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    Candidate Card

    (I want to leave the CS simple I think it would be intreting if we learned about each character through out the rp)

    Name: Aya Kingsler
    Personality: Strong willed with a stubborn side
    Acquaintance Statements:
    - She's a great kid beautiful and smart. You just have to get to know her before that personality becomes less stubborn an more justified in ways.
    -Everything she has ever does is to help her friends and family.
    -She is someone everyone looks up to.
    Three Likes and dislikes:
    -Morning runs
    -The violin
    -overly constricting clothing
    -being cooped up inside

    Aya was walking down the hall of her palace her mother had called her to talk. Her mother never came to see her directly Aya always had to go to her. She sighed a bit to her self, she heard that Marick was called as well, maybe her parents finally wanted them to get married. Since, she was young she was told Marick would be her husband and she had no problem with that, they both loved each other since they were raised together and have always been with each other. She just wished that they were allowed to choose when they married, they would have been married a long time ago. She didn't want to hang on to the hope that her mother might say it's finally time but in the back of her mind she wanted it to be the reason behind the meeting. As she reached the large double doors that elegantly sat in the stone walls of the palace she paused to prepare her self for whatever her crazy mother has planned. Aya had free roam for the most part but when her mother did decide something, she had to listen.

    She thought back to a few incidents of her younger teenage years. She cringed at the memories of the long speech and elegance training she had to go through. She knocked lightly on the door and waited for the servant to open it. As the young maid opened the door she bowed "Come in m'lady." Aya glanced at the made ." Thank you. " she stated her head held high as she walked in only to be a bit surprised by the mood in the room. Marick and his parents where there along with the king and queen the look on Marick face was both sad and pained. Her parents stern and unwavering, the room was filled with tension.

    "What is it you wanted to talk about mother." Aya bowed as she spoke her words. Her mother wasn't one to dilly dally with small talk so she figured she would get right to the point. "Aya, sweetie take a seat." She said sweetly, the tone she only showed when others were not around and we certainty were not alone. Marick and his parents stood beside her as she sat in the large wooden desk. Surprised Aya looked towers Marick but he looked away with a grimaces. What was going on she couldn't tell, Marick would normally be reassuring her with his eyes. She looked back to her mother before sitting in the chair directly in front of her mother.

    Aya, dear I want you to remain calm." She started, the concern on her mothers face clear to all. "But, as you might know the country of Romani is holding their Royal Games for their son heir to the throne." Aya had herd of it but she didn't understand why that had anything to do with her. "Why dose this matter mother ?" She asked. "Well, Aya they are allowing five princesses from other countries to join this year under different names. We received an invitation from the kind and queen for your participation." As the last words rolled of her lips Aya stood up quickly. "No!" She yelled " I am to marry Marick !" Her mother looked surprised but didn't yell back at her " We would like you accept this and not feel such distaste for this chance given to our kingdom. Think about what this would could open up for our country. There is no for sure fact you will win. " Her mother said calmly "No! What if I do win? I love Marick that won't change I will not attend." She spoke loudly but she wasn't yelling any more she looked towards Marick and he looked at her as if she said something horrible. She looked back at her mother as she spoke to Aya again now anger showed on her royal face. "You are the next in line for the throne the only heir and you will attended. It has been decided that Marick will marry you cousin it was agreed on by everyone in this room." Aya's hurt expression found Marick's face in pain. " originally we were going to wait and find out if you won or not but since you show such hate because of Marick towards this invitation Marick will marry your cousin with in the next month and you shall go to Romani.!" Her stern voice was like a quiet echo as she stared at Marick. She interrupted her mother with out thought or care. "Why! Why did you agree" she faced Marick now only talking to him. "Aya," he chocked out. " think of what this could mean. And it's your fault I must marry you cousin now and not until after the results." The last part sounded as if anger made him say those words but his face looked as if it pained him to say it. "Don't blame this on me, I couldn't possibly go through with this !" Aya stormed out of the room with out another glance at any of them.

    The month goes by as Aya fought depression the castle was hectic with wedding preparations and what seemed like the worst nightmare of her life became reality. Merick married her cousin in front of her very eyes. After a mental break down she had merely a month to prepare for her 6 month long trip to Romani. She was given a new name Aya Kingsler instead of her family name of Goldsmith. Since little information on the kingdoms heirs is given to out side countries only the kings and queens of Other countries knew how the heirs looked. She had nothing to worry about the prince only knew there would be princess mixed in with the other women. Her identity would be a secret and her strong will along with orders from her mother made her come back to reality. Though she disliked this ordeal she would try and attempted this game for her country. That is at least what she told her self.

    As she stepped off the airplane she took in her surroundings Romani was a very mountain oriented country very different then her flat country to the south. Even though they share a border Aya had never been here out of fear her identity would be discovered. It was a bit chilly here and snow still lightly fell though it was not sticking to the ground. Her guid showed her to the limo and held the door for her. As she got in she realized there were a few other girls in the limo guessing they where other contestant she stayed quiet not speaking only staring out the window of the car as it traveled down the busy streets of the Romani capital city. Luckily they spoke the same language so she wouldn't have an accent the king and queen must have thought about that. Her face was placid as her mind ran ramped. This is what Marick wanted ,this is what's best for her country, she repeated. Maybe she would really fall in love with the heir maybe but what if he didn't choose her after that. She wasn't mentally prepared for another heart break. She tried to shut her brain off but it didn't work. Her thoughts ran over and over until she reached the palace to be changed and fixed up by stylets for the opening dinner tonight. Everyone was to get the first glimpse of the prince. The palace was elegant, even the common rooms where they waited to be changed and dolled up." Rules would be given after the dinner" her stylets said as they put her into a light pink ball gown dress which went well with her dark red hair and eyes, her hair was pulled back and curled down her back. She was ready for the dinner party. She took a deep breath as her and the other girl waited to be allowed in.
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  2. Spoiler (open)
    (Ignore the weapons ,its just the look/)

    Name: Aldruin Yagari
    Personality: Freedom loving , with a serious side
    Acquaintance Statements:
    -He is a very wild prince, who loves his freedom , he is also known to be a hopeless romantic.
    -He can be serious when he has to be.
    - Is looked up by his younger siblings
    Three Likes and dislikes:
    -Having to be told what to do.

    (Was just making sure my spoiler worked , will be putting in the reply now)

    Aldruin was sitting in a chair in front of his father and mother , he was not really paying attention to what they were talking about, his interest were more on what his younger brother and sister were doing. They were running around outside and it looked like so much fun , he just wanted to go ahead and join them. His father the king finally looked at Aldruin after hi finished talk to his wife. "Aldruin..." his father frowned slightly as he saw his son's mind wander. Aldruin looked at his father "Oh sorry father , I was just keeping my eyes on little Lillia and Arudin " he said with a smile , he then turned his attention to his father fully "Now father what was it that you wanted to tell me"

    King Allrun looked at him and sighed "Now that you have come of age , you have to be with a suitable bride, that is why within the coming months , you will go through the same process I went , when I met your mother" he said with a serious look on his eyes. Aldruin simply nodded "You mean the Games right, why do I have to go through such a gruelling process " he said , the last bit going under his breath.

    The king simply nodded "Yes. The games I know you might not agree with it's methods but it is to eliminate the weaker women from the stronger ones." said the king, he did not mean physically but as a person and their standing, and attitude. "And Raife here will help you through the selection process , and will give you all the information on the contestants.". Aldruin looked at his best friend and his personal guard at least he would have hi best friend around him at all times. Aldruin slowly stood up from his chair. He said his goodbye to his parents and left the room with Raife.

    Raife simply smiled "You don't look to happy about this but none the less it is something you must do. Before you leave stop by tonight so I can give you all the information I can about the contestants. " he aid as his long black hair waved behind his head. Aldruin shrugged "I don't but , hey if it's what my mother and father think is best for everyone who am I to say no. Now if you will excuse me old buddy , my little brother and sister are waiting for me to come join them, and I will not miss out on the fun!!!" he said as he waved his friend goodbye.

    Later that night after him and his family shared a meal he went to the edge of the castle and slowly knocked on the door. When he walked in he saw Raife at his table looking through a lot of papers. All of them had pictures on it and information. When Raife saw Aldruin walked in he told his friend to sit. Aldruin sat down and poured himself and his friend a glass of wine. He took a deep breath " Now let's have a look shall we." he said as he took the papers and looked through all the information he could.

    After the few months passed the prince silently waited in his room as he watched his little sister and brother play on the ground in front of them. They were his little treasures , he would do anything for the twins. "Come on you two enough of that now , Lillia go to mother so she can dress you properly" he said with a smile. Lillia stood of with a pouted face she wanted to argue and play more but she could see her brother was being serious this time. She smiled and skipped to her brother and gave him a tight hug, she was always the most happy out of the three. Aldruin dressed his brother and then the little man left as well. Aldruin looked at the door and sighed "Raife go tell my parents I am ready."

    Aldruin sighed as he prepared himself. He looked into the mirror his hair was tied up and he looked more serious than he usually did. Raife made his way to Aldruin's room again once he opined the door he smiled "Well don't you look better, but" he said walking over and undid his friends hair "You look more attractive with your hair down" Aldruin simply smiled "You know I keep thinking your gay not that there is anything wrong with that"he said with a smirk. He took a deep breath as he gave a nod to Raife both of them went downstairs, when he made it to the dining hall he made his way over to where his father and mother was sitting. He gave them a slight bow, his mother could not help but be impressed with how her soon looked. Aldruin smiled at his younger brother and sister. They looked adorable he had the urge just to hug them but he had to stay serious. He turned around and looked at the entrance. He gave Raife a nod to open the doors for the contestants. The dining hall was very big and it looked almost like it was made out of gold. Aldruin's golden hair was slightly in front of his eyes, his piercing blue eyes scanning every girl as they came in.
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  3. Aya took a deep breath as the doors opened. The girls where out in a ordered line and told which tables they went to. As each women walked in the gave a slight bow before walking to there spots. Each chair had a butler to pull them out for each women. They all stood infornt of their chairs until they we told to sit. Aya noticed that she was up front the first chair on the left side the king and queen where right there. The queen looked at me with a small smirk before returning her gaze forward. Maybe it was more planned that she though. Did they want to join our two countries is that why they placed me so close to their table. Aya's red orbs fell on the empty seat next to the king it was practically right next to her. Her eyes seemed distant a distracted as she though. Slowly she turned back to face forward. The hound women next to her caugh her eye she had a nervous smile on compared to Aya's placid look. The girl noticed Aya's eyes on her and she turned her head just a bit to mouth a yellow to her.

    Aya nodded at the girl before looking at the prince his blond hair pulled back showing off his very pointed ears. She had heard he was elven but her country has few and she knew little about them. She had heard of elves and humans marring and it was acceptable in the lower classes and even happening in the higher class from time to time. But, becuese of the secretive nature of the kigdoms about their heirs. She never got the chance to meet any. She rarely met other humans. He was on the other hand very good looking. Yet she wasn't sure his pale hair and skin would look as good with her red flowing hair and pricing eyes next to him. She felt her chances lowered there. She almost wanted to shrug her shoulder at the thought. But, she remained calm and lady like waiting for the opening speech.
  4. Leandur looked around the room and gave all the girls a smile , until he turned his attention to the girl nearest him she had this gorgeous red hair , he gave her a warm smile as well. The King finally stood up and stood next t his son "Welcome ,welcome" he said in a booming voice . The king had a very prominent presence just by the way he stood and talked, completely different from Leandur . The prince looked much more relaxed and free. The King looked at all of them "I am very pleased that you all accepted the invitation to participate in the games, it means a lot to me and the queen. And we hope whoever wins will carry on this proud tradition of ours" he said as and then looked at his son , to introduce himself. Leandur sighed and took a deep breath , all the girls eyes were locked on him, he was nervous. "Welcome , and thank you. My name is Leandur and I hope that all of us can get along , and become friends " he said with a warm smile . He said as he sat down on one of the tables.

    As the dinner started all the girls started talking to each most shooting nervous and shy looks at the prince. He sat there eating the food with a smile on his face. When he was done he slowly stood up and looked at all the girls he would personally introduce himself to each. The dates with each girl would start tomorrow but now he would like to get to know each of them a little better. He smiled as he went over to each girl and introduced himself when he finally he got to the red haired girl h gave her a warm smile. "Hi there" he said sitting next to her.
  5. She noticed his smile but tried her best not to over think it. Giving him a quick nod and straight smile before looking away. She wasn't good at these things how was she going to get someone to fall in love with her when the only person she has ever loved, loved her back from day one. "Oh my, did you see that he looked right at you. " the women next to Aya whispered. "My names Leana." She smiled. Aya returned the smile. "Aya." she returned. from that point on the girls chatted until the prince started to make a trip around the room to each girl. Leana whispered as she watched the prince. "To tell you the truth my mother said I just had to attend I could tell the prince I love another and he could send me home. But, out of respect I had to make through the first week." Aya's heart twisted in pain. "Ah, uhm your mother has no problem with that?" Aya asked quietly. "No No, she said I can marry for love like she did but she want me to at least see if I could have feelings for the prince." The Leana laughed her blue eyes shutting a bit as she did. When the prince neared them they both stopped talking. The prince talked to Leana first then came Aya.

    "It's a pleasure to meet you Prince Leandur." Aya was nervous but she tried to hide it the best she could. "My names Aya.. Aya Kingsler." She held her hand out to the prince.
  6. Leandur looked at Aya and simply smiled she was the only girl who really sounded nervous about all of this. It made him think a little bit higher of her than the other girls, the other girls were so sure of them selves and that told him a lot about the other girls, they were to confident , he did not like that , because that kind of confidence always leads to problems when it came to later things, as the girls finished the rest of their food and were done talking he stood up , the dinner went for a few hours which seemed like forever to Leandur. He smiled and simply stood up giving his good nights to all the women. He slowly turned around and started walking away, his little sister running up to him taking his hand and walking up stairs with him. Once he went up stairs he smiled as he looked at his little sister "Hey silly princess want me to read you to sleep again tonight" she simply smiled and nodded. The kings men showed all of the girls to their rooms. Raife stood by Aya "My lady may I show you to your room for your duration during the games, and maybe we can discuss your schedule on the way to your room" he said with a smile as he bowed slightly. Raife was formal he did not want to mess up Leandur's chances with any of the girls' so he ordered his men to be as formal as they could be as well.
  7. Aha watched the prince leave. Maybe he wasn't a bad person. She continued to look at the door the prince walked through until another man spoke. "Oh, I'm sorry I was a bit distracted. If you could explain the schedule and the rules of the castle as we walked I would be freatful." She smiled at him giving a slight bow. When she straightened back up she looked back to the door one last time before fallowing the man out of the dinning area.

    As they walked down the hallways Aya tried to remember each passage as they wentz the man had yet to speak yet but she had questions she wanted to ask. She had to concentrate on not blurting out before the man spoke. In her mind she lectured her self. 'Remember Aya this isn't your castle the prince can't know your a princess act as if high class but not royalty. Wait to be spoken to.' These were rules she rarely Procter being rather outspoken and heir to her kingdom she felt stress under the pressure of it.
  8. Raife walked her around the castle "The King have only set a few basic rules. The first rule is not to wander alone at night always take an armed guard with you, he does not want anything to happen to the contestants or the contestants hurting each other. The second is not seeing the prince after hours unless he invites you out for the night" he said as his eyes scanned the hallway he read her entrance sheet more than the prince only the king and queen knew who she really was but from her look Raife was sure she was far more than just a normal noble. "Well my lady , your schedule is pretty much set for the morning as you get to spend time with the prince first, the king wants to see how a future queen would do with charity work. You will be going out on one of the prince's favourite things helping the poor. " he said with a smile

    "You will meet the prince in the gardens in the morning quite early, and you will be back in the afternoon. And the next night you will have your first date with the prince the two of you will be going on a boat trip down the capitals river" he said as they reached her room "I have made sure all the information is already in your room , and my lady if there is anything you need don't hesitate to ask . Also " he said pointing to another guard that arrived this one female "She will stay outside your room for the night, so if any problem arises just ask her"
  9. Aya followed quickly her heels clicking on the marble floor of the palace. She had to admit it was very beautiful just as nice as theirs if not better. Maybe their country was better of than her's? They have never had money problem before though. So, maybe her parents were more subtle with decorations. Aya listened to him as they walked before speaking up. "Uhm. I was wondering if I could go on morning jogs or if there was a fitness center. Also, a library possibly and if we were allowed into do those things?"

    They stopped out side the door the door of her room. She said her greetings to the female guard and began to wonder what exactly were these games like if they needed guards. She was a bit scarred now and glad she took all her self defense classes even if she was sore for weeks at first.
  10. Before Raife left he turned to speak with her for one final time "There is a library down the hall , you can go read there any time if you wish my lady , but please take your guard with you , there is a fitness centre it's the prince's private centre but he has allowed all of the contestants to do what they wish in their, and for morning jogs the prince goes out very early, that will be about the only time you can go for jogs my lady" he said giving her a smile. As he left the room he went to his own for the night .

    The prince was up all night not being able to sleep because he was nervous about all of this when morning came , he got into his exercise clothes and started to go for a long nice jog deciding to work of the nervous energy, his personal guards were following him to make sure no trouble would happen . The prince believed strongly that a healthy mind leads to a fit body .
  11. Aya said her good byes before going into her room for tonight. She woke up early that next morning and changed into a pair of workout sweats and a thin long sleeve shirt. It was cooler her than her home it would take he a little bit to get used to it.

    She went to the door of her room and opened it looking for the guard. "Hey, is their a certain path I have to take?" She asked while pulling her long red hair into a ponytail.
    Her guard nodded before taking her out to the gardens a small path went around the out side of the very large garden was probably a couple miles through the more open land beside the castle. Unlike their castle his was outside the city. She took a deep breath taking in the fresh air. She rather liked it even if it was a little chilly. She was nervous about maybe running into a prince. It almost put her off from her run.
  12. As he was running he caught up with Aya and slowly started jogging next to her "Good morning going out for a delightful run are we" he said with a smirk, he liked those that would keep themselves healthy ,it was important to live a good lifestyle, he also wanted to issue her a slight challenge.

    "Lets see if you can keep up" he said as he increased his pace and was starting to get far ahead of her, he loved the morning wind on his skin the cold air, it felt refreshing and cool ,something that he would rarely feel during the day or night. He looked around and saw the sun starting to rise even more , the fog slightly starting to clear, everyone else was probably going to wake up at this point, but all that had to wait for his run, it was important to him it represented to him freedom.
  13. Aya was startled by the prince her pace faltered a bit but she regained it fast. "Good morning prince" she inclined her head as she spoke. They ran in silence for a bit until she heard him to speak. His voice was playful as he sent her a challenge. Aya smiled as she watched him speed up. She to a few seconds to take a good look at him again. He was tall and fit someone who could be keep up with her work outs and ever changing athletic kicks she is on. She picked up her paces and caught up with him with ease. She kept paces beside him for a while before speaking up. "I heard I have a date with you today?" She asked.
  14. (Sorry for the late reply I have been slightly busy)

    The prince smile as she caught up with him. "It's not so much as a date but as a day helping me out. We will be tending to the poor , the sickly and help those in need. I love doing that on a daily basis I want to make sure people in my kingdom are healthy and happy. I also want to find out how all you girls handle yourselves in those situations." he said with a smile as he turned up the pace and went ahead of her. He reached the end in not a long time , he sighed and took a deep breath as the fog was fully lifted right now. He smiled as the sun was shining on him. He was going to take a nice long swim and then prepare for the day.
  15. Aha couldn't help but laughed at his eagerness reach the end before she did so she didn't pick up her pace. She saw him reach the end and begin to walk away. So Simply slowed down giving him space to move on. She reached her hand up intertwining her fingers to stretch. When she felt the tension leave her body she sighed and headed back to her room to get ready.

    Once in her room she washed and began to pick out cloths. They would be helping others right their was no need for her to get dressed up. No, she wasn't that type of princess. She pulled out a pair of nice clean Jean brand new actually. They fit her well but where simply perfect for work. The then pulled out a light grey blue buttoned blouse. She pulled her hair up in a flowing ponytail and did her make up lightly. Even if she tried to dress down she still felt as if she looked like a princess her cloths though plain fit her perfectly and were on the higher end of the price range. She sighed before turning away from her mirror. Maybe she dressed to plainly. She shrugged before slipping on her sneaker. "Oh, well I'm not going to change for him to fall in love with me." She moved to the door and opened it. The guard stood there her arms behind her back. "Uhm, am I to meet the prince somewhere or just wait here." She asked.
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