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  1. Jace has just recently rented his own place, tired of living in the dorms of the college he had made this decision as well as the fact that he needs a roomate. While he is trying to decide one specific guy catches his attention.

    -Character Sheet-
    Character Name: Jace Eliot Blue

    Gender: Male


    Height: 6 ft

    Body Type: Muscular

    Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

    Occupation: College Student and Musician and a part time security guard

    Hobbies: Boxing and music.

    Personality: He is tough, stubborn and short tempered. He has his sweet side but very rarely shows it. He is still 'in the closet'. He is pretty rebellious and lets his pride get in the way of almost everything. Once you get to know him and he softens up to ya he can be sweet (still stubborn of course) he is very protective over the ones he cares about.

    Bio: Jace grew up in a rather religious family. His mother and father always telling him and his younger sister to act a certain way or they will go straight to hell, still Jace rebelled no matter what. Growing up however Jace had began realizing how he is more attracted to both men and woman. Of course to this day due to his stubborness he is still in denial. By the time he turned 15 he grew rather sick of his parents trying to control him. So his rebelling got even worse. He became the black sheep of the family and still is today. Now he is no longer living with his parents but would still do anything to piss them off whenever he gets the chance. However he still is 'in the closet'. He is still very close to his 15 year old sister Violet.


    Tattoos/Piercings: He also has a huge tribal tattoo on the right side of his body and a tongue piercing[​IMG]

    *Keep in mind I only RP dominant characters!*
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  2. I'd love to rp with you if that's okay?
  3. Hey, if you're still looking for partners, I'd be interested.
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