The Rise and Fall: Dragon Riders Have Risen from the Shadow.

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  1. We all know the story of a young Farm boy who changed the world and the Dragon riders have come to rise again. However now their is a new darkness on the rise and it is closing in on the dragon Riders. Will the new darkness prevail or not?

    setting: starts just outside the mountains in a small clearing where the dragon Riders have all come to meet and speak. The biggest and darkest of Dragons stood with His Dragon rider the leaders the daughter of Eragon and Arwen. She now leads a rebellion of her own.

    @Princess Poisoned Rose is my co gm. In this rp I want only real face claims for riders. You can play as a Rider or a dragon or be both. Also can play many different races such as elves, orcs, humans Dragons, halflings and much more.

    If you are interested please note below. ALSO I am The dragon for @Princess Poisoned Rose
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  2. Dragons? Elves? OH HELL YEAH!
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  3. I'm gonna have to pass sorry
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  4. I apologise I am going to have to pass on this. Thank you for the invite though! I appreciate it!
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  5. Can I use my dragon character for this?
  6. Can i not just drag my other one over??? I like the realistic artwork fit better for this considering you can find realistic art for different species
  7. What's the Rp level for this?
  8. I believe we would like atlease a paragraph or two consisting of 6 or more sentences
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  9. yeah just drag it but with a real photo please doll
  10. yes
    what miss Rose said
  11. huh?
  12. full name: (you name him in the roleplay)
    gender: male
    age: No one knows
    sexual orientation: straight
    occupation: Dragon
    marital status: Single
    height: Human form: 6' 1" Dragon form: 26' 8"
    build: muscular and slim
    hair: Crimson and Black
    eyes: Orange
    distinguishing marks:

    personality: Weary and couscous of everything and everyone

    strengths: Dragon strength while in human form
    weaknesses: lost his memory of dragon abilities and how to use them and his hate for demons
    likes: being free
    dislikes: captivity
    fears: never remembering about himself
    goals: to relearn everything he forgot and returning his lost memory
    secrets: last of the dragoon tribe called Ferro, they held magical abilities which was lost when the tribe was overwhelmed by demons and is the last human shifting dragon alive

    family: None

    history: He lost his memory in the fight defending his dragoon tribe the ferro he was cursed by a demon to sleep eternally but was broken by a (what ever race your character is) which he shown his gratitude towards and followed and protected that person on his own quest to find out who he was, the world had changed so much in over 500 years a world where dragons were a rare sight and the dragons that were seen were of the kingdoms own dragon knights

    Him but with some adjustments
  13. Oh no sir you can do a dragon or Human. Or both but not both in the same person
  14. Figures......
  15. Also pretty sure Disney wants real pictures ^_^
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  16. Place holder
    Caeliane Blackwell


  17. I am sorry I can't do the anime
  18. That is not anime dear that is what is called fantasy/realistic art via Legend of the Cryptids
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