The Road to Nowhere

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[bg=#1c1e25]A large tourist bus starting from Maine travels across the country. Tourists, short term passengers, and others are taking this opportunity to get somewhere new. Every person on board has their story...[/bg]

Susan wasn't one of the tourists on the bus, but she boarded anyway. Taking a seat near a window, she stuffed her large duffel bag under her chair. It was filled just with the barest of essentials. Some clothes, a few books, and a little medication. Impatiently fussing with the ends of her hair, she was hoping they'd get on the road soon. If he realized she left him... who knows what was going to happen!
Ted sat in one of the seats nearest to the driver. He felt that was the best place to be on the bus. He never felt comfortable in the back, but that was merely because he had a rather large sense of "personal space." Did this make him claustrophobic? It was certainly possible. Since the bus had stopped at this rest area, most of the passengers had left to go smoke or stretch after along ride from whatever the starting point in main was.

Ted was reading a copy of All's Quiet on the Western Front when the sound of rain starting to dribbled on the roof of the vechile made him decide to peer out the window.
Mick's glasses fogged up as the air outside turned heavy with moisture. The misty Northeastern air condensed into light sprinkling at first, then turned to a steady patter of rain. He fumbled in his bag, looking for the umbrella he knew he had packed, buried though it was under a load of books, electronics, toiletries and clothing, all crammed into his unfashionable backpack. He stopped to push his glasses up, which were sliding down his nose, but the action made him lose his balance and drop his backpack, as well as his boarding pass, falling with a splosh onto the muddy earth. He groaned and cursed, looking around for the boarding ticket, his clothes getting soggier by the minute. Finally, he fished it out of a brown puddle, and dashed to the entrance of the bus. He stood in the doorway for a few moments, getting his bearings and letting some of the Maine weather drip-dry off from his limbs.

He looked at the bus route number in the window. Then he looked at a folded map he pulled out of his pocket, with a certain town circled in red ink. At last, he looked at a picture he pulled up on his mobile phone, a faint smile crossing his face.

I hope this is the right one, he thought.
Susan shifted slightly in her seat. Paying a lot of attention to the people that were boarding the bus, without trying to look like one of those creepy staring people. It was just that... how could she be sure no one was following her? She's read LOTS of books and seen plenty of specials on TV about that sort of thing. They had to be based on some sibilance of fact, right?

Sighing to herself, she shifted her gaze to look outside. It was raining, and despite her current situation, it was a soothing sort of sound. Rainy days were always her favorite. She just hoped it didn't delay the bus from leaving on time.
Ted looked out the window. Several of his longer bangs then slipped down, causing him to routinely push them out of the way. He was no longer as young as he once was, though by looking at him, Ted looked like he was in his late 30s instead of his early 50s. Ted considered himself lucky in this sense, though life was not as lively as it used to be...

Normally he would have had used gel to keep the bangs in place but now it was buried somewhere in his single luggage box that sat in the chair next to him as his sole travelling partner. Five years go, he lost his wife due to cancer, he had been married for nearly 24 years, and he often pondered if he the only reason he had it rest next to him was because that was "her" spot. "Of course, not." He often told himself. However, he never did fully believe that he was in complete control of his subconscious. Besides, whom would it offend? It was rare for a cross country bus to fill up with people this early in the trip....

He then peered off into the single aisle of the bus. A young woman, probably not much older than his youngest daughter got on the bus. She appeared to be a rather cautious looking sort. He might have asked her if she any help, but that would have been imposing and was out of Ted's apathetic mannerisms....He went back to reading.
When all of the passengers boarded the bus, the doors closed and the vehicle slowly started moving and pulling out of the station. With the rain coming down, the traffic on the street was slow. But it left the entire machine with a soothing pattering of raindrops on the roof and windows. Most of of the bus was fairly empty, save for a few people here and there. So chatter was soft and almost nonexistent.

Susan pulled a book out her her bag. It was a cheesy romance novel. On the cover a half naked man sporting glistening muscles and long flowing hair. The stories were never realistic, but they were always fun brain candy for her. Real life relationships never ended up so dramatic or romantic. ...They had the drama all right, but not the kind she wanted.

Flipping through the pages, it was hard to keep her mind focused on the words. Ever so often, she would still glance up out the window or peek at the other passengers on the bus.
Nine year old Katie bent her blonde head forward and...picked her nose, looking back and forth before sneaking it under the bus seat. Pretty sure she wasn't seen she settled back, pulling out a new set of double AA's to put into her old game boy advance. THUNK! Another pothole in the shoddy roads and she lost one of the batteries. Katie froze, her eyes getting wide. (As wide as they could be seeing as one of them was half swollen shut, having been blacked out by her father.) Lets see: Level seven of Tarzan or the rest of the trip having just the back of a seat to stare at... Katie ducked under the seat and left her sleeping mom behind, crawling towards the back of the bus, desperately hunting for the battery.
One minute the bus was riding down the road all happy and yay, and then the next... A man had slowly made his way from the back to the front. From his big heavy coat he pulled out what looked like a gun and was holding it up.

"EVERYBODY STOP!" Everyone froze at his voice, even the bus driver! Who slammed on the brakes. The man lost his footing and stumbled back before he caught his balance again.
Evan was not the kind of kid that anyone really liked. He was always withdrawn and kept to himself. The kids he'd gone to school with had always thought him creepy and probably mentally unstable. He didn't blame them though since he was bipolar and medicated to try and keep himself somewhat normal. With the depression that tagged along as well it wasn't surprising that his outward appearance was emo/goth. He was seventeen and sick of life, so had decided to sneak out in the middle of the night and catch the first bus to wherever it would take him, as long as it was away from where he had no desire to be any longer.

His hair was dyed black and down to his shoulders. Normally he kept it in a ponytail, but today it was loose and a little greasy since he hadn't showered since the day before. He'd just been glad that he'd packed some of those water-not-needed toothbrushes so at least his mouth was clean. He had a small black shoulder bag with his few essentials. Nothing really important other than clothes and toiletries, a couple of sci-fi books and his journal. Nothing was important in the life he was leaving behind so why waste space in his bag for unimportant things was how he looked at it. He was dressed all in black, of course, with fishnet stockings on his arms and black painted fingernails. Completely the image of the young goth boy. The fact that he was tall, nearly six foot, and very thin and pale to boot only added to the image.

He was already on the bus when the rain started, thankfully, and sitting by himself in the very back so he was as far away from the other passengers as he could manage while still being on the same bus. He felt a weight life from his shoulders when the bus finally pulled away from the station and he let out a sigh of relief. He was trying to not notice the other passengers, what few people were aboard anyway, but couldn't help watching when the little girl started searching for something under a few seats behind her.

A indistinct man sitting across from him stood once the bus had been on the road and was out of the city and started walking towards the front. He wondered what the man was doing, but didn't care enough to wonder for long until the man yelled "EVERYBODY STOP!" and pulled what looked like a gun out of his heavy coat. Evan slammed into the seat in front of him as the bus screeched to a dead halt and silence hung over all the passengers. Evan stared, incredulous, at the man who was causing such a ruckus.
Jerry turned in his seat that was leaned all the way back and scratched at himself, sleeping. Until he flew forward and smashed into the seat in front of him, falling to the floor toward the front of the middle of the bus. "Ah! Fuck!" Jerry said, pulling himself up with one hand while holding his other hand to his forehead. His voice loud after the shout from the gunman and the sudden quiet of the passengers.

Katie's small head connected with a seat, much like the other passengers on the buss. Only, since she was crawling on the floor she connected with a unpadded metal bar on the lower part of the seat. Her tiny head spun about and she choked back a sob, disoriented for a moment.

Her eyes snapped to attention, towards where the voice had came from and her stomach felt like it had been punched, her hands began to tremble as she crawled out of sight and cowered down between the seats. Her dad had threatened her mommy with a gun and made her cry the other day and had hit katie.

Daddy didn't mean it...he loved her. But...her and mommy were going to grannies to visit away from daddy and were playing dress up. Katie tore off the blonde wig and stared down at it, wishing she were in her mothers arms. Safe, away from the man with the gun.
Mick had his nose buried in his copy of A Tale of Two Cities when someone yelled "Everybody stop!" The bus driver certainly listened to the command, as apparently the brakes were slammed to the ground, the vehicle skidding to a noisy stop. Mick was seated far enough to the back, however, that neither the sudden stop nor the urgent voice were very jarring to him. Instead, all he could think was "Stop? I'm just sitting here, I'm already stopped..." He craned his neck and leaned to one side, trying to get a better view of what was going on in the front of the bus down the aisle. When he saw what looked like a gun in the man's hand, Mick let out a sigh, closing his book and calmly setting it down on his lap.

"Here we go..."
"Not you, keep driving!" said the man at the gun towards the bus driver. After jabbing him in the head a few times, the bus driver finally got the bus moving again and back on to the streets. The gunman stayed standing at the front, holding the gun up so everyone could see.

"As long as everyone stays in their seats, no one is gonna get hurt. We're just going to take a nice long drive in to Canada and if anyone so much as squeaks, I'mma blow your head off, got it?!"
Evan just kept staring at the man as he screamed at the bus driver to get the bus moving again, stabbing him in the head with his gun as if that was necessary since he was already waving the gun around. A few people on the bus whimpered in fear as he threatened to shoot them if they made any complaints about the change in course he was demanding.

"This is such crap," he muttered to himself under his breath. He shook his head and eased back in his seat, not about to stick his neck out when he didn't even know any of these people anyway.
Susan was quiet as a mouse, staring wide-eyed at the bus hijacker. On one hand, she was SO relieved that it was a bus hijacker and not her boyfriend. For a split second there, she thought the man had caught up with her and everyone on the bus would suffer for it. ...But on the other, a hijacker was still serious and the man looked completely crazy. His eyes were darting around eying everyone like he was just WAITING for someone to make a peep so he could blow their head off.

Susan slid lower in her seat. If he did start shooting, maybe he'd missing her.

The man with the gun truly was looking around and looking like he was going to snap any moment. "Everyone drop down the shades on your windows. DO IT! I don't want nobody looking in here. And don't nobody go trying to signal for help either." He pointed the gun down the aisle and started walking. A pillow case was pulled out his back pocket.

"If you got a phone on ya, you best drop it here in this bag. If I see anybody trying to call the cops or something, I'mma blow your head off too."
Lily just got fired from her job as a hostess at one of the local restaurants in Augusta, ME. ( Supposedly because of her short temper and annoyance with "bitchy" people.) She hopped onto the tourist bus out of curiosity and hopes to relax and see where life takes her.

Lily flipped her brunette bangs out of her face and said aloud " what the fuck?! This just isn't my damn day now is it?" The man with the gun turned around facing her and bellowed " Didn't i say to shut the hell up?"

At this point Lily was already pissed from the annoying ass people on the bus except for the goth guy who seemed like a decent person. " Do you think I give a fuck about what you say?" Lily replied. She didn't care anymore if he shot her or not, she was not going to let this asshole speak to her like that.
He didn't hit the seat too hard, just a minor bruise and some rug burn, but it was still irritating. This yelling, crazy hijacker wasn't helping, in fact he was the cause of it. The guy was coming around with a pillow case, Jerry grimaced at the crude way this guy was working, all Jerry had to put in the pillow case as the crook walked by was an old Walkman radio.

Jerry's blood began to smolder as he heard some chick start yelling, God she was more irritating than a throbbing headache. He grit his teeth, hoping she would shut up, but she didn't. Shrugging his shoulders in irritation, he looked over his shoulder and noticed the hijacker just as irritated as he was. Idea. Jerry spun out of his seat, jumping up, and bringing down his laced together hands down onto the back of the hijackers neck. The man gasped in mid-shout, staggering. But Jerry shoved him down onto the ground with his momentum and holding him down with his left arm, smashed the hijackers kidney repeatedly against the knuckles of his right fist until his arm ached. Whew, that felt better.

Rose had never really suited her name, rose's were delicate fragile beautiful flowers. Granted she was beautiful but she was far from fragile she was a street kid tough, hardened, intelligent and cunning. She had boarded this bus in the hopes of wherever it was headed she could make a better life for herself among.. other things, that goal now seemed to be interrupted by the crazy man at the front of the bus.

She rolled her eyes as the hijacker made his way down the aisle she wasn't scared of this loon, she had been faced with much worse but she wasn't dumb enough to challenge him and get her head blown off. She gave him a scared little girl look and showed him her empty hands when he demanded any phones, he accepted the lie almost instantly. She smiled to herself as he moved on, there were advantages to being young blonde and pretty it had helped her so far. When he was distracted with another passenger she discretely reached into her jean pocket and silently switched off her phone, she wasn't going to give it up it she'd be able to use it at some point.

She looked up to see some chick mouthing off the gun men she shook her head she wanted to tell her off for being stupid enough to irritate a crazy man with a gun, when all of a sudden a male passenger got of his seat and tackled the hijacker to the floor. She sighed and rested her head in her hands watching the spectacle unfold, well that's one hostage down she thought to herself she was starting to regret getting on this bus.
After pummeling the hijackers kidney into paste and cracking a couple of the guy's ribs, Jerry had the bus driver pull over for a minute. The bus driver didn't listen right away and Jerry had to yell at him a few times to get him to stop. As he started dragging the unconscious crazy dude to the front end of the bus he called out "Some one get their phone and call the cops or something" and tossed the jerk out of the bus.