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    • In a land far away, hidden by the tall and robust oak trees, stood a small kingdom. Townspeople roamed around, happy with their daily lives. Sometimes, there would be entertainment at the town square, and most of the time, everyone was amused. Markets were loaded with fruits and vegetables at very low costs that even peasants could buy from these merchants.
      Above the busy and booming town was a smaller than usual castle that stood high in the sky like a skyscraper. Its walls shown bright white, signalling glory, power, and safety for the town. It housed many people, but it also contained rooms for meetings, entertainment, dining, and parties. The most important person of all in the city was a twenty year old, King Bradley Shearer. The king had handled all of the decisions of the town. He'd looked back at the history of previous rulers, and figured that the people had suffered enough. His facial appearance looked evil and malicious, but his true nature was kind and caring despite being as stubborn and arrogant as he was. Bradley is a serious king with the intent of protecting his people - even if his people turn on him instead.

      ya (open)

    "Is there anything you need, my lord?" She asked, kneeling in front of the king with her eyes fixed on the floor.
    The king sighed, irritated. Rubbing his temples, he extended an arm and gestured her to leave. "How many times must I tell you -- I'm fine! Sasha, you need to go enjoy yourself outside for a bit, not just serving me twenty-four seven!"
    "I-I'm sorry lo--"
    "No, don't apologize. Just... wander around the city for a bit. I might go out too."
    "But, that's dangerous, must I explain what might happen to you?"
    "I'm willing to take the risks. Ol' Zatch here can protect me for harm, he even gets a benefit too. You know what, I'll be out in just a second. You too, Sasha. Lets go."
    Sasha, with nothing else to say, stood and shook her head. The king could tell that she was trying to hold in a laugh just by the smile she gave him. Returning her smile, he got up from his throne, thrown off his cape, and quickly walked to his room. There, he got dressed casually - no gold, no accessories, nothing out of the ordinary. He didn't want to stand out in the town more than he already did. People already had seen and memorized his face, some thinking he was a harm to the town and some thinking he was their savior. He didn't want to frighten his people even more than he did now.
    By the time he had gotten out, Sasha and Zatch - his temporary bodyguard - were already dressed and waiting for him to go. A smile curving on his face, he lead the two outside into the town.

    "Bradley, aren't you ravenous?" Zatch asked, holding his stomach with his left hand. Bradley - the king - reached back for his wallet and pulled out a twenty dollar note. Giving him a smirk, Bradley nodded. "I've got enough to feed at least five of you, Zatch. Go to the market and find some things you want to eat. You too Sasha. I'll be fine on my own. I'm not that hungry anyways."
    Without a second thought, Zatch dashed to a stand full of chicken and meats to fill a heart's desire. Bradley could see that sparkle in his eyes. Nothing was ever going to stop Zatch from getting his meat. Sasha was still by Bradley's side, and she too was failing to hold back her laugh. In the end, the two laughed together. Then, Sasha quickly became serious. "I can't just leave you by your own. You're the king after all. Look, even some people are staring." Her eyes turned dark as she returned the stare from two individuals who actually seemed like tourists. Bradley became worried, and turned her head to only focus on him.
    "You need to stop worrying about me. I can take care of myself. Please go get yourself some food. Like I said, I'll be fine." Bradley's blue eyes reflected Sasha's nervousness. She too was getting caught up in his stare - which made even the toughest men like Zatch tremble. They really were that horrific to look at. Sasha nodded and examined other stands with vegetables and fruits.
    Sticking the note back in his wallet, he walked over to a pair of brown wooden benches. He sat down, hunched over, digging his elbows into his thighs to help prop himself up. From here, you could see how lively the streets were. Floods of crowds overpowered the pathways as they moved along the stone-coated pathway to the amusement section of the town. Children stared at him from the crowds, and he gave them a smile, yet they hid behind their parents as they moved along the line. It was always like this when he came down to visit. It was... depressing. Lonely even. He closed his eyes, folded his hands, and rested his chin on his interlocked fingers. As much as this town was so exciting, Bradley could only wonder if there was someone out there that was brave enough -- nice enough to even sit down and have a full conversation without them getting petrified or even the slightest bit nervous at his vile appearance. He frowned, and sighed.
    "Soon... soon I'll get a girlfriend, then a family. It definitely wont be as depressing as the life I live now."
    Bradley actually loved a girl named Brigitte Mabach, a peasant girl he had met a few years back when he was still the prince of the land. He loved her golden locks and her smooth, white face. Her very presence made his head go blank, and her name made his heart pound.
    He was lost in thoughts once again.
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  1. A major battle was taken place in a kingdom named Anaguma.A young prince which goes by the name Prince had both his Yang and Yang Katanas ready in his hands for another attack. a powerful mage named Mugen was pushed back a few minutes earlier from blocking Prince's attack. Most of Prince's family were dead by the hands of Mugen while one still remains fight along side with Prince, his father which is the King of Anaguma. "Prince, you're not strong enough to take down Mugen, Save yourself. You're the next and RIGHTFUL heir to the throne." His father said as he was barely able to stand on his own. "No father! I will NOT leave you here to be killed by Mugen, I can take him!" Prince pleaded as looked back at Mugen recovering his strength once again. Prince's father replied, "No my son, I rather I die and have you live on. I had many made many mistakes in my life. It is now time that you undo the mistake I had done. THAT is your destiny." He began risen up fully, "you may not know all the answers to this new task, but you'll learn and find a way......."
  2. [[ Well, I guess Bradley can continue through his day. -.- ]]

    "Hey, mister!"
    As he was lost in through, a child tapped his arm. He looked down, almost furious that the child interrupted the train of thought, but his expression quickly softened towards her. The child's smile was all he needed to forgive. "What is it that you need, child?" He asked in the most gentle voice he could get to come through his mouth. The child just laughed.
    "My name's Ruthie. I come from that place ov'r there." She pointed at the bakery shop, her face turning serious. "Are your parents working there?" When Ruthie turned back at him, she looked as if she were confused. That she was.
    "What're you talkin' about, mister?" She followed her index finger to the bakery, and quickly shook her head. "No, no! Past that. Th' place you call an orphanage."
    Bradley froze. An orphan out on the streets? Shouldn't she be in the building?! Shaking his head, he could at least praise her for coming this far. He stood up from the bench, and squatted down to meet the girl's height. Then, he offered a hand. "Ruthie, is it?" He cleared his throat, almost regretting this decision. "I must congratulate you for coming out here on your own, but you need to go back. Is there anything you really wanted to do before you returned?"
    Ruthie's eyes sank to the ground, and almost shattered Bradley's heart. This was always his weakness, especially for a gentle king. "I don't wanna go back, mister. M' friends are countin' on me t' free them as well." Ruthie then glared at him. "If ya think you're gonna take this opportunity away, mister, think again!"
    With that, she turned away and ran off into the distance. Bradley's urge to follow her carried through. He stood up and hurried to catch up with her. However, he could not make a scene! The shirt he had on were kind of like rags - however he layered them so he wouldn't be cold when he was outside. He pulled one of the layers over his head to conceal his identity. A man running wildly after a little girl with this kind of look would attract a fair amount of attention, yet it would not humiliate himself as a king.

    Bradley's legs were worn out, and he could go no further. "How does... she have... that much energy...!"
    He rested himself against a tall tree, and sat down on the grass beneath him. Turning his head, he was amazed at the view here as well. The place he was in was pretty much the boundaries of his kingdom. The rim was full of nature's beauty, and beyond his territory - which was actually a few feet away - was a mighty forest capable of getting tourists lost.
    A smile broke out on his face, and then a laugh came bursting through. "I can't believe I let myself get swayed by a little girl!" Laughing for a few seconds, he realized that Sasha and Zatch were still in the market - and never in their lives have they come to the outskirts of his kingdom. How would he find them? how would they find him?! Suddenly, he felt lost and hopeless. More importantly - vulnerable.
  3. (don't worry, you set it up perfectly.)

    Prince looked at his father and watch him fought Mugen. While that was going, a formal body guard pulled Prince aside and begged him to follow him. Prince trying to get a last few looks of him father, he finally agreed and followed the formal body guard to an underground tunnel that leads out of Anaguma. "Your father should be here in a minute or two."

    With Mugen and Prince's father, Mugen was getting push back alittle bit by the attacks of Prince's father. "You're must stronger than you were when we were kids..... brother," Mugen said with a chuckle, "or if you prefer to be called Kuzong?" (couldn't think of a better name at the moment). "You don't have the right to say my name after what YOU done." Kuzong said as he used a pyralyzation magic which caused Mugen to be paralyzed for a minute.

    (not finished yet, will finish later on)
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