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  1. Sitting on the edge of the currently scavenged quarry far below the large mansion that inhabited The Dark sat the youngest of Chernobog legacy as the rulers of The Dark. With his legs partially dangling over the side of the steep cliff, it wasn't until he heard the familiar call from the next oldest of the three boys, Cyl, that he reluctantly pushed off the stone ground. Reluctantly dressed to the nines, the youngest sibling bitterly strolled into the home to join the approaching guest, that of whom were seen at the top of the land's class (whilst still being far below his family's own wealth.)

    In normal Dark fashion, almost everyone was dressed in warm layers to block off the cool and damp air that the caves produced. Dressed in nearly all black and wool, made from the sheep that the citizens had only gotten within the past twenty years, and the occasional silk made from the spiders they also farmed, any citizen of The Light would be shocked at just how well dressed many of The Dark's inhabitants were. Of course, it still wouldn't change their opinions on their way of life.

    The striking difference between them and the Chernobog family was that they were all dressed in a distinct red. Black dress pants, black button ups, the usual. The difference was their strikingly noticeable maroon coats and scarves. Any color was rare for those of The Dark, since most color was made through plants- that of which The Light had almost complete control over. It was a symbol of elegance to be able to wear the color red, since only one flower could grow underground, that of which gave the fabric its unique color, and said plant only grew besides the mansion. So, when Gethen's father welcomed the classy guest, all eyes locked on the family, Darius, being the next in line, stood close by his father's side. Cyl, on the other hand, was happy to focus his attention on some daughter of the most wealthy mushroom farmer around. Meanwhile, Gethen was off to the side a tad. With his lack of true power, his net worth was far lower than the other two. And, because of this, it took Darius to realize that his brother seemed to want to wander off during the speech.

    Stopped in his tracks by said man, he was given an increasingly common glare from the next in line and a small bare of his teeth, to put Gethen in his place. Was Darius actually going to hurt his brother? No, of course not. He wasn't that bad of a guy, but he knew that it was the only real way to keep his brother in line without having to make a ruckus and keep the guests oblivious.

    Once the rather long speech had ended, the guests and Chernobog's alike raised their stone cups in celebration with the mulled wine they often drank on rare occasions. When they weren't drinking the sought out and absolutely adored warm drink, tea was next on the list. Water often tasted very odd, what with the low amounts of sulfur in the water that flowed through the mountain, so people often used the various roots that could spice up both food and the tea- the biggest favorites amongst those of The Dark being licorice root and ginger.

    Nonetheless, amongst the celebration, Gethen was able to slip out of the party to head immediately upstairs. He had been waiting years to really achieve his plan, and tonight was the perfect night to do it. Immediately shoving things into his duffel bag, he hurriedly switched his noticeable clothing for that more of a simple farmer- basic black pants, a button up black button up, and his favorite grey wool sweater over his coat. Adding the usual scarf and hat combo, he held his bag close to his chest as he silently said goodbye to his family. He wasn't leaving forever, far from it, but even a few days above surface would not only quench his thirst for new things, but hopefully might even help his family understand those from The Light and that they weren't terrible people.

    After a good four hours of walking it took to get to the entrance of the cave- thanks to the admitting strategic channels that led to various homes and quarries- he had planned out the timing that the guards of the entrance went on break after the many times he was brought to it with his father as a child. With that, he was ready to open his horizons to new things... Though, it certainly wasn't a very good start when he was greeted by blinding light and unfamiliar heat.
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  2. Similarly, the ruling family in The Light -the Laramies- had guests over in their large home: wealthy, bourgeois-style families who, alike many in The Light, witnessed and reaped the benefits of the environment to further their financial and social class. They were far away from the regal statuses of the Laramie family, but renowned enough to be called upon for parties and celebratory events. Nobody in The Light was really, dramatically poor. There was differences in the wealth garnered, inevitably, and so some were inevitably poorer than other individuals, but when compared to those in The Dark? Even the poorest in The Light were far better off than their counterparts, and had a perceived superiority over them. That was the general message: that The Light was the land for the esteemed, and The Dark set aside for those unworthy of great benefits; the lost causes and the misfits. It had been that way for centuries, so why change it now?

    Of course, there was one person of great power who wanted that changed: Lonan Laramie. A boy and future proclaimed 'Leader' of The Dark who, with his expansive power and riches, wanted to create such unity, even for his own selfish reasoning. And so, in the beautiful setting of his family mansion, bejewelled with rubies and sapphires mined in The Dark, he was attempting to hold conversation with the guests to get his point across. He only argued for unity and equality, knowing intelligently enough not to indicate the desire to increase his power more than was really acceptable.

    Now, Lonan was charming and incredibly manipulative. He used his powers of seduction to get his way if need be, or simply old fashioned persuasion, but even these were not enough to convince the highest in his society of his plans for unity and integration between the two areas of land. The Light's citizens did have a tendency to be stubborn, and after centuries of segregation between the two camps, they really didn't see why they ought to bypass their critiquing of The Dark to welcome them with open arms. They were too different to fit into life in The Light, and frankly? The Light's citizens really didn't want to see the 'thugs' wandering about in the sunshine they automatically assumed was their benefit only.

    As such, hearing such stubbornness did hinder his plans. When he was Leader, however long that would take to become reality, he knew he would risk popularity to get his ideal achieved, but for now, as simply an heir, he had to bite his lip and smile at the pitiful excuses of supporters, listening to their posh drawls and tedious stories. Eventually, the tanned boy had enough, downing the last of his wine before excusing himself. He was slightly tipsy, even though wine was a common feature in The Light. Unlike in The Dark, fruit and flowers of the most exquisite fragrance were in abundance. Thanks to the perfect climate, fruit was grown at incredible paces, and used to make a variety of expensive wines, the majority of which were provided for the Laramie family. Lonan had been brought up around wine, learning the process involved in making it... but that didn't mean he could handle his alcohol very well. He could disguise when he was drunk easily, so it was hard to tell if he had had too much to drink, but, especially when irritated, he had a tendency to drown himself with it.

    As a consequence, the finely-dressed man was currently wandering out of his home for fresh air and to cool off, but the drunkenness hitting him did mean he lost track of how far he was wandering from his fancy home. He needed to collect himself, and if wandering about did that, then it was all worth it - besides, with his surroundings being nothing short of beautiful, taking a long walk amongst them didn't hurt.

    That was, until, spotting a figure; an oddly dressed and somewhat bewildered figure, that is. Odd, purely because he was adorned in darkness, rather than light and thin clothing suitable for the climate. Being tipsy, it didn't click immediately that he was near the caves on the edge of The Light, and nor did it register that the elder boy was a citizen of the alternative land. Instead, the boy simply smirked in ridicule, casting the figure as some lowly peasant - the farming clothing did trick him easily. "Oi, shouldn't you go back to the fields and get collecting those grapes? I want my wine, and how can I get wine without the grapes being collected? It's your job, isn't it?" He retorted in that posh drawl, his brown eyes glittering in amusement at himself. "Quit slacking. And get on some proper clothing, would you? Father wouldn't be impressed by your attire."​
  3. It took Gethen literally ten minutes for him to even see slight forms of the things around him as he sat on the nearby boulder, his hand hiding his pale eyes all the while. This was the first time in his entire life to actually hit natural light, he had no idea- rather stupidly- that The Light was this... well, bright.

    Once hearing a voice, he desperately tried to act somewhat normal as he got to his feet slowly. After all, he at least knew where the boulder was at that point. Tugging off his scarf and cap once he was able to direct his focus from his sight to the sweltering heat, the feeling beyond natural for him. The hottest the caves could get would be 50 degrees, but that was only for a month or two during mid-summer. The average temperature was 30, and in the winter? The temperature could get 10 below on a normal bases. So, to hit weather that must have been at least 80, he was panicked to shove off as many layers as he could 'til he was down to his pants and button up... Even though it was still to hot. Offering a nervous laugh at the vague person before him, he held up his hands with a nervous laugh.

    "No, no, uh... Y-You don't understand, I'm not a farmer. I don't even know what 'grapes' are, to be honest! U-Um... Can I have some help? I'm just a tad, uh... Just a tad blind at the moment, it seems. Is this normal?" He questioned, mostly out loud to himself. "A-Anyway, um... Yes, I'd really like some help. I don't really know where I am, and I'd really like to find somewhere a bit cooler, if that's possible? Um..." And in a nervous moment to try and remember the mannerisms his family had taught him, he shyly offered a hand to the general direction of the figure in hopes to get a hand shake in return. "I'm Gethen."
  4. Drunk he may be, but he was naturally smart, and so it didn't take at all that long to notice the boy's odd behaviour and just how... extraordinarily pale he was. Though, even an idiot would notice that. Everyone in The Light, thanks to the years of exposure to the sun and the farming, agricultural business, the complexion of its citizens was tanned and olive-skinned, and everybody knew that their counterparts' complexion was practically snow-white. Add into the equation the layers of clothing, and the momentary blindness that could only come from being in prolonged darkness and gloominess, then it wasn't hard to work out just where this boy was from.

    When it worked out in his mind, his lip naturally curled in disgust, refusing the handshake with a soft and judgemental tut. "Oh, Gethen. What a lovely but awfully common name that is. I wouldn't expect a thing less from you Dark citizens. Why have you ventured here, hm? Are you and your lot jealous of what we have here? I wouldn't be surprised at all, The Light does have everything you cave-dwelling lot don't. I highly highly recommend you scuttle back to your cave before I run and tell my father about the intrusion. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see you all here, for everyone to be equal, but... that isn't going to happen soon, little buddy."

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  5. "... Who's your father?" He questioned, his brow raised as he quickly tried to blink into focus. "I came out here to try and understand your people, I guess. I mean, I want to prove everyone that The Light isn't as bad as they say. I mean, p-people from where I'm from say you're all stuck up snobs, and that you have your heads shoved up your asses. I mean, my brother does anyway. The citizens are sort of afraid to really talk badly about you guys in front of me. I'm not scary, though, so... Could I ask for something to drink? I heard rumors that your water taste like fruit, but I doubt they do. I mean, maybe my father knows, but I don't really ask him much." He babbled on, the mere fact that he was face to face with a citizen of The Light being strong enough for him to be able to simply ignore the very unsubtly rude comments. "Help me out of this place, please? I'd like to talk to the ruler."

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  6. Blah blah blah. All this boy did was talk, gosh. Although, he was... different to what the general stereotype of his people were. The presumption was that The Dark was a miserable, grim place, where its citizens were all fighting over scraps, all snarling and fierce. Yet, this Gethen boy was... gentle, if anything. He suited The Light more in his demeanour. He didn't seem smug, granted, but his gentle persona would fit in greatly, as his own people did see themselves as polite and gentle (even if the truth was quite the opposite). He knew that a whole population of people couldn't be tarnished with one stereotype, and that not all Dark citizens were fierce animals... but he didn't really want to believe that a great deal of them were nice people, purely because it lessened the fact his land was the more refined one with the more refined people.

    "...You want a drink, hm? It does taste delightful, granted. You know, you're lucky you met me first," he stated cockily, typical of his character, as he leaned against the boulder with an eyebrow raised. "My father -the ruler you so want to meet- would forcefully demand you to return. We don't like you lot, and I assume the feeling is mutual for your brutish family and friends. Look, you don't seem that bad a kid, but really, go away? You stand out like a sore thumb, Gethen-- why am I talking to you? You're very... poor, aren't you? Evidently so. I don't talk to poor people."

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  7. "Oh, I'm not poor." He reassured easily, all the while shoving the excess clothes into the large bag. "No, my father is the ruler of The Dark, actually. That's why I'm here, I think I'd be able to help. Actually, I feel terrible for the fact that we have so much money when some of our citizens don't. T-To be honest, I'd love to be able to help with the state of our home but Darius refuses to let anyone touch that sort of thing." He explained rather easily, the fact that some people of The Light might take his mere presence a threat being something that totally went over his head. "Oh... So you're the son? That's wonderful, yeah! I mean, I'm sure it would be hard to explain why I was here to some random civilian. I'd probably scare them, to be honest. My father said that you lot get pretty startled by my people. But, yeah. I don't really like wearing our more expensive stuff. Wool isn't very comfortable, but it's certainly warm... Speaking of which, why is it so hot here?!"
  8. And here he went, talking again. There was a rule in The Light, that a person ought to prevent talking too much or risk being thrown out of a party or a function out of selfishness. That unspoken rule never had to be applied to Lonan, of course. As the practical Prince, he always had free reign to talk as much as he liked, though expected those conversing with him to just shut up occasionally. Knowing he was talking to his counterpart from The Dark did surprise him. He did often think about the ruling family there, and did anticipate a strapping, fierce and muscular man capable of leading a horrible place in the caves... not a timid and talkative, frail boy whose only apparent desire was to see the people of the Light in a positive manner to relay to his own parents.

    Biting his tongue to avoid cussing him out, the metaphorical lightbulb did ignite in his head. If the boy was so darn desperate to achieve that, it could be used to his advantage. He could use the boy, however disliked he was, to get what he wanted in integration. If he used him with faked compassion and feigned kindness, he could achieve that years before he anticipated it. He needed to portray himself as a kind, unselfish person, and get his parents to see Gethen as a polite person too. If so... then his own desires could be achieved.

    Hence why, instantly, his mood changed. His smug smile grew more genuine as he heaved himself up off the rocks, cracking his shoulders back and wandering to the shorter boy. "Yes, well... it isn't that hot. I suppose you've lived under the caves for so long, hm? Look, I'm not judgemental. I assume you've been taught that me and others in the Light are all detestable and refutable characters. Likewise, we're usually taught that you're thugs. However, some of us are intelligent enough to know that not everybody can be stereotyped. I want to help, so I'll fetch you some water and some food, yes? Some nice, fresh vegetables. I've heard they're sometimes lacking where you're from?"​
  9. Offering a naïve smile, he huffed as he tugged up his bag from the ground before nudging the other forward. "Oh, that would be lovely! We have some vegetables, but not many. Potatoes, carrots... We mostly eat meat, though. At least, from what we grow ourselves. I've only ever had grapes in wine form. How do you even drink wine if it's so hot outside? Honestly... Oh! I always wanted to try strawberries. I heard rumors that they were really yummy, and that they're amazing on the bread we make. Maybe if we can prove our lands that the other isn't terrible, you guys could try our elder soup, nothing like a fried goliath tarantula mixed in with some chicken broth, right?. And not to mention, we make the best stuffed mushrooms. What do you guys typically eat?"

    Now, throughout his babbles, it was growingly evident that he was completely scared shitless. He was essentially a prince in his own land, so he had no reason to really be nervous. But here he was, talking to someone who actually seemingly wanted to talk, and was a citizen of a group of people his father would swear would want to somehow kill him. He was happy and beyond terrified- a lovely combination.
  10. "A healthy mix of meat and vegetables. We obviously have the natural advantage of the sun, so we generally grow a lot and trade with you the surplus," he explained quietly, though, if he was a Prince as stated, he would be fully aware of the trade systems in place, however unfair they truly were. The vegetables traded to The Dark were usually close to being rotten and poorly grown too, whereas the stones The Light gained in response were all precious and expensive; something The Dark probably didn't realise the true value of.

    Eyeing the shorter boy calmly, he did have to stop a signature smug smirk from growing as a response to his naivety. How could one person be so dim? Perhaps his dimness was appropriate - he was a Dark citizen, after all. In truth, Lonan did think it was adorable in some way. His eagerness to learn about The Light and to protest that there were good people there was cute, sure. Lonan could definitely use that - his parents wouldn't like a member of The Dark wandering about, especially one that was royal, fearing he could be a spy of some sort... but Lonan could tell how genuine he was, and how he didn't have a sly bone in his body. Using that to his advantage was certainly key to the success of his own plans. If it went wrong, there could be war on his hands between the areas, rather than his hope for unity.

    "It's nice to actually converse with you without this... antagonism people expect there to be," he smiled softly, struggling to be so nice to him, but managing to place that facade on easily. He was a marvellous actor, even if he said so himself. "We're like old friends, aren't we? I'm happy to show you around, and hopefully we can show our parents that it's capable of getting along? We can certainly use our royal positions to persuade our people..."​
  11. "... Yes, well. About that surplus." He began warily, his hands now fiddling nervously. "See, they're often very... Uh... Slimy? Not very good, when they get here. So we often put it in soup, even amongst my family. It could be worse, though, right? So, that's why I'm excited for fruit." He explained, before offering a hopefully nonchalant shrug. "I'd love to try some of your food, and get acquainted with your culture! And, I'd love to introduce you to my family and do the same. I think Darius would like you, you two seem to look the same from what I can see." He explained, before moving his hand to feel the royal man's face. "Oh, definitely. But, you're a lot less cold, obviously. Does it ever get cooler up here? Or is it just permanently this hot? How do you even survive? Oh! Speaking of which, do you have a place for me to change?"
  12. "...Here's a little advice. Here, talking like this to such an extent isn't... very welcomed. You need to take breaks between your speeches. Royal or not, you're essentially a guest here, and, given my people won't like you immediately, you need to be seen to follow the rules," he drawled casually, kicking a pebble out of the perfectly polished and smooth concreted road, offering him a false but nonetheless jolly smile to reinforce that he was speaking out of kindness, even if the truth was much the opposite. "As for the vegetables, they're perfect. They're of the highest quality, and I will take offence if you're trying to claim the opposite. You just need to... relax a little, alright? This is pretty major for me, to meet you -A Dark- in the flesh, so let me take it in before you bombard me with questions."

    In essence, it was a meek attempt just to get him to shut up. How he was going to get on with him for the purpose of the plan was looking slim, because, two minutes after their chance meeting, he already wanted to wring the thug's neck. Sure, he wasn't the stereotypical Dark... but he must still be a thug, right?

    "You'll have a place to change at the palace," he promised with a nonchalant shrug. "Honestly, chill out. You're here, you happened to meet me and now you'll meet my parents, and hopefully we can reverse this so I'll meet yours to get the case for unity out there, yes? Sound good?"​
  13. "...Yes." He replied flatly, his lips now pursed thinly as he held onto his things tight. "I, uh... I'm sorry, seriously. People don't really listen to me that often, so it's just nice to talk to someone who doesn't get annoyed. I'll try not to talk as much, um... But I can't help it, I guess. I like you, I think you're nice, and the only people who really enjoy talking to me back at home are the lovely old couple who grow the bio mushrooms. They're absolutely adorable, actually. Old people like- oh. Um. Sorry." He insisted, before biting hard on his lip to cease his urge to simply continue on about the elderly couple, and just how kind they could be. They'd always make him sweaters in the colder times of the months, and not his brothers, since he was the only real member of the family to go out and talk to the citizens.
  14. "There are just rules you have to abide by here. Royal or not, there are conventions and customs," he explained gently, having no real idea that there were probably conventions in The Dark too. In truth, he didn't really believe that the land, full of stereotyped hooliganism and hardship, would ever have a system of refined manners in place. It was judgemental, but that was who he was - he was a judgemental and selfish person who only really cared for himself, that being apparent by how he would disregard his family the moment he got into the highest position in The Light. When he received that power, he did hope it wasn't just The Light he had dominion over, though.

    "I'm not saying I dislike you, though. I think you're rather... sweet. Granted, it's strange how you just pop up here if you are a royal as you say, but I'm choosing to believe that you aren't a spy gathering knowledge on us. You know my father has been planning to send a few spies into The Dark?" He commented with a wry smile - it was a complete lie, but if the boy felt like Lonan was opening up and entrusting him with information, then wouldn't he trust him as a person more? The worst thing was to trust Lonan, but he was brilliant with manipulation. "I've managed to prevent him sending people. It's rather pathetic, really. He talks of war often to take over your area, which I've held off-- it's why you need to convince your parents to amicably end this segregation, hm?"​
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  15. "Oh, spies? I hardly think your spies would be able to really find anything out. I mean, you wouldn't be able to see in there, for starters. Our home is, like, a million times darker than out here. To be honest, it's a tad bit excessive! Do you need that giant light on, all the time?" He questioned obliviously, as he aimed towards the sun. "Not only that, but my ancsestors and even the people of today have built a ton of tunnels to different things. Besides that, we don't really have anything different happening. We're celebrating the beginning of winter. It was colder than usual actually- hence why I'm a little, uh, startled? I'm a bit startled by the temperature up here. My father says winter is cold for both our land and yours."

    As they treaded on, Gethen's glossy and grey eyes managed to adjust to the area finally. The land once seen only through blurs was now in full view, causing his eyes to widen and his brows to knit at the same time. "... This wasn't what I was expecting, to be honest. Oh! I see the rubies along the ground here, though. You know, I have a whole bucket of them in my bedroom."
  16. In all honesty, however brutal, he had zoned out and wasn't paying all that much attention to the boy. Knowing he was sharing his company with a Dark citizen, however wealthy, was irritating to say the least. He wanted unity, but he still believed that there was a social class, and once integration occurred, he did foresee The Light's citizens being the more wealthy people in the unified land. That wasn't injustice; that was just how society would work, and he really didn't want to spend time with anyone poor. Sure, when the lands were unified and Gethen's family shared the same space as him, he could theoretically share time with Gethen as his family were presumably rich... but there could only be one ruling family, couldn't there? And Lonan was hardly going to let that family by Gethen's.

    His attention, however, was grabbed again the second he mentioned rubies, his eyes flickering greedily to him. "...And you don't use them to adorn your roads or decorate your home or make into jewellery? You just... leave them by your bed? Maybe... you ought to bring them to my family? I'm sure they'd like you more if you offered a gift of some sort?"​
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  17. "Why would we need them in our roads? We already walk on granite and diamond, we hardly need to put rubies in. They're a part of the road, nothing special, I just find them pretty." He admitted, before kneeling down to inspect the small specs. In reality, the ones he owned were at least a digit long, if you didnt count the nearly human sized one he had scavanged for when he was younger. "If you really want one, I could give you one. But, only if you exchange these alleged grapes. The only account if ruby jewellery was the earrings and necklace my mother wore, but we buried her with them. She would have wanted it that way. In all honesty, I prefer quartz. Chloride quartz is beautiful~!" He gushed, before getting to his feet once again.
  18. Did any sympathy arise when he dropped the bombshell of his dead mother? Not particularly, no. Instead, his mind had immediately focused upon what he thought was the most important, relevant detail: the fact that the other Prince didn't seem to understand the true value and the real wealth he possessed with such jewels. Granted, not every culture cast the accumulation of material wealth as a necessity, but it would help if they actually understood just how rich they could be if they used their natural goods to their advantage. But he was hardly going to inform the other of it. No, instead, he was going to exploit him, exchange worthless fruits for the jewels as often as he could. It was just another way of implanting his power on Gethen, surely?

    "You can have as many grapes as you desire," he coolly promised, his manipulation underpinning every word as he cast the outsider a smile, happy to build up a faux friendship, just until he achieved what he wanted to from him. His characteristics could easily fit in with those at the Dark; the manipulation and the desire to get ahead of everyone else at all costs. "Honestly, I'd like a jewel to show my mother, at least."​
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  19. "Yes, well, you'll have to come to The Dark to get one." He replied teasingly, whilst offefing his lwn smile. "And I'd have to ask my father, of course. I dont mean to be rude, really, but I like my personal collection.... Why rubies? You don't seem to be the the kind of person for red. Maybe sapphire- oh, um... s-sorry. I can't babble, right? Yeah..."

    Now, within the quick minute that Gethwn had spoke, his disposition fell just as quickly. He slumped a tad once remembering the other's request, beying beyond oblivious to why he was told to essentially shut up
  20. "...Let's just say that people in the Light absolutely adore them. Any of the jewels you have, we'll trade you whatever you need. Wine, vegetables. Personally, when I run the place, I intend on having our areas join up, so it'll all be at your disposal. But until then, I suppose I'll just have to trade like this, however tiresome it becomes-- When the areas are merged, I'm sure we can rule simultaneously? It isn't a mad idea to have two rulers," he declared calmly, just in case the other was smart enough to realise the problem in having two areas with two ruling families join together. Obviously, he had absolutely no intention of sharing power. If the areas merged, he was going to the sole ruler - if he had to kill Gethen's family to achieve that, he would. He wasn't really into killing aimlessly, or killing at all, but he could manipulate the situation easily to see himself absolved of any blame when the time came. It was a typical Light characteristic - easily avoiding blame through manipulation and deviation.

    "I won't be venturing into The Dark any time soon, though." Lonan laughed, trying to maintain his facade, though it was wearing thin. "I mean, I don't think I'd be very welcome. I know my people won't like you being here, and we have the stereotype of being the more 'civilised'. I dread to think how your people would react to me strolling in. I'm sure they think The Light are all pretentious snobs?"​
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