The Rosetta landing is a success.

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  2. And for anyone thinking this is a waste of taxpayers money; IF you are american, it wasn't NASA.
    If you are european. IT cost you about 3.5 euro, and will likely help us unlock a shit ton of information on the creation of the universe.

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  4. [​IMG]
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  5. I bet they signalled and shifted gears and everything.

    Aaaah don't wanna cloooooose mah aaaaaayers!
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  6. That's because Obummer doesn't care about space. =/
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  7. They blew it up, right? Because that's the only reason why you would spend millions of dollars on something like this. So you can be the one to blow that fucking space rock to kingdom fucking come.

    The only reason.

    Blow up a fucking comet.

    Did they do it?

  8. They're Europeans. They were trying to offer it immigration benefits.

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  9. Umm no. They wete short a bruce willis. Also. Not americans, so less explody and more researchy.
  10. Hey thats offensive, us Americans only blow things up on Holidays.

    and days off...

    and when we have the occasional drink...

    and when we get that free ice cream cone for your birthday at DQ...

    and for, ok you get the point we blow shit up a lot.
  11. Super hope @Nydanna was being ironic, because no matter what your politics nothing is worth going yahoo news comments-tier with the 'obummer' blending.
  12. But Obama is scared of space. He can't win with masses of youth and POC voters up there.

    Also, recreating this mission in KSP was an absolute blast. Even if it took seven tries to not smash into the thing at 2k kph.
  13. Hey now, don't be too hard on 'Murika.

    After all, you Swedes got your Murder Death Kill frenzy out of your system between being Vikings and following Charles XIII. The only difference is Ragnar Lothbrok and Charley 13 had less MBTs, ICBMs, air superiority, and automatic weapons at their disposal than Regan and Obama.
  14. Imagine vikings with destroyers or carl with jas gripen..
  15. Can we start a new thread about this?

    Also Science, FUCK YEAH!
  16. Looked it up, and apparently Canada is an associate member of the European Space Agency. Don't believe we contributed to this operation in particular, but still interesting.

    Excellent work, Europe. :salute:
  17. Not even sure which part of this is relevant, or necessary for that matter.
  18. Science~

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