The Rules of Inheritance

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    In a small town on Terra Reborn, a group of teenagers are gathered together to see their newly deceased uncle's holo will. These teens are cousins, and have been brought together by the promise of their inheritance. But things are not so simple. To gain their inheritance, five million credits a piece, the teens will have to embark on a universe spanning adventure, solve mysteries, hitchhike, and use all their wits, skills, and luck.


    Uncle Filbert is dead, leaving his inheritance to his nieces and nephews. They are called to a small town in eastern Kentucky, on Terra Reborn, to be met by the executor of Filbert's will, a woman named Susan George. She shows them a holo will, in which Uncle Filbert describes their inheritance. They will each receive five million credits, if they can complete the challenges outlined in the will. They will also receive passage, money to cover their travels, and a small retinue of helpers, including Susan George.

    The rules of the challenges are as follows:

    1) You must complete every trip challenge to receive the full five million. You will be given part of it in increments throughout, and can take that and stop whenever you wish.

    2) Once one person drops out, the challenges end. There are no chances to continue.

    3) There are twenty trip challenges that must be completed in order.

    4) You MUST work together. All members must help one another.

    5)You must behave and not cause international incidents.

    If the teens succeed, they shall claim their inheritance! If not, well, at least they had fun on the way. So let the Game begin! (Rules and Character Sheet to follow)
  2. Rules:

    Normal teens only. Your character cannot be a super soldier, a ninja, a world renowned anything, and has to be in high school. Yes, high school.

    Your character can be from anywhere in the system with Terra Reborn, but they must be a cousin by blood to the other characters.

    Your character MUST have at least two flaws that will impact the game.

    No pet monkeys, orangutans, or other exotic animals. Really. I mean it. This is a serious issue!

    Your character can be poor to upper middle class. No rich kids.

    Please be original and creative. Have fun with this!

    If you sign up, please be able to post at LEAST once a week and try to finish the game once you start. There are only FIVE spaces for this game. Space is limited, so please, if you don't think you can meet the posting requirements, don't sign up. If you feel you must drop out, your character will possibly be taken over by me or another to complete the game.
  3. Character Sheet

    Physical Description:
    Hometown and Planet:
    Travel Kit/suitcase contents:
    Quirks and speech habits:
  4. Reserved!
  5. A further note: If your character lives on a world in system other than Terra Reborn, remember that the planet should be civilized and have such things as schools and technology. Please run all planet ideas by me first. Terra Reborn is sort of an idealized Earth-alike world with high technology.
  6. Name: Satoru
    Age: 19
    Physical Description:
    History: His parent, father in particular was always looking to Satoru's uncle's wealth jealously. Satoru himself doesn't even want the inheritance but was pushed by his parents who plan to take all the money and for their useless son to "do something tight for once" this makes Satoru want to succeed but only to prove to them he can, he also plans to give all five million away to show his parents he won't be controlled.

    Flaws: He has something to prove. He'll work with other but not well since he has so much riding on this venture other than money. Its personal and will take convincing that its a team effort. Hes not unwilling but not used to being cooperative.

    He has a hereditary allergy to most anti-allergy medication that are normal for travelers to take when visiting new worlds.


    When it comes down to it Satoru's unpleasant demeanor is simply a facade to protect himself, he usually has good intentions except when wronged and even then he'll seldom do more than snark. He also has a focused mind and can cut out distraction most of the time. It helps when hes trying to study and/or mix music with the constant shouting at home.

    Hometown and Planet: New Tokyo,
    GPA: 2.8
    Extracurriculars: Comic book club
    Travel Kit/suitcase contents: Clothes, e-reader, camera, medication.
    Quirks and speech habits: He plays with his hair when nervous and must always.. ALWAYS have his e-reader on his at all times or suffer from a need to find it bordering on OCD.
  7. Is there any space left, Revi? With you, there are five already.
    But otherwise I'm taking the last free spot here.

    EDIT: OK Awesome!
    I'll add my CS sometime soon.
    I need to finish stuff before monday, but about then I'll hopefully be ready.

    I shall work Jealousy as one of my flaws.
  8. Go ahead, Selenite. I'm not playing a space in this one, just GMing!
  9. Character Sheet


    Name: Jacques Manstrong
    Age: 17
    Physical Description: The ideal mesomorph, Jacques has a build and demeanor that makes him perfect for sports. Every sport he's played has mad use of his well toned physique. His mother typically dresses him... and grooms him... you get the idea.
    History:Jacques was born in the New Nebraska colony and has stayed there his whole life. He was always a very active child, who's heart was ever in the right place. He was, however, lacking in basic intelligence. The only thing he likes more than sports is "Space Jesus" and "Neo-African-neo-american studies".
    Flaws: Jacques is special... like... olympics special... no not THE Olympics. The only reason he's even IN high school and not in remedial coloring is thanks to his athletic ability and the district's social promotion programs. While his heart might be in the right place, his mind is NOWHERE. He's also an avid super-christian and is likely to put his special brain to work annoying the living crap out of people with his constant yammering about his shade-minded interpretations of the things 'preacher says'. Often times he is WAY off the mark... but he'll still tell you all about it.
    Talents: Football, Baseball, Track & Field, Hockey, Lacrosse, Jesus, and Neo-African-neo-American studies. These are the things he's good at. Also, despite his jell-o brained simplistic view of things, he is a natural and often inspirational leader... as long as you listen to his message and not his words.
    Hometown and Planet: New Nebraska colony, Planet Tabernacle (Protestant 3). Located around the star Protestant near the "Bible Belt" asteroid field. (It's the same star as the rest of the setting, they just call it different.)
    GPA: 4.0 (not reflective of intelligence or scholastic ability in ANY WAY)
    Extracurriculars: Jacques plays sports... that's about it... oh also church.
    Travel Kit/suitcase contents: Lucky rabbit's tail, Bible (big print, coloring book), picture of Space Jesus (Jesus set against a night sky), Toiletries kit, Illustrated instructions for toiletries kit, Three changes of clothes, extra cross necklace (just in case), Learn to Count Numbers (coloring book), Picture of his mother (video photo, complete with instructional soundtrack), Baseball glove, auto-freeze hockey puck, baseball, insta-flate football, cell phone (equivalent), Snacks.
    Quirks and speech habits: Think Keanu Reeves, or Ajax from Duckman. Like THAT. Jacques is almost constantly smiling in blissful ignorance. His optimism and self-assurant faith can be REALLY annoying to people just LOOKING at him.
  10. Just a reminder for everyone to get their characters in if you haven't. I know it has been a hectic week.

    Vay and Iskari, your guys are approved.
  11. Character SheetCharacter Name: James Wilcott PeckAge: 18 (Senior)Physical Appearance: At 6`4", James wears his hair long, curling softly down his neck and halting at his shoulders, midnight black with an acception of red-dyed fringe that falls slightly past his eyes.His narrowed, slightly freckled face is complemented by his deep brown eyes-framed by long black lashes- and his Roman-styled straight nose. He has kept his body thin and lean, muscled and sculpted like a runner`s and tanned a golden-brown from long hours in the sun.History: Comes from a middle-class family (Parents dead in latest war) in Hancock, New Michigan.Flaws: Slightly clumsy and narrow-minded.Talents: Guitar (Acoustic and electric) and vocals; Good with herbs and medicine.Hometown and Planet: Terra Reborn, Hancock, New MichiganGPA:3.7Extracurriculars: Mountain biking, running, guitar, vocals, and archery.Travel Kit/Suitcase: Acoustic Guitar, Ipad 8, healing kit and needed items (Proper clothing for different conditions, tolietries, etc.)
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    Character Sheet

    Name: Samara Johnson

    Age: 18
    Physical Description: A nice, pretty blonde:


    History: Samara lived her life in New Zealand, and has no siblings at all. She has been raised up to be sweet and loving and caring....

    Flaws: Jealousy. She won't admit it but, damn, girl can get jealous really easily. Another flaw is that she gives excessive importance to her own appearance; she will not feel right if she is not wearing enough make-up, and she won't use, if she can, the same pair of jeans twice in a week.

    Talents: Well, Samara is after all caring and loving. She really feels she needs to help others and give them her support- that is of course, if they don't seem to be better than her. O she will be jealous.

    Hometown and Planet: Terra Reborn- New Zealand.
    GPA: 3.5 -she studies hard enough to be good, but never too hard enough to be regarded as a 'nerd'
    Extracurriculars: Does cheerleader count as an extracurricular? Guitar, too. Samara is a rather good singer.

    Travel Kit/suitcase contents: (it's quite heavy you see... beauty weighs) Some jeans, skirts, tights, several t-shirts, a 'cool' leather jacket, her cheerleader's jacket, some scarves, MAKEUP, note that, makeup, her running shoes, a pair of ballerina-type flats, some high-heels (essential, one just can't leave homeplanet without a pair of high heels) her hair straightener-curler, deodorant, perfumes, some cheap jewelllery- but eye catching, you know- her electronic agenda/diary, a fancy pen all covered in glitter, a beanie hat, some chewing gum (sugarfree, of couuuuurse).

    Quirks and speech habits: She tends to flutter her eyelashes quite a lot, play with her hair, and usually has a soft voice-level. She has the looks of a popular girl, and she is one, after all.


    OK that was it....
  13. Selenite, looks good, just change Earth to Terra Reborn, but you can leave New Zealand the same!
  14. Name: Rohdey Clatz
    Age: 16
    Physical Description: m220590968.jpg -

    History: Rohdey grew up as an only child. He was very friendly as a child and didn't change much as he grew up. Most people found him very weird for his calm cheerfulness and heaps of energy, others found him amusing. Despite his awesomeness he never made any real friends, and despite people thinking he was weird he remained mostly positive. Because Rohdey was goofy and seemingly absent minded people also thought he was an idiot. This isn't the case, he just doesn't pay attention to things that don't interest him and this would account for his low grades. Rohdey would rather have been spending his time outside climbing, jumping, and running which he did and people thought him all the more weird for it. He actually is quite attentive and curious about things that do catch his attention. This curiosity has caused him to search for answers to things and lead him to know information on varying subjects.

    Rohdey was very upset to hear that his uncle had died but was happy to hear he'd be spending time with his cousins.

    Gets extremely moody when hungry.
    Is hungry very often.
    Afraid of getting burned.
    Doesn't pay attention to things that don't interest him.

    Great physical shape. Expert climber. Agile and can jump high and far. Can be very patient when dealing with tedious things.

    Hometown and Planet: Terra Reborn, Earthtown.

    GPA: 2.5
    Extracurriculars: Track & Field, Parkour, Library Assistant, General Systems Technology

    Travel Kit/suitcase contents:
    Cellphone, camera, first aid kit with abrasion aid and contusion aid patches, binoculars, holo-map which displays the topography of the surrounding area, shoes for climbing and running, bathroom stuff, extra clothes, miscellaneous fun things, nutrition packed snack bars.

    Quirks and speech habits: Stares around at his surroundings to examine the climb-ability of his surroundings. Will occasionally get his words backwards.
  15. Okay, guys, everything looks good! I shall hopefully have the IC up very soon!
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  17. Go ahead and keep posting one more round; Iskari has to drop out, but it is early enough I can actually still make the game playing, so long as everyone is still okay playing.