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  1. The large kingdom of Divine-Port is home to the Royal Academy. Princes and princesses from far and wide travel here to attend the hallowed halls, many believing if graduated from the academy they will reign as a great ruler. For many princes, graduation means the difference of you or your younger brother taking succession of the crown; for princesses it can enhance the chance of marrying a royal and obtaining the crown, or even persuading their own council into changing the line of succession. However, this year royals are not the only ones in attendance at the school. Five commoners were selected by a council of royals to be placed into a special program at the Royal Academy. If they are to obtain their diplomas at graduation, these five commoners will receive the chance to change not only their lives, but the lives of their family by becoming a lord or lady. Though the year does become difficult with the constant trace of the Raven lurking- trying to sabotage both royals and commoners alike, the princes and princesses trying to remove the commoners from the school, and of course the ghost of the Academy haunting the halls of the old castle.
    Can you make it through the year?
  2. Sure i'm in.
  3. I want in what is this Raven? can you play it to bring down the academy?
  4. I am still deciding whether or not to allow the Raven to be played by someone.
    Anyways, the Raven is a person that no one knows. It is said to just be a vengeful spirit that lost their lives in the Academy; however, they are far from that. It lurks in the shadows and stalks it's prey silently, waiting for a chance to whisk it's prey away.
    Okay, but really the Raven is some crazy old hag that lives in one of the many towers of the school that was said to be abandoned and unsafe to inhabit. They use to be a sorcerer for the old king that owned the castle before it was converted to the academy, so you can imagine he/she is as old as a bag of dust, maybe even older. Magic keeps him/she alive. They are in a senile state, thinking that the castle is under attack and the princes and princesses are invading. So that's where sabotaging them comes in.
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  5. Hmmmm interesting
  6. Hmm, if you want someone to play this raven I may take it up...maybe.
  7. Yeah, it's a rough idea, but I am open to suggestions on how to really 'bring him to life.'
  8. If you decide to play the Raven let me know.
  9. I do have one thing, the whole senile thing makes the raven less of a threat (in my mind) as the Raven doesn't know what they are doing. If I may, I suggest that the Raven is someone who had a vendetta against the nobles or the school if I could get some creative control (with in reason of course) I will take the role.
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  10. Feel free. It was just a rough idea that of course could use molding.
  11. Yay. Then I will take the role, if you have anything you want to see for the Raven that is a must tell me as we get nearer to start up.
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  12. could the Raven have minions or a familiar that is a shifter and has more lucid brain or maybe the Raven isn't senile the Raven has a grudge against the school and has a familiar do its dirty work till it can completely take down the school and it's in habitats
  13. I would so do this^^ and yeah maybe The Raven should have a grudge against the Nobles, instead of just being crazy lol
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  14. Imma throw my pitch for the Raven. The raven is someone that went to the school but something happened for them to...hate and to despise the other nobles and those that keep going to the school and now the Raven seeks to destroy the nobles that call the school their's.
  15. basically what I said yeah
  16. This works for me. Just as long as the Raven doesn't like the school or the people in it, I'm totally fine with it.
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  17. *shifts eye's to and fro* I knew that...I swear I was reading carefully and slowly and not just skimming...
  18. lol nah no worries
  19. would you except a minion or right hand woman of sorts and @Gorgeous♠Chaos wold it be okay to have a shape shifter / familiar
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