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  1. ~Okay so this is just a spontaneous idea I had. If enough people are interested I'll turn this into an RP ^3^
    ~I hope the "apocalyptic" tag is alright, it was the closest thing i could think of.

    Basic Storyline:

    The setting is a futuristic World War Three (in 50 years) + Cybernetic apocalyptic + Action Adventure

    There is a group of runaways. Life as they had known before was suddenly torn to pieces as a new form of cybernetic, artificial, life unveils itself from one of the worlds most technologically innovative factories. (Humanoid robots). The robots, rebel against the factory owners and a mass international message is sent out to all citizens of the country, and surrounding countries.​

    The factories aren't under control and the malevolent machines are constantly multiplying in number.
    Their target: the human race.​

    Many humans have died in the fight for freedom from the machines (the start of WWIII), the machines fighting to take over the earth and turn it into a cybernetic empire. Many human armies pull back from the front lines and are almost all exterminated by the machines. Humanity goes into hiding.​

    Some of the left survivors, still believing in the dream band together to fight.
    They band together to infiltrate the enemies systems, and shut down the major factories.
    This rebellion fueling the fire of a mass rebellion of the remaining human race and eventually the shut down of the cybernetic empire.

    The shut down happens when a innovator(s) from one of the factories capture a group of machines (with the help of the runaways) and mix up the mechanics of their hard drives, causing the new robots to fight against the enemy, and/or act as a computer virus, disabling many of the machines.​

    Okay, so there you have it ^u^


    - NO love/romance scenes
    - NO God modding
    - NO android "runaway" group members
    - Your character must have a weakness

    - Try to use the best grammar possible

    - Group members: have to be human, but they can have robotic parts.
    (Example: My character has a lazer cannon transformable arm)

    - weapons, violence, cursing (etc.) is accepted.

    -Keep all plot discussions here on this ooc if this takes off ^^
    -Post all plot ideas and questions on this thread so everyone RPing can be notified of the changing story-line at any time :)

    My Character:

    Gender: Male
    Age: 22
    General Appearance: Tall, leaner figure, darker tan skinned, grey eyes, Short white choppy hair, blue bandanna around his forehead, grey/tan tank top, ripped loose green/camo army pants, scuffed red high-top converse shoes. Right arm = white robotic lazer cannon/ transformable arm.
    Special Notes: The charge from his lazer cannon is fueled by solar power.

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  2. I would be interested to join :D
    Question though: How many have you had in mind to join? And are we hiding in some kind of underground station or in a house, or..? Also about my gun, is it okay? If you want me to change it I can but it was the only weapon I could come up with that was good enough.

    Name: Edward
    Gender: Male
    Age: 23
    General Appearance: Tall and normal build body with some muscle, black hair that reached under his ears, black stubble on his cheeks, green-gray eyes, military jacket, green loose shirt, dirty military bottoms and black boots.
    Special notes: His favorit gun is the 686, he snatched it from the ground when he was outside, trying to find a safe place. He doesn't know a lot about the gun but it's last owner was probably one of the machines. It's very easy weapon to learn about though and is very effective against the machines.
    286 Gun (open)
  3. @Nathchi yeah your weapon is perfect :)
    ~I was thinking the runaways would be kind of like nomads, not really staying anywhere because of the machines constantly keeping them on the move. They would seek refuge in abandoned buildings, houses, etc. ^^
  4. Okay, good! :3
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