The Rising Sun Saga: A Feudal (Edo Period) Japan Roleplay

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  1. Hello! I'm looking for people to join in a Feudal Japan roleplay, wherein you can live and explore a world where Shinto and Buddhist mythology come to life. The world itself will be open sandbox, with some set plot points along the way.

    "Feudal Japan, called Nippon, is a land shrouded by magic and mystery preserved by its isolationism. It is the Edo Period, and peace is kept by the samurai and their lords, who are ruled by a single shogun and his family. Where the Shinto gods emerge and visit the human race and the Buddhist magic come together in great and elegant sorcery, foreigners are almost never permitted entry, and those who survive rarely live to tell the tale. In this land, how will you survive the warring provinces and make your mark on the land?"

  2. Interested! ^^
  3. Im totally in!!
  4. Looks interesting; I'd love to have more information regarding it though to decide whether I'm all for it or not.
  5. If you would like more initial information on the concept, I'd be happy to talk with you about it.
  6. @AceSorcerer Once you have the signups/ooc, guidelines, and extra info down, that's when I'll decide.
  7. Okay... Where's all of the information?
  8. It's set up
  9. @AceSorcerer So why is it impossible to see everything outside of the group?
  10. It's a public moderated group I believe is why
  11. @AceSorcerer Except there are other publically moderated groups where I can see the threads just fine. Whatever the case may be- I think it's because you set everything to private- I'm waiting for you to approve my request so I can check it out and decide.
  12. Ohh. I love feudal era roleplays. I'm in ^^
  13. I'm quite interested in this roleplay, but as I can't see any details besides the short introduction and the link that lead me here, I'm having some trouble deciding what to do and how to apply.

    I have several questions regarding the plot and possible characters, so hould I shoot you a PM @AceSorcerer? Another option is that I ask permission to join the group in case you have already pointed those things out in places which have as of yet remained invisible to me. You can always kick me out if my sheet doesn't get approved in the end, lol.
  14. Go ahead and PM me, I'll gladly talk to you.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.