The Ruins of Hogwarts

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Adele - Skyfall

When Voldemort came back from near death he brought fear once more over the land. He terrorized both muggle and wizards, letting his followers go on killing sprees and commit horrendous crimes. He freed the worst of criminals and killed the purest of people. His name alone was enough to strike fear into the hearts of people causing them to commit vicious and selfish acts of violence and even drove soem mad. His reign lasted for three years before The Boy Who Lived ended his terror on May 2nd of 1998.

Harry Potter became even more famous after defeating voldemort and so did his friends. The years went by, 5, 20 , 60, 100 and Hogwarts has been successfully rebuilt and relocated just down the road from where the former hogwarts stood. The new school looks exactly like the old one inside and out but now when first years take the boat ride over the lake the only thing they see is the rubble of what use to be the first hogwarts. The teachers and wizard officials have been working on getting all of that fixed. They began cleaning up the sight but they were withheld by people saying that it shouldn't be touched, that it's a symbol or reminder of the second wizarding war and how they overcame Voldemort.

The ruins of Hogwarts has been closed off for the student's safety but some still wonder and find a way in. Some never come back out and others never talk about what they saw. The brave ones that do talk though say that the place is crawling with dementors, something that the Officials and teachers have failed to tell students. There are pictures of loved ones scattered around along with former students belongings all over. Some are dirty and torn while the rest are signed or had already turned to dust. Moss and mother nature have already claimed the ruins and rubble along with the little critters of the forest. The scene all together is dull and grey, lifeless. The Old Hogwarts has become the dementors playground now and fewer and fewer students dare to adventure in, even the thrill seekers. Some secrets are just best left hidden but then again secrets always find a way to the surface.

Like a bad smell Voldemort's followers lingered, the ones that survived anyway. They still practice their evil deeds, if not Aurors would be out of jobs. Some students say that they have seen people dressed in black robes and gold or silver masks on the cliff where hogwarts use to be just standing there looking at them. Some others would say that they would see the same thing but when they looked away for a second then back again they were gone. There is no doubt that the teachers have noticed it too but they keep quiet under the ministry and don't say anything as if they were scared that something would happen to them if they did.

Rumors began to spread throughout Hogwarts that the ruins has become corrupted by the battle that took place there. That the Dark forest has long claimed the ruins as a part of it now and whoever enters it doesn't come out. The dark witches and wizards left out there have raised their children to be like them. To worship Voldemort or any other powerful and evil ruler that lets them inflict hurt on others. There are some of these students at Hogwarts right now, some have been given the dark mark from a young age and others are just now getting it. Most of the students that are born into these families don't want to be like their parent's, they see no need for violence or separation of blood but they are too afraid to speak out because they fear the wrath of their parents and other dark wizards alike.


Students are returning for another year at Hogwarts and their curiosity about the ruins are increaseing but no one has gone in the ruins for years now. The rumors have died down now only becoming an urban legend. 2098, The students that have returned are a mix of good and bad wizards then there's the wizards and witches that are born to dark wizards and raised by the dark arts who want to be good and rather not see another war arise. These student's bare the dark mark, not by choice though, most have been forced to go through the pain that comes with bearing the mark. Others whose minds have been polluted with the corruption embrace the mark and their families evil ways. There are even some teachers who bare the mark not all of them evil though, like students some were forced to bare the mark from a young age.

These students begin to wander into the ruins to reveal secrets that have been buried under the rubble for so long. Some of these secrets are ones that are usually carried to the grave while others can bring fear and nightmares to others. Will these student's fall into the clutches of the Dark arts and follow in their parents footsteps or will they break the chain and carve their own path in life, away from all the death and violence that has followed them. What are the teachers and ministry hiding? What are the secrets that will lay in the labyrinth of rubble and who will survive to tell the tale?


1. Please respect the roleplay, rules, decisions and your fellow writing friends.
1a. If you have a gripe with someone, please solve the matter in private and do not display it on the OOC thread.

2. Have fun!
2a. We're all here for the same reasons and we all deserve to get together and create a collaborative story together.

3. DO NOT Godmod, Autohit and Metagame!
3a. Do these and you will be kicked from the roleplay immediately.

4. Please, please do not use one or two liners.
4a. I would like to see at least two to three good paragraphs from each writer. No less!
4b. Along with this, please use correct spelling and grammar. Occasional mistakes are okay but try not to make mistakes in every single post.
4c. I want to see detail in your posts, along with character development, thoughts and reactions.

5. Diversity keeps a roleplay entertaining!
5a. Please keep the gender ratio equal as possible.
5b. Have your characters come from various backgrounds and unique personalities.

6. Lastly, if life gets too hectic for you or you feel that you took on much, please let me know via PM. I will not hate you, I promise. :)
6a. To prove that you have read the rules, put your favorite Harry Potter character in the Extra section of the Character Skeleton, please.

Character Skeleton
Blood Status
Place of Origin

*You make dress your character skeleton anyway you'd like. Where you see the Appearance, Personality & History section, I want to see at least one paragraph please. Also for appearance, realistic images only. The other section is if you want to add anything else about your character. Also, I'd like it if every house had a member, at least.

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Well this looks creepy and cool... I love it!

Character Skeleton
Name: Brixie Peterson
Nickname: Brix
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Blood Status: Half Blood
Wand: Maple with Phoenix feather core, ten and three quarter inches, and surprisingly swishy.
Year: Fifth year
House: Gryffindor
Place of Origin:
Brixie Peterson isn't a stranger to rumors and stories of Dark Arts and the ruins of the old Hogwarts. Brixie has heard almost every variation and written them all down, some may say she is obsessed. What they don't realize is she is trying to keep track of everything so nothing will lead back to her and her family. Brixie is cursed, she has a Dark Mark against her will. Her father is into the Dark Arts, fully committed to the ways of the past. He hates half breeds, creatures, and especially mudbloods. He wanted Brixie to be the same as him and cursed her at a young age. If it wasn't for her aunt and uncle she would still live under the influence of hate and anger. They found out about the Dark Mark and although they couldn't kill, or turn in their own relative, they took Brixie into their home. They taught her how to love and be happy. Brixie is still confused about everything she has been taught but as for now, she believes in her aunt and uncle. Though swaying her may be easy...
Extra: Sirius Black


Follow the Strange Trails
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Fantasy, Supernatural, Horror
Name: Aditi Patil
Nickname: Adi
Birthday: October 28th
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Homosexual
Ethnicity: Indian
Blood Status: Half Blood
Wand: Jasmine with a unicorn core, 7.5 inches long, rather bendy.
Familiar: None as of yet.
Likes: Chocolate, spicy food, cats among many things. She likes the colour pink. She loves flowers and has a bit of a green thumb.
Dislikes: Spiders, bullies, dark magic. She also doesn't like racists at all, against colour or blood.
Year: 5th Year
House: Hufflepuff
Personality: She is a friendly and curious individual. She can get easily frightened, but she manages to come back to her normal self rather easily, trying to be brave. She's eager to please and a hard worker. She takes orders and tries to complete them to the best of her abilities. She does have her own views but is willing to be shown different ways to think; nothing is written in stone for her.
Place of Origin: London, UK.
History: Aditi was born to parents she never knew, they were killed just a few days after she was born in something of a freak accident, or so that's what was written on the police reports. The wizarding world, or those who cared, knew that it was really dark wizards who offed the couple. Aditi was taken by a orphanage that was run by wizards, witches and muggles that were in the fold (kind of like Ted Tonks). So, although she had no living relatives that she knew of, Aditi at least knew that she was a witch, and she grew up with tales of greatness, of witches and wizards, of Hogwarts, Harry Potter and Voldemort.

Once she was of age, she was sent a letter to join Hogwarts, which of course she did. She was assigned the house of Hufflepuff, which she was proud to be a part of. It suited her just fine, even if others thought only dumb people ended up there. As she studied, she soon enough learned about how her parents died. Although not the bravest of hearts, a slight obsession grew within her, to find her parents killer and take care of them.
Extra: Ginny Weasley


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Modern, Horror, Futuristic/Scifi, Apocalypse, Crime/Detective, Magical, Science Fiction, Realistic Fiction, Suspense/Thriller.
Micah Cambrielle
Year 6 of Slytherin
"I am nothing like I seem, ya' know."

Birthday: September 6
Gender/Sex: Non-Binary (They)
Sexuality: Aromantic
Ethnicity: Afro-Trinidadian
Blood Status: Pure Blood
Wand: 12 1/4 in, Cedar wood, Phoenix Feather as the core, that is quite bendy
Familiar: N/A
Likes: Astronomy, observing drama from a far, being part of drama, sweets, pranks
Dislikes: Studying, Alchemy, flying, eating meat, anything sour, cheesecake, boring people

Personality: What you see is what you get. When they sees someone that comes off as interesting, they immediately converse with the other. Micah is confident yet can be pushy. When they see something they want, they do everything to the best of their ability to get it and be better. They read others emotions pretty well, but their emotions can come out pretty easily and they might accidentally hurt others feelings. They will see how much they can get away with bending and breaking the rules yet is still careful. With a sweet face like theirs, they can easily tell a lie and not feel bad about it. They are a vegetarian and enjoys it. They love meeting new people and depending how the persons personality, they will start acting rude towards them, and/or play pranks on the person. If they thing a person is boring person after conversing they will get bored and not speak to them ever unless necessary.

Place of Origin: Trinidad

History: Micah was born into a wealthy family with many brothers and sisters, yet out of all them, instead of going to the same school as them (which was closer to home), they chose Hogwarts. Each an every one of their siblings they loved and would do anything for, yet was devastated when they knew Hogwarts was where they were meant to be.
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