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кαι∂єη яуσυ σƒ ƒαєℓιѕ

Kaiden stared as she watched him through the mirror, two female attendants fixing her elaborate hairstyle. He shifted from one foot to another impatiently, Did you want something, he sighed, "Mother?""If you're not going to say anything, I'm going to leave." he was getting tired of waiting for her reprimand. He wasn't going to change his clothes. The celebration would begin in a short while. "It's my birthday, anyway," he continued sharply, not giving her a chance to scold him, "I should be able to wear whatever I want."

He ran a restless hand through his dark red hair, messy and tousled as always and sighed at his mother's face through the mirror. She couldn't turn to look at him and he was rather happy. It wasn't as bad to see her disappointment through glass. It wasn't as real. Kaiden gave her a small smile to reassure her, "Just this. I won't do anything else." He explained. He knew his mother was on edge. She probably thought he would ruin the party. Apparently traditional balls were just as important as his parents' pride as royalty. He hadn't been planning to ruin the celebration; it was his birthday after all.

The Queen sighed and waved a hand in the air dismissively, "You misunderstood me, Kaiden Ryou." she always spoke as if she was addressing her people instead of her youngest son. It made Kaiden break into half a grin, bemused by his own thoughts. Why was his mother such an aristocrat? "Your cousin is here. Is that your doing?" Her eyes stared at him darkly through the glass and he couldn't help himself. He grinned at her and winked.

"Well mother, you do know how much I love--"

She cut him off, obviously irritated. She was still having a long feud with the Faeryans so Kaiden having invited his cousin Lorelei was something she wasn't going to accept. Even if it was his birthday party. "You're irrational, do you even consider our feelings towards that child?"

Kaiden's eyes narrowed. If there was anyone irrational, it had to be his mother. Her recent argument with her sister-in-law, Lorelei's mother, was over something akin to who had the better computerized home system. He thought it was a stupid reason to fight with relatives. "Your feelings are stupid. You're fighting over technology." He turned to leave. He had seen his mother's shocked reactions to his crude honesty before. "And mother?" he called from the door, smirking, "I wasn't the one who invited Rika." With that, he took a dashing bow for effect and hurried downstairs. Most likely his siblings were already in the large ballroom. A chat would be nice just as the guests arrived.

He grinned. He was definitely in the mood for a party!


ℓσяєℓєι яιкα σƒ ƒαєяуα

Lorelei turned to look at the ballroom. As the Faelis siblings clustered about the stage where their parents would be seated on decorated thrones, she pulled off her head phones and looked around. Whoever they were paying to decorate this place was doing an awesome job. It looked like a medieval ball room, complete with hanging chandeliers and pretty curtains on the windows. Lorelei closed her eyes and imagined what an authentic medieval ball might be like. She'd dance with a handsome stranger and twirl across the floor-- yeah right. She snickered at her own imagination and shrugged. She didn't really care much of the magic of a royal ball. She was here because she didn't want to be. She rolled her eyes as the workers hurried out and opened the large doors. Those doors were above, on the balcony from which an enormous two-sided staircase led into the front of the ballrooms. Normal guests would stroll down the elegant staircase and into the sparkling ball room.

Lorelei turned to look at the Faelis siblings again. Before she went crazy thinking of all the kinds of guests there would be and all the fun they could have, she needed to see the King & Queen. Her mother had specifically instructed her to wear something plain. Now, she just had to show the Faelis Queen that she was underdressed for her son's party. Just to get on the older woman's nerves, of course.

Lorelei grinned, putting her hands on her hips. Where was birthday boy anyway? She thought of pulling out her cell phone and calling him, but she'd left everything except her headphones and mp3 upstairs in Kaiden's room. She'd used it as an excuse to see him before getting ready, but he hadn't been there. She was thinking coordinating colors with their outfits would bother all the girls and make some mischief, but even that idea was useless now that she was already dressed.

One of the Queen's attendants came by to offer to take her headphones and mp3 away for the time being, as the ball was soon to commence. Lorelei thought of giving her a stare and refusing, but she couldn't cause trouble just yet. She handed the two things over and sighed, looking around. As the remainder of the royal family strode into the ballroom in glamour, she felt a little out of place.

After they had arrived, the guests slowly poured in through the doors above the staircases.


Draug, after a 3 hour flight was kinda looking forward to the ball as it would at least give him some excitement after such a boring trip. He was just finishing getting ready when one of his servants busted in, it was Dalmin the ever present devil of a gift from his mom. " Sir you're wearing that to the ball that just won't do." say Dalmin. " Shut up! And it will do Dalmin for it is the only nice thing I brought now leave." said Draug. Dalmin realizing his place left. After an hour he went to the ball, he was surprised to find out he was 30 min. early. So he waited.

The ball was starting and he came down the stairs after being announced, with Dalmin hiding in the walls with the other servants thank god. He approaches the Queen and King of Faelis, with Kaiden since it's tradition to have the birthday celebrant presant for the greetings. at the bottom of the stairs greeting the guests. The Queen responds first. " Well Prince Draug it is nice to see you again, how is your mother?" asked the Queen. Smiling realizing he wasn't the only one under dressed he replied, " Oh... She is good your majesty and sends her regards." The Queen then replied, " Well thats good and please have a good time." Draug notices the wink in her eye and nearly loses composer. Instead he addresses the King in the same manner only to remark on his dad's poor health. Then he greets the prince noticing his irritation Draug responds, " Relax Prince and try to atleast act like you're having a good time that way your mother doesn't know your irritation." with that he smiles laughs and walks with the flow of people fanning out and going to his seat.
Alruna turned from the throne as Kaiden and Lori approached the cluster of siblings whose collars she'd been straightening. She smiled and spun, holding open her arms toward Kaiden and Lori. Her face absolutely lit up with joy. The light shone on her deep brown hair, her violet eyes glistened with the glow from the chandeliers, she was pretty as a picture in her elaborate gown.

"Kaiden, baby brother! You're a man now, happy birthday!" Her crimson lips, the color of the swatch at her back, parted in a smile.

"Lori, how wonderful to see you, I'm so glad that you could come!"

Alruna glanced up and down Kaiden with a raised eyebrow. "You're rebelling by not dressing up? I suppose, you might as well do something, now that you're no longer a child... but you would have been so handsome in the charcoal suit I showed you..."

Prince Trace had arrived by train and was promptly shown to his rooms by an attendant. The sore muscles in his back caused him to cloister himself in the bathroom and run a hot bath. He'd wanted his brother and the queen to come with him but Christoph had teased him about how it was unimportant - he'd already found love at a ball, much like this. Trace was so jealous but he came anyway without them, feeling tense.

What if his actions somehow shamed his kingdom? What if he did not find love like Christoph? What a huge disappointment he would be to his parents and to Christoph. Trace shook his head and turned off the piping hot water. He had to have poise to impress them.. or did they want him to be passionate? He didn't know how women worked. He'd spent so much of his time working on becoming the perfect warrior and statesman to aid his brother, there had never been time for women.
Tiana sat there quietly as she was getting yet another lecture on how she needed to behave at the ball. There was always a scandal in adultery buy being royal made it much worse. She had lost all of her privacy and sense of who she was. She remembered how much she hated not knowing who her father was but now that she knew, Tiana almost wished that she had been left ignorant. At first it had all started off as a dream but now it was an awful cliche, like some Disney movie.

There were so many politics involved. She was really not allotted to have anything more then material possessions for herself because a princess was required to give her everything to the people. Yeah, well screw that. The people didn't really like her she was nothing more then another story or something to gossip over. Gladys was her old maid in waiting and would not stop criticizing her. She had started slouching and that old crone never let her just relax for even a moment!

She had no idea why she was even here. Perhaps her father just felt guilt over what had happened but Tiana really had no idea as she hadn't really seen him since the first week. She knew that she had siblings but she didn't even know what they looked like. She had initially started out her journey to the Faelis Ball in a good mood, that was until she was told that the invitation was not for her directly but every girl.

Gladys was still squawking some useless bullshit but Tiana had stopped listening as she looked out the window getting a better view. When the car finally came to a stop she took a deep breath and left the car without a word or glance to Gladys. She held her head up and paid attention to her posture as she made her way to the ball room.

There were quite a few people here and some of them would look at her with that look that screamed they were talking about and judging. She lifted her dress a little exposing her silver high heels as she made her way up the stairs to the entrance. When they announced her name most of the noise died down for a few moments as most peoples conversations died, because she had not really been seen in public since it was announced. She tried to hide her discomfort as she made her way down the stairs into the grand ballroom.
[size=+2]Donovan Faelis[/size]

Dressed in an expertly tailored suit of black with gold trim, he very much looked like a prince, and of the sons, thoroughly enjoyed dressing in such a manner. Donovan never could resist a fine suit, and though most who were dressed in such a manner acted like a ponce, he seemed to be an exception to the rule. A friendly, out going, and relatively down to earth prince. "Might I add, that it's nice to see someone else who hasn't gotten dressed up more than a painted peacock." Donovan added in with a chuckle, and lightly patted Lorolei's head as he'd done so many times in their youth. "I'm glad to see you were able to be here. How was your trip?"

Taking a sip from his wine glass, he arranged his collar, and loosened it's death grip that was trying to steal the life from him. Bless his sister for always trying to add that extra touch, but thankfully he didn't wear a tie, or Alruna might have accidentally hung him where he was standing!

"It should be quite a turn out, I'll wager. I just hope it doesn't get too rowdy like it did at my eighteenth or we may very well be scraping people off the floors with a shovel!" laughing heartily, he flicked a large portion of golden hair from his face, and breathed deeply. Always one to be in a good mood, Donovan seemed even more excited at the planned festivities for the night.

Arriving in a black limousine, Kristoff emerged from the vehicle with an expression which betrayed nothing of his feelings toward the event tonight. Upon his right shoulder sat a lone Raven to the surprise of no one who had known the Lord's reputation. Let alone the mythic history of his family. It nearly became invisible due to the dark pauldrons of plumage which adorned his coat. Pale blue eyes bordering on the color shared by those without sight examined the estate tinged with a glint that only suspicious possessed. But perhaps it was merely a poor reflection of light in the eyes of a noble for it vanished almost immediately.

Walking with the gait that showed years of aristocratic finery, he came ever closer to the doorway and then entered without dismissing his loyal pet to fly off into the skies. But would he end up needing to release it out a window? After all it just might be considered rude to bring an animal into the ball no matter how well it may have been trained. Yet in his own territory the bird would have nothing imposed upon it's status. Surely here, at a party hosted by those who had granted his ancestor Lordship there would be no problem with the creature's presence? If anything, Kristoff felt, the raven would be as welcome here as the invitation to attend had made him.

Mere minutes had passed since the silence of Princess Tiana's arrival had taken hold of the ballroom. Hand gliding along the fine material of the staircase's railing for just a few moments, Karasuman enjoyed hearing his named announced and looked over at his pet. Lips stayed the same while those practically deathly pale blue eyes smiled at the bird. It appeared his arrival had slightly shaken the spell of the Princess's presence just enough to perhaps spare her from some of the discomfort from the other guests' stare. Though he had no perception of the social climate going on, which kept any possible revelry from arising internally.

As he descended the stairs eyes keen like those of the pets he kept scanned those who had already arrived for anyone he recognized. Of course the Faelis royalty were easy to pick out from the crowd. Kristoff had met them several times at previous birthday parties and other such high society gatherings. Perhaps he should introduce himself now? Something held him back from being quite so social however, leaving him to merely gaze at them all in a perhaps envious silence. Family was one of the few things Karasuman was poor in. But in particular his stare fixed upon Alruna before he finally decided to make his way toward the group.

I suppose I should at least tell the Prince 'happy birthday'. . .
[bg=#333366]"I guess this should be fun..."

Felix always preferred to be alone, even when struggling with his academic assignments. At this moment, he was readying himself for his brother's birthday. He and Kaiden were close in age, but that hardly mattered, since he lacked a bond with most of his siblings. Most of his time was spent in his library to read, if not stroll outside to admire the beauty of nature. It was as if he trusted only himself.

A dashing scarf was knotted beneath his neck before two hands smoothed the vest over his shirt, his head moving back and forth to watch his hair swish back and forth. Felix has always been a beautiful young man, though one a lot more passionate about clothing than his brothers. Yet another aspect that made him feel so... Distant.

With a rush in his steps, Felix left his bedroom to join his family at the ballroom. The way he walked and looked was confident, however his thoughts were quite the opposite. 'What sort of woman would be interested in me, anyway?'

The smile he made was simple when he approached the group he called family, one hand reaching into his vest where he pulled out a thin book with a shiny, crimson bookmark tucked in between some pages. This was his gift to his brother, but he waited silently to hand it to him. Felix was a private person... Announcing this modest present in front of everybody would embarrass him. Plus, he didn't want to interrupt anybody.

Even though there was coldness in his gaze, his voice was somewhat warm when he spoke, "Happy birthday." in hopes of getting Kaiden's attention.
Noticing everyone that walked in and already knowing of the nobles he wondered... (who would like my dark and cursed self?) He smiled at everyone that came by and gave them a polite bow... No doubt hardly anyone knew him he was the first introduced and the first sat and not many people and seen his entrance. To him that was good. He was distant but also could get humiliated and if one thing built on the other he would be in the palace nut room for the rest of the evening for trying to kill anyone who talked bad about his family... but since this was a ball for the young he doubted it would happen.

As the next hour passed Draug was amazed at the number of women and men coming in the door and noticed one yet at 15. (huh yep the queens are definitely scheming something.) (All well guess I have no choice I just hope I don't get tossed in the lunny bin for my craving.) With that Draug continued drinking his Cherry Blossom tea until the announcements stopped and the queen announced the start of the festivities. ( Well lets get started then.) Draug smiled and got up as men and women merged trying to get each others attention he just sat in a corner afraid of what might happen.
Tiana was grateful for Kristoff's entrance stopping the numbing silence. She had her phone hidden on her body, but there was no point. Her friends fell victim to the media. There was not much about her that was not known. They never even tried contacting her to see how she was, only about inviting them to parties. People were weak creatures. They didn't really care, "famous" people were people too and they still should be treated in such a manner. Tiana had not done a thing to any of these people but then again most people didn't.

Nobody talked to her as she moved through the crush of people. She had decided that she would at least pay her respect to the prince and wish him well on his birthday. Tiana only hoped that she did not embarrass her self or her kingdom. She concentrated on her breathing as she made her way across the room.

She had waited till he had a moment where people weren't talking to him, which had taken a while. "Happy Birthday, Prince Kaiden." While she had curtsied, her eyes hadn't left him, "I hope that your day gives you everything you hoped it would." Her voice was soft, yet when she started talking she could still be heard. There was a small smile on her face, one that she hoped his her nervousness.
Alruna swirled to the new guests who had just approached, a smile spread across her face the implied that she was delighted to see each and every person there. She inclined her head elegantly to each of those who approached, her eyes glittering with joy. Tonight would be a wonderful night, she could just feel it. It would be a marvelous party for Kaiden, one that he very much deserved.

"Thank you all so very much for accepting the invitation that was sent to you, I'm thrilled that you all could make it. This night is to be one of the most memorable nights of Kaiden's life, after all! It's not every day you come of age..." her fond smile towards her baby brother bespoke the pride of an elder sister who had helped raise the boy from infancy. He was one of her closest friends.

Idly, Alruna's hands began to adjust Donovan's collar once more until he moved out of range from her hands. Alruna tucked a lock of hair behind her ear as she examined the guests. So far, it was early but there were many people here and that was good. What worried her was that there were not many women.

"But where are my manners! I'm sure you'd each love to speak to Kaiden" Alruna's eyes shifted to Tiana, sizing her up as far as she could tell for appearance and personality so far. It was a decent choice, she decided. She would let them acquainted, she decided at last. She wasn't sure where to go now though and she glanced around the room for an easy, plausible excuse to leave the pair alone.
кαι∂єη яуσυ σƒ ƒαєℓιѕ

Kaiden rolled his eyes at Draug, but smiled just the slightest. He hadn't realized he was showing his irritation that openly. He would've thanked his friend, but Prince Draug had already walked away. Kaiden sighed and turned to look at his sister's pleasant smile. She opened her arms to give Lori & him a hug. He welcomed the warmth, dragging his cousin into the embrace just to bother her. "Alruna, you insult my favorite robes," Kaiden cooed mischievously, "We cannot all look as exquisite as you in formal wear." He laughed. His sister looked lovely today.

Next, was his elder brothers. Donovan was in a good mood as always, chatting it up with Lorelei. Kaiden smiled. At least this way, she'd feel a little less awkward. He wondered why she wasn't dressed up. Shrugging, he put these thoughts away as Felix came to wish him happy birthday. He grinned cheerfully, throwing an arm around his quiet brother and leading him away from the large crowd. He wanted everyone to feel comfortable today and Felix seemed to be asking for a conversation alone. "Thank you, Felix. I'm glad you could make it," he told him, at a loss of what else to say. They were brothers, but they hardly had anything in common. Kaiden was in a good mood, though, totally ecstatic and up in the clouds, "I wonder if you'll meet someone you like today," Kaiden winked. It was no secret mother was trying to get Donovan and Felix married. It was just a matter of meeting the right girl, he figured. Plus, his mother was so old-school. They could find a girl online, but no, it just had to be a ball. It was probably a royalty thing, Kaiden reminded himself with a shrug.

ℓσяєℓєι яιкα σƒ ƒαєяуα

"Might I add, that it's nice to see someone else who hasn't gotten dressed up more than a painted peacock...I'm glad to see you were able to be here. How was your trip?"
Lorelei, after smiling at Princess Alruna and pulling herself away from the smirking Kaiden, grinned up at Prince Donovan. She loved his sense of humor. It was so refreshing. "I assure you, you won't ever make a peacock out of me. You should've seen the look on Aunty's face when I came dressed like this. She was ready to kill," Lorelei giggled, glancing over the crowd, searching for the Queen's familiar face, "I had a decent trip. I think the guards we hired were scared of when Aunty came down to see who in the world had invited me," she stuck her tongue out, slipping sideways to jab Kaiden in the chest, "Had I known you were going to wear such weird clothes to your birthday party, I wouldn't have taken the trouble to come." She smiled, though. It was just like Kaiden to make the party as memorable as possible. But she hated that he didn't have the courtesy to dress normally. They weren't even matching! Why, since he wasn't wearing a suit, she'd look like a weirdo dancing with him! Lorelei rolled her eyes and sighed. If only he would think these things through.

She laughed as Prince Donovan recalled his eighteenth birthday party, "I'm sure it'll get worse, Donovan," she threw a haughty glance at Kaiden, "Knowing your brother dear will make sure to make it crazy."

Lorelei looked over as Alruna made a small speech to the ever growing crowd. The King & Queen were now making their way through the people, striding ever so elegantly towards the decorated thrones set up at the front of the room. Lorelei grinned. She could almost swear her aunt had glared at her through all her heavy eye makeup. She found herself glancing over at the people. When would the music start? Would there be dancing? Was it going to be old-school like Felix' birthday again? With ballroom dancing and formal chitchat? Lorelei knew what Kaiden would do if that happened. She shivered at the thought of him making a scene with his parents.

Getting up out of the corner to get something to eat of the food bar Draug wondered how his shunned servant was taking it. (All well his fault for going on about my barley formal attire.) Walking to the food bar he noticed that Lorelei was here in normal fashion, Draug smiled well she would do anything her mother told her too. When Draug got to the food bar he was surprised to be the only one there getting food. " Well is this not strange?" He got his food and started eating while he walked through trying to find someone he knew.

Seeing princess Alruna there in normal fashion also made Draug smile and glad he had chosen barely formal attire. He laughed to him self and noticed he was now thirsty so he walked over to the punch bowl. Sure enough when he got there a couple of miscreants were spiking the punch with scotch. (Oh Bother.) Draug sneaked up on them and surprised them by saying, " And what in bloody blue blazes do you two think your doing?" Laughing as they jumped out of there skin he recognized one as the kid who tried the same thing at fritz party, so he called the guard and had him removed not knowing how he had gotten in. (Huh... this always happens.) Quickly getting a drink from the new punch he continued to walk around until he found someone he knew or someone got interested in him.
[bg=#333366]Felix inwardly rolled his eyes when Kaiden mentioned meeting someone tonight. He was skeptical about that entire ordeal, but he could understand why Mother wanted him to find a woman. This just couldn't be rushed, though. At least tonight, there were people from different kingdoms visiting them. Felix was always interested in the different sorts of people in the world.

"I hope the same for you," he crooned, handing the little book over to his brother. It was a collection of poetry he dedicated to him. This was not a fancy present, but it came from the heart. As brothers, treasuring a handmade gift meant a lot to each other. They might not have been close siblings, true... Felix wanted to be thoughtful, though. In the future, they wouldn't live together anymore. Felix would be turning twenty very soon and likely appointed to a different location. Especially if he was to be wed...

As expected, more people would want to talk with the birthday boy. Silently, Felix bowed his head to his brother and then turned around to walk off. He chose to sit in a chair, the entire seating arrangement empty. A leg was swung over, hanging over the other while he reached over for a glass of water. It was sipped delicately while his icy eyes scanned the room, mostly to admire how everyone was dressed.
[BG="#718bbf"] Castaney, IX Lady of Coit

Castaney had come in early yesterday. She had wanted to drive herself, but apparently that was not "proper". So instead, she had to be transported with a chauffeur. In a town car, at least they let her take Coal with...

She supposed that she'd never be like her family... but being a lady of court was fine... why would she need more?

At the end of it, all that was left was to prepare for the ball. It had turned into an all-day event, trying to make sure the dress fit properly, making sure every hair was in place, making sure all the makeup was just right.

Then, it was here. The day of the ball.

Castaney was groomed, pushed, pulled and prodded. Into a dress, into order and beauty. Into the hopes that she would ascend to the rank that the rest of her generation in the family had already found themselves at. Into the hopes that she'd either find more grace or marriage material that found her attractive enough... She didn't really like the idea of it, but if it pleased her family then she'd go for it, as long as the suitor was nice... if their was a suitor.

finally she arrived, her name being announced and she walked down the stairs, trying to cover the blush that fanned over her cheeks. She still wasn't used to the attention of even this small gesture. She would have been fine just staying under the radar in her family.... but she was pushed to be better... always had to be better...

She chose to stay off to the side, unable to work up the courage to approach anyone.[/BG]
Cyril, Knight of Rozengaard​

Cyril had flown in three days ago, after much prodding from the damned king and prince. Those two... butting their noses into his business. The nerve.

What if he was happy just serving them? What if he didn't care if he found love or not? Shouldn't that be up to him?

Anyways, he had spent the last few days trying to prepare for the ball, as well as trying to relax for it. It seemed like no matter what he did, he couldn't seem to calm down for the event. It wasn't excitement, or fear... just... jitters. Excitement for the sake of excitement. He had never been so far from home, and alone at that! It was an interesting feeling to have.

When the day finally came, he got into his suit, checked to make sure his slightly scruffy facial hair was in check, and combed his hair out before applying cologne. He wanted to make sure he was presentable, after all.

He came in, nodded his head as his name was called out and quickly tried to start mingling with the crowd with a small smile and curiosity in his eyes.​
Rima entered the large hall, her eyes widened and a grin spread across her face as she confidenly strided into the crowd, she glanced around and imediately regretted walking so confidently in, she was surrounded by people, not knowing who to talk to or what to do she loooked to the floor and walked on until she reached a wall.
Looking up at last Rima noticed a few people, known royalty and each time she did she'd gasp slightly and the realisation where she was would hit her.
'I'm in the palace. At a ball.. oh wow, it looks devine here, just lovely really...'
She was still glancing around and her eyes stumbled upon one of the princes, she knew this by common knowledge, she'd seen pictures, and thought he was attractive but now she saw him with her own eyes she exhaled loudly feeling quite animated. Rima drew a long breath and laughed quietly.
She laughed to herself again, fixated on him she knew she was staring but couldn't tear herself away just yet.
Seeing a girl staring at one of the princes he sneaks up on the girl not uttering a word until he's right behind her. " Hello miss the princes do look very formal today don't they?" knowing he startled the girl he smiles and walks around to face her. " I apologize if I startled you. But you looked dazed by the princes presence, and we don't need a pretty young lady like you getting hurt." he starts to walk towards the princes stops and says, " Well come on I'll introduce you to them."

With that he grabs her hand and walks her over to the prince she was looking at. " Don't be shy I'll introduce you quite formally." he gets with in ear shot and thinks (huh seems I might become a match maker). He smiles as they get closer feeling the girls' shock through her arm. He looks back and while smiling says, " Well here we go."
largeblondehaircolor7.jpg Cora took a deep breath as she entered through the large double doors into the hall where the ball was being held. She had never seen so many beautiful people in her life. There was an overwhelming sense of nervousness that washed over her at the last minute. How was she supposed to compare to any one of these princesses? Afterall, she was only a commoner, a regular citizen. She took a few more steps into the room. It was then that she decided to take a few laps around the room. She was bound and determined to look like she belonged there. Looking around however, she did not see anyone that she knew pesonally. There were a few princesses and princes that she recognized through the media, but she had never met any of them.

After she had finished her first lap around the room she decided to head towards the food bar. While poping some fruit in her mouth she gazed across the room. It was apparent that they were all connected. It was apparent that she was going to have to work hard to introduce herself to these people and look like she could fit in with them.
Rima was startled back into reality by a guy whom she didn't catch a glimpse at before he was pulling her towards the prince.
"Ehhugh it's fine I shouldn't have even been staring I..can't meet him I'm just.. um..oh dear."
She spoke the words quite quickly not really knowing what to do, she knew she her cheeks had welcomed a hot blush and her blonde hair fell over her face as she looked down at the floor.
'Oh dear..I'm such an idiot why did I? Oh...'
she walked along with her mysterious match maker feeling foolish and even more embarrassed than usual.
"Hey Princes how have you been I got someone to introduce to you." With that he drags the girl around and plants her blushing, shy self in front of the princes of Faelis. " Princes Felix, Donovan, and Kaiden, aka the birthday boy, this is Rima Mikan." He sees her shocked face and smiles. ( I guess she doesn't know about Identity scanners...lolz.){yes he actually thought lolz.} With that he leaves her with the princes who are all over her and even Lorilei who had been hiding came out to see her. ( Well I'll have to keep an eye on them... time for random walking.)

Draug was just walking around feeling kind of awkward being the only completely black dressed person. He stuck out like a sore thumb. He gets another drink before noticing a girl trying to talk to people and getting ignored. ( Wow another awkward... who'd a thought.) So he approaches her drifting between the crowds. He walks up to her and introduces himself. " Hello miss, I'm Prince Draug-nil Arat, and your name is?" He sees her taken back and waits for her to answer.
Rima looked down and took a few steps back feeling uneasy now that he'd actually introduced her, she began shuffling her feet uneasily and peaked up at the royals through a parting in her hair.
The royals, she thought with a slight smile, whenever she was going to think of them from now on it would have to be as that. Just that, the royals, as in them all.
Rima was about to look up and give her self a self assuring nod that she was in fact fine when she realized she has been standing there, and looking at the floor while growing even more red by the second, they probably assumed she was mentally unhinged.
She cringed. Rima was strange but not unhinged completely... they may think she's just rude and thinks to highly of her self, they don't know shes a commoner, after all why would they?
Rima's head snapped up at this thought and her brain was shouting all sorts of thing.
'Oh they cannot think your rude! That would be terrible! Talk, now or at least smile and nod. Smile and step into the crowd, then you can hide away until they forget this mess! Oh..but that kind stranger went through the trouble to help you...don't ruin it Rima!.. just talk!'
Without her actually deciding on what to do, she had all ready uttered the words..
"Hi..well..I'm sorry about that, really am, 'bit dim I am and well..I need to.go and.." Rima got a few words out when her senses came back to her, and her confidence once again disappeared leaving her in front of well....royalty, and completely embarrassed.