The Royal Kills

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  1. [​IMG]

    Living in the Kingdom of Asoma is land of riches and villagers who have no complaints about their King, nor the Queen. For over 200 years the Kingdom Asoma has been ruled by the same bloodline and each ruler is taught by the previous one. Each new ruler is to marry to an ally family or a kingdom that will help their own lands flourish. King Sadon and Queen Gloriana have been ruling the lands of Asoma for over 40 years and have given birth to 5 young royals, unfortunately Queen Gloriana has been murdered along with her eldest son Carak. Queen Gloriana was found dead while sitting in her garden during her tea time, death by poison. At first they believed that the killer worked silently and was a poison expert. Until Prince Carak was found beheaded in the miniature maze within the Castle's garden.

    The Asoma Family is now in despair as the King holes himself up in his chambers and everyone trusts no one. Someone is after the royal family, that much has been clear but... who exactly is it? And what do they want? The young royals of the family are now in danger with a murderer who's mask is still in place. With the Kingdom now looking to blame anyone for the deaths of their beloved Queen and Prince, it leaves them open for any enemy lands to attack while the Kingdom of Asoma is busy looking inside their own walls for the traitor.

    Can they keep their Kingdom safe from enemies trying to start a war?

    No... the bigger question is... will they be able to find the killer before the entire royal family is killed and the Kingdom falls to ruins?


    - Okay so there are abilities in my rp BUT I want them to be simple ones (only one each). No complications or easy ways to find the killer.
    - Grammar: make sure it all makes sense
    - Paragraphs: I want two paragraphs or more
    - Romance: of course romance is allowed, it is also encouraged BUT if you wish to get a little personal and touchy-feely please fade to black and take to pms. If you've read this put a quote that describes your character.
    - Team player: Be a team player alright? Be kind to the other rpers and I get it, if you don't like someone (how they're acting, rping or responding to you) then come and pm me. I will address the situation (bring the three of us into a pm) and try to settle this. If it isn't settled I will kick whoever it is that's actually the problem of the situation. Seems only fair.
    - Remember, I am the GM so what I say goes. If you don't like it... well, there's always the door out x]

    Abilities I don't mind you using~

    Earth- The ability to MANIPULATE earth (plants not included nor is creation)
    Plants- The ability to MANIPULATE plants (earth not included nor is creation)
    Fire- The ability to MANIPULATE fire (reminder, its hard to control)
    Past- The ability to see into the past (do something that goes around the killer)

    (More may be added, these are just to help you)

    Positions Open (needed)---

    King Sadon: Open (not really needed)

    Prince: Reserved
    Princess: Reserved
    Princess: Katelyn Asoma @Karma200
    Prince: (youngest)


    #1: (for the second prince)
    #2: (for the first princess)
    #3: (for the second princess)
    #4: (for the third prince)

    Other positions- (if you wish for another position please ask)
    Queen Mother
    Blacksmith (works within the castle as their personal blacksmith)

    Accepted characters~

    @Karma200 as Katelyn Asoma (second youngest princess)


    Appearance: (rl pics please)
    Gender: (keep the genders even)
    Kingdom: (If you are coming from a different kingdom, please tell me the reason why and give a short description of the kingdom so that other players can describe it in their posts)
    Position: (look at the positions opened, if you don't see one you wish to be then just ask)
    Ability: (only one each)
    Personality: (2 paragraph+ OR you could do bullets)
    History: (2 paragraphs+)

    Appearance: [​IMG][​IMG]
    Name: Katelyn Asoma
    Age: 18 years old
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Kingdom: Asoma
    Position: Second youngest, princess
    Ability: She can see into the future (only disasters, her visions always show the victim and how it happens. Not much else besides scenery)
    Personality: Katelyn is secretive and mysterious, no one truly knows the things she sees or what her ability is because she's never spoken of it nor described it. Many believe that she emotionless and cold because she decides things or gives her opinion which is always blunt and never truly has any compassion within them. Kate isn't like other princesses, people tend to stay away from her because of this and the rumors that she can put a curse on them. There are plenty of things people say about her but none of them is true, she holds her head up high and ignores them to the best of her ability. People are only fools when it comes to things they can't understand.

    She is constantly told that no one will want to marry her because she isn't opened and though she technically acts like a young lady, her mysteriousness has scarred off many suitors. Of course, Katelyn doesn't care about these things because she knows her father won't marry her off to someone she disapproves of and so she has nothing to fear when it comes to marriage. Not even having to live and die alone. Katelyn's loyalties will always lay within Asoma walls and because of this she is determined to find whoever had dared to kill her mother and eldest brother. With a broken heart, Katelyn watches everyone warily and is unsure of who exactly she can trust so she keeps a distance so she can watch and wait.
    History: Katelyn is the second youngest child of King Sadon and Queen Gloriana, at the age of 5 years old Katelyn's power woke and the first vision was of her tutor dying from thief attacking her carriage. Since then Kate believed that what she was seeing was quite possibly just a nightmare of some sorts but the next day when her mother told her what had happened, Katelyn shut off from everyone and kept her secrets to herself. The only one who spoke to about what she seen was her eldest brother Carak, he held all her secrets and seemed to be able to comfort her when visions got really scary.

    When she had her vision of her mother and brother dying, she'd been away to go meet a possible suitor (one that she disliked and who also disliked her as well) and the moment she had the vision she called for her carriage to bring her home as quickly as possible. Unfortunately Katelyn got there a few hours to late and hurried to prepare for the double funeral. Katelyn has a constant fear of lightning because of a vision that previously continued to appear and reappear before the victim actually died. She also has a fear of heights, bats, horses and wolves (because of an accident when her father brought her along with a hunting group as a child).
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  2. Are we allowed to reserve spots? If so, I'd like to reserve the other princess position ♥
  3. Alrighty x] its reserved for you
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  4. I'd like to reserve the second oldest prince.
  5. Just an update: I meant to have my character up tonight, but I was busier than I thought I'd be. She will more than likely be up tomorrow ♥
  6. Color Ref: 5733f5


    "I prefer to be called Matty."
    .Mattaline Lena Asoma.

    "OYou really shouldn't ask a lady her age."

    "I would think this was obvious."

    "I'm into men, thank you."

    "My land is my peoples land."

    "I'm the third oldest, but the first oldest daughter."
    .First Princess.

    "Shh! I shouldn't share my ability with you!"
    .Mattaline can look into the memories of others. However, she can only see, feel, taste and hear what they did, nothing else around them. She must also be touching the person .

    "I'm pretty cool, not gonna lie."
    Mattaline is very much a 'Party-Girl' and a 'Take-No-Shit' girl all at once. She is not afraid to get in someones face, or stand up for what she believes in. Confidence is in an abundance with her, as is a sense of humor and acceptance. As long as you treat her with respect and do not offend her close friends, it is likely that Matty will be exceptionally nice to you. She's not judgmental at all, so anyone can be their freaky-selves around her. As she always says, 'All of us are weird, some just choose to hide it.' She's very much a fun person to be around, so long as you don't mind loud people. However, if you offend her or one of her friends, she tends to have loose-lips.

    Along with her quick-witt comes the ability for her to think of horrible insults on the spot. She can be a major bitch, if you push her to the point. But, with how naturally easy-going Matty is, it's hard to ever see this side of her. Because Mattaline lives to have fun, she tends to be immature, impulsive, and reckless. She doesn't always think things through, but somehow she always manages to get herself out of trouble. She's a very persuasive young girl, which could be a good or bad trait, depending on how she uses it. She's also a little naive, and trusts easily. Perhaps too easily. Still, Matty is content with herself, and wouldn't want to be anyone else.

    "Well, I guess I grew up like any princess."
    .Because Mattaline was the first born daughter she has always been expected to be prim and proper, but that has never been the case. She's known for sneaking out of the castle to spend days among the villagers, or causing trouble within the walls of her home. When she was young her parents worried that she would never straighten out, and worried that if something were to happen to her older siblings she would be unable to take care of the kingdom. However, once Mattaline hit puberty she realized there was a time and place to be silly, and all other times she was to be a respectful young lady.

    She learned her manners much faster than her parents could have hoped, and soon became a well-fitted heir to the throne. She still sneaks out when she can, loving the thrill and also the break she gets from her family. She loves them, sure, but it's nice to get away sometimes. When she was fifteen her ability was discovered, by accident when she held her mothers hand. Her older brothers had abilities too, so it was no surprise when she turned out to have one. However, she's always been afraid to use it, and has been working on building up her self discipline ever since it was discovered. She feels like she shouldn't use her ability to see something she shouldn't, because everyone's past is their own business.
  7. If this Roleplay is Open, I'd like to take the Queen.
  8. In the plot it says the queen has been murdered already.
  9. Hmmmm, can't really play a dead character...
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