The Road to Nowhere

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    Modern NO Supernatural! Anything else allowed! NO BIOS REQUIRED!

    A large tourist bus starting from Maine travels across the country. Tourists, short term passengers, and others are taking this opportunity to get somewhere new. Every person on board has their story...

    This is the official OOC thead for The Road to Nowhere! If you want to talk about characters, prod for posts, yadda, yadda, do so here! Char bios are not required at all, but you can post them if you want. :D
  2. Here's a character bio anyway(:

    Name: Lily Halligan
    Age: 27
    Personality: Curious, witty, short tempered, loves to laugh, hates the stereotypical "blonde bimbo"
    Appearance: [​IMG][/IMG]

    Lily just got fired from her job as a hostess at one of the local restaurants in Augusta, ME. ( Supposedly because of her short temper and annoyance with "bitchy" people.) She hops onto the tourist bus out of curiosity and hopes to relax and see where life takes her.

    This is just a little something I've got planned for this. Let me know if you want to me to continue with it or change a couple of things. (:
  3. I can't believe I missed this last night! Just go on a post whenever you're ready. XD We just got the action started a few days ago.