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  1. This RP is not about one person who saves the world or even have a heroic Royal person that does all these great deeds. Actually its quite the opposite. For you to be able to understand I guess I will just have to start at the beginning… otherwise you probably won’t be able to follow what I’m trying to tell you.

    Well it all started when the Royal Palace was attacked. The battle didn’t last very long considering it was only the capital of a small poor country that didn’t hold much military power to begin with. There were but a hand full of survivors of that attack. The raiders took everything of value, murdered everyone they found and ended up placing explosive tags around the Palace to hopefully kill anyone else that still remained inside. The entire town that surrounded the Palace was burned and broken and all in all the kingdom was no more… or so the raiders thought.

    The raiders were well known villians and though they are not large in number their power is still very fearsome. There are but five known members in this group, each with their own special ability.
    Loro -Cloning, if there is a job that needs grunts he can simply make a replica of himself and send it on its way. The clone however is not a strong as the original and if hit only ones it will pop like a balloon.
    Sterk -Strength, he is the muscle of the group. With the strength to knock threw a stone wall that may surround a city he truly is a fearsome fellow.
    Night -Shadow manipulation, If it’s a stealth mission he is your man. (Abilities Unknown)
    Ganti -Teleportation, he is able to teleport around, though their does seem to be some limitations.
    Ged -Tui master, he can use the Tui orbs. Different ones give you different powers and there is no limit to how many you can absorb.

    This group attacked the small kingdom for two reasons. The first reason was because of their lust for power and two to kill the nobles of this land. You see only the nobles can control Tui completely (With the exception of Ged) and because of this only the nobles of this small land would be able to stop them. The seconds reason was less complex, they wanted the small fortune located inside the kingdom. However the group failed their first task, one noble lived the attack. He was a young boy barely over the age of six and the one person that could destroy the power of Tui.

    Twelve years have passed since then and it is now his eighteenth birthday, his care takers, the ones who found him in the ruins and raised him, have told him who he is and had already arranged a strong group to come to their house…

    Character Sheet

    Short Bio:
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  2. I would like to join but first I wanted to ask. Can the ability be anything?
  3. Yes, ability's can be anything as long as its not OP. The group is not supposed to be well known and will improve over time so keep that in mind. Just you can't be the noble so no power over Tui.
  4. Name: Kraton Banget
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Noble, power over Tui
    Personality: Cowardly and weak. He would rather hide behind something than fight.
    Short Bio: He was a royal at birth but soon everything came to an end when his entire kingdom was raided and destroyed. He was among the few survivors and luckily enough the ones who found him took him in instead of leaving him to the waist side. Twelve years have passed since then and it is now his eighteenth birthday, his care takers, the ones who found him in the ruins and raised him, have told him who he is and had already arranged a strong group to come to their house…
  5. Name: Mira Kyoko
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Super strength. Some times she doesn't realize it and uses it on accident. If she hits hard objects they hurt her hands usually leaving marks, she always wears her gloves because of that reason.
    Personality: Mira looks very fragile and weak, when someone mentions it she losses her temper and will probably end up punching or kicking that person. She is very playful and easily acts like she is best friends with someone even if they just meant. She is very adventurous and proud of herself. She is self-conscious about her hands being bruised and having scars all the time, meaning she never takes off the gloves. You have to know her very well for her to take them off in front of you.
    Short Bio: Mira was always seen as fragile and weak yet very beautiful; this was usually because she is short and thin. Her parents never really expected her to be anything but grow up and marry someone. Because of this Mira decided to train herself and learn how to fight in hand to hand combat. This turned out well considering her ability. She wants to show everyone she is not just a pretty face and make her parents understand that she is good for more than what they think of her.
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  6. Accepted!

    I would like however, if you ran your posts threw word or something for spelling and grammar. I'm pretty bad at those two things myself so no worries if you get a few or not. If your from a different country and don't have an English version of word then you can send your posts to me and I will proof them for you. If not... well I like your character so you can post anyways xD
  7. Okay. Sorry I am terrible at grammar. I usually type fast too which doesn't really help.
  8. Raiders, powers, and fantasy? Count me in! Also, if it's okay with NorwayFoo, I'm going to make a little game out of my character's unknown gender. If you guess it right, you get a smiley face. This is only if NorwayFoo's okay with it. If not, then I'll just put in the gender.

    Name: Dylan Longstreet
    Gender: Unknown
    Ability: Shadow manipulation-As long as the shadow user has a shadow, he or she can use it. This person has always hid his or her identity with shadows, never showing the slightest hint to even what gender he or she is. This is the main reason Dylan wears a cloak.
    Personality: Dylan is quiet, preferring to observe rather than speak or interact. He or she also has extreme trust issues, never giving away his or her name. This person hides his or her face and very rarely talks.
    Short Bio: Dylan heard about the survivors from the bandits and was intrigued. The shadow user decided to see just what was so special about these survivors and why their nobles were so sought after.
    Appearance: [​IMG]
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  9. Hm... the game sounds fun... but its a 50-50 question so it wouldn't take too long... Uhh... fine but you have to slowly reveal things about your character as we go along. Also you need to have something for why you were able to be hired in your bio. Scarlet has that she wants to be seen as strong so their would be a reason for her to join.
  10. Alright, give me a minute to fix that.
  11. Looks good, accepted! (Also, we don't have to match the powers of the bandits.)
  12. I did strength because I actually thought of the character first. I figured the strength fit. :)
  13. I honestly just like the thought of shadow manipulation. It makes for fun characters and intrigues me. :)
  14. Just so you guys know, we are just waiting on one more person before we start this, if you have anyone you want to invite please do so.
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