The rise of the new generation (fairy tail)

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  1. It's been 20 years since the first generation of fairy tail wizards had retired. When it came to rebuilding the guild who better to take over than there children. You already be in the guild or joining.


    Rayne was the daughter of erza and natsu. At a young age she was trained by her parents in order to take over there position in the guild. She never really had time for fun or friends due to the consistant training. today was the day she was finally set free from her training and time to take over the guild duties. She entered the guild and almost immediately people scrambled away from her knowing full well who she was.
  2. At the gates of fairy tale young man dressed in tattered clothes that looks like a beggar knelt down to and kissed the guild floor with tears saying to himself "finally after being sent to that hellhole for 15 years", he then stood up and entered fairy tale while shouting loudly "Mom i'm home" it echoed through the halls of the building, then one of the guild members recognized him and said hey "is that mirajane's kid Dylan", then another member said "wow so he survived fairy tale island's trials",
    Dylan nonchalantly approached the guild bar but was hit by a flying bar tray with a message note by Mirajane to clean him self up at the back and ware the clothes prepared by her, half an hour later Dylan came out from the back as a handsome youth and sat beside Rayne, and asked "so you've also finished your training?"

    (Dylan strauss)

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  3. She hadn't been awake long but just long enough to let the smells of the guild filter through her nostrils. Reelixa, daughter of a banished wood elf called Chanick and the infamous dark wizard Gamoren, rose from her bed and cloaked herself in her dark blue robes, the day had finally come. Slipping her hat over her pointed ears and grabbing her staff from the nightstand she slid out of her room and down the great stairs towards the bar. Sitting on the nearest stool she ordered her usual, amoreto sour, and took a hefty swig. "Better to be warm and tingly inside before the speeches than cold and nervous" she mumbled to herself. She knew today was going to be hard enough seeing as her heritage led everyone in the entire fairy tale guild not to trust her. Plus, her self training methods caused further suspicion among her peers. It wasn't Reelixa's fault she didn't trust anyone with magic! Shrugging to herself she stared down into her bumbling mug and tried not to think of her parents...
  4. suddenly saw a girl with a blue robe which he didn't recognize at all and made him curious who she was, he approached the girl in blue and asked "excuse me miss are you a new guild member?, my name's dylan and I've just returned from training so pardon me from being nosey. "

  5. Through the gates came in a girl of petite structure. Her hair was a faded silver colour, and her eyes were a deep turquoise. She didn't seem to be the child of any former fairy tail member, however, she was in fact a member. She had joined at the age of 4 years old, and she was quite well known to be a child prodigy despite having unknown parents nor ever having to use her magic. Not even the guild members has seen her use her own magic, and she always took on requests alone, adding a little more mystery around herself. The most noticeable thing about her was probably the black horns atop of her at the sides of her head, causing normal people to call her 'dragon' or 'demon'. Of course, this was normal to her, since she had gotten used to it.

    Despite all this, she appeared as a happy, cheery, carefree, and open girl. She didn't train too often, and when she did, she was usually alone. Despite how open she was, she was one who kept her entire history to herself, making people realize how little they know about her. "It's the Demon again..." Some muttered. "It's no wonder she had survived the island trial as well..." Another whispered. She brushed off all the speaking, and the 15 year old girl saluted childishly, smiling brightly as well.

    "Venity Diamonds, Reporting for duty~" She chimed, giggling a little bit. She did have a last name, however, she did not use her real one. She mainly used the Diamonds as her last name as a cover, also mainly due to the prism-like gems she keeps in her hair. She looked around, and found Rayne and Dylan sitting next to each other. "Heyyy! Dylan, Rayne! You finished your training too?" She asked from across the room, running up to them only to trip and fall on her face. At first glance, one would wonder what magic this clumsy girl could hold. Slowly getting up, she scratched the back of her head and looked up at them both.


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  6. Dylan was talking to the blue robed girl when he hear his name followed by a crashing sound "this voice sounded familiar" he said to himself then turned only to see the girl lying on the ground. "yo glitters long time no chat i see you got out of that hellhole too!"he said to her while offering his hand.

  7. She emitted strong magical power, even though she had never seen performing it. In truth, most of her had the colour of lacrima, an amazingly powerful crystallized substance that had many magical purposes. She looked up at Dylan, and smiled brightly. "Wasn't too much of a hell hole, I personally thought it was easy." She smiled brightly, giggling a little bit. "Though, I didn't see you at all!" She complained, puffing her cheek out slightly to give the appearance that she was pouting, grabbing his hand and getting up.

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  8. Rayne turned around looking at the girl. "Hey there venity. Welcome back." She took a bite of her cake.
  9. Dylan "its no that i didn't show my self at the island but mom threw me in a very secluded part of the island covered with runes that prevented me from escaping until i finished the fairy trials "he replied to venity while he drank his cup."any ways i've been itching for some action and test my improvement, glitters, Rayne you up for some requests? " Dylan asked the two.

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  10. "Hiya Rayne!~" Venity looked at Rayne eating her cake, and giggled a little bit. "You are similar to your mom, Erza-san~" She chimed, based off both of their likes for cake. Looking over at Dylan, she listened carefully and nodded a few times. "I see, I see.. Mira-san is merciless, even to her own son huh?~" She giggled again, however upon the proposal of a request, her eyes lit up and she nodded. "Okay! Lets go!"

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  11. Dylan looked at venity with a smile and nodded and replied "alright lets go check out the request boards for some requests that can give us a challenge. " then he looked at Rayne and said "if you decide to join us we'll be at the request boards waiting."after speaking with her he then stood from his seat, looked at venity again this time saying "glitters i'll let you pick out the request, i don't mind the ranks at least pick something that'l let my blood boil." while he started walking towards the request boards.
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  12. "Lets see here.." Venity was looking at all the requests on the board, and in all honesty, they all looked boring to her. Ah, when could they take a request from the S board? Anyone of those would be bound to put up a fight with her, but alas, they couldn't, yet. Her eyes wandered around, until they stopped on a specific one. Reaching her hand out, she grabbed the paper and took a look at it. "Lets see... 'Rogue mages terrorizing city in the south, please help.'" It read. There wasn't any information about the rogues on the request, but the reward was quite large. "Hmm.." She then looked at the rank, and it was an A class. Oh well, close enough to S. "Dylan! I found an interesting one!"

  13. Dylan was also browsing on the boards to see if any thing could make him interested then he heard venity's voice calling for him, at that moment he quickly rushed over to her location with a very exited face like a kid to open a present while asking."what type of request?, is it any good?" then he saw the paper in her hands and read the writings along with the rank."A rank huh.. and a huge reward at that, nice job glitters lets just hope these mages aren't small fry, alright lets get this recorded by my mom and get some additional info. "he said to venity and embraced her for a split second because of sheer exitement then quicly ran towards mirajane to submit their request for listing.
  14. He was always a strange one, that Dylan. She smiled brightly when she heard that they could take this request, and clapped her hands together. "Yay, yay! Lets go! Soon, right now!" She chimed, despite all the whispering behind her back. "That's a first, the demon is taking a request, and with Mira's son no less." They whispered, and she took in a deep breath. There was a small crack in the lacrima pin that held her hair, but it was a small crack so it didn't matter too much. She really was trying to hold back, since the people were starting to get on her nerves. "Shouldn't we bring Rayne with us?" She asked, following Dylan.

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  15. Rayne finished her cake And stood up to catch up venity and Dylan. She looked at the request as she heard someone talking about them. "Great, now they got the monster with them to." Rayne shot them a look that would kill a person. 'Lets hurry before I end up destroying half the guild."
  16. "Ehehe~ I couldn't agree more!" Venity giggled a little bit, chiming and humming to herself on the spot while they waited for Dylan to hurry up and get it accepted. She said it was going to take a minute, but she was always known to be a mommy's boy. Mira was nice, a great mother as well. Sometimes she cooked food for her if she were hungry and they weren't busy!

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  17. Dylan took the request and handed it over to mira. "mom can we take this job, are we qualifed now huh?"he spoke to mira, then she tuned around and asked Dylan "who are you teaming up with?"Dylan answered "i'm teaming up with gltters and Rayne."mira smiled and said "good eyes son this request should test how much the three of you have improved after your training."then she took a record book from the cabinet behind her and blank paper from the rack next to Dylan, opened it and stared to list the request then wrote the request details on the blank paper, soon after handed it back to Dylan while saying"you three always be on your guard this suppression request can always turn into an s ranked or even higher since these mages are unknown they could be from a dark guild"Dylan nodded and took the paper from mira then ran towards venity and Rayne while showing them with exitement on his face and his eye gittering, this was his first request in 15 years and an A rank mission with potential to evolve to S rank or higher, soon Dylan reached the two and showed them the mission details:

    Mission type: Suppression

    Rank: A

    Town/City: Candlerock

    Location: South Fiore

    Details: suppress the mages terrorizing the city of candle rock, number of unknown mages not defined, must arrive with in 3 days or the city is doomed.

    Requirements: 3-5 A Ranked mages with superior battle abilities and suppression exprience.

    Note: S rank potential

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  18. "Alright! Lets go!" She chimed, glad to see that Dylan was finally out. Rayne didn't seem to be able to stand the people jn the guild anymore, depite thethree being there since they were children. Before the trials, she had taken a few requests, low A ranks to hih B ranks, so this wasn't too much of a difference. She wasn't allowed to, but no one needed to know that~.

    "Three days? It's almost asking for us to come later than we should." She pondered, looking at the time limit. Transportation was fine for them; no idea about Rayne since she was part dragon slayer, and we all know how that'll turn out.

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  19. Rayne sat there waiting for the transport knowing full well it wasn't going to end well. One of the traits she gained was her father's severe motion sickness. Once on the train she almost immediately threw up out the window. "God help me." She mumbled
  20. "Haha~ Don't worry, we'll be there in a day or two. I've been to this town before, and even if we take our time, we'll be there in a day by foot. So bear with me, okay Rayne?~" Venity giggled, and started patting Rayne's back gently. She had learnt some healing magic from Wendy, but she preferred keeping most of her magic secrets. It made things more interesting, no? They would arrive at the stop soon, and from there, they would need to walk by foot because the trains have been cancelled due to terrorist attacks. For her, she'd get there in less than a day, but she had to walk with the other two.

    The reason she could fly herself was because of the small wings on her back. People always thought they were for decoration, but they were, in fact, real. Though, only those two knew about it, and the only reason she told Dylan was so that he would stop pulling at them and hurting the bones in her wings. "... We could have asked Warren to teleport us.. Too late now." She giggled, and stuck her tongue out.

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