The rise of the Rois Empire

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  1. The huge Glass castle was now in ruin. its been already a couple of years since the Rois empire fell. the city was in a ruin. nobody was leaving there anymore, instead of the Ragnar Academy. the Academy was build after the empire fell , in the will and need to rebuild it. The students were working during the weekends in rebuilding the castle and its gate. the castle was made of magical glass and surrouded by a huge lake . the lake was crossed by an ice bridge. it was a beautiful view.the empire was rulled by the ice magic, and this kept the snow durin every season.

    the royal family died in the war. their daughter was the only survival. Gaellica Rois was her name.she was saved in the last moment by her fiance . he erased all her memories that day . he hated himself that he did it, but it was the only way to keep her safe. he let her in the humans world, till the day he found it good to bring her back.

    in the human world, gaellica had her prom night. she was happy even she ddint had a prom date she just enjoyed everything. after the migdnight, a new boy showed up. he had long dark hair , wearing a nice white suit, and a masque. he aproached her and they started to talk, and talk... and talk.. till the morning came. he lead her home . he didnt took his masque off. they sat out in the yard, till she fell asleep beside him. she was always naive. Shin smiled wide and took her masque off softly stroking her cheek and picking her up slowly. he opened a portal to their world and kissed her cheek softly.

    First, he needed to train her again, and remind her who she really is. he got to the academy and laid her in her bed, in her special room beside his. he set two guard at the door and left to check how the other students were . everything was alright.

    in the morning he got back to her room and slowly opened the curtains. he erased her human memory again, and implanted her some fake memories about the Academy now. she still won remember him, and probably never will. the forst time hen he erased her memory his feelings took over him and made a mistake... one hat might cost his beloved fiancee...
  2. Her bed was way too warm for her to actually wake up. It was one of those comfortable, toasty mornings where warmth seemed to flow through her very veins reaching out to every corner of her body. Gaellica peeked over the corner of her comforter to find that someone had opened her curtains for her. Light poured into the room, illuminating her mahogany wardrobe and study stowed away in the corner across the room. Her bag leaned up against the desk just where she had left it the night before, reminding her that she couldn't avoid her classes forever.

    With a long sigh, Gaellica sat up and pushed her covers off. The initial air attacked her warm limbs causing her to shiver, but she got to feet and made her way to her wardrobe to get dressed. She pulled out her a powder blue summoner's dress and black lace-up boots. Putting on the dress, it came down right above her knees where it flared out in light pleated wave. She brushed her platinum blonde hair back into a ponytail and tied it up with a bow.

    Grabbing her favorite pair of magic gloves and her backpack, Gaellica rushed out of the door to make it to breakfast.
Thread Status:
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