The Rise of the Dragons!

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    It is the year 1423 and the dragons have practically taken over the world. They destroy villages and take infants and men are pretty much left for dead. They are feared by every living creature on Earth and because of human's fear of dragons, they started to hunt down dragons with the goal to eliminate the creatures but mysterious warriors came down from the mountains of the dragons. These warriors were unlike normal humans. They were animalistic and unafraid.

    This is the dawn of a war that lasted three centuries. Now 1746 and human life has almost ceased to exist. The world is in complete ruins while these cruel beast roamed Earth. Their humans that stood by their side were humans taken by the dragons years prior and now hold the curse of the dragon, making them as terrifying as a pure blood dragon.

    Meanwhile, whats left of the humans are living in their four walls hiding from the fearsome dragons. They are currently at a stand still but one warrior might rise to bring in end to the dragon's tyranny.

    Are you the warrior?

    Will you help the humans become the dominant species once again?

    Or will you destroy the rest of the world and rise with the dragons...

    Only you can decide.

    Now fight!!!​

    1. Be nice to each other out of character but as mean as you want to each other in character
    2. Romantic relationships are absolutely out of the question (for now...)
    3. Give me some good ideas to improve
    4. No perfect characters
    5. Dont take over other peoples characters
    6. Stick to the lore
    7. Have Fun!!!


    Name: Astaroth, Queen Goddess of Dragons
    Age: Undefined
    Sex: Female
    Race: Half dragon
    Origin: The dragon realm
    Abilities: She has the ability of the elements, able to control earth, water, wind, fire, and everything in between.
    Weapons: Just her staff
    Orientation: Straight
    Occupation: Queen

    Personality: Astaroth is very kind and gentle but if someone dares hurt her dragons, she will fight with everything she has. She is the protector of all dragons and can tame a dragon with just the touch of her hand.

    History: Being born of a human mother and a dragon father, Astaroth has the ability to transform into a dragon which is something no human with a dragon curse can do. They still have dragon powers but they can't shift into dragons like Queen Astaroth can. She is very powerful but she is also very loving. There is not much to know about her background but when she came to the human world, she quickly became the ruler of the dragons because she could communicate with dragons and easily force them to do her bidding. Of course she would never make them do something evil but she can still tell them to do things and they quickly obey. That is something no one has been able to do thus far and she is only a stranger to this world.


    This is the out of character chat where you can ask me, the author, any questions you have about the role play. It is not done yet and I am still thinking of the plot but I keep thinking of pokemon. Like "leaf dragon! I choose you!" Something on the lines of that. But I am still thinking of ideas. Be free to give me some ideas down below.
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  3. I believe giving dragons the choice to change between human and dragon would allow some to play smarter and be more policitcal rather then a all powerful dragon that can level entire citys so I think that would be a good idea.
  4. Yah. I mean either way, the dragons will have the ability to talk but I do agree. Like Ive been pondering that idea and the different ways I can go by that idea. Like in their human forms, the dragon men and women will still have specific markings on their body so people can tell they are dragons and what kind of dragon they are since different dragons will have different tattoos or markings.

    The reason I brough tin the curse of the dragonborn humans was because I needed someone to deal with all the politics of the dragons but the idea is getting more complicated the more I think about it and if the dragons can shift into humans, it will solve a lot of problems I am having currently.

    Also, I want the players to have more free range in how they create their character.
  5. But there are things I don't understand like it says midnight dragons cant reproduce how are they around then if they cant do that?
  6. Well you got me there. I am thinking they are hybrids because hybrids of any creature cannot reproduce. So they might be the hybrid creature of two different species of dragon and note, 99% of the time dragons are mating with their own species. They very VERY rarely mate with other type of dragons.
  7. That still dosnt make much sense does that mean a white and a red mate and end up making the midnight one which breath weapon does it get why is it scales black and not the color of either parent? It leaves more questions then answers it might be better to just have black dragons replace them.
  8. Yah. When I wake up tomorrow morning, I might change them. Ill look it over again. Lol. Im writing this at 2 in the morning.
  9. Do you want links for dragons in a pm to see what else there is?
  10. I am trying to keep myself from looking at other sites. I am using every creative bone in my body for this role play, I don't want to just base it off another's idea. I want to make it my own.
  11. How many characters per person?

    By the way, I think dragons should lack the ability to shift into humans.

    Also, I think there could be broader categories. Maybe grouping dragons based off shape/ethnicity. Lyndwyrm, Oriental, Western, Wyvern, Special, etc.
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  12. [​IMG]
    "I'm a dragon, not a screamer!"





    Edna is about 1.6 metres tall, and is almost like shown in the picture, except with paler skin.

    Human Realm

    She has great skill in wildlife survival.
    She can last underwater for along period.




    Shiny objects

    Metropolitan Architecture

    While curious, she is cautious about her surroundings. Having been raised as a dragon since a young age, she acts like a dragon. While territorial, she is brave enough to step into another dragon's territory. She is practically fearless, a 'wild child' to say, and for a tiny body, she has a lot of courage.
    Much like her mother, she loves shiny things.

    It is unknown how, but as a baby, the Dragon Calypso found her floating by a river. Believing that other dragons might eat her, the Dragon found it in her instincts to take her home and raise her like a dragon. As a father, Calypso raised Edna to be much like him - a dragon. She taught Edna how to roar, how to fight, how to hunt, many things, really.
    Today, she considers herself a fully-fledged dragon, living like a dragon.​

  13. @❖RogueRaven12❖

    So yeah, I was thinking that my character could be a human raised by a dragon. For the time being her parent will be a Sea Dragon.
  14. Accepted

    And I have been conflicted on whether or not dragons should be able to shift into humans. I say yes because I want more freedom with the dragons but I say no because dragons are... dragons.
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  15. And sound sgood. I have no qualm about that.
  16. Oh, by the way, a little suggestion.

    Try to set your stuff up like what you would consider the 'old' format.

    Also, have you any opinions on language barriers? Personally I feel that humans and dragons could speak the same language.
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  18. if they cannot shapeshift, how do they actually 'rape' human?

    just a suggestion, how about only dragons which have reached certain age or power are able to shapeshift into human form?
    if some dragons that cannot shapeshift will rape humans out of fun and amusement, the chance of those dragonborn children are too high, then dragonborn doesn't feel really special at all.
  19. Oh! Oh! I know this one-

    - nevermind.
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