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    See that? That's me. My name is Silvanti...and I am a genie. I live in this ring:

    But the other day..I felt it move. Someone found me! I was so excited, waiting for whoever to put the ring on. I quickly brushed my hair, stretching my wings. I sat in anxious excitement, waiting for my new master to wear the ring. "Put it on.." I whispered to myself. No one else could hear it, not even my master.
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    It wouldn't hurt, she thought as she picked up the golden ring. Amelia was supposed to clean up the family attic, carrying out old bits and bobs that no one ever used. However, this dusty box of Arabian jewelry that was collected by her late grandfather, was too precious to simply throw out. Armlets, brooches and chokers piled inside, but this ring shone the brightest among them all. "So pretty," she breathed as she slowly slipped it on her left ring finger. The 17 year old giggled - it felt as if she was wearing a wedding ring.
  3. Silvanti felt the warmth and smiled. The blue gem on the ring flashed and she was released. She appeared, and bowed low. "Master...I am Silvanti. Your name?" She was smiling, her teeth perfect, her white hair staying tucked behind her ears as her red eyes excited.
  4. It all happened so fast. Before she knew it, another girl stood before her, bowing low. Confusion and panick swirled in poor Amelia's mind as she stared at Silvanti in disbelief, blue eyes as wide as saucers. What was she? Who was this mysterious woman calling Amelia her 'Master'? Amelia swallowed nervously, she could feel her entire body tremble nervously.

    "I-I'm Amelia," she answered. "Wha- I don't understand. Why are you calling me master? D-did you come from this ring?" Amelia stammered as she examine the ring. The deep blue gem almost matched Amelia's eyes and it was her favorite color too. How did Silvanti come out from there? So many questions to be asked and she didn't even know where to begin.
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  6. Martha hummed quietly to herself as she grabbed up warm, freshly laundered clothes from the dryer and stuffed them into the waiting laundry basket just at her feet. As she bent forward to retrieve a rogue sock that had fallen from her gasp, she caught sight of a peculiarly colored item amid a basket of somber looking clothing.

    "Oh for pity's sake.." she tsked, picking up her daughter's neon green underwear from the laundry pile. "Kids these days.." She muttered, tossing them back with the rest of the laundry as she shook her head.

    Spinning around, she trudged her way up two sets of stairs, still humming as she moved past the staircase that led to the attic. The sound of her daughter's voice hummed just above her in the attic, causing Martha to pause.

    "Honey? Are you up there? Dinner will be here in ten minutes!" She hollered up the stairs. Curiosity getting the better of her, she took a step up the stairs to investigate and generally impede on her daughter's privacy further.

    "Honey? Who are you talking to? Who's up there with you?" She called in a decidedly maternal voice that would make any teenager cringe.
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    Silvanti nodded. "Yes, Master Amelia. I came from the ring..I am the Ring Genie, Silvanti..or Silver for short." she straightened, smiling. Her simple black dress fit her perfectly and she looked only 17, though she had been alive for hundreds of years...well...half alive..but that was too complicated to explain. "You have five wishes of your own choice." she smiled. "Good, or evil. Choices are Choices, each leading down a different path, each leading their own life. You can choose, but you will lead either choice." she recited, though it sounded as if it was a poem just made up. Truth, it was the code of the magics.
  8. Amelia ran her hands up her cheeks to see if she can sense her own touch. She could, therefore this was all real and she really wasn't dreaming. "A genie.." she echoed when Silvanti explained what she was. Amelia only read such things in story books; Genies from lamps and genies from bottles. Lamp genies were nice and polite, but the ones from bottles are evil. Silvanti came from neither, but Amelia thought that she looked like the former. Hopefully.

    "Five choices? Right now?" Amelia gasped at Silvanti's offering. She wasn't prepared for this! Five wishes that can come true, whatever she wanted, but what could she ask for? The girl tried to think, but instead she was interrupted by a voice downstairs.

    "Honey? Who are you talking to? Who's up there with you?"

    "M-mom?" She froze, feeling her stomach drop. Normally, Amelia was a good and honest girl who did her chores, but now the chore of cleaning the attic had totally escaped her mind because of this sudden encounter with a genie! Quickly, Amelia tried to think of a good excuse. "I-I'm practice my lines for Drama club, mom," she called back down. Amelia lied through her teeth, and she didn't like it. She loved mother very much, so making fibs like this felt so unnatural to her. "I th-thought that it would be good here.. Where no one can hear me." This was followed by a quivering, nervous laugh. Will mom bite? Meanwhile, she whispered to Silvanti in a hush tone.

    "Can I make my wishes later, Silvanti?" she asked with pleading eyes. "I can't think up five right now, and I don't know what my mom will do to me if she sees you." Amelia didn't even want to know.
  9. Silvanti giggled softly. "Of course, Master Amelia. I am in your faithful genie." She bowed again, then disappeared in a small white puff of smoke which disappeared in seconds. She returned to her home in the ring. Music played softly in her room, unheard from the ring, as she laid back, smiling.
  10. "Practicing your lines for drama club?" She repeated incredulously.

    "Hmm, well alright but don't stay up there too long! That dust can't be good for your lungs!" She hollered up the stairs. Turning around, she made her way back down to return her attention to the abandoned laundry basket.

    Shaking her head, Martha disappeared into the master bedroom to sort through the clothes. It was a mindless task, soothing in a way and she soon was lost deep in thought. Never in her life would she have been outgoing enough to join drama club- but here her own daughter was doing exactly that.

    "Your father would be so proud if he could see you now, 'mealy" She murmured to herself, using her daughter's pet name. Sadness flickered in the older woman's eyes as she thought back on the loss of her husband, a painful time that had brought she and her daughter much closer together. They had leaned on and supported one another so long, she had come to trust Amelia implicitly.

    "I should buy her that new book she's been wanting, such a hard working young lady needs some fun in her free time!"

    Just then, the doorbell rang. The Chinese food had arrived.
  11. When Silvanti returned to the ring, Amelia slapped her own face with her palms. Drama club? She didn't have the courage to even go up on stage! Last time she had to be MC, she stammered so much that her partner had to repeat her lines for her. This is horrible, she groaned to herself. She could feel the ghost of father scolding her from above.. Hopefully mother wouldn't bring it up again. After recollecting herself from this odd turn of events, Amelia picked up the large box of old clothes, toys and books, then brought it down. She set it on the floor near the front door of her house when the doorbell rang.

    "Delivery service!" said the delivery man when Amelia answered the door. "Two Kung Pao chicken rice bowls, two iced green teas and one platter of stir-fried vegetables."

    "Mom?" Amelia called to Martha while taking the plastic bag of food. The scent of chilli peppers and peanuts wafted under her nose and she could feel her mouth water. "Food's here!"
  12. Walking down the street was Adam, Adam aman or as most called him double A. He was walking towards his friends house, which when he arrived had the marvelous scent of chinese which he loved which ment he was right on time as usual. Adam liked to think of himself as one of the family members, but amelia probably just thought of him as a good friend. Well thats not what he wanted to be, friendzoned, huh the last thing he excpected to get out of a friendship was that. but anyways he made his way to the door and dodge past the delivery man.

    " Whats in the bag? my food? " he said chuckling crossing his arms.
  13. Martha lifted her head at the sound of her daughter's voice- grateful that she didn't have to run downstairs to pay the delivery boy.

    "Oh thank god, I'm starving.." she muttered, tossing the remaining laundry on the bed. Grabbing up the neon green pair of undies, she made her way downstairs as she flourished the bright underwear over her head. Thinking they were alone, she raised her voice loud as she began her maternal rant.

    "I'll never understand how this could possibly be in fashion! My god, Amelia you could run around in your underwears in the dead of night and you'd never get ran over with these things! I'm pretty sure astronauts in space could see these from orb-" As she neared the bottom of the stairs, she at once realized that they were not alone. Not wanting to embarrass her daughter, she stammered.

    "Ahh what these? These aren't Amelia's! They're... mine. What am I saying?" She blew out a breath of self exasperation, tossing the brightly colored garment back up the stairs.

    "Hi Adam... it's nice to see you again dear... Are you hungry?" She smiled kindly at the, in her mind, strapping young man as she patted him on the back. Grabbing the plastic bag of food from her daughter, she made her way into the kitchen to unpack the food.

    "Everyone wash your hands!!"
  14. Amelia greeted Adam with a meek 'hello' before looking into the bag. Was the stir-fry for him? Mom only ordered two rice bowls. Amelia wasn't the brightest in terms of wit, her classmates always whined when she couldn't get a punchline or when she couldn't catch snarky remarks. "We don't have a rice bowl for you.." she finally sighed, hoping he wouldn't be upset. "Y-you could have some of my Kung Pao chicken though. I can't finish one whole bo-"

    That's when mom cam running downstairs with panties over her head.. Hers to be exact. She could feel the color drain from her face as her mom began to rant - possibly tease her. Amelia never told her mother (or anyone at all!), but buying and wearing such flamboyant underwear gave her the self-confidence she needed. Mom probably hasn't seen the frilly ones or the mature black lace ones, but that wasn't the point now. Adam was here, and he could see those panties.

    "Mooom!" Amelia cried, clutching at the plastic bag tighter. For goodness sake, if mother wanted to scold her about buying bright colored underwear, the last thing she could was run around the house waving it above her head. Even when Martha tried to cover her up from eternal embarrassment from Adam, it still didn't help. A boy has seen her undergarments and Amelia will probably never get married.

    "I wish Adam didn't have to see that." she muttered under her breath.
  15. Silvanti heard the muttered words. "Your wish is my command, Master Amelia." she said in soft words, only which Amelia could here. She stood in the small ring and spun in a circle, muttering "Vaso bin, forget this time." No one could hear or notice this, except Amelia, as time backed up a few minutes, back to right before her mother decided to tease Amelia. Silvanti appeared, invisibly, behind her mother, to make sure the neon green underwear would stay upstairs, so her master's wish would come true. When the mother picked up the underwear, she whispered, as if it was a mental command..and it was. "Wait....weren't there two voices after the chinese came? Maybe someone else is here...I shouldn't embarrass her..." she whispered, as if it was the mother's subconscious.
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  17. he made his way to the door and dodge past the delivery man...again..." Whats in the bag? my food?....what..." he said shaking his head as if he had some serious deja vu. His eyes scanning everything again " So urhm..whats in the bag.." he said walking up behind her looking over her shoulder and the backing up rubbing the back of his head.
  18. Wait.

    Hang on.

    Didn't Adam just said this? Why is the plastic bag in her hands again? Where's her mom? No panties? Amelia's jaw dropped as it dawned to her - she just used her first wish. "Ah.. Uh.." She was seriously loss for words. She didn't mean to wish for something as simple as this! Amelia wanted to confront Silvanti about this, but she couldn't right now.

    "Food," she answered Adam, prying it open for him. "You can share from my bowl. I-I mean if you're hungry." Shoot. She wasn't even sure if Adam was hungry. She had to pretend what happened earlier didn't happen.

    "I uh.. I got Kung Lao chicken.." Amelia added.
  19. As if it had never happened, Martha was back upstairs and folding laundry. Glancing up, she heard the sound of Amelia's voice letting her know that dinner had arrived. She picked up the neon underwear and folded them up before placing them back on the bed. This time she heard the male voice and smiled, taking her time with the rest of the laundry to give her daughter a few moments. As Adam seemed to constantly be at their place with his head typically in the fridge, she easily recognized his voice down below.

    "Like clockwork..." She chuckled as she made her way down the stairs a few minutes later, waving at Adam.

    "How are you sweetie?" She patted him gently on the back as she waited for Amelia to unpack the food.
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