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  1. Hello random strangers, maniacs and serial killers. I am Lurcolm, anagram for something if you ever want to care, and this is a rather interesting find for me. I've never heard of this place, but I officially dub it the Rollplaying Holyland. I honestly hope I find a place where I can stay here.

    Since I have very little ability to hold a conversation, here's the apparently famous questions.

    1. I prefer to be named Lurcolm until the time I tell you who I actually am

    2. I am a male, at least I hope so since I don't understand the concept of genders and sexes.

    3. I'm 18 years of age, legally too old to be counting the months as well, hell who am I kidding.

    4. I like to consider myself rather practiced at rollplaying, but I'm very far from being the best out there.

    5. To be perfectly honest I've never done a group rollplay, and so I'd obviously prefer private one on one rollplay

    6. For someone who gets happy from rain, I actually just like to be calm, snuggle on my sofa and play games, rollplay, or tv

    7. I don't actually listen to music, which is very strange, even for me

    8. Yes I like numbering things, leave me be

    9. I don't use twitter, so you won't see me with a lot of tags
  2. #Hithere

    Sorry, I couldn't resist, what with you mentioning tags.. Also, every time you said rollplaying, I just thought of a bunch of fat kittens rolling around and trying to play, but they can't because they're simply too fat.




  3. Cats? Cats? I give it to you, I did not expect that. Seriously bravo in naming a guy that likes to consider himself rather seriously that XD

    Off the a wonderful start!
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