The Ring World

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Fantasy, Sci fi, anything in which the world itelf is extremely interesting.
In the year 3332, humanity has been exploring the stars for centuries, and as it turns out, humanity is one of a collection of races that were genetically modified from a precursor race to be in their image, and not only that, but the precursor race was even kind enough to make sure we and the "aliens" shared a few languages. Nobody knows who they were, why they did this or where they went... but they left quite the artifact behind...

An entire world, a ring built around a synthetic star, spinning at a speed for intertia to cause an earthlike gravity, forming a light-deflecting energy sheild at regular intervals to simulate night and day, twenty five percent if it is a city, seventy five percent of it is a wilderness, holding a unique ecosystem of creatures from other planets, documented and undocumented.

The RP will take place on that ringworld, which is colonized by various precursor descendants.

Three examples of these descendents are;

Humans- Not much explanation needed beyond being generally seen as a little violent, pretty clever, and very individualistic.

Chromatics- The precursors placed them on a planet with almost no predatory creatures, therefore, like the birds of paradise, they became colorful and energetic, having a much wider spectrum of hair and eye colors, as well as more graceful movements, and a fondness for face paint. Compared to humans, they are more open minded, but less practical, excitement is essential.

Vampires- Called so by the humans due to their monochrome hair and vulnerability to UV radiation. They developed on a planet with it's biosphere actually mostly below the surface, illuminated by myriad openings in the ceilings of the enormous cave systems. The caves had a large amount of predatory creatures in which hiding was essential. Many of these creatures were dim sighted, so the "vampires" had pale skin and dark hair to make it difficult to spot them against rocks. Their sweat glands stopped working so that they would generate less smell, which in turn made them more vulnerable to sunlight and heat. Their development has caused them to have a distaste for loud noises, bright colors, and unfamiliar environments. Despite this, they also work very well under pressure.

*Offspring between two species are possible, but the resulting individual is, as many hybrids are, sterile. Depending on how different the two parents are, they may experience health complications.

Questions, suggestions for plot and/or additional races are encouraged and appreciated.
Not open for further replies.