The RIGHT way to wash the dishes.

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  1. Once upon a time when I was a young dina my mom like to criticize the way I washed the dishes, and I would get mad and tell her to wash her own damn dishes if she wanted it done her way. D:< Needless to say, moms don't like to hear that. >>;

    Now I am an adult dina and I have to remember my little quip anytime the boys wash the dishes and I dun like the way they do it. c______c

  2. I break a glass, swear a little, cut myself on picking up the shards. Then I proceed to swear more as I bleed all over the place untill I can get the medic kit. Then go back and actually do the dishes.
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  3. Let your tears be the soap.
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  4. You know it's funny.....

    I overheard my talking the other day, and apparently they picked up on something I didn't even notice when I'm washing dishes.

    My two younger girls were ordered by my hubby to wash and dry dishes, and put them away while he and I were putting together a bed. I overheard my youngest daughter telling her sister "You're supposed to wash the big stuff first, then the little stuff. That's how mom does it." I never even noticed it, but that's exactly what I do. Baking pans, casserole dishes, and big mixing bowls first, then frying pans and pots, then plates, then cups, and silverware last. For pots and pans that food gets stuck in, I boil some vinegar water in it (A trick I read online) then wait until it cools enough for me to tolerate the water and scrub it.
  5. It makes sense to do the big tasks first in most things I find.
  6. I'm glad if people do my dishes in the first place. I'm staying with my brother at the moment and our dynamic of me cooking and him doing the dishes is awesome. I'll have to do my own again tomorrow.

    Also dishwashers are god-tier. I want one.
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  7. I hate washing dishes ;w;

    But yeah, I tend to do the big ones first, mostly because I only have one sink and they take the most space. Spoons are the worst for me.

    I swear, washing dishes is like killing a hydra. For every dish you wash, two more pop up!

    Heh, I remember my mom giving me a death glare when I'd bring something to her when she was almost finished. Then she'd add in a "Sure! Bring the neighbours dishes too!"

    Now I know her pain ;w;
  8. Aren't you supposed to wash dishes in ascending order of dirtyness? Washing in dirty water isn't all that effective.
  9. Depends on how you wash the dishes I would think. I soap mine and then wash under fresh water.
  10. Same here, but there are those that fill the sink then wash in that, only to rinse afterwards in another sink.

    That's by the way also a way to do it.
  11. I don't have city sewage. I have a septic tank, and those things are touchy when it comes to any type of soap going in them. Something about the soap killing a bacteria that breaks away the waste....something like that. The guy who used to empty it explained it to me once because we kept having to get our tank pumped out every three months instead of every six because of the ridiculous amount of laundry and dishes I did on a daily basis. So I got out of the habit of soaking my dishes and just wash them as their made.
  12. @IntrusivePenDesperateSword Yeah my mom does it that way but hmm I don't like sticking my hands in water that has bits of food in it.

    @Nydanna - That's interesting! And... also why my septic tank years back was always being wonky o.o
  13. With the power of friendship!
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  14. i just reuse the same plate all week and then wash it about 7 days later

    reduce reuse recycle yo!

  15. Just stack it right. In the dishwasher, you're suppose to go biggest to little. So when doing the bowls, if you have six large bowls, put the six large bowls in front and if there is room put the small ones in the front. Also same thing with dishes. Put the big plates first, and organize your plates by size. The littlest are always in the front.

    Same thing with cups as well.

    You're going to get better cleaned dishes that way. Organizing them by size
  16. It's called the dishwasher. How they go in-- don't Care. Just don't leave me to do it. :)
  17. @Clyde has a point though. If you don't put them in right, they don't get washed properly. My dad, a neat freak, would relish in the task to put the dishes in just right.
  18. This so much. And to be honest you don't need to soak dishes in the sink anyway.

    What you do, actually cycle. Put new dishes in, do the load, when the dishes are put away put your newly used dirty dishes in the newly empty dishwasher. There should never be a time where dishes sit in a sink.

    It's always when done with the meal, rinse your plate, throw it in the dishwasher.
  19. Yep yep! Gosh I miss having a dishwasher T.T

    My ex sister in law used to use the dishwasher as a storing place for dishes o.o Weird, but then again I know many others do the same.
  20. What a waste of a dishwasher. If people think dishwasher cause a lot of water use. Should look at themselves and their shower more


    Oh and Hi-Temp Wash is your friend. It kills off bacteria. The problem with handwash dishes versus dishwashed dishes. Is that dishwasher get to such high hot temperatures they actually kill germs. Your sponges often times just spread more
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