The Royal Life with Jamie

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  1. Okay so you can start after posting character sheet.

    Name: savannah Swanson
    Age: 17
    Royal or not : she was kidnapped and drugged so she can't remember anything. She was a princess before being kidnapped.
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  2. Name: Kenneth Loudon
    Age: 18
    Royalty: First born son of the King. Official title Prince Louden, rightful heir to the throne.
  3. Okay wanna start it? She is brought to him
  4. Kenneth groaned, rolling over in his bed, opening his eyes to the world. Why couldn't he just stay in today? Most people would rejoice on the day of their birthday, but he knew his father would use it as an excuse to ridicule him in public. He got up, getting dressed in a comfortable, yet stylish suit he had had altered to fit him better and heading towards the throne room.

    "Ah, the man of the hour has come," his father called to him as he entered the hall, in front of all the Lords and Ladies. "Eighteen years ago I looked down at this little runt and thought 'this welp will never amount to anything.' And you know what? I was right," he finished with a laugh. Kenneth took his seat next to his father, holding his tongue and trying to keep a level head. "However, he is my son. And today is his birthday. And for that, I have a gift for him," he announced, gesturing to the servants to bring in his special gift.
  5. Savannah was in her cute dress, it fit her but floured out. But then some people was taking it off. They told her that her name was savannah, she honesty didn't remember anything. She didn't know why. She looked around at this place confused. She then felt her being put in a dress outfit. A cute one to be represented as if she was a gift. She raised an eyebrow not knowing what to think of this but then someone else came into the room and nodded to the other and then she was told to go with them. She felt like she had no choice. She walked with them and soon she was in a room with two males on thrones. She just stood and watched. She was confused where was she at?
  6. Kenneth watched as the servants escorted the girl into the hall. What corner of the kingdom had they found her from? He had to admit she was pretty. "My gift to you son. Your own personal slave to do with as you wish," his father muttered. I wish to set her free he thought to himself. He knew his father wouldn't let him do that. It was against the rules of the game they played. "I must admit she is very lovely father," he muttered. He made the effort to look her in the eye, putting on an arrogant smirk for his father's benefit. "As much as I'd love to stay I have other matters to attend to if this is all you wanted from me." The king frowned slightly but bid his son leave. Kenneth stood up, walking towards the side exit. He stopped right before he reached the doors, turning back to where his "present" was still on display in a very revealing dress in front of everyone. "Slave, follow," he commanded.
  7. Savannah stood. She didn't know what to do. She raised an eyebrow curiously. She only spoke French so she didn't speak because she kind of understood for some odd reason. She watched them she looked at the others who brought her. She felt very very embarrassed of what happened. She closed her eyes and looked over and saw the male pass her. She thought he was pretty hot. She then slowly went to follow him as she was told. There had to be something missing.
  8. Kenneth stepped out, letting out a large breath. "Well that was fun," he mumbled to himself sarcastically. He heard the girl approach and turned to her. "Now what do I do with you," he muttered, weighing the options in his head. He couldn't set her free or his father would just give him another one. There was an abundance of young teenage girls available to those who knew where to look. Keeping her out of the way and out of mind wouldn't work either. No, he'd have to drag her around everywhere he went. Although she was actually pretty attractive he wasn't excited about the prospect. "What's your name?"
  9. Savannah stood there and looked at him hearing what he was saying she barely understood. She spoke French and said " my name is savannah" savannah looked over at him thinking. " and your name?" she asked she was trying to speak English and you could hear her French accent.
  10. Kenneth rolled his eyes. She was French. He guessed his father didn't pick her to do a whole lot of talking. "Kenneth. Kenneth Loudoun. But you are going to call me sir," he said slowly. "Understand?"
  11. Savannah blinked as she heard him. She nodded fast she did understand that. She smiled and said " yeah I understand"
  12. "Understand..." he muttered, trailing off, hoping she would get the message. He didn't have time for this if she couldn't learn fast
  13. Savannah smiled softly " so what would you like to do, sir?" she only learned a few things, so she curtseyed and watched him. She bit her lower lip. Her bright blue eyes looking up at him
  14. "I'm a bit hungry. Come. To the kitchen," he called as he turned to travel there? His feet knowing the way by heart.
  15. Savannah wanted to know like if royalty was nice. She didn't know what if felt like or did she? She looked over and wondered she nodded and walked to follow him. Maybe he can teach her English so she can communicate better
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