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  1. Weeeee, Krossie's Back!!! <3

    Rich; yet hateful business tycoon raising his 22 year old son to be just like him - tough, cold, vindictive; just the right sort of attitude for running his multi-billion dollar global company. But, his son doesn't want to be like his father. He hates him and wishes to get away. Unfortunately, he's watched like a hawk and treated like a prince by everyone - the world knows who he is and his life is in just as much peril within the world, as it is under his father's abusive hands.

    His father hired a new family to manage their estate - a gypsy immigrant family from Romania who just crossed the seas and in need of work and a place to stay. They're practically free help because he's paying them with lodging in the servants house far behind the residence that's hidden in the wooded area surrounding the estate. If they do so much as take one item out of the house without permission, or break one of his ever-changing rules, they will all be deported.

    The 18 year old daughter is forced to work for his father as his personal secretary at the estate - which requires other services. She does what she's told fearing the man and his threats against her family; if she disobeys, then her family will be deported. His son is usually forced to watch his father's dominance over her, which only fuels his hatred for the man more. But, he can't show it...or else...

    Soon, the businessman gives the girl to his son as another training tool, to teach him how to keep a worker in their place, and to take what he wants when he wants it. She becomes the son's assistant, taking care of his laundry, his room, any needs he has. Before his father, he treats her horribly, force to torture her to prove he's learning well. And the son does whatever he's told - in order to keep both of them out of trouble - but hates everything he does to her.

    Secretly, they've been talking about things. She's given the boy a new focus on his life and they fall for each other. With the life she once had in Romania, she's learned how to conceal herself and hide from danger when needed. She's given him ideas as to how he can get out of there... and he's planning on taking her with him. But, she's scared to leave her family behind. So, they work out a plan to help everyone escape.

    Now, how it all goes down and what happens next is in the air. I'm thinking that her father dies in the escape plan trying to help the two lovers make it out alive. Her mother escapes with them, but soon after is found by the boy's father's personal squad and is deported. The father sends his squad out, as well as the police, to search for his son and the girl, saying that the girl and her family are terrorist or something and had kidnapped him for a hefty ransom.

    I'm thinking that the boy has contacts through his late mother that he's kept up with. Those people help them out, knowing that his father was the one who murdered his mother when he was ten, but they haven't been able to find the proof to card him off to prison. The girl has Romanian contacts as well in the States, and they all help them hide and build up enough against his father to send him to life in prison (murder, slaves, physical and sexual abuse). But, they are soon found and the end results of their running and fighting to stay away ends up with a major Battle Royal, where the boy finally decides to stand up to his father -

    What happens then, who know....

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    Oh, oh! I know! I know!

    In the end the boy could be standing over his father with a gun and go. " You taught me to be so cold, so calloused to pain. So accustomed to taking what I want? Well, here I am. Taking what I want and what I want own life with her--you're in the way." -Bang-
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    LOL! Yea, he was taught so well, wasn't he? *snickers*
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    It's the irony in of vindication. He finally becomes the shrewd businessman his father always wanted, although, like a wolf he's kicking out the older alpha male. ;p
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    True. I really like the whole irony base in this, even thought is all cliche and all. But, breaking the generation curse by using his own teachings against him is fun!

    I was kinda wondering what over problems can occur for the guy and the girl in the mist of all of this. Like, in the mist of running away from the cops and such, what smaller issues can develop that messes things up for them, almost gets them caught, or causes the death count to rise more as they continue to run and hide.

    I think something else needs to go wrong for the guy to finally say he's not going to run and hide anymore for his father. The girl has been born into the lifestyle of hiding and stuff like that, but he wasn't. His father taught him to be the alpha dog, not the pup lying in his back in servitude. So,something has to really hit home for him to just finally say, that's it!
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    I'm interested. As far as I know if I was chosen for a character they would have separate personalities that would lead them into doing something horrible, like shooting their father.

    If you were interested in turning this into a 3rper roelplay.
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    Alright then! We have our three.

    Kross, are you pulling the son... I can see your mind salad tossing, you know! :3

    Then Mistah J, you have the father.

    We're going to have to brainstorm a bit then. In my plot setup, I only had the main storyline, but it pulled towards a smaller plot with the Romanians.

    Mistah J, the smaller plot with the father, I seeing, will pull towards the secret the father is hiding about the murder of his son's mother - which we can really blow up into a strange, twisted mess dealing with his mega company and possible his son. As the father is chasing his son and the girl, trying to keep their mouths shut for good, the whole situation can wake up old issues that can lead into an investigation into other murders he's done.

    Just a thought... That's got me thinking of creating a hard-nosed female FBI detective with an agenda to put him down for good.

    The only reason I'm thinking this is because, if we do this as a Three-P and the story splits when the boy and the girl runs away, there's got to be something on both sides of the main plot to keep action going throughout the story - so we all get our charries into so nasty, asskicking action.
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    This could also be put that the father is the godfather of a mafia which runs over half the country. Throwing people in brick ovens all these years and still doing it has left him with a horrible smart ass mental state. Combining him with the RDJ version of Sherlock Holmes. A sarcastic prick with the personality of a mental person. Flaring unknown rage, the need to have someone bleed under his fingertips. Torture, etc. Drinking, drugs, etc to keep whatever he considers a demon inside him under control. Seeing his past wife wherever he confronts a person, driving him to wanting to harm them etc. Just a mental patient. His story I'll come up with something later.
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    Wondering, what kind of business would a guy like that run in the view of the public? And what kind of ties does he hold within the law that keeps his little schemes out from under the radar? I think whatever we come up with there will be the other situation that lead to him killing his wife. (She just got too close, ya know.) When the FBI gets involved, even though he has insider help to keep his record looking clean, our detective is not going to buy it all and she's going to take his case in a whole new angle in order to catch him red - handed, and save his son and the girl.

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    That's right Phi!Probable cause is the leading cause in the deteriorating health of organized crime. Oh, right, this isn't a health study. My bad. :P

    Mistah J; you and I need to get together some time, talk about the aspects of our father-son relationship devise some kind of outline we want to follow so we aren't confusing each other if we got an idea and just randomly throw it out.
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    That's right Phi!Probable cause is the leading cause in the deteriorating health of organized crime. Oh, right, this isn't a health study. My bad. :P

    Mistah J; you and I need to get together some time, talk about the aspects of our father-son relationship devise some kind of outline we want to follow so we aren't confusing each other if we got an idea and just randomly throw it out.
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    Oh yea! A Pow Wow that I'm not involved in!


    Well, while you two hash it out over there, I'll start working my charries...

    Romanian Family
    Romanian Connection

    As long as I don't hold a butt-load of charries in this one, I'll be good.

    These are the other charrie concepts/NPCs available for the third RPer.

    FBI Detective
    Mother Connection
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    Just so I don't lose this, I'm going to post what I have on the Romanian girl and her family.

    *Name: Nadia Diona Constantin - Nadia means Hope.
    *Age (12-25): 18
    *Gender: female
    *Where you live: In servant quarters on the estate.

    *Personality: If she wasn't so scared all the time, she would be cheery, lively with a child-like curiosity to all the new things she finds in America on a constant basis. But, since she's scared to make a move, fearing what the master would do to her, Nadia blocks herself from all emotion and tries to make-believe that her life is nothing but an overly-extensive nightmare. She is sharp, quick thinking, and creative when she's trapped; and like any wild animal, she knows how to adapt to stay alive.

    *History: Will finish later.

    *Other: Will complete later



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    I'm sorry to inform the both of you, if you get this. That I am unable due to personal and mental reasons that I cannot partake in this roleplay. I do however think it is wonderfully planned and sculpted like fine clay. But I cannot risk not being able t post when my time comes to do so. I apologize but ask that if you have another roleplay in the future that needs another player. Hit me up and we can discuss.

    Sorry, Mistah J
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    That's okay, Mr. J. When you have the time, I'm always popping out plot bunnies. LOL!

    Alright, that being said....this RP is open again for another Player!!!
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    That's a pretty hot gal you got there Phi. :P



    Car: Audi R8 V10


    Only notions he considers are hollowed and lost thoughts
    Visions that confer only sorrow that time's caught
    A ghost upon a body so shoddy and scared soft
    A mind so terrified it's resigned and it's shut off
    But that's to be expected when a boy has been selected
    In his hands is placed a weapon as a soldier then directs him
    Shoot upon your father
    To refuse you'll burn in horror
    No pursuit of pride and honor
    He just stands immersed in sweat
    Family eyes connect
    He holds his rifle to his chest
    His heart is heavy with regret as he unloads with his offense
    And "in the name of freedom" is chanted to loud applause
    While planted in his brain is an image of Hell crossed
    Sobbing in his spirit and fearing the holocaust
    He must compose himself or risk being the next lost
    Now every shadow hides a face he's shot or blown to dust
    With every day he's dying and getting more out of touch
    And every night he dreams he ends the death machine
    And finds a way to run from his stranger and this regime
    As morning leaves him choking and full of grief
    He's hoping today will be the day that brings him a reprieve

    If only we could find the fortune
    Instead of misfortune
    Would be see it's out of proportion
    Or have we cut off our feet
    No way to retreat
    In nothing but defeat
    But if we can get us lost
    And try to take it off
    Could we clean up this distortion
    Try to make it soften
    Are we all orphans now
    Have we exhausted now
    And I never loathed a life
    But now I lead this war with me

    I suspect my calm's Manchurian in nature
    Just a matter of some time before she makes me waste 'em
    Yet I possess no fury toward this stranger
    No I just feel allured by coming danger
    Change her I wouldn't
    I want to ride the current of her storm
    Nourish on her sword
    And let my soul absorb
    And he of pure mind, let him to me accord
    Benevolence to ward off temptation that I have stored
    'Cuz lord knows the craving in me grows
    With every step I took I knew the devil in me rose
    Waiting on a precipice so delicately posed
    A long and lovely fall no will or fire can oppose
    But the beauty of her form brings violence
    And I succumb to dancing with this siren
    And I can feel the weight of this unload
    Perception has been altered now I see what she's bestowed
    The wrath in me explodes and the sins of men are found
    The power of her sound reveals malevolence abound
    To he who sees no heaven amongst the clouds
    The reckoning is coming, get ready for buried ground
    Yet I can feel such impurity within
    I must expel the fiend and let its hole cave in
    And so to singe this evil now I pull the pin
    But clutch it to my heart to end the journey of my twin

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    Ahh, still looking for one player, or - if Kross is up for it - I'll just turn this into a OnexOne and just run with it.
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    I'm fine with it hun. ^^
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    Question, when do we want to start this story?

    A few days before the Romanian family enters the home...

    When Nadia suddenly becomes the father's personal secretary...

    Or, everything's been going on already, and we start when the father decides to give Nadia to his son?

    I'm sort of favoring starting with the family already settled in their new homes and new jobs. They've been there for about two years, so Nadia knows Adrian well, but they've never really talked or anything like that - mainly because they fear his father's wrath.

    Perhaps, something really stressful has been happening in his father's company, and he's resorted to taking his frustrations out on Nadia all of a sudden. Adrian probably had his share of attacks from his father as well, but Nadia is the one who's received the most abuse - of all types.

    Adrian's not too happy about that and decides to confront his father about it. I can see his father really getting upset at him, saying he's still too soft to be a real man to take over his company. So, with threats and abuse, his father forces Adrian to take Nadia as his personal secretary, telling him to make her do everything he wants so he can learn how to control a person's will.

    When they are around his father, Adrian has to treat Nadia badly, but when he's not around they get a chance to talk and get to know each other more.

    Okay...I've got something in mind. I guess I had to brainstorm it, type my thoughts out.

    Now, I've got to figure out a company for his dad... OH!!! Something like Virgin Records, or something, where his hand is like in everyone's cookie jars! If you have some ideas on this, let me know... I'm losing my train of thought....
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    Phi Chisym
    No, not yet. When you were absent, I was sick and struggled with everything. I still can't get my head around where to start that thing.

    It's either when her family moved in - which can show how nice the father was at the beginning...

    Or, start in the middle, when he began to show more interest in her and began to threaten her to get his way.

    I can't make a decision on that without ya. Where do you see it starting?

    Oh, and don't forget Eureka. I've been rewatching the series - Again, and have re fan-girled myself! LOL!

    And I'm still struggling on my Dead Moon post, don't know why. I thinking Ichiku is a bit surprised again that this Samurai did something she told him, especially something like that! I'll get it

    I do have a suggestion for Father and Son.

    The Father torments the Son because he's viewd as vulnerable and weak. But we both know where its going to end up, people can only take so much psychological torment before the essentiallay...snap.

    But what if the son, meets the girl and her family BEFORE his father hires them and he torments them to get at his so? The father can chalk it up as just one more way to force his will on his son, and effectively bind the girls hands as well.

    Phi Chisym
    That is a thought there for Father/Son. But, where in the world would the son meet them before they are hired at his father's estate?

    Perhaps, she has a student visa and has started college? So, he's seen her during the admissions event?

    Or, she also has another job outside the house - at least, for a little while. She can work at a store near the college he goes to, or works at a store near his friend's house where he likes to head after work or classes to avoid being at the house. Or, she works at a bar he likes to go to, or something like that. It's not the best place in the world to work and the hours and pay are horrible, but she would take that job any day. Unfortunately, working for his dad pays for her parents' security in The States, and for them a place to stay.

    What sounds good to you?

    Kross <input type="checkbox" name="vmessagelist[63905]" value="0" id="vmessage_imod_checkbox_63905" title="Select this item for inline moderation">
    If I recall, you referred to to them as a Romanian family--I hink Gypsy like maybe? That could just be me.

    If that's true-the Son would have wealth--he could very well meet her in her home town as a sort of happenstance. She sees how soft and kind he is, almost bullied by her even because he's timid and doesn't like confrontation. But he's smart, he's way smarter than he lets on and he's a writer, loves spindling tales of heroism because he feels he could never do something bold in his life. So he makes up these characters who are courageous for him.

    When her family comes over and they meet his father--through no direct course of action. She will see sooner than later why he is so timid an would probably put two and two together.

    Phi Chisym
    Okay, so they meet in Romania, in a particular province somewhere - small, quaint, where his father's wealth and reputation knows no bounds. Oh, she works a some bar right off the main streets of the tourist downtown area. He wandered there after getting poor directions from someone when he asked for a nice coffee shop for him to sit at and write. Or, he got mixed up and ended up there.

    Seeing that he was a tourist, Nadia attempts to get things from him, money, a one way ticket to America; pulling on his heartstrings first, but when he shows himself to be no fool, she leads him into a corner and tries to force him to give her something she can use for her family. And five American dollars won't cut it.

    I'm going to move these notes to the occ thread... so we don't lose them. :)

    Abell Adino

    Anglicized form of Greek Habel, meaning "vanity," i.e. "transitory."


    Anglicized form of Hebrew Adiynow, meaning "soft, delicate"

    = Transitoy Softness