The Run Away

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  1. Ace tripped over another branch. Pain was cloading his mind as he cradled his arm closer to him. His father had finally broken a bone and his mother had only laughed. Tears streaked down his face as he stumbled to his feet. He had to get away. He couldn't live like that anymore. His pail skin was littered in bruises and scars, his green tunic worn almost as much as his old tan pants and brown boots. His emerald green eyes where filled with fear and his raven hair was falling from the small ponytail it had once been in. In the distance dogs where barking. They had noticed he was gone.
  2. Oliver was slowly stepping through the forest, carefully making sure not to place his black leather boots on anything that would make a sound. With the moon out itnwas possible to see where he was walking, and the animals that were waking up to go hunting. Like him. His stomach was rumbling with hunger and his bow was ready in his hand. Hos earth colored clothes didn't give him much of a camouflage and his backpack was heavy, but luckily he was a skilled hunter. Soon enough he would be eating.
  3. Ace could hear them comeing closer. They had more then the moon to guide them. Lanterns and torches turned to burn full blast until he was found. He spied the edge of the river and dashed for it. It would carry his sent down steam and away from him, he didn't even mind the freezing temprater of the water as he all but swam across the safest area. Oh the other side he pulled himself up and again climbed to his feet. He was cold, tired, but he continued on for another mile or so. To an area of forest most wouldn't dare enter and this time when his legs desired his meger weight was to much to hold up, he stayed down. Giving into the darkness and not carding about the things that lay in the shadows around him.
  4. Oliver was moving slowly through the forest, walking from tree to tree to keep against his back. He couldn't go much faster thanks to his one little problem - he couldn't hear if anyone snuck up behind him. Could barely hear anything actually, you would have to make a very loud noise to get his attention. But he still managed on his own, and he still caught a rabbit without problem. The arrow hit it in the head, killing it instantly, and Oliver quickly wrapped it up in some cloth before putting it in his bag. Now he just had to find a safe place to rest, and then cook it when the sun got up.

    He hadn't gotten very far before he noticed a big shadow moving through the trees. It was too tall for an animal, and the way it moved told him that this person was very tired. Possibly injured. And probably running from someone. Oliver's first instinct was to get away from them. He didn't want to get involved in any trouble. But than he caught a view of his face were some moonlight filtered down through the trees. It was just a boy. A young man. Too young to be chased through the woods.

    His conscience refused to let it go and he let out a low sigh before he walked towards the male. Oliver was still moving silently, but he had his bow on his back now, so hopefully he wouldn't seem too scary when the stranger noticed him. "Don't panic, I won't hurt you," he said when he was just a couple paces away from him. "Are you hurt?" Hopefully his voice didn't sound too strange, not that he would know. It had been a while since he had talked with anyone.
  5. His head snapped up as he scooted away from the man. He shook his head as fast as he could and glacedbbehind him as a dog howled. "There coming for me." He said and tried to get up again but he put to much weight on his broken arm and fell back with a yell. He looked up at the other man "please help me. Please." He begged
  6. Oliver didn't catch the first thing he said since he didn't look at him - so he didn't know he had said anything at all, just that something was frightening him. But the last part he got. He looked around, a but suspicious. What him someone was trying to trick him... But if no one were, he would never forgive himself for just abandoning someone in need. "Here," he said and reached out for him, and helped him on to his legs. But the boy was weak, so he made a rash decision and picked him up into his arms. He looked towards the direction the boy had glanced and assumed that was where his followers had come from, so he sat off in the other direction, at a slow jog.
  7. Ace was surprised to say the least. Not only had this man helped him but he was carrying him. Ace held his arm closer to him as the adrenaline started to wear off. His eyes where fighting to stay open and his body was all but limp. "Thank you." He said as he stared up at the dark sky.
  8. "Stay awake, I can't hear them," he said, looking down at the boy and slowing his pace a bit. "What is following you?" It was hard running away from something when you didn't know what was chasing you. Humans? Animals? Some species where fasters than others after all...
  9. Can't hear them? Realization hit him like a train. The man couldn't hear. That explained the slight tilt to his speech. Ace desired that it was something he would worry about later. "The villagers. My mother and father have them hunting me down with dogs." He explained
  10. Oliver frowned. A whole village was hunting this boy? Why? He'd have to worry about that later, they had dogs after them. But dogs he could work with. "I'm going to make a distraction," he said and gently put the boy down. Then he opened his backpack and pulled out the fat rabbit.

    These dogs were probably hunting dogs, meaning they would like the smell of fresh blood. Hopefully it would distract them enough to loose their trail. So he got his knife out and quickly cut the rabbit into smaller pieces, and threw them around into the woods. So much for that breakfast.

    "Okay, up again," he said when he was done and quickly picked up the boy again, now with bloody hands. He doubted the boy would mind though, he was saving him after all.

    He had spent some time in these woos, and he soon found something else that would help them. A small river, hopefully running fast enough to make enough sound to cover them. He stepped right into it and gasped slightly from the cold, and then started walking with the stream. If the pieces of rabbit didn't work, this should.
  11. He was still wet from the first stream so when he was set down he was shivering slightly. He watched as thean cut up the rabit. "You don't have to do that..." He said he didn't want the man to go hungry over him. He wasn't worth a hot meal. He gasprd as he was picked up again and couched at the mans shirt almost despratly. The river they came to next was much faster then the one he had crossed earlier and he could tell it would take a lot to make it to the other side. "Please just leave me here." He asked lowly but despite his words he held tighter to the mans tunic. He tried harder to stay awake, focusing on the strangers warm grip.
  12. Oliver didn't catch any of what he said since he was too busy to look on his face. The river was a bit stronger than he had guessed, so he waited with crossing it until they had walked a bit down and he found a spot that seemed a bit calmer. He tightened his grip on the boy and slowly started making his way over. He had almost made it when he slipped on a stone.

    He managed to keep his balance, but the water got way up passed their waist. His knee hit a rock and he groaned, but he managed to old on to the boy and get back up, stumbling the last part to land. "Sorry," he said, his voice shivering. He glanced at the boy before looking around. They were in a more rocky area now, the beginning of a small mountain. He walked a few meters and then found what he was looking for. A small cave. Good timing, as it had just started to rain.

    He carried him inside and carefully put him down. "Are you okay?" he asked and looked at his arm before focusing on his face. "Is it broken?"
  13. Ace moaned as he was set against the stone wall. The mans voice badly broke threw the fog that was his mind. Wearily he looked up at the older man. "I-i think so." His words road on the backnof a whimper ad he clutched the fabric around his arm. "Father got mad at me again." He said as his head rolled to lay back against the rock behind him. He knew what lay under his tunic was a map of scars and bruises, he was just to tired to try and hide them.
  14. Oliver got his knife out and carefully cut open his shirt. The arm was definitely broken, and already swollen. "Wait here," he said and walked out of the cafe. A couple minutes later he came back with a couple of stick. "We have to fix your arm. It will hurt, I think. Bite this," he said and held one of the sticks towards his mouth.
  15. Ace took the stick and bit it. He knew that setting the bone would hurt just as much as breaking it, maybe more but he wasn't looking forward to it at all. He gave a small nod and took a few deep breaths, looking anywhere but at his mutilated arm.
  16. First he cut a bit more of the boys shirt and made a few strips out of it. Then he firmly grabbed the arm, carefully felt around a bit, and then yanked it in place in one swift motion. He had done it a couple times before, and it had mostly gone fine. No one had died at least. When the bone was set, he got the stick out of the boys mouth. He had two, one for each side of his arm, and then tied them in place with the strips of shirt-fabric. Then he quickly cut the rest of the shirt of him and made a wrap which he tied around his neck, with the arm inside it. A home made sling.

    He then grabbed his backpack and pulled out a blanket. It was still dry, and he carefully put it around the boys shoulder. Then he picked up his flack and held it against the boys mouth. "Drink," he ordered him, looking towards his eyes.
  17. Ace screamed around the stick. His head slamming against the rock as his body arched with agony. The second her relaxed even the slightest the stick was out of his mouth and then a flask was held to his lips. He did as he was told, almost choking as his dry mouth welcomed the water with everything he had. When he was done he looked at the man and smiled softly. "I don't know why you saved me, but thank you. You didn't have to do that." He whispered
  18. Oliver looked at him while he talked and gave him a small nod in respons. Then he bent down and started untying both their shoes. "We'll freeze more if we stay in these wet clothes," he said and started taking them off, all of his own clothes beside his underwear, and then he started pulling off the boys pants. Luckily the cave was dry. Starting a fire would have been nice too, but with people following them, he really shouldn't.
  19. Ace tried to help as much as he could with one arm. The cave was cool but dry and it held enough warmth to keep his shivers from being to bad. He looked around and studied the layout of the small outcove then laughed to himself. "Believe it or not, this is actually better then home." And it was true. At home he slept in the basement. It leaked constantly and there was always a draft that pushed any warmth away. When he got down to his boxers he curled up on himself a bit to get warm.
  20. Oliver gave him a sad look. That wasn't very fun to hear... but he would ask about that later. In his bag he had one shift of clothes. He put the shirt on himself and put the pants on the boy. Then he carefully sat down behind him before hugging him against his chest and wrapping the blanket around them both. He payed extra attention to the boy and the he wasn't getting colder. "We'll stay warmer this way," he explained and looked towards his face. "I'm Oliver. Can you hear the ones who were chasing you now?" Hopefully the rabbit had worked. He'd hate for it to be a waste. And then there was the river. They had to be safe now...
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