The Royal Arrangements

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  1. Ten kingdoms, five princes, five princesses, one castle. After the winter council of the kings, it was decided that the eldest of their children were of age to be married. It took them three moths of fighting but they all decided who shall be married to whom and though some of the selections were less than pleasing it was all set and done. The last step was to send all of the now young adults to meet their soon to be wedded.

    1 Taken - Me - Falon Hitchlynn
    2 Taken - Chirokochan - Eliza Park
    3 Taken - Duchess_Bastet - (only because you so sweetly requested it~)
    4 Taken - Eolande - Amber Jule
    5 Taken - Nina Neko - Isabelle

    1 Taken - Tenchi-Roku - Raiku Shaadah
    2 Taken - Copper - Dmitri Caligo Mev'ludí
    3 Taken - Ruoki - Aurin
    4 Taken - That guy named Ed -
    5 Taken - Oblivionstem - Faroh Eache

    If the majority of the prince and princess roles are filled than we could have a few maids and butlers of the castle whom have not made a dedication to any specific person yet. This could be added to the plot later so keep cheacking back.
    Please no one liners. five sentances minimal though more is always welcome.
    I'm not the police of grammer but do try.
    Post twice a week or your spot will be given to another, If you cannot post in a while and you know it than have someone you trust drag your character around for a bit.
    (If I accept your chara and you see someone elses chara then you can PM eachother about relationships to add to past, double cheack with me, and then add it to your bio)

    Skele (Please send it to me so I can accept before you post it here.)

    Main Export*
    Theme Song*

    *Optional and if you need help don't be afraid to ask~

    **If anyone would like to join as a maid or butler currently non dedicated to any husehold they may.
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  3. Name Falon Hitchlynn
    Age 18
    Kingdom Bringum
    Main Export With the countries lush fields it is easy for Bringum to grow various types of vrops, of the most popular is grapes. They make many types of wines and is often gifted to the other kingdoms.
    Race shape shifts into harpie
    Personality Falon is playful and teasing, She can come off as sweet and adventurous but she can actually get scared quite easily and has the tendancy to get into pointless fights often. She is curious and mischevious. Falon often speaks her mind without hesitation. Without the respect for other people and their property she is usual at fault when a fight starts. She is easily distracted by anything that glitters or shines. Lately Falon has learned the techniques of seduction and uses it to get her way on more than one occation.
    Likes She loves meats, wine from home, music,
    Dislikes She dosn't really have much of a sweet tooth,
    Quotes "Want to go on an adventure?" "You know? I wont hold your hand if you get scared."
    Theme Song Madi Diaz - Let's Go
    Skills Other than breaking things she is athletic, She loves to go out for a run or ride horses though she is sopossed to stay inside all day.
    Powers Bringer of life and death through the wind, flight
    Bio Falon was born the eldest daughter of King Henry Hitchlynn and Queen Katherine Hitchlynn. She has two younger sisters, Saye the middle child and Annemaria the baby of the family. She would often get in trouble with her nurses and tutors until she hit the age of sixteen. When she overheard one of her ladies in waiting and a courtier flirting. It was nothing new, it happened all the time she was in the palace. The only differance was that this was the first time she took notice. She started practicing flirting with her tutor, a young, handsome man of twenty four and highly intelegant, it took almost a year to get some sort of reaction and another six months before she was able to miss a lesson without it being told to the king and queen. Of course this young lad never chased after her and she never did anymore than some pursuation to get out of a lesson. when Falon was eight her kingsom went to war with Ortiania for six long years. Her parents the king and queen dreaded the thought that soon the other kingdoms would get involved and take sides. Her country could provide food but that was all and depeneded on the others. They made the agreement to end the war though they still hold a grudge against Ortiania. Back when Falon was 15 she met 16 year old Eliza during a trading between their two countries. During their short time together Falon thought of her as a little sister considering both Eliza and Saye were both shy, quiet but responsible.
    Height 5' 7.5" weight 138lbs. bust 35C waist 26" hips 37" Long legs and arms.
  4. Name Eliza Park
    Age 19
    Kingdom - Vestis
    Main Export - Clothes and supplies to make them.
    Race - Human
    Personality - Modest, likes to get things accomplished. Rarely speaks without being spoken to, quiet, shy, hard working.

    Likes - Making clothes, cake and other pastries, giving others clothing.

    Dislikes - Loud noise, a tear or stain in clothing, being ignored or singled out in a group.

    Quotes - (I don't know what you mean by quotes ._.)

    Theme Song* - N/A

    Skills - Can make her own clothing with the right materials.

    Powers* N/A

    Bio - Ever since she was a child, she's watched her mom make clothes for herself and for others in the castle. She started to take on sewing when she was about 11 years old and since then has been making her own clothes, building on and on until she could make decent dresses. Now, she makes clothes for the people of the castle.

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  7. Name: Amber Jule

    Age: 19

    Kingdom: Nuvia

    Main Export*: The desert climate of Nuvia means not a whole lot of delicious food grows well. However, jewels are plentiful and there are many miners in Nuvia. This is the main export, and one of the only ones.

    Race: Elf

    Personality: Amber was sort of a tomboy. She was confident and playful, a bit of a tease. She is sporty and enjoys competition, and loves to joke around with others. Her favorite companion is her pet rat, affectionately named Marble. He was a blue hooded Dumbo rat, and quiet a big one at that. He could always be found with her, sometimes on her shoulder or hiding among her sleeves or pockets.

    Likes: Games, Making friends, and being the center of attention

    Dislikes: People who are too sensitive (Especially guys), and people who are afraid or grossed out by Marble.

    Quotes: "Man up, I hate it when guys cry." "Come on, he's only a little guy, he's not gonna bite!"

    Skills: Athleticism, and decent fencing

    Powers: No magic

    Bio: Amber was certainly not what most expected of a princess. With her loud voice and forthright attitude, not to mention that rat she carried around, she startled most of the royal servants, and often embarrassed her parents. Her parents loved her though, and knew eventually she would grow up and make a good ruler. At least they hoped so. She spent a lot of her time playing with her younger brothers and sisters (the king and queen were very prolific) and walking among the common citizens. She'd even help out when she could.

    Appearance: Amber- Elf.jpg

    Marble- Dumbo.jpg
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    Name: Isabelle Windsor

    Age: 18

    Kingdom: Ezara

    Main Export*: tea and sugar

    Race: human

    Personality: She's a fun, loving princess. She loves to spend time with her royal family and play sports. She has a kind heart and willing to help others. She's a very happy person but she has a short temper that most people would want to avoid. She hates fighting, and is willing to lose to a argument than hear one. She can be quite shy in uncomfortable situations.

    Likes: singing, nature, animals, family time, dancing, flirting, adventures, riding her beloved horses and playing her violin and piano.

    Dislikes: rude people, snobs, seeing the poor suffer, thunderstorms and arguments.

    Quote: "They say I'm the sweetest princess out of them all." (since her main exports are sugar, cheesy i know.)

    Theme Song*:

    Skills: she is very good at polo and making good tea.

    Powers*: she can communicate with animals.

    Bio: Isabelle seem to have been the only child her parents ever loved or payed attention to. Out of 5 kids, she was the youngest. The people thought the being for all the attention was because she was fighting for her life when she was just a baby. Everyone seem to have fallen in love with Isabelle but her only sister couldn't agree. She hated Isabelle and envied her. But Isabelle loved her siblings very much despite all the drama between her and her sister. Her parents also stayed together because of her. She would always bring the family closer in a way. Isabelle seemed to be boy crazy, she would play around and flirt with all the local boys. She loved the attention from them.

    Appreance: [​IMG]
    5'4, 122lbs. long, silky light brown hair and hazel eyes. small, slender body.
  9. Name: Raiko Shaadah

    Age: 19

    Kingdom: Morzack

    Main Export: Weapons and blacksmithing items

    Race: Dark Elf

    Personality: Relative to his people, Raiko is dark and almost emotionless in speech. At dire times he knows to make the decision that benefits hima and his people. He's not very fun, he's not quite a sweet heart either, but is just what he needs to be when the time is right. Even though he doesn't show it, Raiko can be very excited at good events.

    Likes: Playing his harp, star gazing,dueling, making weapons, nature, the sounds of night, and similar people.

    Dislikes: Overly bright light, annoying creatures, cockyness, and stuck up royals.

    Quotes: "How far into the dark must one travel, to see the light...?"

    Theme Song:

    Skills: He was trained from birth to use a sword properly, as well as how to repair and create one. His father being a blacksmith and his mother a swordsman, he lived the life of a warrior's child.

    Powers: Can move at nearly blinding speeds.

    Bio: Being an only child in the family of fighters, Raiko never learned how to have a happy heart or sense of humor. his parents would train him night and day in their perfected skills, letting him adapt and improve them to be twice as better in his hands. As he grew his parents would admire his progress, and began to show him how to care. But by the time they began, they had become gravely ill and bound to their beds. He spent countless days learning the hard life on his own, while he cared for his parents only to have them pass away under his watch.

    Appearance: View attachment 10105
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