The Road to Monetization

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So finally got a message on the top of my youtube videos that I can get some of them approved for monetization. Now there are a few concerns I have and a few things I wish to go over.

1. The first and foremost is that I need to discard all of the un-owned material I have for the most part those are my openings. The title sequence on each of my videos has a picture that isn't owned by me and music that isn't owned by me. Thus I'd have to create an opening sequence for each of my videos myself in order to make sure everything is approved for the Monetization.

2. This is where we get fun, now, if someone out there could make me some openings for my videos (Minecraft, Terraria, Borderlands, etc.) I would be most appreciative and hey they can get some of the money generated. Thus it helps out whoever aids me and it helps the channel look far more professional. Later on I could be approved for banners and such.

3. Next we get to the "road" part. I have a long way to go before I am really going to be making use of the monetization feature, so make sure you get out there, tell friends, gamers you know, let 'em know my channel exists. (link at the end) It's a multitude of effort and it is quite like the yogscast so far. Only difference is there is more people that have voice parts than just me and another. And the coming Season 3 of my minecraft I'll be looking to Iwaku voice actors.

4. And finally the big benefit behind all of this. If the channel does do well, and I start getting some good money from my monetization, Iwaku can finally have a cash flow into it that isn't coming straight from Diana's pockets and the donators she relies so much on.

So help out the cause! Get the name out, Pseudoping's Channel on youtube!