The Roleplay Survey!

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Dearest Roleplayers of Iwaku,

Your Admins are currently conducting a ROLEPLAY SURVEY!

This is a -very- long survey with lots and LOTS of questions about your roleplay experiences here on Iwaku and your personal roleplay styles or preferences. With this survey, we're hoping to see where we might be having problems on Iwaku and how we can help members have more fun with their roleplays.

Your survey answers are 100% confidential and will only be seen by the Admins. So please answer all of the questions in detail and with honesty!

It doesn't matter how long you have been on Iwaku, everyone can fill this out for me. :D I'd much appreciate it.
Might have been a trite long-winded on my part, but there you have it.
Big thanks to everyone that's done the survey.... AND I WANT MORE PEOPLE TO SEND ONE IN!

We've gotten GREAT feedback so far! It's really, really helpful. >:D So keep those surveys coming.
I forgot to put "Make shorter surveys" in the suggestion box when I sent mine in. Oh darn. :P
Can I skip some questions? You know I'll be wordy enough as it is, so I'd rather skip over certain stuff, I think.
Yeah, you can skip anything that doesn't relate to you, or that you feel like you already answered through other questions, etc. >>
done and done. and damn that was long lol i answered to the best of my natrual abilities :)
I would be more than happy to fill it out, but I must be blind cause I can't find a link or anything that would get me to it.....
the link is at the top in bold letters that reads ROLEPLAY SURVEY :)
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