The Rising Dead.

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  1. Just another day for Jase, he came home from the night shift at the hospital he worked at. He was a janitor there, it was the best job but it got the bills paid. He wanted to be a state trooper but they wouldn't let him sign up, he had a criminal record. He was busted selling weed when he got out of a high school. Luckily he did't spend no prison time just two years probation and what felt like too much community service. He walked into his apartment building a little after eight in the morning. He pressed the button to elevator but nothing happened. It pressed it again and still nothing. "Damn!" He cursed out loud. That's when he noticed a little sign on the other side of the buttons reading 'OUT OF SERVICE.' He cursed to himself again.

    Dreading the walk up to the fifth floor where his apartment was at which he was regretting at the moment.Finally in his apartment he went to the bathroom and changed into something more comfortable. Grabbing his pack of cigarettes and opening it up to find there was none left. "Damn" Cursing to himself once again. He splashed cold water on his face and looked into the mirror, small droplets of water slowly running down his face. His eyes were blue and haggard looking. He rubbed his hand through his light brown hair then took a towel and dabbed at his face to dry it.

    He saw his weariness was still there he needed a good days rest but he also needed some more smokes. So he made his way back down the stairs of his apartment building.
  2. Emily's day started off like any other: she woke up and went to her job as a waitress at a local restaurant. Although it all seemed normal, something was bothering her. Nothing unusual happened today, but she had an uneasy feeling in the pit of her stomach. She decided to ignore it all together and just focus on the walk home. It wasn't a long walk, about 15 minutes or so and it gave to a little time to relax a clear her mind. She's been kind of stressed lately worrying about her job and starting college in the fall. Teaching was her ideal career, any where between seventh and tenth grade. She remembered back when she was little, her mom and her would play teacher and student... those were the good days.

    Before long, she reached to apartment building and noticed that the elevators were out of service, according to the sign, so she decided to take the stairs.
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  3. Coming down the stairs two at time feeling more tired by the second and heedless of his surroundings. He tripped and fell hitting his head on the floor. Rolling over on his back cursing and sitting up. He saw someone sitting there at the bottom of the flight of stairs wearing a tan trench coat. "Hey buddy what you think you're doing sitting there like an idiot?" They guy didn't respond so Jase moved a little closed. He noticed something dark on his clothes. "Hey buddy you okay?" He asked a little bit more sheepish. "Uh sir?" he touched the guy's shoulder and he slumped over. That's when he noticed the dark stains was blood, the guy had huge chunk ripped from his neck blood pouring from it.

    He cursed to himself and fell back his head hitting the ground again. He stood up rubbing his head his eyes never leaving the body, blood now spilling on the floor. He heard footsteps coming up the stairs. "Oh man" he said with a feeling of dread over coming him. Thinking the worse, thinking that he might be blamed for this or perhaps the killer coming back.
  4. She sighed and started walking up the stairs. Ready to get to the apartment, she picked up her pace. She was almost there when she started to hear noises coming from the top of the stairs, causing her to slow down. At the sight, she jumped. A body, laying lifeless infront of a guy, she didn't know the name of. She'd seen him around a couple times, but she would have never thought that she was capable of someting like this. A murderer, liveing only two doors down from her, who would have thought?

    She started to panic, thinking that she would be his next target. After all, she's a witness, of course he would come after her next. "Oh.. um I'm sorry. I-," she hesitated and started to back up. Maybe she could run away when he least expected it and avoid becoming his next victim.
  5. He stood there dumb struck when he saw the woman come up. He threw up his hands as if to push someone off, waving his palms back and forth. "It's not what you think. I-I found him like this, I swear." He pointed to the guy. "I go to my apartment then come back down and he was just sitting there." He stepped towards her, his eyes staring straight into hers. "You got to believe me." He turned around facing the body.

    "Maybe you should call the cops, I would but..." he stopped in mid sentence. Bending down to get a closer look at the body he saw his hand twitch. "I think he's still alive."
  6. By the way he spoke, she knew that he was telling the true. Anyways, what ever happened, there's no way he could survive. His neck was so severely wounded and he's lost too much blood, lucky he's lasted this long. She walked closer too him and got on her knees to take a close look at his neck. It looked worse up close, almost unbelievable. The longer she looked at it, the easier it was to make out what might have happened.

    In a slightly hushed tone she ask, "A bite..."
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