The right to die

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  1. so I'm watching an episode of South Park and go figure, I got curious.

    Kenny was hit by a bus and brought back to life however he was brain dead because it took over a day to revive him, lol. Anywho, the question came up in regards to does he have the right to die? Are people left on life support/feeding tubes/etc meant to stay alive until when? Their body naturally succumbs to its life span? Until a family member or spouse decides enough is enough? Or do they go on living forever?
  2. from what i understand if someone is on life support and it isn't stated in a will that they wish to not be placed on it or if their family member does not "pull the plug" (usually a spouse or parent/child depending on who's a veggie) they stay on life support until the body eventually gives up and dies. now i'm not sure what insurance companies have to say about that situation. so i guess depending on how long they are willing to pay for part, or if it's covered out of pocket; that might have something to do with the decision as well. even with life support, the body will eventually will just take a lot longer then without.
  3. If they are brain dead they have no chance of recovery they should not be on life support it only keeps the body alive the loved ones already gone
  4. This is why living wills are so important.

    I've verbally made it clear to those who know me: if I'm in a veggie state with no clear "cure" in sight for whatever has me stuck in aforementioned veggie state, then I want out. I don't want to be kept alive for the sake of being kept alive. Now, if I'm communicative-- even if it's just eye blinks-- then I want the decision to be mine. However, if it's clear I'm gone and out for the count, please: put me out of my misery.
  5. As already stated, if the individual requires life support to live the family is usually given the right to "pull the plug". However, if the individual is in a stable condition where they require assistive devices, a personal support worker, long term care etc. Then arrangements for such will be made.

    Issues surrounding the right to die don't usually involve vegetative states as it is usually agreed by everyone that the individual will never recover and they are already all but clinically dead. Doctors will usually recommend that the plug be pulled at this point.

    The real issues arise for people who are suffering with chronic diseases such as cancer and multiple sclerosis that would continue living with their condition for much longer but would rather end their lives now and be done with it. When it comes to these situations the individual cannot legally seek out euthanasia (unless your in Sweden...Or is it Switzerland?). There is however something individuals who are ready to die can request which is known as a DNR or do not resuscitate order which prevents doctors from reviving them if their condition becomes unstable. T
  6. I think of it like this.... See how you're born into this world without any say. Conception just kind of happens whether it's planned or not.
    I find it selfish to have children with the way the world is and how some states/provinces have this thing of no questions asked if you choose to leave your baby behind with a doctor or hospital. All these children go unloved, blah blah blah.

    ANYWAY Ill or healthy, you should be able to choose when to end your life. It's really the only final choice some get to make.

    Depending on where you are, women have the choice of termination. (technically ending another's life in some cultures.) But in cases like sexual assault, it should always be the woman's choice. Other wise it can lead to scenario A and B.

    Wow sorry I get really passionate with this topic. I've had my bf who I plan on spending my life with keeps telling me he'd keep me around even if I was dreadfully ill. And that isn't his choice, it's mine. He wouldn't be the one physically suffering. Only emotionally. So I plan on getting that life will thing.
  7. Right to Die, in my opinion, is fairly straight forward but cultures and religions screw it up beyond comprehension resulting in horrific results.

    I side with the scientific view: if the brain is dead, then pull the plug. Just because the body is alive doesn't mean the 'person' is alive. A beating heart is meaningless without a completely functioning brain. I believe that people as individuals have the right as to what happens to them -- not family, friends, religious figures, or otherwise.

    Every individual has to live with that body and only that body, they know that body better than anyone else. For this reason, I also support assisted suicide. If someone knows they're dying, there is no cure or hopeful outcome, and they're in pain, by all means allow them to ease out of life with some dignity instead of shriveling up on some bed, doped up on morphine and unable to communicate.

    As a result of this, I've got a living will in order. I cherish my mind. If it's gone, I have zero wish to go on 'living.' If there's no cure for the state I am in, then forget about it. If the state is recoverable, by all means, keep me alive.