The Roro wants to RP

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  1. I've been craving a good 1x1 RP, or just RP'ing in general.

    The Roro has a few preferences and some taboo things but nothing you'd have to go to extreme lengths to accomodate, I don't think. I can't think of everything right now, but if it's something a little risqué, unusual, or eccentric, ask me and I'll be happy to let you know if I could do that.


    • Playing Male
    • Male/Male love, but doesn't mind Male/Female either
    • An RP who very proactive, not reactive (i.e. Don't be afraid to give input or experiment
    • Plot. Sure, mindless fighting and pointless romance is fun, but I LOVE plot.
    • Someone who doesn't mind waiting a few hours to a day between posts
    • A RPer who doesn't mind reading and writing a few paragraphs per post


    • No one-liner peoples. I'll do my best to provide you with the best I can if you promise to do the same
    • Text speak. Please please please please please save that for texting.

    And that's really just it. I don't have any planned themes or anything, but if you have an idea or want me to make up something on the spot, not a problem.

    Either reply to me here or PM me and I'll be happy to answer back!

  2. I'd be interested in RPing mxm since I haven't gotten to in what feels like FOREVER. lol :) I have a thread in here somewhere with a few plot bunnies I had in mind if you wanted to look at those. We can also just come up with something from scratch if you're interested in RPing with me :>
  3. intrested
  4. Alright, Monstar, I'll PM you!
  5. Interested if you are willing for a onexone ? :3