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  1. I'll probably have plenty to write about before I'm done, but I'll keep this pretty organized. I just want to see how my ideas appeal to the people of the forums before I jump right in. Surely at least one will catch you attention and I'll only need one person for each idea to keep it alive, so if you like it make sure I know or I'll probably recycle-bin it.

    I will also be sure to let you know when one takes off or the idea is fulfilled, so as to not cause any confusion. I'll also answer any questions if some of the ideas seem obscure. So with that said, let me get to work:​


    Hell's Maw Academy
    School Life|Anime|Fantasy

    In the city of Purgatoria, on the edge of Hell's Maw, there is a school (of sorts) that acts as not only a barrier, but as a doorway in and out of Hell. It is through this doorway countless demons flock to gain a second chance at life. If they can prove their way, then they can enter the world of Purgatory with the rest of the disembodied humans waiting for their cycle of rebirth. However, there are many tests to prove and there are always demons trying to force their way through the gate. Liars and cheaters are not permitted beyond this point, but if you're willing to protect Purgatoria, you may just get your shot at the real world.
    Notes: Of course, in this roleplay, almost any race you can think of can be present. However, I should mention that certain races are limited (for plot reasons), such as angels and vampires. You can still choose either of these, but you may have to make some adjustments according to the plot. Also fallen angels and "Grim Reaper"s are acceptable but also limited.


    World Gears
    Steampunk|Sci-fi|Realistic/Anime Styled

    The world is set in the distant future after the regression of society and science after the failure to find renewable resources. At the cost of several mad attempts at preserving the Earth, the world is a shell of its former self. The earth is now propelled forward in its rotation by an astronomical machine, developed by a scientist dubbed Father Time, called the Clock's Face. It was designed to produce enough enough energy to sustain life within a large city for as long as the Earth still spins (therefore providing unconditional perpetual energy). However this has slowed Earth's rotation causing severe global biome changes, making it hard to live anywhere on the Earth's surface. Given that fact, most people take up residence in the Clock's Face (that is, for people that can afford it). But also within the Clock's Face is a prison, unseen by the public eye, used to house all the rebels from the surface (labeled as "Free Radicals").

    Those that cannot afford to live there live instead in one of three places: Clockwork Town, a harshly aristocratic town where laborers manually work pumps or repair and maintain the machines that do it for them, all to provide enough energy for the rest of the wealthy upper class to leave peacefully. Then, on the other side of the World Schism (a landbridge forming the only decent path between continents), is an ice tundra hardly fit for human life. The only shelter in this frozen wasteland is the warm bosom of Palmo's Tower, a small matriarchal establishment run by the "tyrant" Palmo. Lastly, there is one more place that serves as a "middle ground"; the last remaining forest on the Earth's surface serves as a breeding ground for all the abandoned and rebellious youths of the surface. They serve as the "Lost Children" under an unknown entity known as "Mother Earth" and rebel against the people that would use their "home" as either fuel to preserve the dying world or warmth for a dying people.
    Notes: There are obviously several possibilities for "location" in this roleplay, so you're open to decide on a place to stay. I promise there's enough action in each setting to keep everyone entertained, but if you want to make multiple characters to get a feel of all the areas, you're more than welcome.​


    King of Atlantis
    Steampunk|Sci-fi|Realistic/Anime Styled

    There is a vast network of underground tunnels connecting the sewers of even the most remote european countries. Miles and miles of pipes big enough to ride boats through, this spiderweb weaves its way under the entirety of the Mediterranean Sea. But at the center of this web is a lost city, buried under the catacombs of Italy itself, far below the deepest depths of all surrounding bodies of water; the city that sank below the ocean, Atlantis. However, as fanciful as the legends are, the actual reality of the place are the polar opposite. This world, unhindered by morality or law flourishes with the untapped potential of science, but at a severe cost. For this world, unbound by law is sporadic and hellish. Crime runs rampant and death happens as frequently and seamlessly as breathing.

    There are people who can survive this culture, however, and even turn their fortune around. Among these people are the unclassified "Lab Members" of the nine esteemed branches throughout the world (six being present in Europe and their headquarters being in Atlantis). Of course, the simplest ones to get away with anything are the members of the Mafia that created this elaborate smuggling route. They say the Mafia runs Atlantis, but there is one more power that thrives above all else and establishes a sort of "law" in this dark abyss, and that would be the King of Atlantis himself. No one knows for sure how he came to power, but I am sure we are soon to find out.
    Notes: For this one, you can choose which little "niche" you want, however the most action will probably be the ones shooting for the crown. The Mafia is unrestricted, and you can even choose to be a Mafia member and still try for King of Atlantis. However, the "Lab Seats" are few in number, so if you want a prominent part as a lab member, you have to act fast. Lab heads aren't allowed to pursue the throne, but general members are. And lastly, I know a lot of the plot is left out here, but I had to simplify it so that I didn't write a full essay.

    Disgaea 0

    For those unfamiliar with the setting of previous games, they always take place in the Netherworld, a world directly linked to the Human World. The Netherworld is a sort of "Hell" in that it's a place where demons and sinful humans live out their afterlife. However, in these stories, there is no "Devil" the presides over these Netherworlds, but what is known as the Overlord. The Overlord, to put simply, is just the most powerful demon in that realm, since any demon exercises the right to challenge and dethrone such overlords. Even overlords from alternate dimensions threaten other overlords over rule of all the netherworlds. In a demon's eyes, there is no end to any greed, that's just how they live.

    It is in this such a netherworld that the story takes place, however, there seems to be no current Overlord. The late Overlord has passed away from seemingly unknown causes, so now there are intense skirmishes for the throne. However, demons of the Netherworld are not the only complications to the throne's vacancy. Without a ruler, the Netherworld's mana is in an unstable decline, and the heroes from the Human World and the angels from Celestia (an alteration of "Heaven") would see to the decline of this Netherworld and the eradication of the demons.
    Notes: I will, of course, get more specific on a few points once the roleplay is up and away. But for those of you that know the franchise, I'm sure you could probably just jump right in. For those that don't, you needn't be discouraged, it's a very simple concept to get into. But I should mention that things in this particular roleplay should really not be taken too seriously (it is indeed a Comedy).

    Persona 0
    Fandom|Slice of Life|Realistic/Anime Styled

    The setting, as with most Persona games, is set in the real world, almost completely unchanged aside from the confines of a specific city. It is in such a specific city, that the rules are always altered by beings named "Shadows". Vulgar and crude creatures varying greatly in shape and form, these beings feast on the very souls of human beings. However, these monsters always go unseen by the mere human eye until the very last second. But there are beings more powerful than these common shadows that are used to peer into their world. These greater beings are known as Personas, personifications of a human's heart. Humans can obtain this power by confronting their shadows and claiming the power of their "true self". And with the power of personas, humans finally have a chance to fight back the darkness spreading through the city.

    The rules of this particular city are as follows: when someone within the confines of the city are overcome with intense sorrow or suicidal thoughts, a field called a "Shadow Field" appears to allow shadows to manifest and consume the targets soul and/or lead the target to their death. Those with deep feelings of regret, anger, or sorrow are primary targets for stronger shadows and larger Shadow Fields, but are usually monitored as "Shadow Spikes", clearly visible to any human with a persona. However, it is also possible for persona wielders to activate their own Shadow Fields, and this might account for the large increase of sporadic Field behavior. It seems the shadows aren't the only things to fear in this world.
    Notes: For those that are familiar with Persona or even the basics of tarot cards themselves, you may know that there are only 22 major arcana. Unfortunately, since each persona is based off a singular arcana, we cannot have more than 22 persona wielders. I should mention that it's perfectly fine to create a normal human in this world, and not all persona wielders have to fight (most didn't in the games anyways), but I always figured that was half the fun, so to each their own. For those that are unfamiliar with at least the tarot major arcana, I'd suggest you at least brush up on that much before starting this up. Also the setting is fairly limited, but you may be pleased to know that it's very vivid and has it's own charm to it.

    Again, I still have more to write. I'll get to it eventually.
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  2. I'm definitely intrigued by the latter two.
  3. Oh, I almost forgot about this, haha. I really need to update with the rest of the ideas. But yes, I'm particularly fond of those two myself. In their respective stories, they're supposed to exist within the same world (obviously at very different times) and even share a few hints at the same characters (obviously different generations). But that's why they share a lot of similarities.

    I just thought I'd throw that out there as a little side-note that I thought was mildly interesting. Plus it gives someone with a foothold in both roleplays the opportunity to transcend time and write their own path (with my approval of course). I don't know, I have just always loved the Steampunk motif.
  4. The first perhaps?
  5. That sounds awfully unsure. But I guess I'll mark that down as a solid one for each. I've been unpacking recently, so I haven't had the time to sit down and write anything yet. Let me see if I can't add a couple more ideas and see if they're not better.
  6. I'm intrigued by all three, to be honest. I'm not sure my workload can handle all three, however, so put me down as a maybe for all of them and I'll have to decide which ones I want later.
  7. got one involving demons myself. interested? though it's a 1x1...
  8. I believe I will go with "World Gears"
  9. I'm interested in world gears.
  10. The first two interests me a lot. All three of them are pretty awesome ideas by the way.
  11. I appreciate the praise. And it looks like World Gears might just kickstart. But there's plenty of room given the vast landscape (more so than the other two). I still need to finish writing the outlines for the other stories, but I've been having trouble pulling up my records and all my story ideas are mixed up. That, coupled with my most recent moving process made for a sharp bout of procrastination. So I apologize for the wait, I simply didn't want to have to rewrite the stories, but I should be getting a hold of them soon.

    I have three "fandom" stories and two normal ones on the way, but I just need to find where I put them.
  12. Oh? Which fandoms are they of?
  13. Oh, those would be of Persona, Disgaea and the Tales series. Haha, they're all video games, but I was really enamored in all of them, they have very compelling plot lines. To be fair, you probably don't have to necessarily be familiar with any of the series to really follow the story (since in each case the plot outlines are all very individualistic). However, knowing any or all of the series would give you a firmer grasp on what the overall tone and direction the stories will consist of. I personally like the spins I put on these, and I've been told I had a very convincing take on the games to where they sound like they could be possible. But I'll leave that for you guys to judge when I finally recover them from my files.
  14. I think I'd want a fallen angel if you did the hells maw one.
  15. The World Gears one definitely has my interest, sure as sure.
  16. I like the first two the most. ^^
  17. Haha, fallen angels in that plot are a little tricky. But if you really want the role, I'd probably be willing work it out with you (though probably more work than it's worth). I like Hell's Maw Academy, but the limitations were a little perplexing, so it's probably my least favorite of the three. I was hoping to find people that were a little more creative to give me more ideas about the possible races, but if some of you need a pre-made framework, I can provide that as well. As far as imaginative, that one has the most, I'm just saying that if you were hoping for those few specific roles I listed with your own takes on them, you may be disappointed.

    That said, World Gears is attracting a lot of attention. To be honest though, it was my favorite of the three as well. I guess the limitless sandbox of a world was just too appealing. Also, it's unrestricted plot outline is pretty nice. I'd like to keep that for all my story ideas, but the more imaginative a story is, the more a writer has to crash down the hammer of reality. In this case, the scenery itself dictates the flow of realism, so it's a nice take on it to be sure. I think the main issue would be trying all the events together, but that mainly falls on me to work on, so I guess that's a pretty safe bet. But World Gears does have a set plot, so be prepared to follow the designated area's "leader". Of course, rebellion is also an option, but the calamities of the world are hard to ignore.

    Also, I'm here to announce that I've given up on searching my records for the other story ideas, haha. I'll write them all from scratch sometime soon, but I was trying to avoid that if I could. But rest assured, they will definitely be there soon (I was getting tired of having to say that, so I'll make sure this time).
  18. The king of Atlantis sounds fun. I'll admit that I am busy. Should you decide to activate it, I would appreciate a heads up to see what I could do to be a part of the story.
  19. Haha, well with the rate of Atlantis's following, I'm sure you will have some time. It kind of saddens me because it was the inspiring prequel to World Gears, as well as a fun outlet for my mad scientist fantasies. But I guess it does come off as slightly boring. But who wouldn't like to be the bad guy every now and then? In that world law is your only enemy. Ah well, I guess I can't speak for everyone.

    I might just create a World Gears start-up immediately after I finish getting all the story ideas down (don't want to forget them now that I lost their files). I'll alert everyone that has signed up, of course, but that one has the kind of setting people can just jump in at any time. But that one has enough attention to deserve some life being blown into it, and I'm excited to see everyone's take on it.

    And with that said, I also pulled up two of the fandoms (finally) bringing down my story ideas left to three (for the moment at least). However, with one of the non-fandom stories I might have to retract because I'm having trouble recalling some of the specifics and I might have to rewrite it entirely. It was just a little hard to create the world with a story that's too specific and you left with nothing to go off of. I might circle back to it later, but I might just post two more instead of three. But feel free to check out the newest additions so far. You don't have to be part of the fandoms to truly appreciate these stories.
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  20. Disgaea 0 =)

    I love the games, "For the most parts" Thus an Disgeaea Rp wpuld likely be very cool ^^
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