell to another. You can alter the following effects on the body: stimulation or inhibition of growth, mood swings, induction or suppression of apoptosis (programmed cell death), activation or inhibition of the immune system, regulation of metabolism, preparation of the body for mating, fighting, fleeing, and other activity, preparation of the body for a new phase of life, such as puberty, parenting, and menopause, control of the reproductive cycle, hunger cravings and sexual arousal. (At the moment you don’t have control over these effects, they activate according to your own moods and unwillingly you project them like an aura on other people around you, worst if you touch them. This is very dangerous power because the results are usually harmful to you and others.) Mastering your power will allow you greater control, eventually you will be able to alter yours and other peoples gender either permanently or temporarily, you may be able to combine genders for hermaphrodite or remove both for neutri. The change is completely to cellular level. Additionally you may be able to heal people, remove pain, as well as reverse these effects on a cellular level.

    • Hydrokinesis: Water (Open);
      • You can create, shape and manipulate water, inorganic compound with liquid, gas (steam, water vapour), and solid (ice) states, including changing them from one state to other. Harden the body by collecting and manipulating water pressure within it and freezing yourself into a humanoid ice form. You can also clean/purify water from the polluting factors. You can walk or run on the surface of water by literally defying the surface tension and can move across the surface of water as easily as you would be able to move on land. When you master this skill you will be able to release/use water to attack of various shapes and/or intensities, either projected, or used as a part of melee attacks. You will be able to solidify or give solid-like properties to liquid by causing the loose molecules to come together, with the level of solidity going from loose jello to metal-like hardness or beyond. If advanced enough, you will be able to convert water into the fourth phase, plasma.
    • Hypnokinesis: Sleep (Open);
    • Metallokinesis: Metals (Open);
      • You can create, shape and manipulate metal, a solid material (an element, compound, or alloy) that is typically hard, shiny, and features good electrical and thermal conductivity. Metals are generally malleable - they can be hammered or pressed permanently out of shape without breaking or cracking - as well as fusible (able to be fused or melted) and ductile (able to be drawn out into a thin wire). You can create metals from nothing and use them for a variety of purposes. You can turn metal into tools, objects, weapons and other items, create semi-living constructs and/or create structures/buildings of varying permanence. When you master this ability you will be able to use it for almost any situation, creating anything you need. With training you will be able to form metal armor around your body for protection and physical boost. As well as use “matter surfing” and ride metallic surfboard.
    • Pathokinesis: Emotions (Open);
    • Pyrokinesis: Fire (Taken);
    • Umbrakinesis: Darkness (Open);
      • This ability allows you to create, shape and manipulate darkness and shadows. You can generate and project shadows and darkness which absorb or nullifies light in the area. This ability allows you to become undetectable as long as you are in darkness or shadow, additionally you can see in a dark or dim environment as though it were well-lit. Darkness is mostly used to cloud everything into total darkness, but by accessing a dimension of dark energy (in our roleplay this energy is your Psi energy), it can be channeled to a variety of effects, both as an absence of light and a solid substance: you can create a fog of absolute impenetrable darkness that completely negates sight and may also dull or even completely negate the other senses. You can fuse manipulation of darkness with physical combat to create a devastating martial arts - using both direct and indirect attacks, utilizing every patch of darkness or shadow available or create tools and weapons as needed, even armor around your body or shape it from darkness/shadow for protection and physical boost, such as creating tendrils to strike opponents. With training, you will be able to shape the armor into new forms for weapons, transportation, even constructs of the element. Eventually, when you master the skill you will be able to teleport yourself through massive distances via shadows.
    • Vitakinesis: Healing (Open);
      • Your power is the ability to heal rapidly from any physical injury. Additionally you heal others by touch, using your Psi energy as healing and mending energies, and those affected have their physical wounds healed. You can heal any living thing with a touch, contact through clothes will work. Your energy, at greater extent can cure infectious diseases and poisons, and can heal others mental state, like heal mental illnesses, disorders and other forms of mental trauma, to their healthy state and reverse the effects of mental tampering, such as mind control or memory loss. However, you can’t raise the dead, but you can revive people if they have very recently died, it may be possible. You can regenerate new tissue to heal wounds, large wounds like missing limbs and broken bones need to be put back together if the injury is fresh. Eventually, mastering this skill will allow you to regenerate people's limbs without having to do that. And no, this does not make you a God.
    The rest of this RP is up to you. As the players, you will be gently guided along the path to California, and I’ll reveal the origins of our characters as we move along. We’ll be playing teenagers between the ages of 15-19. The 1st three posts have to be BEFORE everyone meets up - so you can provide a little back story, and I can weed out those pesky RPers who abandon roleplays two posts in. Pairing is allowed, and how you travel from NY to Cal is all up to you. But remember, we are teenagers, we don’t have lots of resources, so be realistic. One more thing, you can't read each others thoughts. Use this clue to find each other, is the one way you can tell apart humans from super-humans.


    • This Roleplay is High Casual. This means that there is a focus on proper grammar and spelling. A few errors may be overlooked but a post saturated in misspelled words and fractured sentences will not be allowed. Please remember to proofread your posts.
    • Guidelines for Casual is that all posts should be a minimum of one paragraph or five sentences.
    • If any romance occurs during this game, please keep things PG-13.
    • The use of strong language and drug use is allowed - we are playing runaways, I don’t expect us to be model citizens, some criminal activity is allow - but remember, we are playing in present time, so real life laws and consequences apply.
    • There will be no God-Modding, Power-Playing, or Meta-Gaming.
    • Please be courteous and respectful to players in the OOC regardless of the way events unfold IC. Drama in both threads are to remain separated.
    Character Skeleton

    Sexuality: (Hetero, Bi, Gay, etc)
    Age: (Must be between the ages of 15-19)
    Appearance: (No anime pictures, please use realistic picture for your face claim. Please add detail description)
    Family: (The names of the family that adopted you, father, mother, siblings, etc.)
    Likes: (List or describe at least five things your character likes)
    Dislikes: (List or describe at least five things your character dislikes)
    Fears: (What does your character fear?)
    Strengths: (What are your character's strengths?)
    Weakness: (Your character isn't perfect, they have weaknesses.)
    Normal Talents: (What other skills does your character have?)
    Element: (pick one from the list)
    Personality: (Describe your character's personality, habits, and beliefs. Tell us how these things shape-up who they are.)
    Background: (Provide a short background about your character.)

    Final Note

    Just so everyone understands. I may dip my hand into your story at any time to mix things up. For example, while you control how your character travels and who he pairs with I may jump in and add a little extra something to help move you along in a certain direction. You may or may not pick up this bread crumb. It's up to you. Also, I will be playing minor characters you can interact with as well as any major antagonists.

    Also as this Roleplay takes place in present time, please use real names of locations so the rest of us can properly be oriented as to where your character is at. Google map is a big help. And do keep in mind the distance and time it takes to travel, consider that if you are traveling by bus, train, airport or driving, what are the stops, hours, and cost to do so, as well as the obstacles a teenager will encounter along the way.

    Approved Players

    1) Angel of Castiel - Hormokinesis
    2) EMajyyks - Geokinesis
    3) Lonewolf888978 - Pyrokinesis
    4) PardonMeSir - Gyrokinesis
    5) Xistina - Cryptokinesis
    6) Squee - Echokenisis
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  2. [​IMG]
    Name: Mira Brown
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Age: 17​

    Appearance: Mira is the girl people take notice even in a crowded room, she is tall, lithe and her beauty is all stamp already on her face. It was all wrought up with her fine bones, the set of her lips, and her wild black tresses. And though she appears older than her years, her dark brown eyes retain the gaze of an unseasoned teenager.


    • Joshua & Anita Brown (grandparents)

    • Jeffrey Stern & Marisol Brown (parents)

    • Lucy Brown (aunt)

    • Kooky (Imaginary Friend)
    Likes: Mira loves being outdoors, and her favorite season is summer. She enjoys all types of sports but prefers a good game of handball any day. To relax, her usual pastimes are dancing and jogging. And she is a vegetarian but her favorite food is sushi.

    Dislikes: Disapproves of drugs and thinks people who use them are losers. Mira hates laundry day, because for as long as she can remember she’s had to do the laundry for everyone in the household. And she has a strong aversion to gaudy people, lesbians, bullies and liars.

    Fears: Mira is petrified of the dark. When she was little Mira hallucinated horrific aberrant beings scrutinizing over her while she slept, ever since she sleeps with the lights on. Mira also has a fear of being alone and as a result she invokes her imaginary friend Kooky.

    Strengths: Mira has street smarts, surprisingly brawny upper body strength, and is in good physical shape. One of her detail particulars is the ability to keep a poker face to keep others from perceiving how she feels.

    Weakness: Mira isn’t the brightest kid at her age, she is immature and lacks a proper academic education, and her poor self-esteem prevents her from realizing her own individuality.

    Normal Talents: If you ask her she will tell you she has no talents, but she learned the skill of sewing, much thanks to her grandmother’s insistent pressure to assist in making dresses for her vintage doll collection. Mira can stitch by hand and even use professional sewing machines.

    Element: (Cryptokinesis) Mira has the ability to bent light and produce illusions that appear real. She’s had the power since she was a child. Though unknown to her as a child, her fear of the dark created Kooky, an imaginary childhood friend, a companion for when she feels scare and alone. She doesn’t have full control of her unique ability yet, it seems to activate when she feels helpless, scared and alone, and is only now beginning to understand how it works.

    Personality: Mira is the epitome of a street-smart “tough girl”, the cross between beauty and brawn, which often overshadows her gregarious persona. She had a tough childhood. Growing up in the projects she learned to be tough, and she knows how to turn on the pressure on people in order to keep them at bay. Those who truly know her say she is girly and funny. She is the type of person that relies on actions not words.

    Background: Mira was raised by her grandparents since she was three-years old. Her father, Jeffrey Stern, was convicted for manslaughter 2nd degree with a firearm and imprisoned for ten-years. Her mother, Marisol, was a junkie and died of a heroin overdose. Her grandparents never told Mira the truth about them, and raised her like their daughter instead. And she grew up believing her aunt Lucy was her older sister.

    Lucy and Mira were two years apart, and for a while the two girls had the normal quarrels of sisterly rivalry. But Lucy begun to notice strange things about her sister. She witnessed the many times Mira used her powers of telekinesis to turn on the lights in the room from the bed, even after Lucy herself had physically turned them off. Other times, Lucy felt her sister could read her mind. Mira always answered questions without being asked, she knew when Lucy was dishonest, and worst of all she snitched on her to her parents. Sometimes she found Mira playing with a strange girl (Kooky), a girl nobody knew except for Mira. Lucy thought the girl was as strange as her sister, because she never spoke to anyone but Mira, and she always came around unexpectedly and left just the same. Because of these things Lucy started to push her sister away, calling her a freak of nature, making fun of her with her friends, eventually sisterly rivalry grew into pure hate for one another.

    When Mira was 13 years old her father was released from prison and he came looking for her. The visit was unexpected. Mira and Lucy were sent to their room while the adults talked in private. Their conversation was in murmurs and obtuse with periods of excitement, and the manner of it was not jubilant. It was then Mira discovered the family secret. She learned the stranger was her real father. And that her father was not welcomed by the grandparents. They blamed him for the death of Mira’s mother, and claimed their beautiful daughter would have never consumed drugs had he not introduce them to her. Mira’s father tried to reason with them, he tried in vain to explain he could not change the past, and what he desired was to see his daughter. The visit ended when the police arrived to escort Mira’s father out of the building. Mira never saw her father again, and not having had the opportunity to get to know him, she felt confused about who she is more than anything.

    When Lucy found out Mira was not her sister but an adopted niece, she decided to tell everyone at school and the gossip quickly spread throughout the neighbourhood. Lucy went as far as to rumour Mira was mentally unstable, a result of all the drugs her junkie mother consumed during pregnancy. Lucy turned Mira into a pitiful target and the butt of jokes for everyone who knew them. People even change her name to Kooky.

    For Mira, life doesn't seem to offer her many choices. Living in the Lower Eastside Projects of New York City she fears she may never get out. The teenager feels trapped - there seems to be no escape from her battles at school, her dismissive grandparents or her disparaging Aunt. But she has begun to discover an outlet that not only makes her feel inimitable; it allows her to become someone - and something - else. In finding a place to channel her natural aggression, she tackles the most formidable of human endeavors - change.
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  3. [​IMG]
    Name: Elise Vandeviere
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Age: 17 soon to be 18

    picture (open)

    { Alaina Harries ~ 35 ~ Lovely mommy }
    { Luke Harries ~ 40 ~ Pa }
    { Elissa Harries ~ died at 14 ~ Little sister }
    { Pillow ~ Almost a year old ~ White Flemish Giant Rabbit }

    One thing Elise absolutely likes is Winnie the Pooh. Her liking towards its wonderful characters actually has a deep meaning. She is able to connect and relate to each character as so, like for example:
    Piglet represents Anxiety. This very much relates to Elise's anxiety on deeply befriending someone yet distancing herself in the fear of hurting people by accident then hurting herself. Her fear of losing control over her gravitational powers until there's no more 'nice Elise'. He is her symbolism of awareness, caution, and anxiety.
    Tigger may represent hyperness, childishness, and ADHD while Eeyore represents self pity and is more down beat secretive. Tigger's careless and reckless behavior means 'Just do and don't think' and Elise can surely relate by just acting so gleeful and cute at first meeting until it comes to trying to pry her doors open to reveal and know more about her. While sooner or later she feels dullness and just as much contempt as Eeyore about both her powers and herself. Eeyore is like a recluse himself in her opinion and he represents what she feels inside. She'll be dull and a recluse shut in, but she'll still socialize in some secretive 'I have to do it anyways' way with a tigger attitude.

    A second thing is chocolate. Elise doesn't have cavities just yet and is known to have an obsession with chocolate greedily. Extra brownie points if you get her Ferraro Rocher, she will indeed appreciate the offer.

    The three remaining things would merely be: The neighbourhood (her favorite band), pancakes, and Netflix.

    Dislikes: Insects, Ghosts (she's a believer!), Darkness, silence in some cases, messes.
    Fears: losing herself and losing control...With her powers.


    In truth, Self control is a bit of an issue for Elise...Well, it is. It isn't that she can't control her powers, it is that she enjoys using them so very much, that she sometimes has trouble controlling herself a few times here and there. Yet if her emotions are running high -- anger, anxiety, sorrow, or pain are notorious triggers -- and she can't get a lid on them, she could go overboard by accident. It is her powerful emotions that can easily break that is a huge weakness in her to lose control at any given time, which is why she distances herself away from people and shroud herself in mystery. She doesn't want to care for others and soon get hurt or hurt them by accident.

    Normal Talents: (What other skills does your character have?)

    Element: Gyrokinesis

    Personality: Elise is a recluse shut in. She refuses to reveal to much due to nervous anxiety and She feels contempt over her powers which is controlling gravity. Why does she force herself to keep quiet and distance herself from others? Because she somewhat truly feels that her gyrokinesis is far too dangerous and powerful compared to other powers and if she forms any deep and strong bonds and relationships she may end up hurting or even killing those around her and carry a burden.

    However if you manage to befriend her deeply, she's very childish and silly as well as cheerful.

    Similar to Caleb, she has vivid memories of her own biological mother. Also adopted at age 1, Alaina and Luke adopted little Elise from a adoption center near by. As they recalled, she was a sweet and bold little one. Rowdy, crazy gold locks, and always moving around. Upon taking Elise in, they were quite happy and soon together bared a child and named her after Elise, but instead 'Elissa'.

    At at age 10 Elise managed to read minds. She always had good grades, yet cheated secretively by reading a teachers mind or a nearby student. But whenever she did so, it would make them questionably seem crazy and insane as they yelled 'GET OUT OF MY HEAD,' once they count take enough and soon her parents raised suspicion yet never questioned. One day Elise was walking home. Elissa had committed suicide because of bullies and Elise wasn't so happy anymore. Elise being 14 and Elissa being 13. Right Infront of their house were school bullies waiting to taunt and mess with her and once trash talk started it followed up with major pushing around and shoving. The sisters had been bullied for years, and a person, a child can only take in so much before they too can snap. Yet as Elise's mother saw her endangered she ran out the house and right before her eyes the bullies were floating. Floating in mid air and frantically screaming to put them down and that "it hurts". They were slowly being crushed also somehow. Alaina talked Elise out of it and soon Elise put them down before being held into the house.

    "They were always hurting us mommy."
    Winced Elise inside. Alaina rubbed on her daughters shoulders tears eyed herself and hugged Elise."I know dear. But next time don't do that.." She whispered. Luke sat at the couch and later that day , it became evening and Elise was out to sleep up in her room. While down in the living room Luke and Alaina were talking.
    "Elise is adopted Luke! And we will keep her no matter what!" Said Alaina. They were talking about the supernatural powers Elise was born with and little did they know, Elise was also reading their minds. She was pretending to be asleep and Luke then said in return."How can we help her powers? She's powerful Alaina!" He yelled before looking at the stairway at a tears eyed Elise.

    Elise as a 14 almost 15 year old girl was speechless. She didn't know what to say and soon Alaina grabbed Elise's hand sitting her at the couch."I'm sorry.."mumbled Elise apologetically. She didn't know why she was apologizing, but felt like she had to and kept repeating those words over and over as she cried."Sh, Sh, shh. Elise. We're sorry. Me and your father for hiding out." Alaina whispered in serenity and it was then everything was revealed.

    Over the years Elise became a recluse shut in, fearing herself more then anything. She had powerful emotions, feared it too. She was born with dangerous powers and also feared that. She was trapped in fear and anxiety about her powers and took up the title at school as 'The quiet one'. A basket case and here she is now choosing not to change.
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  4. Name: Caleb Lafayette Collins
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Pansexual
    Age: 18


    < Cillian Collins // 22 // Older Brother > (open)


    < Anna Collins // 38 // Mommy >
    < Daryl Collins // 40 // Pa >

    < Alec and Alura Lafayette // 37 and 38 currently (if Alec were still alive) // BIOLOGICAL father >
    Likes: There are many things Caleb fairly likes in life. But 'likes' is such a weak word, we'll just list 5 things he loves. For starters an obvious one is sleep--A cliche as he has the power of Hypnokinesis, or the power to manipulate sleep. Although lazyness isn't really an option, Caleb absolutely adores to sleep and stay in. There's something so relaxing about it, and boy does he love the dream world and escaping reality. But despite manipulating sleep, it doesn't necessarily mean that Caleb is all that lazy. He just enjoys sleep and prefers to sleep through things, but doesn't as he knows he should reflect himself better towards other people, hence he's a workaholic.

    A second thing Caleb likes is Waffles. He is team waffles all the way unlike his close friend Elise whom is 'Team Pancakes' and absolutely just LOVES to eat waffles. The smell, the way it magically puffs up as a fluffy and puffy square shape, and how there's little squares in the square itself. DO YOU KNOW WHAT THOSE SQUARES CAN HOLD UNLIKE PANCAKES?! STUFF. WHATEVER YOU PUT OVER IT. Whip cream, ice cream that'll melt, those little squares save the flavor for more flavor. So yeah, give or make him waffles.

    *based on blanky from Disney films! Charlie Brown from snoopy as well!**
    Next thing? You'll be surprised. It might even turn you girls or guys down. You know the character Charlie Brown and how he has a blanket called 'Blanky'? Well you better mother-father believe that the one who controls sleep, Ironically has a 'Blanky'. And his blanky looks like a torn up ugly old golden colored *not yellow! say yellow and he kills you* rag instead of a beautiful blanket. It has holes, it has knots here and there, and it is absolutely positively unable to be unknotted. This is no joke, BECAUSE nobody is ever able to untangle or unwrap Caleb's blanky. It's just stuck. Whichever way you unknot is followed by tangle-ness and a bigger knot. There's just no way. At 5 Cillian decided to hide blanky for the night as some joke. Caleb screamed and sobbed. Caleb's adoptive mother had tried numerous times after, taking the blanky away once he turned 8 but to no avail only heard sobbing and screaming all night in return as well. Caleb also made rules and OCDs about blanky such as quoted from a paper on his room door:

    1. If you want a good sleep, Don't hide or take blanky without notifying me. If you are moving blanky, please tell me. If not, prepare for unstable mentality.
    2. Do not hold blanky in some other way or just toss it anywhere. Hold it like a baby.
    3. Blanky is not 'yellow' 'Peach' or 'peach yellow' blanky is G O L D.

    and yes Caleb does take these things seriously. There are some old brown stitches here and there on the knotted blanky, from previous past years of his mother sewing up the holes when blanky wasn't knotted and the last time she sewn it, there was no more white string. Hence the 'Ugly brown' color Caleb somewhat got used to. In truth the story of how he got it goes as told: Blanky was a bed sheet. As a one year old, Caleb loved this bed sheet his real mother had before putting him up for adoption and so took it. It was an airy and cool sheet to put for the summer days so you won't be hot at night when sleeping and the attachment stuck from there. As few would put it, It's the only thing he's got closest to his biological mother.

    Two other things Caleb likes are Royal Dansk cookies and Staying home most times to relax. Which are unimportant really.

    Number 1? You guessed it. Joking, threatening to throw away, hiding, or moving blanky without notifying him. Caleb will seriously not caring who you are or who he's with, Cry and throw a batshit crazy temper tantrum. And a person who manipulates sleep must have a good sleep, and in this case with powers alone Caleb just can't do it. Literally. It's like his blanky is his charger or something, who knows. Just leave him be and everyone's happy.

    Number 2: Vegetables and spaghetti. Caleb doesn't like vegetables nor spaghetti. He doesn't like it, he won't eat it, and will prefer to starve himself rather then touch it. You can say he's picky at the very least. Yet the funny thing is that Caleb will eat chef Boyardee spaghetti instead.

    Another thing Caleb dislikes is being woken up and not having enough sleep. A person like him must have Atleast 9+ hours of sleep otherwise he'll be a grumpy guy and will end up having a minor temporary tantrum.

    The male also hates any physical activity, but does it anyways to keep in shape.
    * that's all I can think of :< *

    An obvious one is that Caleb fears losing or having his beloved blanky just magically disappear from him. Caleb also fears being put to sleep forever or putting people to sleep forever accidentally, or not.

    Caleb is really limited to 2 main strengths. Stealthiness, and hiding. All of which goes together. He knows some knowledge in parkour, but in truth isn't as good as it as the others are in it, and when it comes to hiding or being sneaky those are his major strong points to follow him at.

    A weakness to shut down Caleb is no sleep. An even easier way to shut him down is taking his blanky which gives him lack of a good sleep, or any at all actually. It will take some time. His powers will slowly weaken without a power nap here and there or just a deep sleep and it won't be as affective for long. As his power slowly weakens, his opponents will only feel dazed for 40 seconds to 2 minutes yet not feel tired enough to just sleep. Once he feels weaker his powers won't work at all and it won't be long before he passes out. Not fall asleep, but actually pass out and then wake up powerless and defenseless. Which explains why people, like his friends, leave him alone with his blanky or when he's sleeping/napping. They just leave him be.

    Normal Talents:
    Caleb is fairly good at cooking. Because of his pickiness with food, he cooks for himself or at least will when he sees something he doesn't like or hears something going to be made. He also has a way with certain instruments like piano, to violin, to even the harp he enjoys to play or hear, in some cases even rendering himself asleep once in a while from his own music playing. It relaxes him fairly easily other then his 'blanky'.


    Personality: Caleb is actually known to be the most calmest and open minded person out there. There's more to him then that 'lazy' appearance or expected personality and in truth is quite sophisticated and unbiased if needed. He tends to stay in the middle of conflicts--not in a bad way but in a neutral way morally speaking. However despite this he can tell the difference between right and wrong and knows wrong from right. Indeed, classify him whatever you like. Caring, dull, wise -beyond his years-, label him in as many words you can think of--It's all just an obsession and stupid titles to him.

    However if befriended on a deeper scale or just hanging out with him for a few hours, depending who he's with-- he shows a carefree childishness. Pure recklessness especially if he has his blanky. Call it an eccentric hobby, an imaginary friend, or some security item the blanket he holds around is actually very important. It's what gives him strength, yet it's what his weakness is. But other then that, Caleb gets along with mostly everyone.

    Well, Caleb somewhat has some degree of memory about his mother. His real and biological mother and his father very faintly. He can't recall their names (Which was Alura & Alec Lafayette) and just trying to visualize them now is a blur (though she looked like Caleb and his father had his hair). To Caleb's knowledge his father went to war and died in action. Yet his mother--She had only managed to keep him for a year before being forced to give him up for adoption. To Caleb's eyes, and from more knowledge she tried her hardest as a single parent,and as a domesticated and faithful wife not knowing her husband was yet dead. As much as Alura wanted to keep her 1st and perhaps only child she couldn't afford to and due to living conditions it was unhealthy for a healthy baby boy like Caleb. As a mere domestic and widowed wife when Alura found out she worked as a mere hotel maid yet was paid little at a time once she found out that she was widowed and once she knew she was stuck in poverty. So trying to make everyday the best day for Caleb before they took him away from her for adoption was important.

    Yet when the time hit, Caleb clung onto his mother like a monkey on a tree. He didn't budge, he often cried, and screamed. Now Alura didn't want to make it painful for her poor son so she offered a suggestion. She drives with him to the adoption center says her goodbyes and done. They agreed and that's exactly what happened. As Alura said the words "I love you" and "Goodbye" he assumed her going to work. Caleb was oblivious to this, and was given a hug and a kiss from Alura who also gave him his blanky that bared her scent. And strong and permanent one. 3 days passed, and a woman who bared a striking resemblance to his mother appeared and picked him up after signing some papers to adopt Caleb. Caleb assumed this was his mother but her scent was different -which he ignored- and soon left with Anna.

    Caleb was a fairly good kid. He had an older brother he never knew about named Cillian and the two went to school together. At age 10 Caleb's sleeping habits came through. Every time someone talked or was long something--Out of the blue moon he'd fall asleep by accident. Cillian showed concern and told his mother, and once Anna noticed she took him to the doctors before they diagnosed him with narcolepsy. It was actually the 'Narcolespy stage' of his powers and at age 12 Cillian recalled walking home with Caleb and getting chased by a loose and rabid dog. Upon telling Caleb to run the dog pounced knocking Caleb down and suddenly stopped snarling. It whimpered and dropped its body on Caleb as if it fell asleep. Small snores heard. Cillian wondered how he did such a thing and Caleb shrugged however Cillian didn't tell their parents.

    A whole year Caleb and Cillian were both fascinated in Caleb's powers to manipulate sleep. It was like how Anna was fascinated by Elsa as a child in the movie frozen. But it dint take long for Caleb to find out he was adopted from his mothers mind."I'm...Adopted..?" Whimpered Caleb one night during dinner. His family looked at him petrified to answer and tried to shake it off."Don't laugh mommy! I can hear you! Now you're thinking of what to say to me!" He insisted.
    "He'll prove it mom! Caleb-- what's mom thinking of?!" Cillian yelled.
    "That I sound foolish. Think of a number mom!"

    Anna thought if a number and Caleb shot at hr."9 1 9 3 5!!!" Before they found out Caleb was far to powerful for them. And it was then that they revealed everything there was to know to Caleb. How, why, when as he himself did not like the truth, yet had to deal with it.

    gif references (open)


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  5. Reserve me for metallokinesis, please =)
  6. Reservre for Pyro please :D
  7. girl-with-white-hair-red-lips.jpg
    Name: Korey Moore
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Age: 18
    Appearance: Korey has dyed white hair and hazel eyes. Her skin is pale but still a nice peach color with a bit more in her cheeks and her lips are fairly red due to lipstick. Her normal appearel consists of v-neck shirts with either a band, some anime/tv reference, or witty phrase on it. She often is seen with tank tops on, specifically a Union Jack tank top with some form of skinny jeans as pants and hightops. Korey also owns a leather jacket with a inside pocket to hold her ipod.
    James Moore (Father)
    Katelynn Moore (Mother)
    Likes: She loveeeesss food and relationships. Mostly because she is constantly meddling with them, but she, herself is never in one. Coffee and watching cartoons/tv/anime strikes her fancy, as well romance novels. Not that she will admit to reading them. If none of the above is what she is doing, she could be listening to music.
    Dislikes: Never. I reapeat. NEVER talk about her parents infront of her. The subject alone annoys her. Being woken up is a second to her hating her parents. After that it would foul smells, frogs, annoying people, and finally..... Pinapples. She gets sick just from the scent of them.
    Fears: Thunderstorms
    Strengths: She is very quick on her feet and intellegent, often solving problems within minutes. She is also fairly good at fighting.
    Weakness: Unfortunately, she is not graceful. There is a high probability she will fall on her face. If you bring out a pinapple, she will become extremely sick. Frogs creep her out, and she will have a stare down with it if she sees one.
    Normal Talents: Korey has an eye for art. Photographs and drawings are two of the things she excell at. Besides using her knowledge from books. She can also remember people better by using their voices to tell them apart.
    Element: Hormokinesis
    Personality: Korey is a very upbeat person. She sees the brighter side of things and jokes about the dark side with her sometimes morbid sense of humor. Otherwise she is like every other girl her age. Outgoing, talkative, dreaming of her significant other. The only differs really is that she prides herself on visual things. Like spotting out a perfect shot from a scenery of flowers. Well, that, and her unique wording. It's not uncommon to hear her use made up words instead of cursing. Like instead of calling someone the B word, she will refer to them as a bandersnatch.
    Background: Korey was a born and raised in Ohio. Well, raised at least. Her family life was not bad. Her parents loved her and they did not abuse her. They merely did not have any time for her. Both of them were working hard to raise money for when she went to college. Neither of them noticed that Korey was left alone for long periods of time as a child. To make time go faster, she would read anything she got her hands on. Despite her parents not being there, she grew up normally. She liked talking to people and hearing about their lives. She absolutely adored going to school, only for the sake of the people, not the curriculum. It stayed that way until she got into highschool. That was when her powers began. At first, she didn't hear people's thoughts, it was only telekinesis. Having nearly ripped her door off it's hinges in a fit of rage over her friends boyfriend's problems. Thus began her secrete training, that got her no where. Mostly because she lacked the discipline to learn.
    To solve her own problem, she pleaded her parents to allow her to take up martial arts. It not only helped her body, but her mind as well. When she was in control again, she gradually grew better. At a party was when she had noticed that her powers had also went to the hormonal side. Especially when she was with her friend and there was this cute boy. A cute boy who just could not give her the time of day. As she stared at him from afar, wishing that he would notice her while trying to think of a way to get his attention with dignity, her powers took action. Unfortunately, she had used to much and he became her stalker for a week.
    Telepathy hit her like a brick when she finally got control of her two new powers, and in the middle of an assembly too. The voices of the thoughts were deafing and had caused her to pass out. When she woke up in the hospital, she kept under the guise that she was sleeping. Simply because, it could be in the middle of the afternoon, it was still too earlier to be woken up. Since her parents believed her to be asleep, and the hospital aroused some hard to answer questions about family medical history. It was not long till she found out she was adopted. The fact that her parents, or the ones she thought were her parents, had lied to her.. Well it brought up the memories of her being alone during her childhood. Thus the once loving home became a constant reminder of what she deemed a betrayal. A few weeks would pass before she gathered her prized belongings and some clothes in her martial arts bag before running away from home.
    So far she has made it to New York without any problems. Thanks to her power over hormones that allowed her to get free rides from males. A few of them had tried to touch her, but ended up with some broken fingers.​
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  8. Welcome all. I will update the selected powers soon. You can all work on your CS. Remember we all start in NY. I did not ask on the CS how you plan to travel because some of you seem to have problems figuring this out, if you need help just ask me. Another thing is pairing up, you can pair up with someone so pick your partners. The first 3 posts should lead up to the pairing. I do need names of family members.

    @Angel of Castiel: In your CS you say your character is born and raised in Ohio, which is fine but you did not explain how you end up in NY, our starting point. If you plan to explain this in the starting paragraph then no changes are needed, but if not, then you need to change Ohio to NY. And good thinking on how you found out about your parents.
  9. Color me interested. Not sure if I'll join, but I will consider it. This is personal preference but I've really never been overly fond of playing teenage characters. I always much prefer a seasoned individual, so that aspect is kind of a turn off for me, but still an interesting enough idea to wish to take part in.
  10. Well, just because you are a teenager doesn't mean you lack maturity. I know plenty of 19-year-olds who act more mature than their parents. At the very least it may well be a challenge for you, Squee.
  11. By older characters I mean 30-50. Hehe. If I join it'll be as Echokinesis, but I wouldn't go so far as to reserve it just yet. Also, concerning the image style, while this isn't an anime image, is it acceptable due to its art style? Of course I would also add a fair share of text to flesh it out further.
  12. I don't mind artful renditions of real people. I'm sure you can find something that looks more realistic.
  13. I would love to join. Do you still need those four more people?
  14. Yes, please do. Select a power from the list and create your character sheet. I'm updating the powers as people select them.
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  15. Hydrokinesis: Water please. I'm making a character sheet now.

    Name: Annabell Schoffer
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: A-Sexual
    Age: 18
    Appearance: TwiggX_glamour_by_Vampire_C.jpg
    Anna is a reserved girl, though a little odd. She dyes her hair blue, trying her best never to let it fade to green. She has a slender build, made for speed rather than endurance.

    Family: "
    Likes: Anna loves instrumental music. She's a very artistic soul, enjoying drawing and painting for fun-- as well as any sort of game that proves to be mentally stimulating. Reading is another hobby of hers.
    Dislikes: Television. Anna can't stand people going brain dead for hours in front of it. She also hates the heat, as she prefers it to be a little chilly. She can't stand sweating-- not that she is afraid of getting dirty, but she dislikes the feel of being sticky. She also dislikes spicy foods. She can be quoted as saying she would rather eat her own shoe in case of starvation than eat a pepper.
    Fears: Anna is afraid of heights. Falling is something that frightens her terribly.
    Strengths: Anna is a good sounding board. She's fairly level headed and can see things from an objective standpoint most of the time... Most of the time.
    Weakness: Anna is blind in her left eye due to an unfortunate accident as a child. She is often too self conscious to share this with others, and it can some times land her in embarrassing or awkward situations. ("Oh, you've been trying to hand me something for the past five minutes? Oops." )
    Normal Talents: Anna is, as stated before, an artist. While she fancies herself a painter-- her sketches are often times much more appealing to the eye.
    Element: Water
    Personality: Typically Anna gives of that Big Sister vibe to people around her. They feel they can go to her for advice, or even just a shoulder to cry on, as she's a good listener. However, she has a few buttons you never want to push. Though it is rare, Anna is downright vicious if she looses her temper, and her venomous words can cut pretty deep--- usually because whoever has upset her has at some point in time opened up to her in the past. She is a blunt and brutally honest girl, yet she will never hurt someone's feelings knowingly. Far from 'shy', she is rather quiet, so as to make sure when she does have something to say people take notice.
    Background: Anna was raised by Jehovas' Wittiness'. When she was only 8, she was involved in a car accident when her parents hydroplaned and took a long drive off a short cliff. The result of the crash was the loss of her mother, and of vision in her left eye. Her father disowned her in Middle school when she began to paint pictures of what he described as demons-- though she had simply taken an interest in the book she had been reading at the time: The Hobbit... Even though he disowned her, as a girl under the age of 18, by law she was still left to live with her father for the next ten years.
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  16. @Xistina
    I added near the end of her bio that she got to New York through getting rides from other people. I'm sorry that it wasn't in there before, I was just really tired when I wrote it. I hope she is good to go. :3
  17. Name: Vance hadix

    Gender: male

    Sexuality: heterosexual

    Age: 17

    Appearance: image.jpg

    Family: Vance was born into the Hadix family but was put up for adoption when he was young. He was adopted by the Clayton family; a rich family full of actors and musicians. He adapted to the family but ultimately kept a hold on the life that he had before. Though things seemed good in his family, his step father was a very strict and harsh man. His step mother didn't help by turning a blind eye whenever Vance's step father got physical.

    Likes: Being free, having friends, acting, traveling, art, talking

    Dislikes: Strict authority, desolation, being hit, feeling trapped, being threatened

    Fears: flying

    Strengths: good observation skills, sneaky, great at reading people, combat, parkour

    Weakness: minor anger management problems, not always trusting of others, loses control in bad scenarios

    Normal Talents: Mixed Martial Arts, parkour, drawing,

    Element: Umbrakinesis

    Personality: Vance is usually calm cool and collected, but he can let anger take over when things go bad, though for the most part it takes allot to make him really upset. Vance is quiet more often than not, mostly because he is used to being hurt when he opens up to people. Despite keeping to himself around people, he likes to express himself through different arts and likes to be adventurous. His craving for a sense of freedom is what drives him to complete his trip.

    Background: Vance was born into a middle class family and had a pretty average life. He was put up for adoption when he was eight years old and adopted by the Clayton family one year later. He was then brought up in a rich household that seemed good at first, but eventually he fell victim to an abusive step father. On top of everything, he spent years honing his telekinetic skills. Everything eventually went bad once his parents discovered his powers.

    Vance's father was beating him one day and Vance accidentally threw his father through a wall and put him in the hospital. He decided to leave the house soon after the incident. He gathered up all of the money he gathered over the years from a part time job along with allowance which was a pretty hefty amount, all of his clothes and belongings, loaded his car and left. This would mark the beginning of his journey.
  18. Thanks for adding it. You are accepted.

    Everyone is accepted. All I need is for you guys to finish your CS if you haven't already. I still need to update two powers, but soon after that I'll open the IC page. And if anyone has any good ideas about the roleplay shoot them my way and we'll work on them.
  19. [​IMG]
    Drake "Crisp" Forester


    Greg Forester- Dead
    Sarah Forester
    Devin Forester (Brother)
    Haven Forester (Sister)

    Nice Cars
    Night Time


    Crowded Places
    Being Sick


    Buried Alive


    Doesn't Trust Easy
    Feels Sorry for weaker people, such as children.

    Being paralyzed.

    Normal Talents:


    Cocky and headstrong, Crisp is often causing fights due to his hostile nature. He often tries to have a good time if no one tries to insult him or
    offend him, and is generally nice in some ways.

    A long time ago, Drake was a straight A -Student, and rarely got in trouble. He regularly hung out with his family, going on hunting trips with his father and brother. On one of the trips back, the three got in a car wreck. Drake and Devin were alright in the long run, the only visible wound was on Drake's back, where a long piece of metal scratched it. Drake's father died when Drake was 15, and with the family torn apart, Devin and Haven left, both being older than eighteen and lived their own lives. Drake change completely, and he started getting into fights, ditching classes, and partying. His mother couldn't raise him properly, and she started doing drugs, and drinking. At 16, thats when he finally started to notice his powers, and when ever his emotions flared, so did his powers. His family didn't know, Devin and Haven out of the house, and his mother locked in her room.

    Alittle afraid of his powers, he took his dads car, a Black charger with a red stripe down the middle of it, towards California.
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  20. Could I reserve Geokinesis? I can get a CS up right away.
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