The Rocker Boy



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A famous rock-star decides it's time for a vacation. He heads off to a small town, where he hopes no one will recognize. Fortunately, it was a success and he even meets a girl. Just as they're falling in love, a visitor from a larger city visits. He informs the magazines and newpapers who come and uncover his secret.

(Tragic part) The girl becomes resentful of him for not telling her who he was.

And we'll go from there. It was just a quick idea I had, if you're interested and have some suggestions, go ahead and PM me :)
If I can play the rocker boy, sure. I like the idea.
I know this is late, but I just joined today. Which character would you want to play in this?
I'm interested! Can play either role. Still looking?
Sorry for not replying sooner ^^

The person I had been rp-ing with disappeared, so I'll gladly take on both of you as partners ^0^ So I can do one for you both!

Actually, I'd like to play the girl ^^ But if you guys prefer being the girl, I can play as the boy :)