The Rise of Lords

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  1. The earth shook underneath him as thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of feet stomped on the ground in unison. Even though he was among them, he could still feel the earth shaking, as if trying to dissuade them from what it was they meant to do. Threatening to swallow them if they followed through. But they moved on, the only fear they harboured being the army in front of them.

    Tim walked on in a steady pace, with his weapon in his hand, his helmet on his head, and his armour around his body. Even with the weapons and protection, he couldn't help but feel the dread of war; everyone around him had their jaws set in anticipation, any one of them could die this day, especially those in his row. The front row. The pikemen. Ordered to stand as a wall of spears to bar the way for the soon-to-come charge of the cavalry. It was this knowledge that had cold sweat swimming down his face and all the while, the shadows of death swirled around him, whispering evil, dark things in his ears before flying off and tormenting the others.

    They were everywhere, hundreds of them, flying around like crows before a war, waiting with hunger until both armies fell and they could finally feast on the dying souls. The army they faced today was an army from the Sunderhall kingdom, from what he'd heard throughout the camp they intended to make a charge against them before going towards it's adjacent kingdoms and winning their armour sets. Of course if they won, Tim would never wear the armour, he'd never even be able to see it, it would go to some high positioning Lord who had been ass-kissing the King this whole time, if it didn't go to the King first.

    Yet even another rumor had been spreading around the camp, one that stated the Princess of Sunderhall herself was among the main forces. The authenticity of their claims was questionable, but it made him wonder why the Princess would be in the middle of this war, it wasn't unheard of that a woman be --

    A horn blasted on their side of the field.

    Tim snapped out of his stupor and stopped with the rest of the army, his grip tightening around his pike as his jaws set. They were finally in range and their enemies were done and fully prepared for a charge. Tim felt like he was about to hurl.
  2. It has come to another battle against the Landerdale Kingdom and Sunderhall Kingdom, who were both interested in finding one of the two armored sets that have yet to be found. Rose, the princess of Sunderhall, had taken this chance to go into the battle field with the many men in their army for her own personal reason. She was kept to the back of the army to keep her from harm, but that was the least of her worries. The army created barricade at the front ready for the other kingdom to attack them head on.

    In Rose's opinion, all this fighting each kingdom was creating is due to the forest that surround them. The forest was something everyone avoided at all costs because of it's affects on a human being, unless they possessed an armor set. The armor protects the user from the darkness and torment, giving them ability to defeat the evil beings that live within each forest. Finding an armor set was the only option for them to live in peace.

    Sitting in a carriage with armed men around it, Rose peeked outside the small window, allowing her to see what was going on. 'I need to find a way into the forest without being seen by the guards..' She thought to herself, thinking that they'll leave to help out the army a little bit. The forest laid a few feet away from where her carriage stood still. Sun shining upon the dark and eerie home of chaos. Going in there now would be the best time to enter because the beings that lived there couldn't stand sunlight and were more nocturnal creatures.
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