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    Thunder boomed across the land as lightning flashed across the skies and rain drenched the ground. A storm was rolling in, everyone knew that. The castle gates had been closed and a head count was done in one of the south gathering room. Everyone was here. Five commoners, with the chance of a lifetime, and fourteen royals. The fire crackled, illuminating the darkened room. Every student at the academy was relaxing in their pajamas as conversation was bringing life to the dimly lit room. A flash of lightning glowed outside startling a blonde princess. One of the many males in the room told her it was going to be alright…but was it really? Maybe the storm wouldn’t bring doom, but there were many other factors that could spell out the end for someone. The Raven, the ghost…speaking of the ghost, a tall man by the name of Jaxon gathered people around by the fire and was telling the story of the woman in white.

    “Long ago, on a night just like this, a woman who inhabited this castle with her husband, King Harrison, went missing…” the male paused to take a breath. “She had gone down to the North Wing, some say she was following a voice of a small child, the child she never got to have, and many others believe she was being chased. Either way she ended up in the North Wing…alone.” Jaxon again paused, but this time was to take a drink of his water that sat atop of the fireplace mantle, looking at each person softly. Jaxon was always one for dramatics. “No one knows what happened, but a horrifying scream echoed through the halls, sending chills up each spine of the person that heard it.” He spoke, his voice was just creepy enough to haunt in the back of someone’s mind. “The woman was never seen again…at least in her body. Decades after decades of servants and visitors to this castle had claimed to see the ghost of the woman, saying she was dressed in white. Giving her the nickname of the lady in white. Though many of those who claimed to see her didn’t leave the castle the same as they arrived. They were changed mentally. Some never got to leave because after seeing the ghost, she visited them and killed them” He paused again. “It’s said that if you see her and live, your life will be full of misery and sadness. And the other option…well…we all know where that ends.”

    “Horse shit.” Another male claimed. The gathering crowd of both royals and few commoners laughed. Sure the story was lame, but little did they know it was the truth. Sure the lore was twisted and changed, but the outcome was the same. There was a ghost. And only a few lived to tell the tale.

    Again lightning caused a glow to stretch across the room as the students fanned out of the south gathering room, on their ways back to their dorm rooms. Few students had some one walk back with them, some in a group, and others were braving it. Was the ghost story that scary? No. But Jaxon was a gifted story teller, getting the effect he wanted out of the audience every time. No matter the load of garbage he was delivering it seemed to hit the mark without fail.

    As students walked down the hallways, which were lit by the candles they carried, they slowly fanned off into their own bedrooms, until one single girl was left. Her roommate had gone home when her mother had died, leaving the girl alone. Her name was Gretchen, princess of Oceanic- a kingdom known for fish. She was a doe eyed girl with blonde hair that stood barely five feet tall. She wore glasses and had freckles littering her face. She was quiet and fearful of anything and everything. Gretchen wouldn’t admit it, but she had a heart disease that wasn’t too serious unless provoked. The dark hallway provided just enough fear to get Gretchen’s heart pounding.

    She was five feet away from her door when she heard the creak of the floor boards. Gretchen stopped, the flame from the candle flickered as her hand began to tremble. The floor never creaked. Gretchen took another step, again the floor creaked behind her. She froze. “Whose there?” She called out. No one could hear her, seeing as her room was a ways away from everyone else’s dorms. There was no answer. Gretchen slowly turned around. What her eyes saw was next to impossible. It was her. The woman, no more than ten feet in front of Gretchen, seemed to glow in the darkness, providing her own light. Gretchen’s eyes grew wide in complete fear. She would have screamed, she tried actually, but the fear raised a lump in her throat to where no sound escaped her.
    Gretchen wiped around and bolted down the hallway, completely avoiding her dorm room door. She dashed for the stair case that led to the fourth, and final, floor. Once there she began to take the steps two at a time, but good cardio wasn’t something Gretchen had. She began to slow in pace, breathing heavy as she tried to keep going up the spiral staircase. Reaching the top, Gretchen turned the corner and was immediately bombarded with the glow of the woman again. This time she did scream, but it was soon muted somehow. The ghost smiled kindly and mouthed the word “sorry” before extending her arms out with great force, sending Gretchen backwards over the railing of the staircase. Gretchen plummeted four stories to the bottom. As her body connected with the marble flooring, the sound of cracking bones echoed throughout the hall.

    Many students heard the load thud of Gretchen’s body hitting the floor and they made their way out of their rooms. Questions like “what was that” or “did you hear that” was frequently asked among the students before Headmaster made his way out of his own bedroom, Mr. Banks exited his chambers as well- leaving his wife in the room. “Clear the way.” Headmaster said as Mr. Banks, the head butler, followed after him. The two taller males seemed to race down the hallway, with grace, until they reached the spiral staircase; students followed after them.

    When Headmaster reached the staircase, he looked down to see the body of Gretchen bleeding out on the first floor. “Back! Get back I say!” He yelled to the students he heard coming closer. “You do not need to see this,” he said more sternly. “Go back to your chambers.”

    Mr. Banks looked down at the body for a mere moment before looking up to see her. She still smiled, but it was sadistic and merciless this time. Mr. Banks glared at her before she disappeared into thin wisps of what looked to be white smoke. Mr. Banks knew what had happened to Gretchen because he had seen it happen to many students before. The lady in white had killed her.

    The students made their way back to their rooms. Faint whispers among them told that they knew what had happened. It was possible one of them could have gotten a look over the railing, but that wasn’t for sure. But somehow, someway, each knew that Gretchen was dead. Though most thought she committed suicide since her family was losing their fight and was sure to be over thrown within weeks. She wouldn’t have a home to return to after the year, so she choose to die. Little did they know this was only the beginning to the thrill, and horror, ride that they would experience at the Royal Academy.
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  2. Edwin Emberlin

    The night wasn’t peaceful as many of the others were. It was horrendous. Gretchen, a young girl who didn’t have many friends, had been killed. Many knew that. However, what many did not know was what killed her. Edwin, or Eddie, laid in his bed staring at the canopies top. He wasn’t feeling up to breakfast, not in the least. Death wasn’t something he liked nor encourage despite his victories on the battle field. Napria was known for its fearsome strength in war. Many went to Napria to try and persuade it to aid them in battle. Eddie was only twenty, but he had fought in two wars and tipped the scales in his kingdom’s favor. Though deep down, Eddie hated war. He hated killing people.

    It wasn’t until he heard a soft knock at the door that he took his eyes off the canopies top. “Come in,” his voice was soft and quite, but the maid on the other side of the door heard him.

    “Your highness. Breakfast is ready in the dining hall…your fellow peers are awaiting your arrival.” The maid’s voice was almost like a mouse squeal as she curtsied.

    Eddie slowly made his way out of bed, wearing a typical pants that served as pajamas. He crossed the room to a wardrobe that was about a foot taller than he. Pulling on the handle the door squeaked open revealing many clothing options. Eddie seemed to glare at many of them until he figured that he’d just where the basic button up shirt with slacks. He looked back at the maid, “give me some space, will ya?” He asked before watching the maid leave. Eddie looked back to the wardrobe and began to dress himself. Normally he wouldn’t care if a girl saw him indisposed, but he had someone special to him now and he wasn’t going to ruin that.

    After dressing, Eddie walked out of his chambers down the long hallway. His shoes seemed to click against the marble flooring as he slid his hands into the pockets of his pants. Looking out the corner of his eye, Eddie gazed out the windows as he walked. There was still a storm, but for now it was letting up. He’d take a walk after breakfast. Reaching the staircase, Eddie descended it. The maid followed after him. Eddie descended the stairs with elegance and strength, sure he wasn’t going anywhere special, but a prince always walked with pride. They were, after all, the higher class of society. They were nobles.

    Upon reaching the first floor, Eddie stopped and glanced at the marble floor. Sure the maids did a good job cleaning up the blood, but Eddie had seen enough blood spilt to notice the faintest bit of it left of the floor, “you missed a spot,” he informed the maid, his voice soft like a whisper, before walking towards the dining hall. Stopping just outside the doors, Eddie let the door guards open it for him then proceeded in. Eddie still lacked a smile on his face as he studied the others. Walking to his seat, which was between Indo Machida, a lord from Napria, and James Hill…a commoner. In all honesty, Eddie wasn’t too fond of commoners in the Academy. They had no business being here. Besides the academy wasn’t something to just be willing to throw oneself into, it was dangerous. Nobles weren’t the nicest of people. “Morning my friend,” Eddie spoke quietly to Indo as a plate of food was sat in front of him. Eddie put a napkin onto his lap and began to eat, listening to the chatter around him.
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  3. Leopold Fremont

    The morning dawn had awaken Leo from his short slumber. The night previous was full of chaos and despair thanks to the corpse of a young girl. Leo, being the cold hearten guy is, showed little to no remorse…on the outside. Leo may have been many things, but he wasn’t an ass at his core. He was caring. Gretchen had been a friend, despite the obvious difference in personality. Leo and she had become friends long ago as children. She was a dork then and still was which was what Leo admired most about her. She stayed true to herself. The night was filled with memories of her. The two of them would play late into the evening as a young girl and lad. Once, Leo had gone too far into the forest and had no way of returning. Gretchen had found him, and thanks to the many tracking books she had learned allowed her to return them back to the castle grounds. In short, Leo would miss her.

    Leo had arrived early to breakfast, sitting silently in his normal chair- bottling up his emotions as usual. Leo wasn’t one to talk much about his feelings, he hated them. He started hiding his emotions before the age of ten, it was just the way it was. Thirteen years later, he still neglected his feelings. Somethings would never change. Though few broke through his shell, but even then they disappeared…eventually.

    Slowly, but surely, the dining hall was filling with Leo’s peers and then the commoners. Leo, like many others, weren’t completely on board with the commoners attending. His reason was a bit different than others. Being among royals was a death threat, but not from the nobles themselves, it was the death threats from the assassins. That’s why each dish was tasted before being served to the royals. There couldn’t be a risk that the prince, or princess, of a land would be killed while away at school. Things would get way too out of hand if that happened. Though the death of a princess would also bring bad luck to the Academy. Soon.
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  4. Rebekah laid in her bed in the early hours of dawn recounting the events of the night. It didn’t help that Gretchen had been a close friend of hers. Rebekah had cried herself to sleep that night hoping that it was all just a nightmare, but when she opened her eyes the next morning. A light knock sounded from her bedroom door. She took a deep breath, “Enter.” She sat up her dark blue silk night gown slightly ruffled. One of the maids entered her room, “Breakfast is being served in the dining room your highness.” Rebekah threw back her blankets and slid onto the floor that was slightly warm because of the fireplace. “I shall be down in a few moments, you may leave Samantha.” She watched the brunette leave and she walked her amour opening it slowly.
    She carefully selected her wardrobe for the day. She bathed herself slowly before donning the clothes and making her way down the stairs to her spot in the dinning room. She had more of a solemn look to her than her usual happy self. She took her seat next to Leo, her fiance. She hated that she was in an arranged marriage with him, sure he was a nice guy but her heart belonged to another. She glanced down to Eddie and gave him a small smile. She wanted to be with Eddie but now this death was weighing heavily on her. She grasped her half of the heart locket that was around her neck. Gretchen had the other half of it, they were both engraved with the same saying of ~Not sisters by blood, but sisters at heart. A couple tears escaped from her eyes, but she quickly dispelled them. ​
  5. In one of the many unused halls of the school two pale blue eyes slowly opened and gazed into the darkness that surrounded him. It was a new day, a new semester and a new class full of bright young nobles who hopped to learn the proper skills to maybe one day take their parents spot as ruler of their home nation...he felt that this would be a fun time.
    He stood rising from the chair he had slept in and walked to the end of this room where a tub with hot water already waited for him, more than likely his dear servant had drawn the bath for him he would need to remember to thank her later. As he bathed a maid he had..."persuaded" to his side quietly walked into his room, she would take care of the water when he was done this he knew but when she walked nearer to him and leaned down and whispered in his ear a look of surprise made it's way onto his face, the infamous ghost had already taken the life of a poor little lamb. He didn't like killing unless it was the last resort after all a living but broken shell was usable while a corpse could send a powerful message but at the end of the day it did nothing more than that.
    He stood and stepped out of the tub and was handed a towel to dry himself by the maid, he looked at her and gave a wicked smirk which she shied back in fear from it as it was a reminder of what would happen if she were to betray him. He dressed himself but what he put on over his clothes was more important, a dark greatcoat framed his body falling to his knees it was buttoned, next were small leather cases that attached to his greatcoat these had a wide variety of things in them most used for...rather nasty things. The final two things were what put terror in this school, his mask slipped on easily letting his see out of the dark crystals that made up the eye pieces and finally he put on his wide brimmed hat. He stood in front of his mirror making sure everything was in order.
    Mirror image. (open)

    Satisfied he grabbed his walking cane which also had a rather...nasty surprise but that would be unveiled later if the need arose, he walked out of his room and started to make his way to the main dining hall. The heels of his boots and tip of his cane clicked on the ground making an ominous sound, she would join him soon she always did when he left, she knew where he was always after all she was his dear servant, his dear Avia.​
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  6. She woke with a start, the wet crunch echoing in her mind as the tendrils of the nightmare fled. She hadn't seen the body but Amara was close enough to hear the echo of her body smacking wetly against the floor. When they had sent the students back to their rooms she wasn't sure she was going to fall asleep but as the hours melted away she had scummed her to her bodies need. Though her mind was not ready to let it go. The horror played over and over throughout her dream. The ghost story mumbling in the background like a bad song stuck on repeat. She racked a slender hand through her auburn hair; tugging out the tangles as she more of less willed herself out of bed.

    The covers had fallen on the floor sometime throughout the night; legs ensnared in the soft sheets. Amara wiggled her way out of it's grasp and with a sigh pawed through her drawers. There was a damp smell to the room. A effect from last nights rain that only added to the somberness to the start of the day. With a bundle of fabric she trotted to the the rooms bathroom before her roommate stirred. Humming as she ran a brush through her wild mane and scrubbed the sleep from her eyes, 'You can do this.' Her mind muttered. Everyone was going to be in a sour mood, not like the royals were cut ups on a normal day. It was safe to say Amara was having a bit of a hard time adjusting to her new life.

    She wiggled into her outfit, a simple frock beneath some riding leathers she had altered, and admired her handy work in the mirror. Her father was a blacksmith who often forged armor for knights in training and the leathers that fit snugly beneath it. Though she was the only daughter and her brothers were posed to take over the family business Amara strove to learn the trade, much to her mothers horror. But in truth she loved the hard work and the satisfaction that came with each completed piece. Her father would never let her mess with steel or iron in fear she'd mar her features. It was squarely on her shoulders that she marry higher and bring the family up a step in the social ladder. So needless to say when she was chosen to attend the academy and upon completion granted the title of Lady; her family was thrilled. Her mother had passed just a few months short of her enrollment and with her dying breath she smacked her with the heavy words, 'Do your family proud.' Amara cringed as the memory rolled unbidden across her mind. She missed her friends. Her father's work shop. With another heavy sigh and a forced smile Amara strode out of the dorm room, the heels of her boots clicking sharply against the cold floor as she headed towards the dining room.
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  7. Octavia

    Octavia had been sleeping in her bed she was curled up in her leopard form. She slept in cage out doors. She pawed at the door, and stepped out. She yawned and made her way to the edge of the forest to change to her Raven form. She changed quickly and took off into the air to find her breakfast. She took down 3 mice and ate them quickly. She stretched her wings and flew quickly for her masters chambers. He was no where to be seen or heard. She had cawed out to see if he was around. She still got no reply and her feathers ruffled where was her master. She jumped down and turned to her leopard form and walked down the steps. She followed his scent. She finally listened and hear his cane. She charged after her master and stopped when she saw him. She let out a small growl like purr and rubbed her head into his hand. " Master." She said in his mind and purred. She was happy to see him. She change back to her Raven form and went to sit on his shoulder. She let out a caw and nuzzled into her master.Avia was great full for him summing her. she looked at him." What are we doing master?" She asked in his mind. Her body nestled on his shoulder happily.

    James Hill

    James had been in his room, his mother and father were very proud. He was indifferent, he sighed he had heard about the girl dying he wondered what it was he had heard rumors of the castle. He had heard that a man called the raven. He wanted revenge on the castle and it's inhabitants. James sat their as he watched the room around him. He had never been in a room like this it was much fancier then his room at home.

    He finally made his way out of bed and dressed. He made his way down towards the dinning hall. He was dressed somewhat nicely. He made his way their and looked around he hardly knew any one. James sighed and went to sit in a seat. He let out a small sigh as he watched the other's and took in what the other's did and looked like.​
  8. The Raven

    Speaking in his head. "We are going to introduce ourselves to...the new little lambs calling this place home." His walk was slow and methodical, anyone that would of saw him walking would notice that any light source he passed dimmed almost to nothing. His boot's and cane still made that ominous sound though now it was getting louder no doubt the more observant students in the dining hall had heard it but wouldn't be able to tell where it was coming from.

    The door's to the dining hall slammed open with a great booming crack as the old wood doors struggled against the strain, all noise and conversation stopped as all eye's looked to the entrance. What they saw in the threshold of the door was three things, a raven with oddly blue eyes, a inky wall of darkness behind the bird and finally a milk white mask shaped like a bird's beak. A man wearing the mask stepped out of the darkness that wrapped around him like a cloak and started to walk to the head table where the headmaster, head maid and head butler along with some other staff members sat, some students and staff tried to get up, to speak anything really but something...some force was keeping them seated and looking at this man walking down the long lane to the staff table. As he reached the head table he jumped onto it right in front of the headmaster who had a look of rage and indignation while he looked at the man in front of him, the man pulled up the cane he had walked in with and slowly pulled on the handle, all of those in the hall watched as a blade made its way out of the shaft of the cane. The man showed the blade to the headmaster before slowly pushing the tip against the man's shoulder and slowly almost painfully slowly he pushed against the blade and into the headmaster's shoulder, the noise seemed to be amplified somehow as all in the hall heard as first the fabric tore and ripped then they heard a pop as the blade made it's way into the man's skin and through the tendons and sinew, it tore out through the other side before the man ripped it out the way it came while he flicked it to get the blood off.
    "You'll live that I promise." The man spoke in a voice that rumbled like thunder, the type of voice that those near to the speaker would feel their chest vibrate from it. The man turned to the students and bowed slightly before the light in the room disappeared for only a few seconds but when the lights came back the man was gone and everyone found they were able to move again, the panic would begin now but when it died down their would be one very clear message that was delivered and that was...
    I am here. ​
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  9. [​IMG]
    Artair Maraav of Cathair
    It had been a truly horrendous couple of days from the start, really. First he'd misplaced his favorite riding boots, then that poor girl had ended her life and Artair had been unfortunate enough to witness the...event. He'd fainted immediately afterwards of course because despite his schooling he had yet to overcome his fear and aversion to blood. Naturally when he'd woken up in his chambers, he had experienced sorrow when remembering what had happened, but as he didn't know the aforementioned girl, it had been easy to push her death to the back of his mind. And it wasn't as if her life would have been any better! Artair's mother had sent him a letter detailing the court affairs for the past month and Oceanic had asked Cathair for support in exchange for fish. Fish of all things! What in the world would Cathair do with fish? Artair's home was located near the Gairt Faid Saoil bluffs, but nobody fished! They had a nearly endless supply of sheep for proper meals, nobody ate fish. Artair had tried it once and it had been such a revolting flavor that he had spit it out immediately--

    His thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door and the maid--Hortence? Hannah? H-Something entered meekly. "Breakfast is served in the dining hall, Your Royal Highness." And as if to reinforce that statement, Artair's stomach gurgled loudly. With a grin, Artair hopped out of bed and went to stand in front of his wardrobe and thrust out his arms. Hannah Something or Other, scurried forward and began rummaging through his wardrobe. "Something muted today, Han--tence...errr" He paused, waiting for the maid to fill in the gaps. "Rose, Your Royal Highness."

    "Ah! Yes, Rose. I think something dreary and not at all joyous would be best for today, considering the events of yesterday." Rose nodded and fished out a dark puce tunic and brown trousers. Artair wrinkled his nose in disgust. "Ugh, not that one. Anything but that. It's so damnably hideous. Where did I even get that?"

    "Your grandmother gifted it to you for your nineteenth birthday, Your Royal Highness."

    Artair grimaced then sighed in irritation. "Fine! I'll wear it. But just for today. Then I want you to lose it in the kennels or something."

    After getting dressed, Artair headed down to the dining hall and had only just begun eating when a frightening individual entered the room and promptly attacked the headmaster and Artair had the unfortunate privilege of being seated at a table nearest to the man, so he got an eyeful of a tiny trickle of blood. "Oh--!"He gagged, trying to keep his food down. "Oh dear." He muttered, vomiting a little in his mouth. Well at least this time he didn't faint.
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  10. [​IMG]
    Location: Bedroom --> Dining Hall
    Status: Royalty
    Mentioned: Leopold( @Gorgeous♠Chaos ), Raven ( @Dakota K5 ), Headmaster
    Interactions: Rebekah ( @Princess Poisoned Rose )
    Character Sheet: HERE

    Outfit: HERE

    In hindsight, a ghost story was not the best way to end the night. As if Arabella hadn't been frightened enough by it, she had only just been settling down in her chambers when the horrific sounds of Gretchen dying echoed through the halls. Whether it had been suicide or not did not matter. Gretchen died shortly after the ghost story was told, and in Arabella's mind this could not have been a coincidence.

    Still, the young princess attempted to go about her morning as if everything was normal. She had dressed herself in a daze, done her hair in a daze, made her way down to the dining hall in a daze. The usually cheerful girl was finding it impossibly difficult to smile, which was something she had never experienced before. She seated herself in the dining hall silently, another unusual behavior for her. Normally Arabella greeted everyone she passed excitedly.

    Instead, she sat silently across from Rebekah. Her eyes only drifted to the female before her for a mere second, and then they flickered down to her food. Arabella placed her napkin over her lap before reaching for the proper silverware to eat her omelet with. It was no secret that Gretchen and Rebekah had been best friends, but because Arabella had never experienced such tragedy herself she had no idea how to comfort the blonde princess.

    "I'm sincerely sorry about Gretchen," Ara offered anyways, forcing herself to look to Rebekah once more. She was vaguely aware of Leopold sitting beside Rebekah, as he often was during breakfast, but she made no effort to acknowledge him as well. It wasn't anything personal, she just didn't have the capacity to talk with more than one person at the moment.

    Then, Arabella turned her focus back to her meal. Maybe once I have something in my stomach I'll feel better, She thought optimistically. But, deep down she knew that food would not make her, or anyone else, feel better. Arabella remembered all too vividly what Gretchen's scream had sounded like as she fell- and she doubted she'd ever forget.

    The doors suddenly slammed open, causing Arabella to jump and drop her silverware to the floor. She turned in her seat to look at the doors, her blue eyes landing on a mysterious figure. They followed him as he walked, a shiver running down Ara's back. Who is that? She wondered as fear began to creep up inside of her. A gasp escaped her as the stranger pressed a blade to the Headmaster's shoulder, looking away as it tore through the flesh. She wanted to get up and run away, but simply couldn't leave her chair. It was as if a spell had been cast over her.

    After the lights went out and came back on the stranger was gone, and it seemed as though the spell was lifted. Arabella rose from he chair, the legs screeching against the floor in the process. She looked to the Headmaster with wide eyes, wondering what was going to happen next. He's going to send us home, right? He has to! It wasn't safe for the royals to stay at the school any longer.

    Location: Hallway --> Dining Hall
    Status: Commoner
    Mentioned: Headmaster ( @Gorgeous♠Chaos ), Raven ( @Dakota K5 ), Gretchen
    Interactions: N/A
    Character Sheet: HERE

    Outfit: HERE

    As a commoner Jaxon has known many tragedies, and so the death of a girl he did not know hardly affected him. He was bothered by it, of course, as any decent human being would be. It was a sad accident. But, he didn't really feel much remorse about it. Truthfully, he believed it to be a suicide, because she couldn't handle her kingdom falling. Jaxon couldn't blame her either, he might have done the same thing in her shoes. Maybe.

    It seemed as though almost everyone else was severely upset about the occurrence, however. Which was to be expected, as some of them knew the girl personally, something he hadn't even gotten the chance to do. Now, it seemed unlikely that he would get to know any of the royals. Jaxon suspected that everyone would be sent home for at least a time to grieve the death of the princess, and he also suspected that some would become suspicious of the commoners.

    They show up and suddenly one of them is dead? Even Jaxon himself would not be surprised if it had been a commoner who pushed her down the stairs, had it not been suicide. Commoners were known for being hateful and envious of the Royals, and so a murder was not all that far fetched. If the opportunity presented itself... Well...

    When he entered the dining hall Jaxon went directly to the unoccupied end of the nearest table, so that he would be near the least amount of people possible. He was not grieving as heavily as they were, and so it only seemed logical that he give them all space. He had only started eating when The Raven made his dramatic entrance.

    Horror washed over Jaxon as he watched The Raven attack the Headmaster, and all instinct told him to get up and defend his fellow man. But, Jaxon couldn't will himself to stand, no matter how hard he tried. Only when the lights went out was he able to get out of his seat. Sadly, by that time The Raven was already gone. Jaxon froze, halfway out of his seat, staring at the Headmaster with wide eyes. Even as he stared at the bleeding Headmaster he could only think one thing:

    Did that seriously just happen?
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