The Rose Guild (Time Travel)

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    Hello! This is my first RP on here however I however I have experience with these types of games on other sites.

    The Rose Guild.

    A pocket dimension that exists in stasis across all time and space. A small alien colony (population of 50) controls this dimension. Every 10,000 years (of their dimensions time) they choose 1000 beings across all dimensions that will gain access to the Rose Garden. The lifeforms selected are generally seen as worthy or need assistance.

    A rose tree (the tree produces blood red rose leaves) resides in the middle of this dimension. The leaves have the power to bring anyone back to life simply by crushing it over the corpse. The Rose Guild will happily give a leaf to anyone who visits, however there is a price. In order to receive a leaf, the visitor must offer up something of much value: Power, cost, or sentimental. The leaf is then theirs for the taking. Any items that the Rose Guild receive are placed in the Great Hall: A museum in which possessions from across time and space are displayed.

    The pocket dimension was supposed to be secured and closed off to anyone who the Council of Red did not allow in. However something catastrophic has happened. Someone has managed to break into the Great Hall and has stolen some of the most powerful pieces of technology in existence. The Rose Guild is sworn to never getting personally into other worlds' problems but now they have little choice. They bring some of the strongest heroes across time and space together to find and take down this thief before he tears the timeline to shreds.

    This RPG will use a fairly simple mechanic known as Time Stamps. Each player is able to hold up to 2 Time Stamps at a time. How it works is simple: Anytime throughout the RP a player may "stamp" that moment in history (removing their oldest stamp if they are full). Later on they can travel back by themselves to that part in the story for a short period of time to try and change the future.

    The older the Time Stamp, the less effect it will have on the future. Also multiple players will not be able to travel back to the same period due to Time Wimey wibbly wobbly reasons.


    If Interested, post below!
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  2. Hmm, I think I'd be interested.
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  3. @Moogle-Girl: Ok Excellent! I'm hoping for a total of 4+ people before starting.
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