The Robots of New York

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  1. 4 humans are scattered about New York. But they all end up meeting in an abandoned subway. Nothing and no one is there except for four computer-like necklaces. The four humans find them, but an alien with human-like features does not like them "digging up his treasure". The necklaces react to the villain negatively and end up latching to the necks of the humans. The villain does not like that one bit and tries to pry the necklace off of one of the humans, but the necklace zaps him backwards. The necklaces begin to shine holograms of robotic parts across the humans body parts, and soon, the robotic parts begin to become real and attach to the humans, putting them in a full robotic suit...

    And thats how a first scene goes....Yeah xD Need a good superhero RP to do with people and I conjured this up....So yeah, here we are.~ Didn't know whether to put this in Sci-Fi or Modern, but decided it should probably go to Sci-Fi. There are limited parts so eat them up xD

    Character Sheet
    Description of Robot Suit:


    1.Macy Miura

    The Villain*

    *May need to do some planning with the person whom plays the villain. The player can choose his appearance and part of his personality, but there are some parts that I need to tell the person. Besides, we may need to do some secret plotting...Just to surprise other players ;D But don't think that the others won't be involved in plotting as well, its just that when the time may come, I'd want it to be a surprise to you all <:3

    But yeah...Who wants to join :'D

    (EDIT: title fail =w=; having two tabs open at once does that to you)
  2. Name: Macy Ann Miura
    Appearance: meats.jpg

    Age: 18

    Bio: Born with 2 brothers on November 8th. She's definitely a tomboy and skilled in sports she loves (Tennis, Soccer, and Basketball). Macy wants to hopefully go pro in at least one of those sports. Lives in Staten Island, New York. Doesn't like it when people beat around the bush and always wants straight-to-the-point answers. Can have a bit of a temper when she finds out things have been sugarcoated, but for the most part is a nice and kind person.

    Personality: Reckless, kind, gentle when needed to be, harsh, bit of a temper

    Description of Robot Suit: Tight, spy-like jumpsuit. Blue and white are the dominant colors. Medium sized shooters on both hands which can transform into a canon on the right arm. Helmet with a sort of motorcycle like visor.