The road to collective creativity is paved with plot bunnies...

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  1. Think about that for a moment.
    And have a moment of silence for all those plot bunnies...
    and think about how bloody that road is.
  2. Is there a point to this thread?
  3. None whatsoever.
  4. We have a place for random crap, wait two weeks and you'll be allowed in, till then stick to posts with points in General!

  5. This thread totally has a point! It's about vicious plot bunny murder!

    If you are a PSYCHO!

    Silly goose, maybe those plot bunnies paved the road themselves as road workers! They put on little hard hats and worked together in collaboration! 8D
  6. Maybe we can use this thread to talk about how clunky and flawed the metaphor is.

    I feel like a rhinoceros with gingivitis when I try to say it. And it doesn't make sense. Collective creativity as a metaphorical destination doesn't work, unless you see it as an end in itself, in which case plot bunnies would not be conducive towards creativity as a means, but rather the output of collective creativity. And the output of collective creativity is not solely dependent on plot bunnies, but also on a great deal of direction, structure and control. The plot bunnies are a foundation, for sure, but not a paving. "Paving" suggests a concept is omnipresent and implicit in every stage of the process, but this particular concept is not. There are times when plot bunnies are not enough to guarantee creativity.

    In short. I fucking hate that catchphrase and it should die.
  7. Phew. For a second there I was beginning to wonder if I was the only one around here with a sense of humor. Now imagining creativity being paved by little bunny workers in hard hats.

    "My plot is better than yours, we should use mine!"

    "Yeah but mine has pretty colors!"

    crap now they're fighting. Plot bunnies within plot bunnies. Plotception.