The Rising Paragons

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    • The History of Paragon

      [BCOLOR=transparent]The history of Paragon starts innocently enough, man created fire, and the wheel. From there the possibilities were seemingly limitless. Man advanced further and further into the world of technology and power and left any thought for the planet behind.

      It wasn’t long before the wars man fought became world-shattering. The invention of black powder and guns changed the face of warfare. Mass-killings were now possible; leaving room for more as the conscience wasn’t forced to face the results of man’s actions.
      The whole of Paragon was at war with itself before long, and bombs rained down from the sky. The war to end all, it would later be referred to as Paragon’s Strife. Cities were destroyed daily. Families eradicated at the blink of an eye. And then the nuclear weapons were brought in. It was a sad day to be alive.

      Over seventy-five percent of the population was destroyed in those initial bombings. And mass-genocide seemed to be the plan for all military tacticians involved. It would have ended in the complete and utter destruction of every living thing on Paragon; and perhaps the planet itself.

      One by one the established governments destroyed each other leaving naught in their wake but more fighting. More destruction. A drive for power amongst those who had none pushed the already failing societies further down the proverbial spiral. Society began to crumble, laws no longer held any sway in society.

      The end was nigh.

      That is until the city in the sky appeared. Legends abound as to its origins, but one thing everybody can agree on is that it single handedly ended the wars. This savior city in the sky unleashed what they later called “The Breath of Odic”, neutralizing all nuclear weapons and large scale bombs with a single wave of power. Odic, as the city was revealed to be named, declared themselves as gods, remaining in the skies beyond the end of the fighting. Silently watching. (For more information see, ‘
      [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]Disciples of Odic’)

      The first few years there were some desperate skirmishes for power resulting in some loosely held monarchies throughout the world. Borders were redefined based on the sheer numbers of foot soldiers one ruler had. Eventually, a fractured peace descended upon Paragon.

      Several years of this peace prevailed before the ground began to shake and tremble in response to the beating it had endured during the wars. The water rose up and swallowed the land. It was as though the planet itself were acting out a brutal retribution for the years of torment that man had heaped upon it. New lands rose from the depths of the seas, new mountains formed, new streams and rivers. The surviving twenty percent of the populace moved on, settling in new places, as well as the few already established cities that remained above sea level.

    • A description of the religions of Paragon, both past and present.

      • Religion of Ages

        [BCOLOR=transparent]The Ages is the monotheistic religion of the Strifes. They worshipped and prayed to one All-Powerful albeit passive God. Their wars were waged in His name, and they strove towards death and the paradise they were offered afterwards.

        There is in the Ages the antithesis of God. A destroyer of sorts, the one who comes to corrupt the souls of unsuspecting men before they can reach the point of redemption to be allowed into the paradise.

        The majority of worshippers abandoned this faith during or shortly after the
        [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]Strife of Paragon[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]. Most followers went through an existential crisis, thinking “What type of all-powerful being would just watch while those who worship it suffer and die in such gruesome and horrific ways.” Following logic these doubters quickly accepted the newly proclaimed gods of Odic.[/BCOLOR]

      • Religions of the Past

        [BCOLOR=transparent]There were plenty of other religions in the times before and during the wars, though none were as prevalent as the Ages. Several polytheistic religions scattered the globe, but none had the same following as the Ages.

        The Ages also experienced several different sects of beliefs, though most of the more finite details have been forgotten to the past, as it is the core beliefs that made the biggest impact on society and, as a result, history.

      • [fieldset=Disciples of Odic][/fieldset]​
        Disciples of Odic
        [BCOLOR=transparent]“Listen and obey, as we of Odic are the only true gods. Technology is plague upon this land, and upon mankind, you do naught but murder each other, and there will be no more.”[/BCOLOR]
        [BCOLOR=transparent]The Disciples of Odic, a named first penned in the first years after the Strife of Pandora, is the devout following of the self-proclaimed gods of the floating city, Odic.

        As far as the people of Paragon know, six ancient and wizened gods live in the city above them. They have not been seen or heard from since their historic Breath wiped out all large scale weapons on the planet, finally giving peace to the war plagued inhabitants of Paragon.

        Followers of the faith have very little doctrine to go off of, as the gods have yet to grace mankind with their writings and laws. Still, several students of theology have developed a basic guideline for any true believer to follow. These guidelines are loosely based on the doctrine of the Ages combined with the only words the Gods of Odic have ever spoke.

        The doctrine is simple in that man shouldn’t murder and that more advanced technology than what the people of Paragon were left with is strictly prohibited.

        Gathering places are marked in every settlement for people to say their silent prayers of appreciation and gratitude for the Gods of Odic. These places take donations throughout the year, taking turns running fresh supplies up to the gates of the city in the sky. The supplies are never taken into the city, but still the offerings are made ritually.

        [BCOLOR=transparent]Few members of the more extreme sects have taken to carrying idols (carved statues in the remembered likeness of the gods) around on their person as a way to have the saviors of mankind closer to them.[/BCOLOR]

      • New Ageists

        [BCOLOR=transparent]A growing trend in Paragon. The Ages has once again started to grow a following. The deity more believable, as a being who is, by nature hands off. More and more people are abandoning the idea that the residents of Odic are gods thinking that gods who demand worship they should probably make themselves more readily available to the public. For these people, it is easier to follow a God that has never made His presence known, than several who have and then went into hiding.[/BCOLOR]

    • Locations of importance and notability around Pandora

      • The Planet Paragon

        [BCOLOR=transparent]The world of Paragon is massive, and mostly covered in water. Though, it was not always so. It had its fair share of water, but the area of land was far greater.

        The earthquakes that shook Paragon changed the landscape dramatically. Where deserts once stretched on as far as the eye could see large lakes are now surrounded by burgeoning saplings and other lush and blooming flora. Entire forests are now deep under the salty waters of the now plentiful oceans.

        Islands dot every horizon, as far as one can look. Small settlements littering the map, making do with only what’s available in their very limited geographical locations. Since most ships were destroyed, in either the war or the subsequent quakes, very few people are able to actually travel from place to place.

      • The City in the Sky

        [BCOLOR=transparent]Odic; the flying city, the city in the sky, the city of the gods that saved humanity. So much can be said for this place, and yet, so little is known.

        One legend states that Odic and its inhabitants had been in a deep slumber deep beneath the crust of Paragon. It was only the bombs falling that brought the mystical city back into the sky. The gods were not pleased with the destruction of their resting place and stopped all weapons of mass destructions with a loud, unified scream to ‘cease’.

        Legends about how it stays afloat range from the magical to the practical, but again, this is something nobody can know for sure. The ‘gods’ aren’t around to ask, as they haven’t been seen since that fateful day when their Breath was released, and the Strife finally ended.

        All that is known for sure, is that a large white wall surrounds the city, and nobody has ever managed to scale the towering structure. The offerings always rot outside the gate, giving no indication of anything actually living inside.

      • The City With Something to Hide


        [BCOLOR=transparent]Terminus is a small settlement. Completely self-reliant, not much is known other than they are generally distrustful of outsiders. Terminus is located on the far, mostly uninhabited side of the mainland; the largest remaining landmasses on the planet, though they are relatively well inland, the next nearest settlement is 376.5 km away.

        Nobody is ever seen leaving town, though strangely enough each there seems to be roughly half the citizens missing from town at any given time.

        The streets are quiet, the children do not run and scream and play. The decay and death from previous generations are plain to see on the buildings. If one didn’t know better they might think a ghost town and not even give it a passing glance.

        The people that do know better don’t seem to last long. Anybody who speaks of the strangeness that is Terminus just disappears. It’s hard to say how the people survive as they do not participate in outside trade. They are surely keeping secrets.

      • Just Beneath the Surface


        [BCOLOR=transparent]Termiground is a highly advanced city that originally resided in a natural cave system beneath Terminus, and is inhabited solely by rogue scientists that call themselves ‘The Faction’. The faction works out of laboratories they’ve dubbed ‘Devoir’. To keep up with spacial demands the caves have been dug out, tunnels connecting to most major cities on the mainland.

        Unbeknownst to the powers that be, Termiground has been developing not only more advanced tech, but also weapons of mass destruction. Their guns are more powerful than anything Paragon has ever seen, even in the times of the Strife. The Faction has been underhandedly spreading their wares throughout the general population, arming the people against the governments, and the more threatening dominators, pirates.

        Entry into Termiground is difficult, requiring knowledge of secret entrances. Though most places on the mainland have at least one entrance, Terminus has several. Beyond the secrecy of the locations, the entrances are guarded by a series of traps and alarms, preventing almost all intruders, or at least signaling their arrival.

      • A Flying Fortress


        [BCOLOR=transparent]The SkyFleet; a pirate’s home away from home. This is the Commander’s home ship, and it very rarely makes land, being refueled through auxiliary fuel tanks, using fuel transported onto the ship by the different crews.

        The SkyFleet acts as a safe-haven for any crew under the overall command of the Pirate Commander. It is where all the crews spend a vast majority of their downtime. Occasionally it is used as a meeting place for all of the crews under the Commander to gather and discuss whatever issues there may be.

      • The Seats of Power


        [BCOLOR=transparent]o Jingo- Possessing the last standing army in Paragon, the government in Jingo runs a tight ship. Every able bodied citizen begins training as soon as they are old enough to safely wield a weapon. This city rests comfortably on their laurels, dealing in arms and training when the need arises to keep the income flowing through the city. Surrounded by tall, unyielding mountains and jagged cliffs, they are one of few, if not only secure areas left in the world.

        [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]Mohla- Mohla is a trade city resting in the flat desert lands; it exports fuel and imports profits. There is a wide class gap in Mohla, though there are more rich than poor. There’s always a party present in Mohla, one just has to know where to look, and who to ask. The government really is just for show, having several wealthy, and immoral mafia organisation struggling for the power.

        o [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]Firth- The city of Firth lays squat on the open waves with all the charm of a bullfrog and twice the tenacity. Its people are a practical one, never using two words when one will do with their machinery showing the same simple, single minded determination. Mostly self-sufficient, Firth supplements its fish and fresh water farming with the occasional mechanical export. Also known for its strong, if wary, ties to the city of Jingo which shares an appreciation for practicality, if not the elbow grease that often goes with it.

        o [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]Alcyon- Alcyon is an island community of Acolytes devoted to the worship of the Gods of Odic. Their monastery is not at all self-sufficient, but the other gathering halls across Paragon pay homage to them, allowing them to focus solely on their study of the gods. The other states are beginning to grow tired of Alcyon’s leechlike existence, and with the growing number of Ageists the Acolytes may be looking at trouble in the future.[/BCOLOR]

        o Coterie- Nestled precariously over a large waterfall, Coterie boasts a vast array of natural defenses along with some carefully laid traps; there are rarely any successful incursions because of this. Large families with infamous, and highly regarded bloodlines populate the city of Coterie and its holdings. It is much more clannish than anywhere else in Paragon, and not just anybody is welcome to live there. Coterie is famous for its architecture, and for the right price any of the other cities is more than welcome to hire their brightest new star.

      • Outlying Holdings and Towns


        [BCOLOR=transparent]Smaller settlements have cropped up across the landscape of Paragon, homes to those who aren’t at all particularly interested in the politics and hub-bub of life in the bigger cities. Though these places are greatly influenced by the cities that protect them, throughout the years some of seeds of discontent and rebellion have been growing—working their way in from the outermost holdings.

        As with all things involving large populations, some enjoy the lifestyle and protection—though this can often be sporadic where the pirates are concerned—offered by the cities, and some do not. Those that do not appreciate these often feel that freedom would be preferable, even if it came with a lack of stability.

    • Standing Governments

      [BCOLOR=transparent]Jingo is a communist state ran by the four highest ranking men of its military. The power of Jingo is more important than the power of one, and every citizen within the city must be willing to fight.

      The out-lying cities, the cities that fall under Jingo’s protection must all work and provide for the people. Money isn’t really a thing, as the goods are ‘distributed’ throughout the Jingo’s holdings by small squadrons.

      [BCOLOR=transparent]Mohla is a prime example of how corruption and wealth can run a city. The titled politicians of the city are either in the pocket of one of the competing families, or hired by them. The politicians try their best to do their job, but are being pushed and threatened or outright working for mob families who have a half truce that holds enough stability to actually govern the city. The politics are all cut throat though and everyone is trying to figure out who is in which mob's pocket, and how they got there.

      Politics in Mohla is a lot like a fancy ball; all smiles and ‘how-dos’ for the public, all the while trying to figure out which knife would cut the deepest.

      [BCOLOR=transparent]Firth is governed by those who are best at doing. Political aspirations have nothing to do with government here, instead, one is boosted up the proverbial ladder by being beyond proficient in their given profession. Technically, Firth is a technocracy where the technology is stocky, and practical, rather than flashy.

      This is the most efficient way for the city to run, as those who have found ways to work with the least amount of waste are in charge of just their area of expertise. The elders are revered in a sense, in that they are literally a lifetime of knowledge and experience for the younger citizens to pull from.

      [BCOLOR=transparent]Alcyon is a theocratic state, ruled by the highest of their order. The Acolytes have a circle system to distinguish rank amongst the devoted. All those who live and study at the monastery are considered Acolytes, the believers who live elsewhere are referred to as Disciples.

      Not every Acolyte is considered equal, and they are judged by their peers, and deemed worthy of moving into the next circle of faith.

      Starting from the bottom tier and ascending, the Acolytes refer to themselves as: Docent, Savant, Pundit, Cereb, and Solon. At any given time, save for at the Cereb level, an Acolyte has the right to request to be elevated, which is done by a vote of his or her peers.

      There are only ever five Solons. When one moves on from this life, a vote is held and a Cereb is moved up, whether or not they believe themselves ready. The five Solons have complete autonomy over the rest of Alcyon.

      [BCOLOR=transparent]Coterie[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] is a relatively peaceful place, ruled over by a panel of judges. It is the judges’ jobs to find the most amicable solution to any problem for all parties involved. The judges rely on generous donations from all families residing in their district. The citizens of Coterie hold the principles of minimal government very close to chest, only acting when there is absolute need.[/BCOLOR]

    • Money and Trade

      [BCOLOR=transparent]Money differs from holding to holding, with the smaller settlements working on the currency that their governing city uses. Mohla is rolling in wealth, comparatively, and has evolved to the use of paper currency within the city. When dealing with other cities though, most trade is done in goods. Firth uses precious metal stamped into coin. With the amount of physical labor done in Firth the coins work well, as they are sturdy and nobody can argue their worth. Jingo, on the other hand, doesn’t have an actual currency. Goods are distributed based on need by the government. Alcyon doesn’t have its own currency, instead adapting the currencies of everywhere else to their own needs. Coterie’s currency consists of intricately carved and pressed tin. Its flimsy, and a physical representation of their economy.[/BCOLOR]

    • The Faction

      [BCOLOR=transparent]Descended from the greatest minds of the Strife generation, the citizens of Terminus have long been developing and bettering tech to make their lives easier. As time progressed they did, and the lives of the scientists and their families were drastically changed. They lived in peace, and without fear of invasion of tyranny because of this. In a wave of altruism (and ego), they decided the world should partake in their achievements. Through a chain of carefully selected traders they gradually began slipping their improved tech into the world.

      It started with basic things. Creations that made cleaning and cooking easier; household things. It wasn’t until they realized the severity of the pirate issue that they began allowing defensive and offensive technology into the general public’s hands.

      The scientists fear their brilliance will be turned to war and they'll lose all their progress so instead operate in secret and bump development of things in the right direction. Special rivets for machinery, new kitchen utensils, etc. It’s when their ego starts to point towards fixing world problems like piracy and militarism that they fall down. They develop higher quality guns to give to pirate hunters (and track who has what so if a pirate or city claims it they can remove them quietly) and build bigger weapons in case they need to defend against the greedy cities always looking to dominate each other for either gain or security.

      Overall, most of the scientists inside Devoir work independently of each other; working on their own projects, and there’s very little cross over. At any given time there are thirty to fifty projects being improved upon, and created inside the facility, though only a very small group knows the details of those projects; and they have spent a lifetime specializing in political sciences.

      There are several different divisions of scientists, including Automatons, Armaments, Vehicular, and Life Improvement. Occasionally, the departments do overlap, and it happens more so in Life Improvement and Vehicular sections than anywhere else. As a side note, the Automaton department is slowly dying. The machines are just too far ahead of their time, and so complex that the scientists routinely fail, decreasing overall morale in the department.

    • Piracy in the Sky

      [BCOLOR=transparent]Bound together by the SkyFleet, most of the pirates of Paragon answer to the Commander. All things considered, the SkyFleet is one of the most organized and stable societies on the planet. An established monarchy has ruled the otherwise lawless group of brigands for as long as anybody can remember, with the Commander choosing their heir upon retirement.

      The Commander takes a fair cut of all profits and supplies in exchange for repairs, ammo and upgrades, as well as the general protection of the SkyFleet and all of its subordinates. Not all crews get equal support though, the better the captain the more their crew gets. It’s a system designed to spur competition and drive crews to pillage to the best of their abilities.

      The Commander has complete autonomy in regard to promotions, and crew placement, they has the ability to completely remove an ineffectual captain if they see fit.

      Occasionally the Commander will issue a statement regarding where it is acceptable to raid and pillage, as temporary truces between the pirates and the cities are important in order to ransom and blackmail a certain area.

      Naturally, if all the captains aren’t happy they can either leave or try mutiny, so the Commander has to keep them on good terms and remove troublemakers.

      If a pirate wants the protection and support of the SkyFleet they have to obey the Commander.

      Other pirates and smaller pirate guilds exist but the SkyFleet is the only one of note and significant power.

      Although, the role of commander is not gender specific, the current commander is a male and his name has been lost through the years being only referred to as ‘The Commander’. The Commander has yet to name his successor, and it has prompted some serious competition betwixt the current captains. The only rules regarding succession is that in order for the heir to be contested every captain must agree to remove the successor, and agree on a new one.

    • A complete list of vehicles commonly used by pirates

      • The Scout


        [BCOLOR=transparent]Fast, and small the scout is often used for supply runs, or as the name suggests, scouting potential targets. Only pilots and the captain are allowed to use this. Crew members not ranking as pilots will be found, and punished accordingly.

        Each crew has two or three scouts a piece depending on the size of the crew and profits said crew brings in. Scouts are light on artillery, but quick. When faced with the possibility of a gunfight the Scout’s pilot would be wiser to try to use the increased maneuverability to get out of Dodge.

      • The Wasp; a Raider

        [BCOLOR=transparent]The Wasp is every crew’s best friend. It’s quick and agile and possesses a few small guns; making it capable of defending itself if the need arises.

        As a raiding ship the Wasp is able to carry the pilot, a gunner and an additional crew member for quick smash and grab incursions. It is incapable of holding much loot, but its speed allows it to often make multiple runs into the same skirmish to grab as much as possible.

      • Brutus; a Raider

        [BCOLOR=transparent]As its name suggests, this type of ship is a brute. Packing a wide arrangement of guns, ranging from quick fire Gatling guns, to slow fire, high impact projectiles this plane was made to dish out some damage. Built like a flying tank, this beast can take damage as well as it can hand it out.

        Brutus is used in big raids and needs a pilot and two gunners to be truly effective; though generally it transports a two or three extra crew members, depending on the task at hand. It boasts a relatively large cargo hold, though at least half of it is filled with ammunition at take-off.

      • The Whale; a Carrier


        [BCOLOR=transparent]The Whale. So named because of the way the ships sit in its belly waiting. This carrier can hold up to ten ships, depending on the size of said ships, of course. Generally speaking, it can hold a few Brutus types, a few Wasps and several Scouts. Beyond the ship bays is the cargo hold, containing all of the loot that has not been sold off or divided.

        The Whale boasts several large flak cannons, as well as large caliber machine guns. Though it isn’t often that a carrier is attacked, the guns also serve to protect the raiders if things get too hairy.

    • What's Playing and Where

      [BCOLOR=transparent]Radio is an important part of life on Paragon. Each city broadcasts at a very powerful frequency, so that it can be heard throughout the holdings. Each government has chosen to utilize this in their own way. A vast majority of the time, the radio plays music, though instead of commercials between sets of song propaganda can be heard.

      The thought behind this is simple, political espionage runs rampant, and the wide broadcast gives the powers that be the opportunity to put their own spin on what’s happening in the world and how it affects the citizens.

      In Jingo the steady beat of classic marching music rings across the city. Simple and practical melodies, for a simple and practical place.

      With parties happening every night—nay, every hour, Mohla’s station is on the up and up with a wide assortment of jazz and swing music.

      Alcyon, as expected, plays religious chants. Beautiful in their simplicity, Alcyon’s station is a great place to tune in and mellow out.

      A simple beat, earthy sounds, and ‘working’ lyrics pound through the station in Firth. It’s not music to dance to, nor to relax with, but rather sounds to be motivated by, music to work to.

      Skill and precision create the symphony that rocks Coterie day and night. Strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion played in perfect harmony.
      No broadcasts originate from either Odic, or Terminus.

    • Interesting Relics of Legend

      [BCOLOR=transparent]In a world where the past was destroyed in the flames of war relics of a time forgotten are rare, and of high value. States and private collectors alike vie for these in demand artifacts and the pirates capitalize on them; sometimes going as far as to liberate them from their owner and auctioning them back, like a kidnapping victim.

      The first of these artifacts were found by the original Commander (though he liked to refer to himself as the Pirate King). The ransom of these artifacts funded the establishment of the very first SkyFleet from which the current monarchy has grown.

      The artifacts that have been found range from the small and obscure such as an heirloom necklace belonging to the Lancaster family to the legendary painting, ‘Black Blossoms’ by Fyodor Patrova.

      Some of the more coveted of these artifacts remain lost to the world and it is these that the pirate forces focus their energy towards in hopes of ransoming them for great profits. For example, the great Jingo Doctorate, the manuscript that inspired their society-- written by Theodore Jamison Jingo, himself-- has fallen from their possession and the pirates know just how badly their nation wants it returned. Another example of these coveted relics are the lost game chips of the notorious gambler, Jacques Loreque.


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    Full name: Benjamin Wyesocke
    Nickname(s) or Alias: The Loaded Bard
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Age: 23
    Birthday: May 2
    Sexuality: Straight
    Nationality: Human
    Religion: Unsure (But views suggest that he monotheistic)
    City or town of birth: Firth
    Currently lives: Mohla
    Languages spoken: Paragi (A mix of the ancient languages)
    Native language: Paragi
    Relationship Status: Single and Ready to Mingle


    Height: 5'9
    Weight: 240lbs
    Figure/build: Burly
    Hair colour: Dark Brown
    Hairstyle: Short, fade
    Eye colour: Bright Blue
    Skin/fur/etc colour: Caucasian
    Tattoos: Has a single tattoo on his left forearm of a flower that only grows in Mohla.
    Piercing: None
    Scars/distinguishing marks: Has freckles on his shoulders and back.
    Preferred style of clothing: Prefers casual but he loves to dress up. Big fan of pinstrips.
    Frequently worn jewelry: A gold watch


    Smoker? Cigars - Only after a dangerous encounter
    Drinker? Sometimes
    Drug User? Which? None
    Addictions: He has a weakness for the opposite sex.
    Allergies: None
    Any physical ailments/illnesses/disabilities: Vision Impairment (Wears glasses), Also has minor depression, Hyper-active tendencies
    Any medication regularly taken: None


    ESFJ (open)

    • Strong Practical Skills - ESFJs are excellent managers of day-to-day tasks and routine maintenance, enjoying making sure that those who are close to them are well cared for.
    • Strong Sense of Duty - People with the ESFJ personality type have a strong sense of responsibility and strive to meet their obligations, though this may sometimes be more from a sense of social expectations than intrinsic drive.
    • Very Loyal - Valuing stability and security very highly, ESFJs are eager to preserve the status quo, which makes them extremely loyal and trustworthy partners and employees. ESFJs are true pillars of any groups they belong to - whether it is their family or a community club, people with this personality type can always be relied upon.
    • Sensitive and Warm - Helping to ensure that stability, ESFJ personalities seek harmony and care deeply about other people's feelings, being careful not to offend or hurt anybody. ESFJs are strong team players, and win-win situations are the stuff smiles are made of.
    • Good at Connecting with Others - These qualities come together to make ESFJs social, comfortable and well-liked. ESFJ personalities have a strong need to "belong", and have no problem with small talk or following social cues in order to help them take an active role in their communities.
    • Worried about Their Social Status - These Strengths are related to a chief Weakness: ESFJs' preoccupation with social status and influence, which affects many decisions they make, potentially limiting their creativity and open-mindedness.
    • Inflexible - ESFJs place a lot of importance on what is socially acceptable, and can be very cautious, even critical of anything unconventional or outside the mainstream. People with this personality type may also sometimes push their own beliefs too hard in an effort to establish them as mainstream.
    • Reluctant to Innovate or Improvise - Just as they can be critical of others' "unusual" behavior, ESFJs may also be unwilling to step out of their own comfort zones, usually for fear of being (or just appearing) different.
    • Vulnerable to Criticism - It can be especially challenging to change these tendencies because ESFJs are so conflict-averse. ESFJ personalities can become very defensive and hurt if someone, especially a person close to them, criticizes their habits, beliefs or traditions.
    • Often Too Needy - ESFJs need to hear and see a great deal of appreciation. If their efforts go unnoticed, people with the ESFJ personality type may start fishing for compliments, in an attempt to get reassurance of how much they are valued.
    • Too Selfless - The other side of this is that ESFJs sometimes try to establish their value with doting attention, something that can quickly overwhelm those who don't need it, making it ultimately unwelcome. Furthermore, ESFJs often neglect their own needs in the process.

    Likes: Fighting/Cards/Cigars/Food/Music/Performing/Guns
    Dislikes: Losing/Dishonesty/Failure/Doctors/Being wrong
    Fears/phobias: Death/Heights/Large vermin-like creatures/Being Alone
    Favourite colour: Blue
    Hobbies: Plays cards/Bounty Hunts/Wanders around a given area he might be staying in for a Job/Performing Music
    Taste in music: His own/Rock/Folk/Alternative/etc.


    Talents/skills: Had the bombs not fell, and he was in the world that would have been, Ben would be considered to be one of the most underrated singer/songwriters, in the last 20 years.
    He can also play the piano, guitar, drums, bass, and violin very well.
    Has been known to have a silver tongue.
    Has a lot of poise.
    A lot of street fighting experience is under his belt. Even took martial arts for nearly 8 years.
    He also doesn't have the guns for show.
    Ben is very tactical and knows how to stay alive in a gun fight.
    Ability to drive a car? Operate any other vehicles? He can operate most common types of transportation.


    Omnivore/Carnivore/Herbivore: Omnivore
    Favourite food(s): Meats/potatoes/cookies/pizza
    Favourite drink(s): Fruit juice
    Disliked food: Anything massively burnt
    Disliked drinks: Gin/Most Wines/Unsweetened Tea


    Describe the character's house/home: He travels and doesn't not have a home.
    Significant/special belongings: Keepsakes from the places he has been.


    Level of education: University graduate
    Current job title and description: Profession Musician - Plays shows and creates music


    Name of employer: None


    Peaceful or aggressive attitude? Depends on the situation and mood
    Fighting skills/techniques: He has experience, in street fighting and martial arts, but he probably wouldn't be able to go toe to toe with anyone skilled from the military. His firing skills are something to be reckoned with.
    Special skills/magical powers/etc: Undetermined
    Weapon of choice (if any): He doesn't really have too many specific choice weapons, it just depends on what he needs. However, this is what he currently has to protect himself.

    2526266623_440cf4425f.jpg REALSHOTGUn.jpg MoS_Shotgun2_01-1.jpg

    Weaknesses in combat: He makes errors in judge that put him at risk. Too rash. To into the idea of being a hero.
    Strengths in combat: Knows his own body and it's limits. He isn't an overly intimidating character, so people don't see him coming. Can fire a weapon without hitting an ally.


    He was born Benjamin Gregor Wyesocke, to an semi-successful Mohla family. The youngest of six sons and ended up being the only one with an affinity for music.

    By the time Ben came into the picture, his father had become a prominent supervisor in the merchant's collective and saved up large amount of money that half went towards running a bake shop his mother had set up. The other half was stored away from a rainy day. They stayed in their minimal lifestyle. It is how they preferred it.

    Both his mother and father took pride in their work and so passed it on to their boys. They also wanted to teach them to survive. When they weren't at school, his father encouraged him to come play wrestle with his brothers or come out to shoot. When he didn't feel like doing that, there was always Mom who could use help in the shop or taught him a thing or two about life. He was very determined to be the best at both fighting and music, or at least music since Big Bros had a few years head start in training which was bad when their father let them use actual weapons.

    When he finally graduated from university, the young man felt it was time to see what Paragon was/is and maybe what it was heading towards.

    Years of travel brought him much joy and friendship. It inspired him to find his path.
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  2. Winifred 'Fred' Rockfort


    Full name: Winifred Evangeline Rockfort
    Nickname(s) or Alias: Fred, Winnie (she prefers Fred)
    Gender: Female
    Species: Human
    Age: 25
    Birthday: August 31st
    Sexuality: Adventurous
    Nationality: Human
    Religion: Such things are for the ignorant
    City or town of birth: Coterie
    Currently lives: SkyFleet
    Languages spoken: Paragi (A mix of the ancient languages), she also can read a bit of several different ancient languages (she taught herself in hopes to get a leg up on the other pirates, hoping that she might be promoted to captain soon)
    Native language: Paragi
    Relationship Status: Not looking, save for an occasional good time.

    Height: 5’8”
    Weight: 137lbs
    Figure/build: Thin
    Hair colour: Dark Brown
    Hairstyle: Medium in length, but she always keeps it styled and pulled back in a very feminine styling.
    Eye colour: Dark Brown
    Skin/fur/etc colour: Caucasian
    Tattoos: Yes, though none of her crewmates have ever seen them. She has hawk tattooed with her plane’s name beneath it on her left hip, and a pair of dueling pistols criss-crossed on her right buttcheek.

    Piercing: Ears, three rings in each ear
    Scars/distinguishing marks:
    Frequently worn jewelry: Small gold hoop earrings, and a simply silver chain that she keeps tucked into her blouse

    Personality:Daring and quick-witted, Fred loves to be the center of attention. She's also fiercely ambitious, and if she could skip captain and vie for Commander she would. Though she is so competitive, she is rarely taken seriously because of her penchant of risk taking. She will deliberately draw fire, squeeze her plane in places it shouldn't be able to fit, fly straight up, or straight down even during missions. For her it's all about the moment, and the thrill, feeling the most alive when she's in control and soaring over the ground. She enjoys pushing her own limits afraid of ever being weak or unable to do something. Her risks may stem from a stifled childhood, though everybody has an opinion, nobody knows for sure, least of all Fred who will just say that she does it 'for fun'.

    Deadly and beautiful, Winifred enjoys taking advantage of her looks, if only long enough to prove how dangerous she truly is. Concieted, she allows herself personal time everyday, regardless of what is actually going on to indulge her vanity and style her hair and straighten her clothing; generally making herself what she calls 'presentable for mixed company'.

    Smoker? The occasional cigarette, but she never actually lights it, it just gives her something to do with her hands, and mouth when she's not flying.
    Drinker? Socially, and only when she won’t be in the air the next day.
    Drug User? Now why would she need such things when the adrenaline high she gets from flying beats every other feeling.
    Addictions: A bit of a danger junkie. Constantly taking flight risks that she shouldn’t.
    Allergies: None
    Any physical ailments/illnesses/disabilities: It's arguable that she's a bit unstable and has a death wish, but such things just make her a better pirate, really.
    Any medication regularly taken: None

    Likes: Side-arms/Card Games/Flying/Dancing/Pillaging
    Dislikes: Losing/Being Grounded/Religion/Boredom/Acolytes of Alcyon

    Fears/phobias: Dying and Unexciting (Natural) Death/Running Out of Ammo/Crashing her Plane/Being Wrong/Never Being Promoted
    Favourite colour: gunmetal grey, pistol barrel bronze
    Hobbies: Trick Flying/Card Games(and a little gambling)/Ranting/Trick Shooting/Cleaning Her ‘Ladies’/Fine Tuning the Mechanics on HummingBird.
    Taste in music: Prefers the fun, dancing beats that play in Mohla, though hailing for Coterie from time to time she really just wants to hear the intricacies of the orchestra.

    Talents/skills: Flying, and shooting are Fred’s main talents, and also those she enjoys keeping to herself until she needs to use them. She enjoys a good dance, and will do so without a partner (especially after a few drinks on an off night). Though she enjoys cards, she loses more than she wins, probably due to the fact that she’s not playing for coin, but for information. She’s often not taken seriously until it’s too late due to her slight frame, and feminine behaviors (being raised in a proper Coterie home helps her play into this) she is often spoken to, or talked around, even when secrets are being exchanged. This has proven extremely useful to her captain, making her an invaluable asset.
    Ability to drive a car? Operate any other vehicles? Fred can pilot/drive any vehicle she enters with little to no trouble.

    Omnivore/Carnivore/Herbivore: Omnivore
    Favourite food(s): Sweets. It doesn’t matter the type. She loves sweets, her absolute favorite being sticky, sweet breads.
    Favourite drink(s): Water, though if she's going to be grounded for a while she'll indulge in whatever wine she can find.
    Disliked food: dehydrated anything. She’ll go hungry first.
    Disliked drinks: hard liquor, ale (anything made from hops), coffee, tea, juice.

    Describe the character's house/home: The SkyFleet is her home, and the Whale her home away from home, feeling more comfortable in the sky than on the ground. She has gotten to the point where she can’t even sleep unless she’s on one carrier or the other. (She hasn't ever really thought of Coterie as a home, even when she resided with her biological family)
    Significant/special belongings: The necklace she keeps hidden under her clothes was a gift from her younger sister when she left home. It’s the only thing she brought, and it’s the only thing she’s kept.

    Level of education: Self-learned beyond primaries. She’s a quick learner though, and picks things up easily. (Probably due to her education in the best schools Coterie had to offer through her young teen years)
    Current job title and description: Wasp Pilot- Pirate

    Name of employer: The Commander (Commander of the SkyFleet and all Pirates belonging to it)
    Captain Nicklaus Faringham (immediate captain)

    Peaceful or aggressive attitude? Depends on the situation. She can act as demure as the next debutante, but she’s always looking for a way to show off her ‘Ladies’, and will often only play the sweet part to get to a position where she knows she’ll come out on top.
    Fighting skills/techniques: Expert Marksman with the pistol, though toss another type of gun into her arms and she’ll be lucky to hit the broad side of a barn.
    Special skills/magical powers/etc: Relatively skilled mechanic/welder, though she won't work on any plane but her own
    Weapon of choice (if any): Fred has her ‘Ladies’ and her Ladies take care of her as she cares for them. She carries them on her at all times. They each hold a special place in her heart. Every night, whenever possible she cleans and polishes each one of them, keeping them in pristine condition. They’ve pulled her out of more than one tight space. Each of them a side arm, she has: Beauty, Lover, Darling, Wife, Baby, Betsy, and Little Girl

    She wears an ammo belt and pouch around her hips, though with the time it takes to reload, it's probably just easier to rely on aim. Reloading after a confrontation instead.

    (hip, shoulder and thigh holsters for the bigger Ladies, and the Little Girl stays tucked into her jacket sleeve until she needs it. Little Girl is only ever used as a last resort)

    Featuring: The Six and a Half Ladies

    Little Girl

    Weaknesses in combat: She’s a showoff, always looking to impress whoever is watching with her incredible skills often when a straight shot is an option. Also, only using pistols limits her range, and reloading abilities, plus the movement issues that can occasionally occur when having a holster issue.
    Strengths in combat: Flexible and fast with perfect eyesight, if it weren’t for her obsessive showmanship she’d rival the deadliest shooter on the planet.

    Born Winifred Evangeline Rockfort to a very old, very well thought of Coterie family. She was the eldest daughter of Willam and Charlotte Rockfort, until her family made a public announcement disowning her after her first adventures in piracy and piloting. She had commandeered an old plane within the boundaries of town, barely able to get it off the ground, she ended up smashing it into a neighbor’s home. After her parents promised reparations they sent her on her way with naught but an ancient hand cannon to keep herself safe, and the clothes on her back.

    Fred found out quickly how to best use the little she got, gleaning secrets from the local lushes at the gambling tables and acquiring every plane she could until she accidentally took the wrong one. Belonging to the pirate captain, Nicklaus Faringham. Extremely amused at what he called ‘the audacity of a foolish and ignorant child’ he gave her a chance to prove she could actually fly, telling her if she did Fred would always have a place on his crew. To everybody’s (including Fred’s) surprise, she managed to get the plane up and keep it up for a while, her adventurous spirit spinning and flipping the plane in the air. Even though she crashed the landing, Nicklaus made good on his offer and ever since Winifred Rockfort has been honing her pilot skill, as well as her pistol skills never forgetting how invaluable the old hand cannon had been during her first few nights of travel.

    Her Plane; HummingBird
    Class: Wasp; raider


    Fred actually acquired her plane in an aerospace graveyard left over from the big war. She spotted the the metal from scrapped planes glinting in the sunlight from her bunk on the Whale. All but threatening to steal a Scout and check it out for herself, Fred convinced Capt. Nicklaus to allow her and a few others to land and check things out, She found 'Hummingbird' among the scraps, insisting that there was still a good engine and enough of the body left for her to piece it back together. It took her a few trips to the surface to gather enough scrap to do so, and she worked for over a month, finally revealing her piece-mailed masterpiece to the crew only to be met with laughter and discouragement. Fred being Fred challenged all of the pilots to speed and agility tests. She won all but one, against the Captain himself. With a few mechanical tips, she managed to fine tune the engine zeroing in on Hummingbird's top speeds and handling capabilities.
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  3. Josie Leonidas


    Full name: Josie Leonidas
    Nickname(s) or Alias: Jose
    Gender: Female
    Species: Human
    Age: 22
    Birthday: April 5th
    Sexuality: Straight
    Nationality: Human
    Religion: Science
    City or town of birth: Terminus
    Currently lives: Devoir (In Termiground)
    Languages spoken: Paragi (A mix of the ancient languages), A variety of the ancient languages. Their names have been lost to history, but they've become something of a verbal tradition in Terminus, parents reading their children bedtime stories in the old tongues
    Native language: Paragi
    Relationship Status: Single and looking; well as long as her schedule allows it.

    Height: 5'5"
    Weight: 145 lbs
    Figure/build: Average height and build, her muscles lack any sort of definition as she spends most of her time in a lab.
    Hair colour:
    Shoulder length, with straight cut bangs; often pulled back into a low ponytail or in two braids to keep it out of the way
    Eye colour:
    Skin/fur/etc colour:
    (Very Pale) Caucasian
    None, she doesn't much care for pain.

    Her earlobes are pierced, though she rarely wears jewelry (it gets in the way)
    Scars/distinguishing marks:
    A deep, jagged scar running up her right arm. Aside from being ugly, it doesn't affect her anymore, though when it was still healing she had to learn to use her left hand for everything, becoming ambidextrous.
    Frequently worn jewelry:

    And inhibit her thought patterns? Absolutely not.
    Drug User?
    See above answer
    Her work, really, though this is wrought from necessity not desire.

    Dust, pollen, all of this probably stemming from the entire latter half of her life being spent in a sanitized lab space
    Any physical ailments/illnesses/disabilities:
    Just the scar on her arm, that occasionally will cause her mild pain.
    Any medication regularly taken:

    Reading/Talking (boy does she love talking)/Drafting and Design/Exploring/Being Right
    Being Watched/Falling Behind (Studies, or Work)/Being Underground All the Time/Being Alone/Not Knowing the Answer/Seeing People Hurt

    Being Unable to Help/Being Trapped in a Cave-In/Losing Her Mind/Never Finding Love (for such an academic, this is ridiculously important to her)/Being Forgotten

    Favourite colour:
    Orange and Pink
    Playing with the children in Terminus/Sneaking Away From Terminus[Devoir]/Meeting New People/Sharing her Knowledge/Learning New Things/Building New Tech

    Taste in music:
    Industrial (Trying to classify the general noise that echos through Devoir daily)
    Problem Solving (She's basically MacGyver)/Robotics
    Ability to drive a car? Operate any other vehicles?
    She can drive a car, and has on several occasions, though she's never attempted to fly anything. She also tries to drive or pilot anything built within Devoir with mixed results

    Favourite food(s):
    Fresh, raw veggies
    Favourite drink(s):

    Disliked food:
    Meat of Any kind
    Disliked drinks:

    Describe the character's house/home:
    As a small child she grew up in Terminus, playing with the other children and striving to learn everything she could. Now, as an adult, she's been moved to Devoir, beneath the ground of Terminus. It's a cold, and inhospitable place to live, though it is an excellent and productive work environment.
    Significant/special belongings:
    A torn, and filthy book she's had as long as she could remember. It tells the story of a princess and her true love.

    Level of education:
    Everyday is an opportunity for Education in Devoir. She is in her 22nd year, therefore she's had 22 years of education.
    Current job title and description:
    Automoton Defense Force; Designs and Development

    Name of employer:
    Devoir Laboratories

    Despite everything she's been through, Josie is perpetually optimistic. She gives people chance after chance to change and become better people. It could be said that she's chronically naive. She's been hurt, and almost killed and still her constantly sunny disposition never fades. She makes friends easily, though it's easier for her outside of Devoir. She doesn't fit in with the other scientists, often being patronized because of her bubbly attitude. They look down on her, thinking that she's not as smart as she actually is. Her test scores are constantly being questioned and time after time she proves her intelligence. She's very eager to learn, though this is driven more by her need to be accepted by her peers than it is for personal betterment. She's insecure and constantly trying to prove herself in Devoir. Feeling like she can only relax and be herself when she sneaks away.

    Josie s a hopeless romantic, but isn't just waiting around for Mr. Right. She is sneaking away from Terminus and Devoir whenever possible, meeting as many people as she can in her travels. She truly believes everybody is her friend, and nobody really wants to hurt anybody else, even though these beliefs are constantly being disproved.

    Peaceful or aggressive attitude?
    Peace before violence, all the time. She's not a fool though, and knows that if it comes down to her life or an attackers she needs to choose her own.
    Fighting skills/techniques:
    If possible she tries to outsmart her opponents, avoiding violence at all costs.
    Special skills/magical powers/etc:
    She has a few barely functioning automotons in her labs that would possibly (or rather, hopefully) try to defend her against an attacker
    Weapon of choice (if any):
    Josie hates, hates, hates guns, but she's not so foolish to not know how to use it. Her weapon of choice (when her hand is forced) is a sawed off shot gun filled with scatter shot.

    Weaknesses in combat:
    Reluctance to fight, and gun of choice has a wide spread ammo to reduce potential causalities. Not to mention that her gun has to be reloaded after every shot leaving her vulnerable.
    Strengths in combat
    :She's not a large target, and she's quick witted finding decent hiding spots relatively easily. (Plus it's hard to actually miss with Scatter Shot)

    Josie Leonidas. Born to Bartholomew Leonidas and Agatha Troy. The only child, her mother coddled her almost constantly as a toddler and small child, giving into her whims, and refusing to allow her to see anything bad about the world. Every night Agatha read Josie fairy tales about love and good winning over evil, spawning a lifetime obsession with prince charming.

    Once she was school aged, Josie excelled, she was top of her class until she reached puberty and her love affair with fairy tales took on a new meaning in her life. Friendships became more important than anything else, and she would often neglect her own work to help others with theirs. Her instructors noticed what they thought was a 'disgraceful phase' and moved her away from the others her age. Josie excelled, finishing several years ahead of the other children her age. Still too young to enter Devoir, Josie convinced her mother to let her travel to the nearest town (which was still a considerable distance) as long as she kept the secrets of Terminus. Agatha was reluctant, but as usual she couldn't refuse her daughter. Josie left Terminus on a bright spring day, and returned less than a week later, her arm barely salvageable.

    When asked what happened Josie wouldn't say anything beyond that her own ignorance caused the wounds. In truth, she fell for a child's trick. The children living just outside where she was headed (she never did find out what the name of it was) played that they were injured, screaming and crying for help. As she approached, another child jumped on an almost dislodged tree branch, crushing her right side beneath it. The boys took her food, and what little else she had leaving her to deal with the monstrous branch herself. She pulled and tugged, until she finally freed herself. Her arm having scraped against a jagged and broken sliver of the branch, cutting through ligament and muscle. The pain was enough that at one point she passed out, waking up just after dark. Josie swallowed her pride and returned back to Terminus instead of continuing forward. She has never been granted leave for travel since, though, she hasn't let that stop her very often. Since the incident she has created a tale about the boys. How they were starving to death and their parents had fallen ill. They were doing what they thought they needed to in order to survive. She doesn't know any of this for sure, but in her head the story is as real as if she'd seen the ill parents for herself.

    On her sixteenth birthday, Josie accepted a spot in the Automoton labs, hoping to rid the world of its need for weapons through the use of artificial intelligence, and crime prevention. She hasn't had any success, all of her machines having some sort of fatal flaw, a few of them even acting violently to any interaction. Feeling like a failure, Josie has doubled down on her research, building and rebuilding before showing her work to anybody, any longer. Her long production times has drawn the attention of those in charge though, and they are demanding progress.
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  4. Full name: Armani Patino
    Alias: Tin-Nose Ardente, Tinny to their mates.
    Gender: That's need to know only, and by need to know they mean "It's really funny if you don't, lookit your little cogs whirlin' tryin' to figure it out!"
    Species: A very rag-tag human
    Age: Probably 21
    Birthday: Arbitrarily decided each year, one of the perks to not actually knowing one’s birthday.
    Sexuality: Look I'll be plain with you, if it doesn't explode it's not going to hold their attention for long.
    Religion: The Mechanics Code, a worn manual explaining how to best avoid things breaking down and blowing up. Half of this manual is ignored for the most part. That's as close to a religion as Tin-Nose gets.
    City or Town of Birth: Mohla
    Currently Lives: On the good ship Whale
    Languages spoken: Paragi, with a healthy dose of broken slang and butchered portions of ancient speech.
    Native Language: Paragi, with broken slang. The broken part is very important.
    Relationship Status: Shush now, working.

    Height: 4'11"
    Weight: 98lbs
    Figure/build: Thin as a reed and twice as whippy. They have a lean figure just shy of any noteworthy muscle tone.
    Hair colour: A dark brown.
    Hair style: Short, messy, and invariably singed.
    Eye colour: A muddy brown.
    Skin tone: The light-brown complexion of the Middle East and South-East Asia, to use our terminology.
    Tattoos: Oh how they wish, sadly one can't find the time or an artist with enough talent to capture the beauty of their passions. Namely, you guessed it, things that burst into a fiery mess.
    Piercings: Yes in fact, a stud nose piercing in the shape of a tiny cog, courtesy of a metalsmith from Firth, and two ear studs on their left earlobe.
    Scars/distinguishing marks: Oh boy! There are few parts of this maniac’s body that have more than a few inches clear of any scaring. Burn marks, shrapnel cuts and the occasional mechanically related marring coat this vagabond head to toe. Then of course comes the trademark metal snoz. Tin-Nose has a distinct lack of nasal cartilage.
    Frequently worn jewellery: While not technically jewellery, Tin-Nose has on their person all manner of small screwdrivers, shift-spanners and allen-keys. Often on display these tools have become a fashion statement of sorts, though it hasn't really caught on. Tinny lives in hope.

    Smoker? Yes. Stupidly, inexplicitly, yes. This little habit has lead to more than a few of their body coating flesh disfigurements.
    Drinker? Why do you do these things to yourself? You know playing with high grade explosives and drinking copiously is never, ever, going to work out well.
    Drug user? I'm seeing a trend here.
    Addictions: While the above mistakes are all habits and occasional pastimes they pale in comparison to the addiction to rule them all. Tin-Nose Ardente is addicted to the brassy boom, the fiery glow, the screech of ruptured metal, even the scent of burning meat that comes with their role of explosive specialist. It's unhealthy, it’s dangerous, and you couldn't persuade them to stop short of killing them. For the record, withdrawals tend to lead to all manner of questionable experiments, best steer clear of them if they haven't had a decent explosion in a while.
    Allergies: Fortunately, none. As if they needed any more life threatening nuances to add to their repertoire.
    Ailments, illnesses, disabilities? Well, with all the wear and tear, scarring and broken bones they've received over the years it suffices to say they are a bit creaky in the mornings and are prone to all manner of aches and pains. The ship has a betting pool on how long until their knees give out, the safe bets place it early thirties.

    Likes: Well the obvious contestants are fire, explosions, fiery explosions and any combination/after effect/construction process/sensations that go along with them. Outside of this a good drink, fancy cigar and pleasant company rate fairly highly.
    Dislikes: Unexploded shells and other incendiary devices that should have gone off earlier. Damn things are torture to get rid off. Lack of money and the absence of someone to bother socialise with also earn their places here.
    Fears/phobias: Spiders.
    Favourite colour: The red/yellow/orange spectrum.
    Hobbies: Innovating the ships payloads and the smaller personal armaments of the crew and themself/listening to the radio/reading.
    Musical taste: Channel Mohla, basically.
    Talents/skills: A surprising knack for reading the structural integrities of an object and figuring out just where to place that explosive charge. Coupling this with a talent for upgrading and streamlining ammunition designs they more than make up for the light property damage the ship often sustains when their experiments go wrong.
    Ability to pilot a car/plane/ship: Cars pose little trouble so long as the gear shifts are forgiving, large aircraft will only end in disaster with Tinny behind the wheel, though smaller vehicles like the Scout are within their limited abilities.
    Omnivore/carnivore/herbivore: Though technically an omnivore they are a carnivore at heart.
    Favourite food(s): Seared meat. They aren't too picky.
    Favourite drink(s): A fine whiskey will earn their love and admiration for ever and always, or at least until the next glass.
    Disliked food: Mashed potatoes, the texture wigs them out.
    Disliked drinks: Mashed... potatoes? Is that a drink?

    Describe the character's house/home: Living on the carrier class airship known as The Whale, space is a limited commodity and Tin-Nose has embraced this notion. A fold out bunk and sunken draws in the floor space serve to cater to the essentials of the cabin, with items such as books and clothes buried behind solid iron shutters for protection against the other purpose of the room, which is experimentation. Three of the walls are coated in the shelving and the benches upon which a right mess of half constructed bombs, fuses and safety pins lay scattered. The last wall houses the fold out bunk and the heavyset safe that holds the explosive material not currently in use, a sizable bomb in it of itself. There is no door, only a sturdy ladder and porthole in the ceiling, as the cabin is located at the base of the ship, far away from other living quarters and the armoury care to the good sense of the captain.
    Significant special belongings: Their tools and small, well worn collection of novels have a special place in their heart.
    Level of education: Formal education, zero. Informal, extensive. Being born in Mohla their life inevitably rubbed against that of the mob's and with a natural curiosity for the volatile, often dangerous, explosive trade they were taken under wing of a grizzled old mechanic, on one of the larger families payrolls, who proceeded to train them in the flashiest, most ludicrous mechanical education this side of the Lost Penny Casino. Her teachings are very much in evidence in Tin-Nose's work.

    Current job title and description: Demolition and Ammunition Expert, with occasional jobs as Structural Consultant. Basically anything that involves blowing things up or stopping things from blowing up has Tin-Nose's hand in it somewhere.
    Name of Employer: The Commander of the organisation known as SkyFleet, though their loyalty lies with their immediate superior Captain Nicklaus Faringham.

    Peaceful or aggressive attitude? Tinny has a generally aggressive attitude to life. It’s there for the taking so get up and grab it! This translates into their social encounters as well, meaning they often pick fights when spending time at taverns and bars, with the crew coming to bail them out of trouble. They will always come to the aid of a friend when heads need kicking in (or blowing off).
    Fighting skills/techniques: Chaotic is likely the best way to describe it, with bombs and grenades of various payloads and a veritable blunderbuss of a handcannon Tinny is a wild card, the kind useful for any deck so long as you're standing behind them.
    Special skills: A fair mechanic and solid engineer they often help out around the ship when maintenance needs doing, so long as they stay away from the more delicate instruments. Their own projects are a testament to these talents.
    Weapons of choice: Loud and flashy, grenades and bombs make up the bulk of their arsenal and are often secured in a bandolier or two strung across their chest. These toys of mayhem are backed by the handcannon "Clementine" strapped into its holster at the base of their back. The triple barrels lend themselves to a variety of payloads, ranging from scatter shot, to explosive shells, to the as yet experimental incendiary rounds (which have so far managed to burn through their thickest pair of leather gloves in a misfire). The sheer size of Clementine means she requires two hands to mitigate the recoil when all three barrels shout, regardless of the fact she is only the size of a large pistol.


    Weakness in combat: The long and short of the matter is that Tinny tends to get carried away, using all their firepower as quickly as possible. Add in a healthy splash of extended reloading for Clementine and you're left with a short, wiry engineer with little to no hand to hand skills outside the occasional drunken brawl.
    Strengths in combat: Unfazed by close ranged explosive use, and armed with a frightening lack of self-preservation, sets Tinny up a terrifying ball of unstable explosive power. If one of their grenades, bombs of rounds lands a hit on a body, they are not likely to be moving again any time soon.

    History: Born in the backroom of a two-bit casino in Mohla, Tin-Nose was a mafia lackey from the day they could aim a pistol, and try as they might the mob could hardly keep one out of their little hands. Parentless, likely a result of owing the wrong people the wrong things, Tinny grew up with a family of uncles, aunts, sisters and brothers who were always on the lookout for them and boy-howdy did they need looking out for. Among other things this imbedded a nigh unflappable sense of camaraderie and loyalty within the young mafia-rat, so much so that when the mob turned its back on Tinny's teacher, the world hardened mechanic Riza Montoya, Tinny turned their back on the mob. And that went about as well as could be expected. By a fortunate stroke of fate one of the SkyFleet crews was playing a low-key visit to the city and witnessed a young maniac throwing Molotov-cocktails and homemade shrapnel grenades from a moving vanship at one of the many mafia establishments. The fires were largely ineffective and the mafia more outraged than vengeful towards the wayward scoundrel they had brought up, with everyone silently grateful when the first mate Nicklaus took a shine to the sheer audacity and ingenuity of the kid, calmed them down and offered them a position in the crew. The mob accepted that this was probably for the best and decided to leave them be, the serious looking firepower in the steady hands of the crew of The Whale probably helped that decision come to fruition. Form there on out Tinny sailed with the SkyFleet, always on the heels of their eventual captain Nicklaus Faringham and taking their place in the world, along with the new name Tin-Nose, for obvious reasons, and Ardente, a word from one of the dead ancient languages meaning blazing, burning and passionate, a suitable fit.
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  13. Baylen Cole

    Full name: Baylen Cole
    Nickname(s) or Alias: none
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Age: 26
    Birthday: May 9th
    Sexuality: Straight
    Nationality: Human
    Religion: Science
    City or town of birth: Mohla
    Currently lives: SkyFleet
    Languages spoken: Paragi (A mix of the ancient languages)
    Native language: Paragi
    Relationship Status: Single, ready for fun but not actively looking for anything serious.

    Height: 5’8”
    Weight: 170lbs
    Figure/build: Medium
    Hair colour: Light Brown
    Hairstyle: Short cut, longer on top then on the sides
    Eye colour: Brown
    Skin/fur/etc colour: Caucasian
    Tattoos: No. He has a rather low pain tolerance.
    Piercings: None.
    Scars/distinguishing marks: He has a 6 inch scar along his left forearm from an accident when he was younger. The scar is not only rather visible but deep in nature, able to not only be felt but seen as an indent along his skin. The old wound had damaged some nerves in his arm that still haunts him in moments up to today; occasional numbness and pain bother him.
    Frequently worn jewelry: A silver watch on his left hand, given to him from his father, who is passed.

    Personality: Baylen is independent and enjoys working alone. He can be rather stubborn and hates to be told what to do. He already has had some trouble in the past answering to those in higher rank for his rebellious actions. His valuable bravery and flying skills have allowed him to remain on more than one occasion when he would have otherwise been ejected for his impetuous actions. He has been known for speaking his mind or taking actions rather rashly without fully thinking through the possible consequences. Being adventurous and fearless though he doesn't mind pushing the limits. He loves to seek thrills, a pure adrenaline junkie that would take advantage of any moment.

    Despite his often impulsive nature, Baylen holds himself well, at least up until he lets loose. He dresses ably in a fashionable yet practical manner with layers and a fitted look. Baylen believes that when you look your best you have much better chances in getting what you want in life. He has used his good looks and chic attire to gain favor in towns, only to ruin the trust in an unsuspecting betrayal, capturing the goods he desires without so much as a look back.

    Smoker? No
    Drinker? Yes, often times too much.
    Drug User? No.
    Addictions: Adrenaline Junkie. Whatever get's his heart pounding, his mind racing, or his blood surging through his veins. He gets a kick out of causing trouble or stirring up controversy. Enjoys drinking a bit too much though he would never admit it to be a problem.
    Allergies: None
    Any physical ailments/illnesses/disabilities: His grip with his left hand can sometimes be weak and lack strength, a result from an old injury that damaged some of the nerves.
    Any medication regularly taken: None

    Likes: Flying, Pilfering, Causing Trouble, Trying New Things, Base Jumping.
    Dislikes: Being told what to do, organized Religion
    Fears/phobias: Claustrophobia, drowning, any kind of torture or solitary confinement
    Favourite colour: Muted colors of tan, blue, and grey - these are colors that not only look nice but allow him to blend in, seem approachable and trustworthy.
    Hobbies: Running, flying at fast speeds, wood carving (a skill passed down from his father)
    Taste in music: Enjoys the productive sounds of Firth for when he is working on his aircraft and loves the fast beats of Mohla when he's out looking for a good time.

    Talents/skills: Fearless by nature with not even the fear of death to hold him back. His confidence and boldness have not gone unnoticed and he has been used for tasks that many other pirates wouldn't be comfortable doing. He enjoys flying at fast speeds and maneuvering his aircraft through even the most intricate spaces. He keeps himself very fit, remaining active through running and lifting weights, giving him a strong stamina on ground. He is one of the fastest on foot, especially for times when a sprint grab and run is needed.
    Ability to drive a car? Operate any other vehicles? Being a skilled mechanic he can maneuver most any vehicle, though he prefers to operate on aircraft alone.

    Omnivore/Carnivore/Herbivore: Omnivore
    Favourite food(s): Steak, potatoes, red wine, chewing mint leaves
    Favourite drink(s): Coffee, water and any alcohol, though he prefers red wine or whiskey.
    Disliked food: Fish. The smell alone will make him gag.
    Disliked drinks: Does not necessarily have any drinks he dislikes, he simply prefers water, coffee and alcohol.

    Describe the character's house/home: The SkyFleet is his home. His family has passed and he no longer has a desire to go back to his home town. He enjoys being in the air more than on the ground.
    Significant/special belongings: The silver watch on his left hand was given to him by his father, a reminder of his family and home but a bitter reminder of all that he's lost as well.

    Level of education: Began his college level education when shortly after his family needed his help. Afterwards he never returned. Being self-sufficient he taught himself all the rest he needed to know to make a strong pilot for himself with the SkyFleet. The foundation for his skills and talent were taught and inherited from his father. As a child his father would teach him to fly on the vast lands at a very young age.
    Current job title and description: Wasp Pilot- Pirate, looking to get promoted, does some beginner classes for new pilots
    Name of employer: The Commander (Commander of the SkyFleet and all Pirates belonging to it)
    Captain Nicklaus Faringham (immediate captain)

    Peaceful or aggressive attitude? Baylen knows how to play the role needed to get what he wants. Outside of that he usually is aggressive and manipulative. It's unnerving how fast he can flip the switch.
    Fighting skills/techniques: Decent Marksman but more comfortable in hand to hand combat, especially with a knife.
    Special skills/magical powers/etc: Excellent mechanic - his hard to find skills in mechanic detail have kept him with the SkyFleet despite his often unruly actions
    Weapon of choice (if any): Mauser 9mm Luger Pistol and 3 daggers that he carries hidden on him at all times. His Luger sits in its case with a strap that hangs at his belt and slightly back, fully hidden from site by his jacket when kept shut. His daggers are...well hidden on his body in various places that he can easily access.

    Mauser 9mm Luger Pistol
    Dagger 1: Hand made himself
    Dagger 2: Stolen during a raid
    Dagger 3: won on a bet
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  14. [​IMG]

    Full name: Kearan Viel'the
    Nickname(s) or Alias: The Rogue, a title earned from her past experiences as a blade-for-hire.
    Gender: Female
    Species: Human
    Age: 24
    Birthday: September 19
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Nationality: Human
    Religion: Unknown
    City or town of birth: Terminus
    Currently lives: Rogue, Currently on SkyFleet.
    Languages spoken: Paragi (A mix of the ancient languages)
    Native language: Paragi
    Relationship Status: Single, not looking for distractions.

    Height: 5’4”
    Weight: 115lbs
    Figure/build: Petite and toned.
    Hair colour: Dark Brown
    Hairstyle: Long, wavy, and often unruly.
    Eye colour: Brown
    Skin colour: Caucasian
    Tattoos: None.
    Piercings: None.
    Scars/distinguishing marks: Several small scars from sword-fighting during her time spent as a blade-for-hire. She has a large scar on her right shoulder from a stab wound.
    Frequently worn jewelry: Arm cuffs, charm necklace of a waning moon and star.

    Personality: Kearan is hard-headed and often argumentative. She is not used to working well with others and finds solace in being independent. She does not trust easily, as she cannot be trusted herself. She will do anything to succeed and does not tolerate those who stand in her way. She is manipulative, a great liar, and rarely skips a beat. She is often impulsive.

    Smoker? Yes
    Drinker? Yes
    Drug User? No
    Addictions: Conflict, adrenaline, and danger go hand-in-hand for Kearan. She is a heavy drinker, smokes like a train, and craves job assignments to keep herself busy.
    Allergies: None
    Any physical ailments/illnesses/disabilities: Kearan's right shoulder was injured from a previous job, often hurting her due to strain.
    Any medication regularly taken: None

    Likes: Flying, Sailing, Thievery, Liquor, and Money.
    Dislikes: Weakness, Organized Government, Most civillians
    Fears/phobias: Feeling trapped. Kearan fears being caught in a situation she can't find her way out of.
    Favourite colour: Black and gray.
    Hobbies: Kearan restores artifacts to working order. She loves to study how things work and duplicate the process, feeling great accomplishment when she succeeds. While she is very interested in earning profit, she's found that working artifacts are worth much more.
    Taste in music: Kearan finds the sounds of stringed instruments to be soothing.

    Talents/skills: Kearan is a talented sword-fighter, having quite a bit of experience wielding a blade. She is a swift thief, taking pride in her ability to move quietly and gracefully. She is a talented whittler.
    Ability to drive a car? Operate any other vehicles? Kearan is not experienced with cars, but is very experienced with boats.

    Omnivore/Carnivore/Herbivore: Omnivore
    Favourite food(s): Anything she can get her hands on. Kearan is not one to turn away food.
    Favourite drink(s): Coffee, Whiskey
    Disliked drinks: Kearan takes what she can get.

    Describe the character's house/home: Kearan left Terminus when she was 19, though not without consequences. She is a wanted criminal and cannot return. She currently sleeps wherever her feet take her, surviving off of loot and currency earned from private clients.
    Significant/special belongings: Twin daggers, acquired from one of her only friends after his death.

    Level of education: Kearan learned everything she knows from personal experience. She was never lucky enough to have a formal education.
    Current job title and description: Pirate, blade-for-hire. Currently biding her time with the pirates of SkyFleet, taking orders while searching for another assignment.
    Name of employer: Kearan is self-employed, though will claim others to be her employer for the sake of remaining undetected.

    Peaceful or aggressive attitude? Kearan is generally a calm person, though she is very aggressive when she needs to be. She has a short-temper and her stubbornness fuels the fire.
    Fighting skills/techniques: Hand to hand combat, having more strength up close. She is not fond of automatic weapons, as they are unpredictable at times.
    Special skills/magical powers/etc: Kearan is an excellent tracker. She is great with navigation and rarely gets lost.
    Weapon of choice (if any): Katana, strapped across her back and twin daggers, one on each thigh. She is often acquiring different weapons, for the sake of protection or trade.


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