The road to be Master (A Pokémon tale)

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  1. "ALL RIGHT! FINALLY I'VE BEEN WAITING SINCE FORE EVER TO GET CALLED" A boy with brown hair said, trying to get the attention of everyone, he finally was called to choose his pokémon...and he wanted to make sure everyone knew it was him who chose first.
  2. Professor Oak smiles as he waves for the boy to come forward "Alrighty young one, are you ready to go on a journey to becoming the Pokémon master? Answer me this; Are you a boy or are you a girl? What is your name?"
  3. "Professor I'm a boy, also..." The boy grabbed Oak and rammed Oaks head into the sharpest part of the table lay out in front of them, as he began to kill professor Oak everyone gasped as they went to cover the children's eyes, someone even screamed "Call the ambulance...and cops!" The boy quickly grabbed all three pokéballs and ran toward his bike and sped off toward the blood moon in the horizon.
  4. By the time Officer Jenny got there with the human doctors the boy was gone "What happened here?" The officer asked.

    One of the bystanders said "It was the new trainer he went crazy and ran off with all three staters."

    The officer frowns "Will I hope 4kids can censor this well."

    "By the way who were the starters?"

    Everyone remained quiet.
  5. "Hehehe...well let's be on are way" the boy said as he heard the sirens go off of a cop car.
  6. The three Pokéballs in his hands open and release the Pokémon inside.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The Pokémon were a Meowth, Deerling (winter form), and a Dratini.

    The meowth yawns and proceeds to lick itself the Deerling nibbles grass and the Dratini stares up at the theif.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.