The Rildane Social Fight Club - Seeking New Members

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  1. Welcome visitor! Welcome to the Rildane Social Club Interest Check!

    Member sign-ups are here!

    If, like me, you are the sort of person who LOVES to RP, is available and willing to RP pretty much every day, and prefers to RP at a swift, if not lightning-fast pace, then I come bearing an RP opportunity which may well be perfect for you.

    What is it?
    The RSC is an RP group which revolves around both 1x1 and group RPs, as well as chat RPs. It is a fantasy RP in the broadest sense, but contains elements of action, adventure, sci-fi, horror, romance...Basically whatever genres the members and their characters bring into the club.

    What character types can join?
    It is open to all sorts of character types and species; humans, androids, demons, dragons, ghosts, anthros... As long as your character is not impractically large for example, pretty much anyone is welcome. Similarly, whether they’re a gun fanatic, sword master, martial artist, magic user, energy manipulator, psychic, demi-god, or have no power at all, you are also welcome. Obviously, for the super powerful, there will need to be a limit to when and where your full powers can be used, but that can be discussed later.
    You can use new characters or old favourites, ones whose back-stories you’ve just created, or ones from fully fleshed out worlds. In the latter case, you consider it a cross-over of sorts. More on how they might end up in Rildane down below if you need a reason.
    Writing Level
    Any level can apply. However, while proper spelling and grammar are highly desired, massive walls of text are not necessary; as the RPs are designed to be faster and based more on dialogue and action, 10 paragraphs of poetic descriptions are generally unnecessary, and often slow the pace considerably. If it contains all the info that’s necessary, there’s nothing wrong with writing one or two lines.

    Ok, so what’s the story?
    The world that this story takes place in does have several overarching storylines which you may become embroiled in, but your character is not obliged to take part in those at all. I'm pretty open and like to merge and mix and evolve and such, so rather than just slam down a rigid plot and say "this is what we'll be RPing", all characters start off at the RSC. Then through their interactions with their surroundings and other members and NPCs, a unique story is formed around and for your character, one which you or I can direct, or one which can be left to grow organically, and, if the right conditions are met, you may end up taking part in one of the larger storylines as well.
    Your character combined with the other unique characters and elements from outside of your own worlds acts as a big is a catalysts. This is the gateway which leads to all sorts of adventures, and is an excellent way of integrating new members into the group and the overall stories, as well as getting a feel for how the RP works. It may sound a bit confusing or odd, but it works wonders and in the past, we’ve had some pretty zany adventures and relationships develop as a result.
    So what exactly IS the RSC?
    The RSC is a bar, an inn, and social club.... Or rather, a secret "fight club" if you will, where all sorts of characters meet up, hang out and periodically beat each other to a pulp during a fighting tournament for a for a large amount of prize money, often 10,000 Credits or more (Imagine that much in £ or $ to get the idea of the value).
    Here, people from all corners of the universe who like to fight, let off steam, or who have a secret fighting life or etc. can have fun facing interesting and challenging opponents and find others who like to do the same.
    If your character is in need of some cash, why not let them sign up for some “easy” money?
    Gained a new ability or weapon and need an opportunity to try it out on some unsuspecting fools? Right this way.
    If you'd like your character to do more than just fight (or not fight at all), this can be a good place to look for warriors; strong, powerful, resourceful people who can help you deal with problems and threats elsewhere (if you can convince them to join you…).
    Alternatively, your character might encounter fighters here who are looking to recruit and train others, so may you end up gaining new skills and abilities for them.
    OR, your character could end up getting totally lost and stumbling into the RSC to look for directions, stopping by for a bite to eat, or looking for a place to spend the night before ending up being sucked into some misadventure or other (which happens quite a lot…). There are countless possibilities, and what happens beyond this first stage is unknown...

    We've had a lot of different types pass through the doors of the bar, so who knows what you might find..?

    How on earth my character ended up in this place
    If you’d like to bring an established character into Rildane and don’t want to simply magic them there with no explanation, there are a couple of options available.
    Rildane is a large modern city which resembles cities like New York and Tokyo; it contains areas of tall buildings, elaborate designs and lots and lots of people. The technology level is generally modern, with some futuristic elements thrown in, most notably transportation gates; this allows people from far and wide (including different times and worlds if necessary for your characters) to arrive here.

    If your world has anything resembling a transporter/teleporter, or if your characters are able to use magic or supernatural means to get around, one option is for the Rildane transport gate and your own means of transportation to get their “wires crossed”. What will your character do when a routine trip through a teleporter or an often used spell malfunctions and throws them out in this strange, unknown city? How will they get home? Finding someone who can help would definitely be a top priority, and with the nearest occupied location being the RSC, that would be the best place to start…

    Alternatively, you can consider Rildane to be another city/region/island in your own world, and have your character travel there by regular means after hearing about the tournament, or the club’s ability to attract ‘special’ visitors.

    These are just two suggestions; other ideas are welcome.

    • If you are not comfortable with the prospect of RPing with anything other than humans (i.e. RACIST!!), please exit on your left. This is open to pretty much all species, and it’ll cause problems to say the least if you decide to stop halfway through an RP because a neko walks into the room.
    • If your character is going to be a fighter, they can't be impervious to damage or have a rapid healing response that cannot be controlled.
    • This group is best suited to people who are available a lot of the time and like consistent, swift progress.
    If this sounds like your sort of RP, member sign-ups are here! And of course, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask away below!
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