The RIFT: The Titanium Empire

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    The Rift, an odd place to find yourself.
    A ripple in the Omniverse, a lake of everything through time, space, and reality.
    A little slice of

    Worlds of Science and Biological-Horrors.
    Kingdoms of Fantasy and Magical Miracles.
    Lands of Infinite War.
    Or Paradises of Eternal Peace.

    Every moment in time.
    Every corner of space.
    Every reality imaginable and unimaginable.

    Each have some sort of portal that tunnels all the way to The Rift.
    Sometimes, special people already find themselves digging toward the Rabbit Hole of The Rift.
    Some are lucky, living long in the odd realm. Others however, are not the same.

    But now is not the time for that.
    Something is wrong in The Rift.
    Someone is corrupti-

    Anomaly_Threat_Message: Terminated
    Commencing Project E.W.M.G.(Emergency Warrior Model Gathering)
    Rift Portals: Generating


    CS Signup
    Show Spoiler

    Although there is no true format for the CS, I have provided some basics for you to follow, as what you need to show in your CS.

    Original Universe: (If your character is an OC, then remove this. Or if they are from an AU, then put the original series and the letters AU after it)
    Gender: (Can be None/Other/Both)
    Species: (If you want, you can give an explanation of the species, such as culture, appearance, etc.)

    Skills: (Can include special powers or magical spells you have learned or were born with)
    Personality: (Must be at least a paragraph long, or split into a list of traits)
    History: (Must be at least a paragraph long)

    You can add anything else you would like to tell us about in your CS, these are only the basics that I need.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.