The Rift of Bellmoore


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[Mackenzie is a paranormal investigator student... but it's time to go back home!] -02:08 Jan 23
[Andrew is searching for redemption.] -02:09 Jan 23
[Monet is a hunter of supernaturals, killing for fun and profit. ] -02:09 Jan 23

Present date. Winter. On the coast of Vermont there is a small town called Bellmoore. And where that town seems like the typical New England town, strange things seems to happen in Bellmoore. Little do the inhabitant know... their quaint little home is sitting on the very rift of Hell. -Mackenzie

[Evander is a genie freshly escaped from his parallel world to this one.] -02:10 Jan 23
Mackenzie: Mackenzine had been studying at a rather...unorthodox school in New York. But now it was a winter holiday between her classes, and she was back in her home town. Most people wouldn't want to return to the town where your parents died, and everybody thought you were a wacko for saying demons did it. But Mackenzie believes in what she sees through the lenses of her camera. She was now stalking down the street in the small downtown area of Bellmoore getting reaquainted with the town. -02:13 Jan 23
[Caim is looking for a new purpose.] -02:13 Jan 23
[Yuri is a Russian scientist, visiting Bellmoore to investigate the paranormal activities going on.] -02:14 Jan 23
[Abdiel is the Servant of God.] -02:14 Jan 23
Evander: This place was strange. It wasn't just the architecture or the creatures that resided within; creatures of whom Evander had borrowed his current form. No, it was the smell that was strange. Selfishness and selflessness intermingled. Curiosity sparkled in his otherwise dull gray eyes as he wandered the streets, gazing around at everything and everyone like an unlearned tourist. -02:15 Jan 23
[Jehudiel is another Servant of God ^_^] -02:16 Jan 23
Andrew: This town had changed since last he was here. -02:16 Jan 23
Andrew: Gone were the familiar faces, the shops he once knew so well. In their place were new sights and sensations, new shops and coffee-houses. It had all changed. He felt like a relic from a time long-forgotten, a secret the town had buried and tried their best to forget about a long time ago. He hoped that if he looked hard enough, though, he might find some traces of familiarity still lurking... -02:16 Jan 23
Monet: Ah guns, they were always a special treat for Monet. The smell of gunpowder, the cool feel of metal against her skin. Nothing compared to her lovely crossbow though, fitted with all the finer things she could afford, and this was what she patted as she strolled out of the small motel in Bellmoore, on the trail of a suspected werewolf. -02:18 Jan 23

The cloudy skies seemed to cast a sort of etheral, unwordly atmosphere over the town of Bellmoore. Little flakes of snow wafted down from the skies. The sun was on it's way to setting, but all that could be seen was the world growing a little dimmer. A few of the small businesses were already closing up shop, but the bars and evening restaurants were just opening up. -Mackenzie

Yuri: Yuri had studied the paranormal ever since he could read, and he knew that most of the "paranormal" activity that is displayed by the media is false. He knew what real demons were, and he knew what he sensed in this town was real. After having encountered a demon at a young age, Yuri had been scarred for life. The demon took away Yuri's little brother, Ivan, as part of a deal their father had made. Now, resentful, Yuri takes every opprotunity he can to stop demons from harming mortals. -02:22 Jan 23
Caim: They hadn't called him the "president" for nothing. -02:23 Jan 23
Mackenzie: Mackenzine stopped in front of a shop, peering curious at the knick-knacks in the window. She pulled a packed of cigarettes from her pocket, sticking one in her mouth before casting and frown and digging around to find her lighter. Gods, if she arrived in Vermont without a lighter, she was going to be pissed. -02:23 Jan 23
Caim: Bellmoore wasn't really his scene. Too small-time. But hey, that was what the cards had dealt, and there were plenty of opportunities to exploit. His little corner law office was expanding, moving up in the world... just like him. -02:25 Jan 23
Caim: Caim cracked himself up sometimes. -02:25 Jan 23
Yuri: Yuri walked down the sidewalk on his way to his Motel room to wind down for the evening, a thick cigar hanging from his mouth and the trail of light smoke flitting into the air behind him. -02:26 Jan 23
Evander: He was gaining some strange looks from nearly every passerby. By chance it had something to do with his attire. Everyone was bundled up as strange white flakes, cool to the touch, fell from the sky. As a massive collection of heat and fire packed into one solid form, Evander was perfectly warm in his black slacks and white button up shirt. Little waves of heat rose from his skin, visible thanks to the coolness of the air. Ah. Maybe that was what had caught so many people's attention? -02:26 Jan 23
Andrew: Andrew found himself walking down the streets of the town he once knew so well, finding to his concern that the memories of the time he had spent here had faded. What he had suffered through made it hard to recall back to what had come before it. Yet he could grasp onto a few important details. There was someone he needed to find. And something he needed to atone for. -02:26 Jan 23
Monet: Monet stopped short from the sight of a man approaching the motel. Could this be her mark? Possibly, but she'd have to get proof, a snippit of hair, a bit of saliva, something definitive. She shrank back around the corner of the building to keep watch, ignoring the small flakes of snow covering her long brown trenchcoat. -02:28 Jan 23

A rumble shook the town, suddenly, breaking the enchanting silence of the night. For most of the locals, the mini earthquakes had come to feel normal for them. In the past fifteen years, they were a regular occurance. ...Unforetunetly, after those rumbles, that was when the more....WEIRD things would happen in town! Some said the town was haunted, others liked to call it demons. The real kooks called it alien invasions. Either way, a quiet night wouldn't be quiet for long after the shaking. -Mackenzie

Yuri: Yuri dropped his cigar on the ground and stomped on it, heeding the sign prohibitng smoking in the Motel's lobby. -02:30 Jan 23
Yuri: Feeling the quake, Yuri rose his eyebrow in interest when nobody seemed alarmed by it. -02:32 Jan 23
Andrew: The locals seemed to pay little heed to the rumblings beneath the earth. The ones he had talked to chalked them up as 'mini-earthquakes', though they all knew that strange things tended to occur in their wake. They didn't know the true nature of the 'earthquakes'. But then they didn't know the true nature of the town. Sighing, Andrew continued to approach the motel he was staying in. -02:33 Jan 23
Mackenzie: Mackenzie didn't even look up as the earthquake made all the little trinkets in the shop quiver behind the window. She was pretty used to it. Plus, she had found her lighter tucked in her back pocket. Mackenzie lit up her cigarette, her mood instantly perking. Where there was an earthquake, that meant she had a chance to get some really good pictures. She glanced up and down the street looking for that 'hint' of something that didn't fit. -02:34 Jan 23
Monet: Monet stumbled a little at the earthquake, her eyebrow raising slightly. "The fuck is that shit? I ain't signed on for no swallowed up by the earth shit." She growled lightly under her breath, she had failed, however to notice how unpreturbed the locals seemed to be by the quake. -02:34 Jan 23
Caim: Adjusting his designer tie as he gave himself the once-over in his rear-view mirror, Caim stepped out of his car and onto the pavement just in time for what he affectionately liked to call the Shakes. Most of the town was in the dark about what that juddering of the town's foundations meant, but Caim was intimately acquainted. Only thing that worried him was exactly what- or rather, whom- the quake heralded. Tapping his fingers thoughtfully, almost rhythmically, against the car door as he shut it, he headed down the sidewalk toward the line of shops where his destination lay. -02:35 Jan 23
Andrew: Nearby, a woman in a brown trenchcoat voiced her concerns about the quakes. Clearly not a local either; probably hadn't ever been one, either, unlike Thomas. "They... are just small quakes," Andrew replied, his manner of speech sounding... off in some way, "I would not conceern yourself with them." -02:36 Jan 23
Andrew: (OOC: 'Thomas'? What the fuck am I talking about? O_o Andrew, I meant.) -02:37 Jan 23
Monet: Monet turned her gaze from the cigar man to the one speaking to her and a scowl crossed her face. "Did I ax you bitch? Mind yo own fuckin' business ya mean? Tch." The voice of the man, however wasn't lost on her and it seemed that she had found her new quarry. -02:40 Jan 23
Evander: Just like the residents, Evander seemed perfectly fine with the ground shaking beneath his feet. However, once the world calmed itself again, there came a tidal wave of apprehension, as if the whole town was nervous about what would happen later on. Taking a deep breath that brought a smile to his lips [urlEvander]]Evander[/url][/url] felt his strength returning as he fed on the dread that stunk up the air. -02:40 Jan 23
Evander: (crap >___> ) -02:41 Jan 23
Yuri: Yuri went inside of the motels lobby and removed his black stocking cap, revealing short, thick black hair that barely went past his ears. He approached the clerk at the motels front desk and asked him about the mini-quake. The clerk said that it was normal around here, and that he shouldn't be alarmed. Shrugging, Yuri went to his room and looked into his bathroom mirror. Yuri had a small, pointed, clear face with no blemishes or facial hair. He combed his short black hair and smiled. 'Narcissism at its finest." He chuckled, and lit up another cigar. -02:41 Jan 23
Evander: Just like the residents, Evander seemed perfectly fine with the ground shaking beneath his feet. However, once the world calmed itself again, there came a tidal wave of apprehension, as if the whole town was nervous about what would happen later on. Taking a deep breath that brought a smile to his lips Evander felt his strength returning as he fed on the dread that stunk up the air. -02:42 Jan 23
Evander: (sorry about the code fail x__x) -02:42 Jan 23
Andrew: The friendly sort, this one. Andrew didn't bother with a response to the woman's outburst, simply moving past with a low chuckle. He was in no mood for arguing with others; he needed to get something important from his room. -02:43 Jan 23
[Abdiel has timed out.] -02:46 Jan 23
Mackenzie: Her instints were kicking in. She knew something was definitely nearby. Funny how one tramatic night could leave that sort of mark on you the rest of your life. Mackenzie twisted to dig around in her messenger bag, pulling out a rather expensive looking camera. She reteived a lens too, screwing it on good and tight before lifting it up to an eye. She focused it on each person she caught walking on the street. Conspicously taking photos of them without shame or permission. -02:46 Jan 23
Monet: Monet smirked to herself. If this man was the one she was looking for this was certainly going to be interesting. She wasn't going to head back into the motel just yet, after all this man's car seemed plenty interesting for her to check out. She patted her crossbow hidden under her trenchcoat and whispered sweet nothings into the cool evening air as she stepped towards the man's car as non-chalantly as possible. -02:47 Jan 23
[Jehudiel has timed out.] -02:50 Jan 23

Right there in the middle of town square there was a load ROAR. It sounded almost like a lion opening up it's jaws and growling. Yet, nothing could be seen by the human eye. Though there was a curious glancing around by town natives, most of them just sort of cringed and shuffled a little quicker down the street. The sound roared again. Now seeming as if it was moving down the street. -Mackenzie

Andrew: The bag was where he left it, hidden in the air-vent above his bed. He withdrew it and confirmed that his notebook was inside just before he heard the sound coming from somewhere in the town. A roar. Humans might well mistake it for a lion or a similar big cat. But Andrew had long since lost the right to be called 'human'; he knew all too well what sort of thing was making that sound. -02:52 Jan 23
[Abdiel enters.] -02:52 Jan 23
Yuri: Yuri was startled by this noise, and quickly donned his coat and hat and exited the motel and briskly walked down the street towards the sound. -02:53 Jan 23
Abdiel: "It shall be tonight," the angel whispered. Above the church, the snowflakes fell in perfect swirl, dancing with the feathers of his slow-beating wings. Abdiel -02:55 Jan 23
Yuri: (OOC: Balls, I have to leave for a bit, disregard my last post! I will be right back.) -02:55 Jan 23
[Yuri logged out of the chat.] -((02:56 Jan 23))
Mackenzie: Shivers of excitement running down her spin, Mackenzie took as many pictures of the surrounding buildings and street as she could. She squinted, lowering her camera as she gazed at the shop windows across the street. Though she didn't see anything walking down the road, there was a really odd shadowy shape moving in the glass' reflection. Mackenzie took another shot, she drew up the picture on her digitil screen. There as plain as day, was a huge beast. It had to be twice as big as any lion she had ever seen, and definitely NOT the average house pet. ...But when she looked back at the street, nothing was there. -02:57 Jan 23
Evander: A mighty sound caught the attention of everyone on Evander's street. Conversation died, as did the steps of every pedestrian. Nervous glances all around but Evander seemed unfazed. Not much could harm something like him and he welcomed this new reason for these people to sweat fear. Curiosity however wouldn't let him remain where he was and slowly his feet began to follow the source of the roar. -03:00 Jan 23
Caim: The rushing cacophany drew Caim's attention as he passed a woman fumbling with her bag, his gaze flicking toward the source of the din. Well, that didn't sound particularly friendly, did it? He didn't notice when the woman whipped out a camera and started clicking away like a deranged paparazzi; he was too concerned with what was happening across the street. -03:01 Jan 23
Monet: Monet knew better. That sound couldn't have been from a normal creature, no, this was something more deadly, something more dare she say fun. "A'ight now dis is whut I was talkin' bout." Monet couldn't help but hide her excitement. Without thinking about who might see her she brandished her crossbow! Charging down the street she headed for the sounds of the cry. "Time to hunt bitches!" -03:01 Jan 23
Caim: On Mackenzie's camera screen, something else was visible. One of the pedestrians appeared to have raven-black wings unfurling from his back. He was turned away from her, rendering his face a mystery, but that suit was distinctive. Pricy. -03:04 Jan 23

ROOOAAR! The beast growled. Prowling down the street now, as if sniffed the air. To those that weren't human, it was easily visible. Claws extended and teeth dripping with saliva. Most of the humans were fleeing. The streets emptying fast, and it didn't care to start chasing. But, it spotted one human fiddling with some device. It unaware a hunter was charging down the street. -Mackenzie

Andrew: The woman from earlier was running off in the direction of the sound, brandishing an intricated and dangerous-looking crossbow. A hunter, and not of regular game going by her attitude. Andrew made a mental note to watch her carefully as he pushed open the door of the motel and moved after her towards the source of the roar. -03:07 Jan 23
Abdiel: "It begins." Abdiel dropped like rock, landing on the parapet of the church spire, where his brother Jehudiel perched like a gargoyle. The two angels watched, their perfect vision peircing the clouds and gazing upon the street. -03:08 Jan 23
Mackenzie: Mackenzie wasn't watching what was coming now. She was clicking through all of the pictures on her camera, with her eyes wide with interest. There was WAY more than just the beast out in the street walking around the town. She counted at least three unsual people... Now 'masks removed' on her digital camera. When she finally pulled her camera back up to take a few more pictures, she was apparently staring down the jaws of an invisible demon. "....SHIT!" -03:10 Jan 23
Caim: Ugly sonofabitch this time. Even the oblivious humans could feel it and were getting the (ahem) hell out of dodge. See, this just wasn't going to fly. Bellmoore might have been a smalltown dump, but it was his smalltown dump now. This kind of fracas disrupted his schedule, and he liked that about as much as he liked lint in his pockets. -03:11 Jan 23
Caim: The old blade came easily to his hand. Just like it always had. -03:12 Jan 23
Monet: Monet skidded to a stop to see a woman with a camera snapping pictures. "DAMN BITCH, MOVE YO' ASS THE HELL OUTTA HUR!" Monet cried, narrowing her gaze to take in the scenery, the snowflakes fluttering around what appeared to be a rather large...something, and the footprints told her a bit more. She leveled her crossbow's gaze at where she could make out parts of the beast were and fired off a silver-tipped bow, hoping it hit the target. -03:13 Jan 23
Caim: Humans. Always trying to play with the big leagues. At least the crazy chick with the crossbow was being smart about it... if you called firing little metal-tipped bolts at a hellbeast smart. Caim kept his opinions on the matter to himself as he hefted his evoked steel and circled around behind the Big Ugly Bugger. -03:18 Jan 23

Before the beast snapped it's massive jaws over Mackenzie's head, an arrow shot it in the ass! All that seemed to do was piss the thing off. It whirled around on the street, charging for the Hunter and swinging massive clawed arms. -Mackenzie

Mackenzie: Mackenzie could feel the rush of air as something whirled away from her. Worse, something slobbery and awful smelling had dripped on her cigarette and put it out. She spit it on the ground, snarling as she called out. "Like hell...! That thing ruined a good cig! Do you know how much those things cost?" The banter was really just to be distracting, as Mackenzie darted out to the middle of the street with her camera. She had NEVER gotten pictures of a slaying before, and this was going to be something unique! -03:21 Jan 23
Evander: There was a small patio cafe a few yards away from where the beast stood drooling over some senseless human and Evander found himself settling down into one of the chairs, propping his legs up with heels on the table that matched. In his reclined position of comfort he watched with slight amusement as a second woman entered the scene and fired off her weapon. She was quickly followed by an interesting gentleman with a sword. He wondered if anyone could make the beast fear. Such a portion of energy like that one would help Evander regain a large chunk of what he'd lost. -03:22 Jan 23
Andrew: It was near the centre of town; all you had to do was follow the screams. Andrew pulled himself up to one of the rooftops with inhuman ease, looking down upon the unfolding scene. It had pulled itself out of the Pit as well, just as he had done a week ago; a thing that had once been human and now was something much, much worse. The hunter opened fire upon it with her crossbow; all that did was annoy it. Yet behind the beast was a suited figure; Andrew could see the wings even if none of the others present could. He decided it best to stay out of this engagement just now; he did not wish to announce his presence to an Angel. -03:22 Jan 23
Monet: Thumping. Heart or feet? Heart or feet? Monet couldn't tell! "FUCK YO' ASS MONSTAH!" Monet cried as she quickly fired a couple more bolts and dove into an ever-increasing snow-pile, a swipe from the creature catching the back of her trench coat and tearing it to shreds. "AW HELL NAW!" -03:24 Jan 23
Caim: "For Christ's sake," muttered Caim. (Just another little personal joke.) He stuck out an arm to block the insane photographer from running past him and getting in his way. Everything was really trying to fuck up his Christmas. At least the hunter (he presumed, anyway- she had that hunter smell) was doing a good job of distracting the dumb critter. "Stay out of this, got it?" -03:27 Jan 23

The beast was quick. Bolts flew past it, getting stuck in tires, beams, the street. There was another ROOOOAAAARR of the thing as it charged forward in the snow. Only having it's eyes set on Monet, when it crashed head first in to her snowbank, slashing and snapping it's jaws trying to get a hold of her. -Mackenzie

Abdiel: Jehudiel extended a hand, pointing from the spire of the church. Abdiel followed his gaze, azure eyes narrows. "Caim..." the word was said without feeling, as soft as snowflakes, as he beheld the dark angel who had blocked the photographer. -03:31 Jan 23
Mackenzie: Mackenzie barreled in to the guy's arm, about to snap at him for stopping her. But the moment she took a look at him, she recognized him as one of the unusual people in her photos. She flipped on the flash, held the camera up and quite deliberately tried to blind him with the flash of another picture. Then she went dodging under his arm to keep on the chase of her close ups. "Mind your own business, Feathers!" -03:31 Jan 23
Monet: Monet kicked and flailed with her feet, driving herself back as best as she could from the invisible creature, and trying to move her crossbow into position. Without being able to see clearly she had no clue how to fight as well. An idea came to her and she quickly grabbed a clump of snow and threw it right where she thought the creature's face was. Maybe that would help her see. -03:36 Jan 23
Caim: Feathers? Feathers? Really? Blinking in war with his burning retinas, Caim took a moment to work that one out until his vision returned. Okay, so she was one of those. Human, but more annoying. Also dumb as a pile of bricks for purposely blinding him when she had an idea of what he was, not to mention interfering in his cleaning up the little mess that was wrecking the street. As soon as he could see straight, he was on her heels. If he wasn't quick, that hunter woman was going to be a smear on his lovely sidewalk. -03:40 Jan 23
Caim: Okay, he'd just ignore the suicidal mortal for now. Time to get down to business. Grownups are home, party is over. -03:42 Jan 23

Smashed in the face with a hand full of dirty snow, this proceeded to enrage the demon to it's last straw. It took several stumbling steps backwards. Then in it's enraged mania, it lifted up a nearby car and [i]tore it in half[/i]! Churning, screeching metal as it ripped it in two. One of the pieces it threw at Monet. The other half was thrown towards Caim. The dark one was getting too close to the demon's chosen meal. -Mackenzie

Mackenzie: "...shit...!" Mackenzie couldn't see the demon itself without looking through the lense of her camera, but she could sure see the ripped up half of a car flying in her direction. She hit the ground to duck, cursing when it flew over her and rained bolts, screw and other ripped up miscellany down on the street. -03:44 Jan 23
Andrew: There was one mortal other than the hunter still present, seemingly unaware or unconcerned by the chaos enveloping the street. Was it bravery or madness that kept her from fleeing like the rest? Perhaps both. Andrew's eyes narrowed as he watched the girl more closely. There was something about her, a dull sense of familiarity that echoed from the life he'd once had... -03:47 Jan 23
Evander: Nothing but boldness to be found here. "Disgusting," Evander sighed, crossing his arms over his chest. He fed on negative feelings and no one involved with the fight had any. Bravery, guts, and a sense of duty left a bad taste in the genie's mouth and he proceeded to make a face and rake his top teeth across his tongue as if he could somehow scrape the taste away. Anyone watching could compare him to a dog with peanutbutter stuck on the roof of its mouth. -03:48 Jan 23
Monet: "Half a fuckin' car? You bettah be fuckin' kidding me!" Monet growled and rolled away from the pile of snow, narrowly escaping the car but the tattered remains of her trenchcoat being pinned underneath the torn metal. She was going to have to ditch it if she was going to fight effectively. What a shame, it was her favorite too. She struggled, her crossbow sitting in the snow as she tried to pull the trenchcoat off her shoulders. "DAMN." -03:50 Jan 23
Caim: "I fucking told you!" Caim swore, buffering himself with his wings as he ducked out of the path of the wreckage's bulk. At least he knew he had someone's attention. With a spare irritated glance at the nuisance girl, he advanced on the nasty sonofagun, taking a calculated strike at its haunch. -03:50 Jan 23

Monet was now no longer the demon's focus. The strike at it's haunch had it bellowing an ear piercing roar. Swinging it's ass around, it caught Caim with it's tail like a battering ram. With enough force to send the Dark One skidding down the street. It leapt, landing on top of it's human prey, bristling up it's fur as it growled. DARING them to try and take it's meal! -Mackenzie

[Yuri has been asleep in his motel room this whole time, oblivious to whats going on as he is a really heavy sleeper.] -03:55 Jan 23
Mackenzie: Mackenzie was still on the ground, and it didn't take a rocket scientist to realize the situation had turned bad. She could feel the ground shake when the beast lept. And though she couldn't see IT, she could feel the heat of it hoving over her, see it's impressions in the slush on the street and had to cover her ears from the sound of it's growling. She was thuroughly fucked. ....yet she was more concerned in making sure her camera wasn't broken as she rolled on to her back and checked the thing! -03:56 Jan 23
Evander: His disgust almost succeeded in distracting him from the fight. It was a chunk of a metal that redirected his attention back to where it should have been; a chunk of metal that flew overhead both the photographer and the winged gentleman and sailed directly for the patio. With seeming ease, Evander pushed himself up from the chair to stand on the table, took two steps and lept with the grace of a feline up onto the sunshade above the entrance to the cafe a split second before the metal struck the building below him and crashed through the glass doors. -03:57 Jan 23
Yuri: Waking up, Yuri heard loud noises and yelling from outside the Motel. Intrigued, he grabbed his suede coat and quickly went outside of the motel. -03:58 Jan 23
Andrew: Quite what made react in such a way he wasn't sure, but the noise that eminated from his throat when the beast lept atop the girl could not be attributed to anything human. He had thrown himself from the roof before he even knew what he was doing, landing in a cloud of snow and charging the creature head-on. Andrew collided with the monster with force beyond human, sending the pair of them reeling off into the snow in a confused tumble. -03:58 Jan 23
Caim: That... smarted. And got particles on his suit. -03:59 Jan 23
Caim: He was really ticked now. -03:59 Jan 23
Abdiel: Abdiel's hand moved to the hilt of his sword. His lips barely moved. "Jehudiel..." he uttered, something between a question and a statement. He did not look at his brother. -04:00 Jan 23
Monet: Another couple of bolts sailed towards where Monet had guessed the beast was. The snow wasn't doing as good of a job at keeping track of the beast as she had thought. At least she was free from her jacket now. -04:01 Jan 23
Yuri: Yuri stopped, seeing a blurry form of a large demonic beast ontop of a woman. Yuri closed his right eye and the sight became clearer. When Yuri's brother was taken by a demon when Yuri was little, it had left behind a small orb. Curiously, Yuri had picked up the orb and immediately it got red hot and sinked into the surface of Yuri's left eye. Now, with his left eye, Yuri can see demons and other paranormal beings. -04:03 Jan 23

The beast, now rolling in the snow with Andrew, and a little startled by the unexpected attack, was not at ALL amused! Another of Monet's bolts caught it in the leg, and it was furious clawing at it's back trying to get Andrew off it. It was bucking like a wild horse and crashing in to every vehicle on the street. -Mackenzie

Caim: Caim shoved himself back onto his feet again as the man- well, not quite- threw himself at the beast. Whoop-de-doo, heroics. He wasn't in the mood for that crap. A mottled, featherlike pattern began to surface at the edges of his face as he tightened his grip on his sword's hilt and took the opportunity to close in on the grappling pair. -04:07 Jan 23
Andrew: Andrew did not give the beast a chance to come to terms with his sudden attack; rolling out of the fall and onto his knees he locked eyes with the creature. It would recognise him; they were both prisoners escaped from the same prison, after all. "You are not... weeeelcome heere." -04:07 Jan 23
Yuri: Yuri gasped, it was the same demon that had taken his brother. Now furious, Yuri pulled out his small Kukri and charged at the beast, slashing at it furiously. -04:08 Jan 23
Mackenzie: Mackenzie sat up. The beast wasn't over her anymore, as it was now crashing around like wild with a man on it's back. She quickly crawled back up to her feet, not giving two shits about the insanity of the situation as she lift her camera to take more pictures. Except... that focused, excited expression she had worn before was quickly replaced with one of confusion. Her camera lowered, and Mackenzie remained there in the middle of the street staring as if she just saw a GHOST. -04:08 Jan 23
Abdiel: Still his brother said nothing. Abdiel whispered again, "Jehudiel..." It was all he needed to say, for in it was the question and the nuance of millennia. A matter dwelled upon a billion times, a questioned pondered since the dawn of time... a dispute between them, of the nature of angelic intervention. The argument was as old as each of them. And Abdiel could no longer refrain. The sword slipped from its hilt, coming up in his two hands. The clouds parted... a ray of dusk light cut through... and with that, he vanished from the roof of the church. -04:09 Jan 23
[Jehudiel ] -04:10 Jan 23
Monet: Monet stormed over to Mackenzie, grabbing her gruffly by the arm. Her crossbow was still up, just in case the creature broke free of the other men. "Can you see that bitch?" Monet stared harshly at the young woman, restraining her natural instinct to shove the woman aside and go back to shooting at the invisible creature. "CAN YOU SEE IT?" -04:11 Jan 23
Mackenzie: "I see my dad." she answered, a little startled with the information -- and completely neglecting to answer Monet's questions, or even explain herself. Mackenzie shook her arm free from the woman, to go stalking towards the invisible tussling beast again. She really WAS crazy! "Dad...?!" -04:13 Jan 23
[Jehudiel shook his head. "So impatient," he intoned, rising and stepping from his own perch as though he were skipping from a doorway to a welcome mat. "You're going to spoil them." he muttered.] -04:14 Jan 23

The demon almost seemed ready to stop and respond to Andrew.... but between Caim and Yuri's attacks, it was being forced back and away. Stomping through the snow trying to avoid slashes and swings, while waving around it's tail and meaty claws in an attempt to swat them away! -Mackenzie

[Yuri ((Browser fail))] -04:17 Jan 23
Andrew: That voice... older and yet oh so familiar; with each word it was as if the sound was pushing back the fog that clouded his memories of the life he used to have. Yet there were others present and he felt, with trepidation, the approach of more celestial forces. He could not be here right now; he could not let her see what he had become. The beast was under attack from multiple assailants; it wasn't long for this world, and she was safe for now with the approach of the angels. With one last desperate look towards Mackenzie, Andrew launched himself up and into the air with a jump that should have been impossible for a human being, landing on a roof nearby. He would circle around and keep watch, out of sight. -04:18 Jan 23
Monet: "Hell naw! You bettah think again girlie. Tch, crazy ass bitch." Monet moved forward and hit Mackenzie on the back of the head with the butt of her crossbow. Not enough to kill but hopefully enough to stun her or knock her out. If this bitch was going to try to get up close and personal with the demon she would definately die. -04:19 Jan 23
Mackenzie: "Dad..!" Mackenzie was going to follow, but before she knew it -THONK! Butt of a crossbow right to the back of her head. She hit the street out cold, that camera tumbling out of her hands. -04:20 Jan 23
Evander: "Now, that's not very fair." They were ganging up on the beast and although it had the advantage of size, it seemed rather simple-minded. Evander wasn't usually one to interfere in a scuffle, prefering to remain unaligned, but the prospect of more energy to feed off of was too good to pass up. Folding one leg over the other, he leaned forward on his perch and breathed a jet of energy toward the beast. He felt himself grow a little weaker as a price, but it was worth it in the end because the energy began to encircle the beast like a protective sheild. -04:21 Jan 23
Caim: The human men weren't even on Caim's radar anymore; no more so than in the way you keep an eye on a mosquito in the room. Getting rid of this insignificant cretin was all that mattered. This suit was De La Renta. Fuelled by his seething anger, Caim took a swing of his blade to sever the claw that reached for him. -04:22 Jan 23
Yuri: Yuri, angrily stabbing the beast, backed off. /b "You foul creature! You took my brother from me, and I WILL have revenge!' He reared back and threw his kukri at the beast with as much force as he could muster. -04:22 Jan 23
Abdiel: CLANG! Caim's blade connected with something shimmering and crystallike. Suddenly before him, his opposite stood. Abdiel had his broadsword in one hand, outstretched from his side. Their blades blocked one another. And slowly, Abdiel's eyes turned to gaze upon the dark angel. And his whisper split the air. "No." -04:25 Jan 23
Yuri: Yuri then began to change. His arms got bigger, his legs thicker, muscles rippling across his body. He became a large gray Wolf and howled at the beast. -04:27 Jan 23
Caim: A glimmering of recognition flashed in Caim's dark eyes, the polar reaction of a magnet forced into contact with its inverse. -04:27 Jan 23
Caim: "You." -04:28 Jan 23

Odd, the beast was getting a renewed burst of energy! While twirling around, it caught a glimpse of the genie. But with being still under attack, it's attentions were quickly returned to the bodies around it. A huge knife now lodged in it's chest, it had to stumble in it's run to escape Yuri. The beast now charged for it's human pray again, ready to roll over Monet just to snatch it up. -Mackenzie

Monet: Monet was going to drag Mackenzie to safety but the action kept her eyes glued to the others. She was busy reloading her crossbow watching the men with care. Something was off about them, what, however was lost on her yet when one of the men began to changed into a wolf the grin came across her face again. The invisible creature be damned, she had found her mark. "Ay-yo wolf!" She shouted, firing a couple more silver tipped bolts at the visible creature. -04:30 Jan 23
Abdiel: "His will be done." Abdiel whispered, before turning square with a sound of rushing wind. His palm connected with Caim's chest and send him skidding back along the street, a shockwave rushing out between the two angels and shattering shop and car windows. -04:31 Jan 23
Yuri: Yuri quickly reacted and caught the bolts with his teeth and spat them at the ground. "Now isn't the time, hunter. Theres kind of a fucking DEMON attacking right now." -04:32 Jan 23
Andrew: The angels had arrived. Yet the beast was making another charge for her. Fate had forced his hand; he did not wish to reveal himself before the angels, yet he had to keep her safe. -04:33 Jan 23
Andrew: He had no choice. Andrew launched himself from the roof again and down onto the street, racing the beast to reach Mackenzie first. -04:34 Jan 23
[Yuri ] -04:35 Jan 23
Yuri: Yuri eyed the beast in disgust. He then charged after the beast and leaped onto it, latching on with his teeth. -04:35 Jan 23
[Jehudiel flittered past. He worried about Abdiel sometimes. They were allowed to be wrathful, vengeful within certain parameters, but sometimes--Jehudiel felt--his brother was pushing it. He could too easily become the same as Caim had been. Jehudiel couldn't bear that--losing another brother to unchecked passion. Better to let him work it out this way. Here. Now. He reassessed: Andrew's flight, the human's struggle, the... strange energy acting on the beast. "Hmmm"] -04:35 Jan 23
Monet: "Tch, I ain't see no demon!" Monet spat at the werewolf firing another bolt at the creature, getting ready to charge if she missed again. She didn't relish the thought of charging the wolf but maybe if she distracted it long enough the invisible demon would help her work. "Unless yo' ass go and jump on it..." She muttered under her breath and fired two more bolts at the wolf and, as it seemed, the demon. -04:36 Jan 23

Both Yuri and Monet had discarded their chase of the demon. But another demon was going after it's prey. It nearly reached Mackenzie when the wolf-Yuri dug it's teeth in to it's back. The demon stumbled and rolled, nearly crashing over the out cold Mackenzie when it hit the ground. -Mackenzie

Andrew: The beast toppled just as it was about to reach the girl, flying over her and heading straight for Andrew. He ducked into a skid, sliding under the beast on his knees before rising again and snatching the unconscious girl up. This place had become a death-trap; he had to get her someplace safe. -04:38 Jan 23
Caim: Caim's wings spread to their full span as he dug his heels into the pavement, teeth gritting at the friction of colliding energies. As if he were molting, his very suit seemed to fuzz out into feathers at the edges, his skin almost entirely patterned with dusky lines. Abdiel. Caim's fury grew as he turned his sword on the angel who was so much like he once had been, an ironic portrait drawn to mock him. Caim didn't care to be mocked any more than he cared for messes. -04:40 Jan 23
Abdiel: Abdiel remained still, head bowed, sword low. His wings were almost curled around him, a crystal frame of his portrait. Behind him the duel of the Beast and the humans continued, undisturbed by the will of angels. It was as it had to be. -04:43 Jan 23
[Denise I swear Evander, if you don't stop your idiocy... I'm going to kick you in the damn teeth! A 400 year old vampire girl with long brown hair, sapphire blue eyes, a china-doll face with fair skin, 5'4 height, wearing all black stood behind the genie, carrying a special looking music box, all gold, with a crank,which she began to wind slowly! ] -04:43 Jan 23
Yuri: Yuri squealed as a bolt caught his foot, he fell off of the beast in pain and attempted to pull the bolt out with his teeth. -04:43 Jan 23

With Yuri off it's back the invisible demon was able to get back to it's feet. It was loosing blood fast.... all it needed was to eat... but that other demon had it's meal! Determined to get it, it went running for Andrew. -Mackenzie

Evander: A chill ran down Evander's back. N-not Her! It'd been centuries since his last escape from his parallel world and he would have thought Denise would have been dead by now! Distracted by the tinkering music, the energy flow to the beast was cut off. "Denise don-!" But it was too late. Both he and the vampire vanished into thin air, the music box dropping onto the roof with a clatter. -04:46 Jan 23
Andrew: Something collided with the beast; a vast tentacled limb catching it mid-charge eminating from Andrew. It curled itself around the creature before hurling it into a nearby car. "This ooooooone is not yoooours to... take." There was resolution behind the words. Andrew would not let the beast have this girl. -04:49 Jan 23
Caim: "Don't get in my way," Caim hissed, a lyrical undercurrent in his voice. It was the voice that won his mortal court cases, the voice he'd used aeons before to teach men the tongues of bird and beast. A contribution, a gift, which had been taken away from them. From him. All he had now was this bumblefuck town, and now he wasn't even able to do as he pleased here without interference. "You should thank me for doing your job for you." -04:50 Jan 23
Andrew: Carefully, Andrew laid the girl down in the snow before turning to face his beastial counterpart once more. It had set it's sights upon the girl, just as he had; this would be a fight to the death. -04:50 Jan 23
Monet: "Now y'all just sit real pretty wolfie with that there silver bolt, I'll be back fo' yo' hide." She spat at the were before turning her attention back to where she thought she had left Mackenzie. "Shit, shitshitshit!" Monet cried, chasing after the sounds of smashing and fighting, hoping to find the creature. -04:50 Jan 23
Yuri: Yuri yanked out the silver bolt and started to revert to his human form. "Damn hunter." He retrieved his coat which had fallen on the ground during the fight and ran towards the sounds of fighting. -04:52 Jan 23

The demon understood this. A fight to the death over a meal. That was the way things were in hell, and it wasn't much different on the mortal plane. Though it was growing weaker, it didn't hesitate to charge towards Andrew! -Mackenzie

Denise: Denise laughed as the two of them were transported right to the middle of the desert! She grinned mercilessly at Evander. "Hah, can't do much now can you?" She smirked. -04:55 Jan 23
Abdiel: "We are, as ever will be, His children first-created and second-loved." The whisper cut the air between Abdiel and Caim, almost choral in its omnipresence. "This night is gifted to the men of clay, to seize or yield by their free will. Withdraw, accursed renegade, and let His will be done." -04:56 Jan 23
Andrew: Another vast limb burst out from Andrew as he charged the beast, pushing himself into the air with it. He shot down with terrible force onto the creature's back, wrapping his eldritch limb around it's neck. He would not let it near the girl; he knew at that moment he was willing to die defending her... though he did not know why. -04:56 Jan 23
Evander: Blink. It took a few seconds for Evander to adjust to the light and only then did he realize what had just happened. "Where...?" Slowly his eyes widened as he gazed around at the endless sea of sand. "IS THIS A LAMP?!" How dare she! How DARE she! Furious about being trapped, Evander began to give off heat at an alarming temperature. "I'll cook you, blood-sucking wench!" -04:58 Jan 23
Yuri: Yuri stood, watching the sight of the beast fighting what appeared to be another demon. Smart enough not to interfere, he leaned up against a nearby building and lit up a cigar. -04:59 Jan 23
Monet: Monet fired again, bolts sailing through the air at both demons. In reality it didn't really matter what she hit because she couldn't even see one of the creatures. Ignoring that the werewolf had somehow casually strode up to the fight she focused her attention on aiding the one she could see...for now. -05:00 Jan 23
Mackenzie: Mackenzie was only just then starting to come around. Left in the snow, which was quickly soaking through her clothes and leaving her mumbling about her cigarette pack in a hazy confusion. -05:01 Jan 23
[Jehudiel approached Caim audibly from behind. "What he said. They aren't doing so badly. Just let it go."] -05:01 Jan 23

The Beast, now wrapped in tentacles around it's neck and body, was writing, kicking, roaring in frustration. Every time it moved the tentacles seem to draw tighter around it's body. Cutting off it's supply of air and crushing it's insides. -Mackenzie

Yuri: 'Hey lady! Still want a piece of this?" Hey yelled teasingly at the hunter. -05:03 Jan 23
Caim: "What do you know of His love? What do you know of love, or its lack? We know nothing." He felt Jehudiel's murmur at his ear, and glanced over his shoulder with a wry smirk. "Let it go? That's quaint." -05:03 Jan 23
Andrew: "I told you...." Andrew hissed as he crushed the life out of the creature, ignoring the bolts flying towards the pair of them, "...she issss not yooours... to have." -05:04 Jan 23
Caim: A moment later, his blade was at Jehudiel's throat. -05:04 Jan 23
Jehudiel: Jehudiel's jaw tightened. He flinched, yet somehow managed to speak calmly. "So much is, this side of The Veil." -05:06 Jan 23

[i]CRACK! SNAP![/i] The sickening sound of bones crunching came out all too clear in the snowy night. With severel jerking spasms, the demon lurched and hissed out it's last breath. Finally, it's body dropped limped and it's invisibility to the human eye was gone. The creature was now a huge, obvious statement on the town's street. -Mackenzie

Denise: As the genie turned overwhelmingly hot, Denise's skin soon began burning and turning a bright, angry red! Her vampire-self healing abilities struggled to heal itself, but it wasn't enough. Without thinking, she bit down on Evander's neck, teeth extended. She was burning badly, but owning this particular genie would be worth it! She drank a few gulps! -05:07 Jan 23
Jehudiel: "And what have you learned of love? Is this it? Is this what you mean to show me?" -05:07 Jan 23
Yuri: Yuri strolled towards the demons body and retrieved his Kukri, then spat on the corpse. -05:08 Jan 23
Jehudiel: His eyes pleaded. "For your sake more than mine. Please! Let. it. go." -05:09 Jan 23
Andrew: It was done. Andrew had no wish to kill his own kind, but it had been necessary. One of the humans boldly stepped forwards and spat upon the corpse. With a hiss, Andrew rounded upon him, vast limbs raised threateningly. "Show sooome ressspect for the dead. You... have no iiidea of the suffffffering this creature has endured." -05:10 Jan 23
Mackenzie: Mackenzie was fully awake now, no longer worried about soggy cigarettes, but VERY worried about her missing camera. It wasn't in her hands and it wasn't in her immediate reach. Mackenzie was up on her feet light a lightning bolt, demon forgotten. "Shit! Shit damn, damnity shit!" -05:10 Jan 23
Abdiel: The deed was done. The humans had been brought together. Abdiel tilted his head, spun the hilt of his sword. Then he was gone. A single feather was left in his wake, fluttering down between Caim's feet. -05:10 Jan 23
Monet: Monet stared blankly at the demon as it became visible to the human eyes. Certainly nothing like she had faced before, that was for sure, but now with that threat out of the way she leveled her sights at Yuri. "Now yo' ass better get dead. I ain't waitin' around no mo'. I need to get that bounty on yo' hide." She scowled and aimed her crossbow right at his throat. -05:11 Jan 23
Evander: Blind with rage, Evander didn't notice Denise's movements until it was far too late. Sharp teeth sunk into the soft skin of his neck and the heat he'd been radiating reversed at once, sucking back into his body. With an angry cry, he yanked himself free of the vampire's grasp and stumbled away from her. "No..." He'd been marked. He was no longer free. The desert scene flickered and suddenly they were back on the roof of the cafe, the music box in Denise's hands. -05:11 Jan 23
Yuri: "This creature took my brother from me. I would show respect if it had shown mercy." -05:11 Jan 23
Caim: The fallen one's expression hardened, and he grabbed Jehudiel by the hair, pulling him in close. His lips were nearly brushing Jehudiel's ear as he spoke. "I have known the fickleness of His so-called love. Remember that." -05:11 Jan 23
Yuri: With a scowl, he turned to the woman. "I'm not your target, you naive fool." -05:12 Jan 23
Caim: His piece said, he tossed the angel aside with contempt. -05:12 Jan 23
Andrew: "Fool." Andrew's eyes fell upon the girl, starting to come to again. He could no longer be here with her awake once more. Andrew jumped for the roofs once again, hoping to get out of sight... -05:13 Jan 23
Denise: Thrown back to the rooftop rather violently, Denise hit the pavement with a thud, but her body was able to heal itself at least. She picked up the music box, and looked genuinely apologetic towards Evander. "I'll make this up, somehow." She told him, before leaping down from the roof and back towards the group, just watching for a moment, as if wondering who to help. Or to not interfere.- -05:14 Jan 23
Monet: Storming forward, Monet placed the crossbow right under Yuri's chin. "Yo ass bettah get to explaining. Now." With her other hand she pulled her skinning knife from the pouch on her hip and aimed it his gut. -05:14 Jan 23
Mackenzie: "Everyone stop talking about FOOLS, where is my CAMERA?" There was a bloodied, dead demon in the middle of the street. But Mackenzie had seen these things before. She ran out in to the road, looking around frantically until she found the thing, sitting there. Unharmed. She let loose a breath of relied. ....Then her eyes were darting up to look around again. Now where did he go?! She could have sworn she saw him, fighting the demon. ...Her father! Her father alive! Did she finally fall off the deep end? -05:15 Jan 23
Yuri: Yuri smirked. "You're looking for a werewolf, obviously, which I am not. I'm simply able to shapeshift into the form of a wolf. The one you're looking for is still residing in this town, if you haven't already scared him away with your recklessness." -05:17 Jan 23
Evander: Seething, Evander narrowed his eyes at Denise for a moment before following. He stepped off the sunshade and floated down to the ground, gazing around at the damage and the dead. Reluctantly, he stood beside Denise and waited like a loyal dog. -05:17 Jan 23
Denise: Denise just made a mocking face at Evander. "Yeah yeah, sulk all you want, genie-boy." She replied,, still trying to figure out -what- she should do next! -05:20 Jan 23
Monet: "Yo ass bettah be tellin' the truth, otherwise I'll be back fo' yo' ass' hide." She scowled and broke away from him, turning her gaze to the dead pile of demon flesh. "Ay-yo, any idea what the fuck this is?" She asked aloud to nobody in particular but hoping for an answer. -05:22 Jan 23

As if it were covered in acid, the demons body was starting to degrade and disintergrate. A natural end for otherworld creatures like it. -Mackenzie

Denise: Alright Evander.. you just stay here and help the group.. I'll be back later. -Denise faded into the shadows without a truce- -05:24 Jan 23
Denise: trace ^ ee -05:24 Jan 23
Andrew: He watched her from the roofs, out of sight, as she gazed around. For her camera first... and then most likely for him. She'd seen him briefly; he hoped she would chalk it up to her imagination and not think to much of it. -05:25 Jan 23
Yuri: Yuri grabbed his cigar off the ground and relit it. He then walked up to the demons body and stared in disgust. -05:25 Jan 23
[Conall is a tall man with dark eyes and light brown hair.] -05:25 Jan 23
Mackenzie: He was out of sight. At least, not where she could spot him. However, she DID see Feathers. The one that looked like a black angel in her photographs. Mackenzie made a bee-line for Caim. "...You! You have fluffy black wings, don't you? I need a favor!" Mackenzie clearly didn't care about introductions or appropriateness. -05:26 Jan 23
Evander: Just an order and no explanation as to why she was leaving. Evander grumbled something under his breath and crossed his arms over his chest. "Yes, Master," he voiced after the vampire had disappeared. -05:26 Jan 23
Abdiel: He sat like a statue, perched upon a headstone in the graveyard of the church. His intervention had ended. As ever was his duty, he had moderated the temptations of the fallen - prevented but not cured. His sword chimed softly as it slept again within its sheathe. He knew Jehudiel would follow shortly. "It must be... this way..." he muttered, his wings curling around him. -05:26 Jan 23
Conall: Conall skidded around the corner not-quite-fully-changed; his hair was still the mottled black-and-tan of his seal self, and his eyes were just beginning to fade from jet black. Seawater flicked off his coat - his sealskin's changed form - as he skidded to a stop, a brass-handled short sword in one hand and a Sig Saur in the other, water still streaming out of the barrel. His mouth worked soundlessly for a moment as his form finished its transition to fully human, and he began creeping back toward the street he'd come from, hoping he hadn't been noticed. -05:30 Jan 23
Caim: The mortal woman was in his face again, only moments after his subjection to "custodial interference". His mind had turned to other things, to times long past. He stared through her rather than at her as she questioned him, his feathers slowly receding into his skin and becoming smooth once more. "...Get lost." -05:30 Jan 23
Mackenzie: Mackenzie completely ignored his comment, already holding up her camera and flipping through the pictures on it until she found the ones she wanted. They were the ones just after Caim had tried to keep her held back, and when the other demon had jumped on the beastie's back. "Look at this. Have you been in town long enough to recognize this man?" She paused, eyeing him again. She couldn't see his "other" self without the camera lense, but that didn't stop her from examining him and trying to spot clues. "...Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?" -05:34 Jan 23
Andrew: Slowly, his true form began to retract back into the shell he wore as a disguise. He watched the girl move to the dark angel who had fought the other demon before the arrival of the celestial duo. She would be safe... for now. But this town was no longer safe; the tremor that had occured earlier was a herald for what was to come, as was the appearance of the beast. More creatures would be coming. -05:36 Jan 23
Andrew: The Seal remained broken. It needed to be fixed, or else everything was at risk. -05:36 Jan 23
Monet: Monet had quite enough of this being ignored shit. She left the shapeshifter where he stood and stormed up behind Mackenzie, half-tempted to give her another wallop over the back of the head. "Ay-yo, that thing was after yo' narrow ass. You betta start explainin' this shit otherwise things 'bout to get real ugly up in hur." She straightened her back up as she talked, getting as much height as she could to stare down at Mackenzie, hooking her crossbow back to the loop on her belt. -05:36 Jan 23
[Jehudiel collapsed. With wings outstretched, legs spreading and closing, he returned to his feet, but not without first admiring the imprint he'd left in the snow. He shook his head. It was amazing. That humans, not seeing, could hold such strong faith even though his brothers could turn away and be lost. He shook his head. Now where was Abdiel? There business here was not yet finished.] -05:38 Jan 23
Conall: ...oh bloody hell, that was Mackenzie. He scrabbled to get his sword back into its sheath...or into it in the first place, depending on one's point of view...and reversed direction, stalking toward his old friend. "Mackenzie! What the hell is going on!?" Maybe he could play this off... -05:38 Jan 23
Caim: The sheer stupidity of that line jogged Caim back out of his introspective daze. -05:40 Jan 23
Caim: He gave the woman his least impressed look- the one that made witnesses crack on the stand- and shoved his hands in the pockets of his mussed suit (did he mention De La Renta?) and stepped around both of the human women blocking his way. "Nope. Sorry." -05:42 Jan 23
Mackenzie: Mackenzie raised an eyebrow at Monet. "I just take the pictures lady. Pictures of someone that I would -really- love if someone could recognize?" she mentioned in a hopeful octave at Caim. ...Of course, Conall arrived, wet as the dickens with that bullshit look he always got when he had been up to something. "You're wet again Conall-- BUT I DIGRESS. Picture. Man. Please? ANYONE know?" Now she was leaning to see if anyone else knew, just as Caim was brushing her off like an unwanted step-child. "You know what's going on, though. And where I can look? Cause I've got some pretty little pictures of your pretty black wings. Oh Conell, look at these!" She was already moving to show them to Conell! -05:43 Jan 23
Evander: Though he'd been ordered to help, it didn't seem as though anyone really needed it. Still, Evander felt compelled to remain with them and he had no choice but to remain where he was for now. A dull ache in the crook of his neck reminded him of the bite Denise had given him and automatically a hand rose to touch the assaulted flesh tenderly. He didn't want to deal with some of these people, particularly the angels. Aside from his master, only they could extend a hand of control over him. -05:44 Jan 23
Jehudiel: abdiel -05:44 Jan 23
Yuri: Yuri took a drag from his cigar. "Looks like this trip is going to have some more action." Yuri pulled his phone out of his pocket and dialed his American friend Russel. Who was an arms dealer with his own sattelite that could send guns from space to anywhere on Earth in a small drop-pod. He requested his customized .50 caliber rifle and gave his location. Moments later, a loud crash was made as the high-tech pod hit the ground. Yuri retrieved a long suitcase from it which carried his weapon. He then returned to his Motel room. And placed the suitcase on his bed. -05:47 Jan 23
Monet: All Monet could do is shake her head. This was all beyond her level of expertise and this lack of shooting things to death was really getting on her nerves. "Wings though? You ain't mean...angels?" She rubbed her chin thoughtfully, if she could get her hands on some feathers, or better, a couple of WINGS she could make quite a bit of bank. A devious smile crossed her lips. -05:48 Jan 23
Evander: And just when he thought he would get away with not having anything to do with these people, he heard the photographer's plea. Sighing, Evander took his time approaching the little group and took a peek at the picture. -05:49 Jan 23
[Jehudiel entered the graveyard to find Abdiel resting--or doing what seemed the closest he ever came to it, anyway--atop a gravestone. "Brother, come. Have you forgotten? The Seal!"] -05:50 Jan 23
Caim: Was this woman serious? Blackmail? Really? He turned back toward her, eyebrow raised. "Lady, do you have any idea who you're talking to?" -05:50 Jan 23
Conall: Conall counted his blessings that Mackenzie wasn't questioning just WHY he was soaking wet in January. He craned his neck around to get a good look at the photo. "Wings? Really?" And he really was curious. There was a REASON he didn't let her take his picture with his coat on. The hair could be explained away. A sealskin cloak...not so much. -05:52 Jan 23
Yuri: Yuri stood in front of his mirror, staring at himself. "Something needs to be done here, I wont allow what happened to my brother happen to someone else. I must find the source of these demons." -05:53 Jan 23
Evander: "He was in the fight. I don't know anything else about him," he muttered, more to himself than anyone else. He doubted anyone was listening to him anyway. There was still a great deal of confusion. "I bet I could track him though..." -05:54 Jan 23
Mackenzie: "With fluffy black wings, I'm assuming of the angel or succubus variety." she responded to Caim, while eyeing him right back. She was still clicking through the 'view' menu so Conall could see the pictures she took of the whole demon fiasco. "Normally I wouldn't bother you types at all, what with your kill an idiot at the drop of the hat thing, but that person is..." She hesitated. If she said it out loud, Conall was going to tell her she needed to take her meds, and try to drag her off to the psycologist again. " someone I want to find." She turned quickly to Evander. "Can you really?" -05:55 Jan 23
[Abdiel has timed out.] -05:58 Jan 23
[Denise has timed out.] -05:58 Jan 23
Conall: Conall whistled. "Mack," he said slowly, "you are certifiably crazy, you know that?" He notably didn't say anything about medication, however. "Once again, I tell you: You have the self-preservation instinct of a lemming. Just saying." -05:58 Jan 23
[Abdiel enters.] -06:00 Jan 23
Evander: With a sharp nod of his head, Evander replied to the photographer's question. "Through his grief. It's still..." He paused, looking for the right word, gesturing with his hand a circle around her. "It's still clinging to you. If I pick it up elsewhere, I will let you know." He chose to ignore the others, seeing as they didn't need his help. -06:01 Jan 23
Caim: She was way too dismissive about "the angel and succubus variety". Bad enough that she somehow thought those were closely related. Her friend had the right of it; Caim had seen the woman take a dive off the proverbial cliff into the middle of a demonic scuffle. Caim didn't have the patience for this... unless... -06:01 Jan 23
Monet: "So, where'd that big ass fucker come from?" She gestured to where the corpse was before the acid took it and to the half of a car still smashed through what she thought was a cafe's front window. Time was wasting and her trigger finger was getting itchy again. -06:02 Jan 23
Caim: The wonder twins had cockblocked him from interfering directly, but he could still pull the strings. No one had ever stopped him from just talking. -06:02 Jan 23
Abdiel: "It is not our place to interpret His will," whispered Abdiel. His eyes lifted to his brother, like they were encased in a shell of stone. "The Seal will mend or break by the will of Man. This is ever their part. We must fear to tread..." Yet though he remained still, his hand was on the hilt of his blade. -06:02 Jan 23
Yuri: Yuri walked out of the motel and towards the group of people. "Anybody know whats going on here?" -06:04 Jan 23
Caim: A glance at the picture rekindled his interest anew. So she was looking for him, huh? "I don't know him, but I somehow don't think he's been in town too long." -06:05 Jan 23
Mackenzie: "Clings to me...?" If anything had ever sparked a fire, those words did. She might have doubted the strange figure was her father before, but now she was certain. "Okay! Okay. I've got to do this right." Conall would recognizse the look. That wheel-turning expression of pure reckless determination. She had a goal. "He might be a ghost... or is a demon? But I NEED to find him. Where would be the best place I can look?" She showed the picture to Yuri when he arrived. Mackenzie really [i]didn't[i] have a sense of 'right and wrong people to associate with'. -06:06 Jan 23
[Denise wanders back from a hunting-spree having needed to feed on evil human blood for a moment, and stands right next to Evander as if she'd never vanished!] -06:08 Jan 23
Yuri: "Hey thats that fella who was fighting the demon with his tentacles, he's kind of a dick." -06:08 Jan 23
Jehudiel: "His will be done in Earth as it is in Heaven! Did He suffer the Fallen to invade His Kingdom?" He notices Abdiel's hand. His brow quirks in disbelief at what it might portend. -06:08 Jan 23
Conall: "Mack...why are you looking for a demon? I'd thought even you would have more sense than that." Conall gives Mackenzie a disbelieving look, though he doesn't try to deny that they exist. -06:10 Jan 23
Jehudiel: "Surely our course is clear, requiring no interpretation. We will act as dictated by righteous precedent... Won't we?" -06:11 Jan 23
Andrew: She had seen him, and she wasn't going to let it drop. That didn't surprise him much, he suddenly realised; it seemed like something she would do. The familiarity he felt towards the girl confused him; he did not know where it came from. Still, he resolved to keep watch over what the group chose to do. To keep watch over her.... -06:11 Jan 23
Evander: Oh great. She's back. Breathing heavily through his nose, Evander crossed his arms over his chest like a pouting child. This new guy to the fold was begining to annoy him with all of his denial but frying him to a crisp probably wouldn't count as 'helping', nor would going supernova. In the back of his mind, something was trying to gain his attention but he was far too grumpy to listen at the moment. -06:14 Jan 23
Mackenzie: She leaned to whisper to Conall. "If I tell you, you're going to pitch a bitchfit. Now give me a hand, or I'm going to ask why you're sopping wet in the middle of winter when you were supposed to meet three hours ago." Mackenzie turned off her camera, unscrewing it's lense before tucking it safely in to her messenger bag. "Finding him is what I intend to do, and if any of you help me I'll give you whatever you want." -06:14 Jan 23
Mackenzie: *meet ME three hours ago -06:14 Jan 23
Caim: "He's not a demon. Yet, anyway. But he came from the same place your big ugly friend did." Caim eyed... Mack, was it? There was a resonance, now that he looked, a sort of tenuous fiber linking the girl to that poor sod. He had a few ideas where that connection came from. Her offer brought a feral grin to his lips. "You sure you want to make that deal?" -06:15 Jan 23
Yuri: "I'm in." Yuri said, his own motives driving him. -06:16 Jan 23
Denise: She smirked a bit at Evander. "Cheer up. I'm probably the most easy-going owner you'll have. I just want to make sure you help the group. That's all for now, and MacKenzie (she'd heard the girl's name a few times), I'll help if I can. Being a vampire, I really don't need much. Just no sunlight please." She added with a small smile. -06:16 Jan 23
Conall: Conall hasn't actually denied anything... "Word of advice, Mack? Never make an open-ended deal. Right, where are we going?" Funny how cooperative he got every time she threatened to ask certain questions. -06:17 Jan 23
Monet: "Shit, if yo' off'rin' to pay, I'll help, but let's get goin' all this standin' around shit is bad fer my complexion, ya mean?" Monet nodded, crossing her arms. Satisfied that something was actually happening instead of all this waiting. -06:17 Jan 23
Abdiel: "What precedent? When last we flew to war it was an age before the Earth. Before his Second Children came among us." Abdiel lowered his eyes again, staring at the hallowed ground. "It has been so long since were posted here. His voice grows silent... I lose Him... doubt my part in the paths of Men..." His eyes came back to meet his brother's. "What if it is our place to do nothing, as once we did in Eden, when our Father let slip the Devil through our guard?" -06:18 Jan 23
Mackenzie: "Anything you want. Promise." Mackenzie instantly grinned. Now having an entire crew for hunting down someone she had NO idea how to find! "...Uh... I have no fucking idea where to start. I don't supposed any of you have crazy demon tracking powers or something like that? Find the big demon hive, or ghost busting sight, or magnet beams?" -06:19 Jan 23
Yuri: "I can turn into a butterfly, if that helps." -06:21 Jan 23
Conall: Conall sighed. He tried. He really did. Mack was not an easy girl to protect from herself. "It might help if we had some kind of lead." -06:21 Jan 23
Evander: "I can only track what I hunger for," Evander said. He shot a glare at Denise, silently hating her for taking his freedom and for getting him angry enough that he'd wasted a lot of energy. -06:21 Jan 23
Denise: "Oh grow up Evander." Denise punched the sulking genie in the arm. "Let's see... I'm 400 years old, have a great sense of smell. And as a rule, am genuinely hard to get rid of.." Here she made a nasty face at Evander.- -06:23 Jan 23
Monet: "Tch, the only trackin' I can do is through word of mouth. Maybe we should check out like, some bar or some shit. Booze always makes motha-fuckas loose with their words ya mean?" She clicked her tongue off the roof of her mouth and rolled her eyes. It seemed nobody had any real help and as far as Monet was concerned her option was the only one that made sense. -06:23 Jan 23
Yuri: "Yeah, because you can trust the words of a drunk. Typical Hunter." Yuri scowled and turned to the campire and her companion. "How can you two help?" -06:26 Jan 23
Andrew: She was making a deal, assembling a group. She wanted answers, and she'd stop at nothing to get them; such determination reminded Andrew of himself. Worryingly so. Yet an idea came to his head, a way to bring this town peace at last. With one last look at the girl, he began to move away, leaving a trail for them to follow. He knew where he needed to take them. -06:26 Jan 23
Andrew: To the place where all this chaos had begun. -06:26 Jan 23
Caim: "I might be able to find him," said Caim. This Scooby Gang shit was kind of tedious, but at least he could exercise his will in this capacity. Maybe he could even manage to seal up that literal hellhole. It would make his life so much easier... -06:27 Jan 23
Conall: "Bar wouldn't help anyways. The street folk would give you a better lead on this one, for all they sound crazy." Yep, Conall's going to have some questions to answer when this is over. Dammit. -06:27 Jan 23
Jehudiel: "A trial, then, perhaps?" Jehudiel slumps back against a stone. "Do you think He really would subject them to something so great as this without providing them some means of..." His voice trails. He realizes that he's interpreting again. -06:27 Jan 23
Mackenzie: "Then lets stop standing around and go! We could split up if we have to. A couple of you sensing types with the normal people." She paused, taking another examining glance at the people around her. "I suppose only the Hunter Lady, me and Conall are human... ...Are you even human?" She asked Monet, not even sure if she was. The woman was a powerhouse of strength and curse words. It made Mackenzine want to curse more. -06:30 Jan 23
Monet: "Tch, firs' of all lil' girl. The name is Monet, like that blurry ass painter and hells yeah I'm human. I know my shit look so good I look like an angel tho'." She patted her hair and nodded proudly. "But I'll rock wit'chu fo' now. Can't let yo' crazy ass run into more danger for now. 'Sides I still got a werewolf to hunt." She clicked her mouth again and waited for them to move out. -06:32 Jan 23
[Jehudiel grips his sword. "I do not doubt His power. He is well able to stay my hand, should he desire our abstention!" Amd with that, he turns, though not without adding. "Be of good cheer, brother. " He lifts from the ground, smiling over a shoulder as his wings spread for the initial lift.] -06:32 Jan 23
Denise: Denise scowled at Yuri. "I can get Evander the bad genie under control for one thing. And I'm not -half- bad in a fight." She added, scowling slightly. -06:33 Jan 23
Abdiel: "Allies abound, brother. You saw them. The Nephilim-tainted. A shifter, a blood-drinker, a Wereseal. Monet and Mackenzie stand with their kin, with powers enough at their aid..." His own voice trailed off now, his hand curling tighter around the hilt. "But Caim... he is still among them... and the one who watches over Mackenzie... he is of the Chaos below..." The angel's brow furrowed. -06:33 Jan 23
Evander: "I believe I might have a lead. It's faint and I'm uncertain of whether its him or not." Glancing once again at Denise, Evander raised his eyebrows with a questioning look. "What should I do, Master?" -06:34 Jan 23
Yuri: "Genie, eh? Can't you like, poof up some way to find this guy?" -06:34 Jan 23
Caim: There were too many lawyers in this court. Rolling his eyes, Caim took Mackenzie's hand, tugging her slightly away from the group. -06:35 Jan 23
Abdiel: As he lifted his head, Jehudiel was gone, a rushing amongst the elms his only passing. Abdiel stared ahead... silent... troubled... He was lost. -06:35 Jan 23
Caim: "I know where he's gone," he whispered to her, in a soft and hypnotic tone. -06:35 Jan 23
Conall: "Let's start with the Djinn's lead. If there's things as nasty as that...thing...running around, we don't -" Conall's voice broke off as soon as he saw what Caim was up to. In a flash, his sword was back out and pulled back for a strike, the Sig aimed at Caim. "She'll make her own choices, thank you very much." His voice was harsh, with undertones of crashing surf. -06:37 Jan 23
Evander: For a moment Evander just stared at Yuri. Then his lips formed a thin line as if he were trying his very best not to yell with anger. "That three wishes stuff is, as Monet would put it, steamin' horseshit." -06:38 Jan 23
Yuri: "Well thats lame. Well, what can you do?" -06:38 Jan 23
Denise: "Let's track him then," She said to Evander. She wasn't too interested in Yuri's snark either. -06:39 Jan 23
Mackenzie: Mackenzie didn't think twice about being lead away, listening to Caim intently. It was off, that tone to his voice, but she was so eager to find out if that man really was her father, she was ready to walk off the end of the planet if she had to. But Conall intervene, with a sword no less! Mackenzie stepped forward to shove his arm away. "Did that thing just come out your ass? Stop freaking out. He knows where we're going, Conall. Get out of the way and c'mon." -06:40 Jan 23
Caim: "Do you point that at everyone who tries to help your friend?" asked Caim, with a twitch of his lips. -06:40 Jan 23
Evander: "This," Evander muttered and thrust out his hand at the shapeshifter. He planted his hand firmly on Yuri's face and quickly the limb heated. He was ready to melt the man's face right off when Denise caught his attention. Immediately he pulled away and started walking toward one of the buildings, sniffing the air like a dog. -06:41 Jan 23
Denise: "Enough Evander.. not that I don't disapprove.... yuri -was- being a prick." She said calmly. -06:42 Jan 23
Conall: "Just people who try to separate her. I don't trust you, whoever you are." He didn't look away from Caim, but he half-shifted his attention to Mack. "Fine. But if he's taking the lead. I want him where we can all see him." -06:43 Jan 23

With the Genie sniffing around, there WAS a hint of a trail. That sharp smell of demon. It seemed to lead away from the town's main square and towards the coastline, where the rocky beaches lay. -Mackenzie

Monet: Monet chuckled at the djinn's actions. She would've shot the shapeshifter again if she wasn't so intent on getting paid. Her gaze drifted to the others having some other conversation of their own and stomped through the snow to them, her arms were getting cold and she was going to shoot whoever was going to stall them any longer. -06:43 Jan 23
Yuri: Yuri twitched at the burst of heat and smirked. "Fancy." Yuri quirked. -06:44 Jan 23
Monet: "Yo, shut yo' asses up and let's get goin!" She cried pointing at the Djinn next, "If you think yo' ass can find where we goin' get to it. Shit is cold out here." She added shivering. -06:46 Jan 23
Caim: Caim could sense that same trail, deep in his core. You never forget the scent of Gehenna, once you've been thrown into the Pit. "No problem, puppy. I'll take point and you can all watch my back." -06:46 Jan 23
Denise: "Monet's right, Evander. Let's not keep them waiting." She completely ignored Yuri from then on, and prodded the genie to start tracking.- -06:47 Jan 23
Evander: Licking his lips and sniffing, Evander followed the trail of negative emotion through the town. He noted how the trail led them past many of the invisible beast's footsteps still fresh in the snow and slush. The two, the beast and this man Mackenzie was searching for, were greatly connected somehow. -06:47 Jan 23
Caim: Just for kicks, he took Mackenzie's hand again, pulling her along with him. It was fun seeing the kid squirm. -06:47 Jan 23
Yuri: "Yeah, sure." Yuri said, not caring about what he had said and lighting a cigar. -06:47 Jan 23
Conall: Conall twitched, but followed after Caim and Mack. He kept one eye on his surroundings and one on Caim, not bothering to sheath his sword this time. -06:48 Jan 23
Mackenzie: Caim had Mackenzine's hand again and she didn't seem to care that he did. She just pointedly glared at Conall to move out of the way, and when he didn't move immediately, she jerked her head to the side more obviously. Then away she was being led again. "You're always so damn uptight, Conall. ....The the docks are off in that direction, and the beaches." -06:49 Jan 23
Denise: -Denise continued walking next to Evander at an even pace, her senses on high-alert, ready for anything.- -06:50 Jan 23
Yuri: Yuri followed behind the vampire and the genie, paying attention to everyone around him, and especialy to the hunter who probably still wanted his head on a platter. -06:51 Jan 23
Monet: Monet followed the small group towards the back of the group, making sure to pull her crossbow back out and reload it as they walked. There were only a couple of things Monet really hated, stupid or cocky people and being out of bolts in the middle of a fight before she wanted to. She kept an eye on the shapeshifter, not fully trusting him, and placing him firmly in the first of her annoyances. -06:52 Jan 23
Conall: Conall grunted, obviously unhappy. Mack was pissed at him, and mister "Not-an-angel-honest!" was baiting him. Great. -06:52 Jan 23

The trail of the demon was leaving the main part of town. It passed by the docks, and even left the board walk. Where the group was headed, was the beaches themselves. Nothing but rocky sand, iced snow patches and the rolling waves hitting the beach. It was still snowing. Coming down harder now in swrling flurries, and making seeing more than twenty feet in front of you very difficult. -Mackenzie

Conall: ...and they were right where he'd come out of the water earlier. Lovely. He was pretty sure he knew where the trail lead now, but he wasn't sure if he should admit it... -06:57 Jan 23
Andrew: They had followed him this far; his plan had worked well enough. With each step they drew closer to the source of all this madness. With each step they put themselves in even more danger. He would watch over the girl as best he could, but he knew the others could well be walking towards their deaths. -06:58 Jan 23
Andrew: They would die to help put right the wrongs he had committed so long ago. -06:58 Jan 23
Andrew: And he would allow it. Because there was no other way. -06:58 Jan 23
Evander: Standing on the beach now, Evander sighed and stuffed his hands in his pockets. "Dead end." Each flake of snow that fell on him hissed and sizzled as it evaporated. He was pleased that he'd been able to feed on the trail their target had left behind but now it was gone, swept away by the wind maybe. Or had it been swallowed up by the sea? -07:00 Jan 23
Abdiel: The town was still reeling. Police had arrived to the scene of the street disturbance, and some of the people who were witness to the chaos had fled to the church. As they took shelter Abdiel remained in the graveyard beyond, pacing now amidst the thickening snow, sword in hand. Jehudiel had never left him - argued with and obstructed him, but never parted with him on so great a rift. Since first they received the prophecy, of the night when the Seal would be broken, their union had begun to fracture. His parting words were most troubling of all. They reminded Abdiel of the darkest hours, long ago, when Satan raised the rebel armies, and all but Abdiel had flocked to his banner. Satan had used such arguments as Jehudiel - proclaiming that if God did not want the Rebellion he would have struck Satan down before it even started. Satan had used the logic well - if he could do something then surely he was meant to do something. It was the argument that had split a third of Heaven away... and the argument that froze Abdiel now. He had the power... but was that reason enough to act? -07:01 Jan 23

Along the beach there were foot steps. A wet sodden set that came straight out of the sea. And another pair. Fresh all the way down the beach, towards the cliffs in the distance. Where the waves had crashed in to the rocks for so long, that they had dug caves in to the cliff walls. -Mackenzie

Conall: Conall looked sideways at Evander and thought for a moment. And then he sighed. "Not so much, no. There's an underwater cave about a quarter mile north of here. That's probably where the trail leads." -07:03 Jan 23
Monet: It was strange for Monet. The walk had seemed rather quiet amongst the members. From behind them the sounds of sirens could be heard. Police no doubt. Whenever anyone talked it gave even Monet a moment of relief, something about their procession almost seemed like they were following a dead body, but whose was the question. "AIN'T MINE, THAT'S FO' FUCKIN' SURE." She shouted, unaware that she was doing such. -07:04 Jan 23
[Jehudiel has timed out.] -07:05 Jan 23
Denise: Suddenly... a scent hit Denise's nose not more than a few steps. She almost paused, but didn't show any signs of disturbance. The scent grew stronger. almost like A Seal... . -07:05 Jan 23
Yuri: Yuri looked at the hunter in wonder. "The fuck are you talking about lady?" -07:05 Jan 23
Caim: "He's close." He spoke in a hushed voice to Mackenzie, turning her slowly in the direction of the footprints. "You'll get to see him again soon." -07:07 Jan 23
Conall: And now Conall knows Caim's full of shit, because he knows EXACTLY whose footprints those are. -07:09 Jan 23
Mackenzie: Mackenzie gave a squinting look at Conall. Something that suggested that she was slowly putting a puzzle together, but there was a piece or too missing. But she finally turned back to Caim, squeezing his hand in a hopeful, almost childish motion. "Following the steps right?" She sped up her pace, even walking past Caim to start tugging him along as they followed the prints. They were heading straight for a large open cavern, where the tide was starting to come in and floor it's floor. -07:09 Jan 23
Andrew: From the cliffs he could see them approaching. They would be here soon enough... though the night was closing in fast. -07:09 Jan 23
Andrew: And night was when they would truly be in danger. -07:10 Jan 23
Monet: "Mind yo' own ass bitch." Monet growled as she shoved Yuri's shoulder forward but quickly quieted herself and readied her crossbow. Something was making her uneasy but she couldn't say just what yet. -07:10 Jan 23
Caim: ((OOC: Did I miss something? Thought there were two sets of prints.) -07:10 Jan 23
Conall: ((They're both Conall's)) -07:11 Jan 23
Caim: ((Oh. Then I am dumb. >>)) -07:11 Jan 23
Denise: Denise stiffled a grin at Monet shoving Yuri, but she also got into fighting stance, uncertain of -what- was about to happen. -07:11 Jan 23
Conall: ((Not necissarily! Run with it!)) -07:12 Jan 23
Mackenzie: ((conall had come from the sea when he first showed up! -- delicious plotlines tying together!)) -07:12 Jan 23
Caim: ((*Runs merrily away with it*)) -07:12 Jan 23
Denise: (stops trying to think and runs with it too! :D ) -07:13 Jan 23

Though it couldn't be seen beyond the clouds and snow, the sun had nearly set. With the skies going from a bright grey to a dim, murky black, it signalled the night. And with the night came a shattering howl from within the caves. -Mackenzie

Evander: A dark cave. Evander disliked small, dark spaces. They reminded him of lamps. And yet Denise was following the group and so would he. The closer they came to the cave, the stronger he felt and suddenly he realized something. "There is great torment in that cave." And to back up his claim: the howl. -07:15 Jan 23
Denise: As they got close to the cave, Denise herself had issues staying calm. But for the sake of figuring these problems out, she moved closer to it, her eyes narrowing and dilating to see better.- -07:18 Jan 23
Conall: Conall gave in - he didn't want anyone getting killed by going in blind. "The'll be fully underwater in two hours. The only part that won't be is a big, open room about four hundred yards in. If we go in there now, we're going to be stuck until ebb tide." -07:19 Jan 23
Monet: Monet froze dead in her tracks. Sure she had charged into battle with the zeal of an amazonian princess before but something about this gave her pause. She'd heard many howls over the years: Death cries of werewolves, howls of voodoo zombies, screams of vampires exposed to the daylight, but this one, this one scared her and it was difficult to say why. "Fuck that noise. No, fa real homies, I ain't playin' around with no shit like that. Gettin' stuck where we can't escape ain't sound like a good plan. Any other bright ideas?" -07:20 Jan 23
Mackenzie: "I'll go then. It's my search, anyway." Despite the howl, and despite Conall's warning, Mackenzie didn't have any fear. She didn't care two whits if it was dangerous and if she could die. "Give me that weirdass sword of yours, and you can take my camera for me. I don't want it getting wet." -07:21 Jan 23
Caim: Caim paused to give the seal boy a smirk, fingers entwined with Mackenzie's. "And how do you know that?" -07:21 Jan 23
Mackenzie: Mackenzie blinked, taking a glance at Caim before looking back at Conall again. "....How DO you know that?" -07:22 Jan 23
Conall: Conall gave Caim an 'I'll kill you later' look. "I've been inside before." Please don't think about that, Mack... "If you're going in, i'm going with you." -07:22 Jan 23
Abdiel: "You lead them to their deaths," came a whisper in Andrew's ear. He turned to see an angel, further down the cliff-line, wrapped in his wings like a cloaked stranger. Below them the group was entering the cave, the waves crashing perilously close to their path. "You know this." -07:23 Jan 23
Mackenzie: "SOME one has to hold my camera, and I really don't -know- these people." NOW she suddenly doesn't trust them, when it comes to the care of her precious camera. "Here, just take it! I'll run in and I'll run back out." Mackenzie already slid her bag off her shoulder to offer it to Conall with her free hand. "Everybody else can go home if they want to. Or wait. I guess I gave to pay you or something." -07:25 Jan 23
Andrew: Andrew's eyes narrowed. He had not sensed the approach of the angel... and that concerned him. "I knooow this, yes. I do... what muuuuust be done. The Seal must be put back iiin place." -07:25 Jan 23
Monet: "Heeeeeeeeeeellllllll naw. Unless yo' ass wants to get chewed up I sure as hell ain't goin' in. Ain't no amount of money funna get my ass in there. I'll stand out here an' watch guard fo' yo' crazy asses." Monet proclaimed, she was brave, not foolhardy afterall. -07:26 Jan 23
Evander: "You'll need our help then, I suppose?" Evander asked, gesturing with his hand at Denise and himself. "You can pay me once this ordeal is done with." -07:26 Jan 23
Denise: "Don't go in there alone Mackenzie. I'll go with you." Denise offered. She wasn't concerned about payment either. -07:26 Jan 23
Conall: "I'm NOT leaving you, Mack. End of statement." -07:26 Jan 23

Again, there was the howl. Louder this time. But it seemed to reverberated with more than one voice. Screeching in such a hollow, mournful way it could have very well been the souls of the damned. -Mackenzie

Caim: "I'll be with you," Caim said, drowning out the bone-chilling howl with his own low velvet voice. "Every step of the way." -07:27 Jan 23
Yuri: "I'll go in with you. And don't worry about paying me." -07:28 Jan 23
Mackenzie: It was strange, how she didn't even seem to acknowledge the others offers. Mackenzie only smiled at Caim, looking pleased. Not once had she ever dismissed Conall like that. She shoved her bag in to Conall's hand. "TAKE IT. If anything happens to my camera, I'm going kill myself." The sheer seriousness in her voice was alarming. Mackenzie was already pulling Caim with her towards the cave. -07:30 Jan 23
Mackenzie: *going TO kill, yadda yadda -07:31 Jan 23
Abdiel: As the howl passed, Abdiel held Andrew in the corner of his eye. "I share you sentiment, Hell Beast. But as a thing of chaos what reason could be found in you? What more but selfishness can motivate you to bend their pathways so?" More snow was falling on the cliffs as their voices carried through the wind. "This is not by their free will." -07:31 Jan 23
Conall: Conall swallowed. Oh, HELL no. He took the camera bag, draped it around his shoulder, then grabbed Mack and pulled her back. He pulled her hand out of Caim's and pressed the Sig into it, then unbuckled his by-now-sheathed sword and rebuckled it around her waist. Then he grabbed her and kissed her forehead. "Be careful, Mack. I'll get your camera safe and then i'm coming in after you." He had another sword at home...he could pick that up when he dropped off her camera. -07:33 Jan 23
Andrew: "Not... hell beeast, no. Not fully." He watched throuiugh the snow as they began to enter the cave. His eyes on her. Always. "What is free... wiiiill, anyway? Is it not but an illussion? They... have made their choices, even if they are iiiiiignorant of the consequences."[/b] -07:34 Jan 23
Denise: -she followed the group right towards that scary-ass cave with possible monsters lurking in it. She scowled. Caves were stupid. -07:36 Jan 23
Monet: Monet watched the exchange between Conall and Mackenzie with interest. He was smart, he wouldn't go in...yet. She would have to go with him. "Ay-yo, Conall. I'mma roll wit'chu and keep you safe. After all, if they get into trouble in there we gun' need be cavalry ya mean?" She nodded, relieved that she had a plan and wouldn't be stuck outside listening to the cries of these people as they died...well except maybe Yuri, she'd smile at that one, just for a little bit though. -07:36 Jan 23
Conall: "Go with them, Monet. You wouldn't be able to keep up with me on the way back from my cabin. And they'll need all the help they can get." With that, he took off at a dead sprint, running north along the cliff. -07:38 Jan 23
Yuri: (I'm done with this rp. I'm tired and everyone is hating on my character. So somebody go ahead and kill him off) -07:39 Jan 23
Abdiel: "Sufficient to stand, though free to fall. It is how He made them." Abdiel stepped closer, wings unfurling and with a soft beat send heatwaves through the snow. "There can be no Redemption if we encroach. It is not the place of such creatures as we to bend their ways." He followed Andrew's gaze to the beach below. "What is this woman to you?" -07:41 Jan 23
Mackenzie: (I'll take care of ya Yuri! An just remember it's not the players hating the character, it's just the characters acting out their personalities! Yuri is a cool dude!) -07:41 Jan 23
Mackenzie: That break of contact had snapped the focus she had, though now she was watching Conall run off and had his belt around her waist and gun her in hand... Mackenzie would have shaken it at him in anger, but she was on a mission. Finding out if she was crazy, or if that man really had been her father was more important than anything else at the moment. Even as she turned back to rejoin Caim and continue for the cave, she was wondering where the hell Conall gets this stuff! -07:44 Jan 23
Andrew: The angel saw much. He knew whom Andrew had focused his attention upon. Not surprising. Angels were well-practiced at watching. "She is importaaant to me. More than that...I cannot saaay. Tiiiiime in the Pit corrupts more than just flesh. It makes you forget everything you oooonce held dear. Leaves you noooothing more than a mad beast, all malice and empty cruelty." -07:45 Jan 23
Monet: Monet harumphed, being left behind by her one chance at not having to plunge into this cave with the others really bugged her. "Shit, I guess I ain't got no choice but to go with yo' crazy asses." Monet spat onto the sand on the beach and readied her crossbow again. Her stomach turned as she looked at the mouth of the cave, wishing she was a better swimmer. "Y'all best not let me down in thur." -07:46 Jan 23
Andrew: He turned from the girl to face the Angel, looking the agent of the Lord straight in the eye. "It issssnot a fate... I would wish upon my worst ennnnemy." -07:46 Jan 23
Caim: Caim laid his hands on Mackenzie's shoulders as she rejoined him, guiding without pushing. He was only leading her where she wanted to go. Exerting what influence he could by His rules. Enticing. "Come on. Before the tide comes in." -07:48 Jan 23
Mackenzie: Mackenzie nodded. The tide was going to come in fast, and it wouldn't be the first time she got herself stuck someone and Conall having to come fetch her, should they linger too long. On reaching the cave mouth, the ocean waves were already washing up over their feet. Cold as ice and as dark as the skies above them. Mackenzie was the first to enter the cave. For the first time in a very long time, feeling a little bit of trepidation about it. Her hand entered her pocket for a moment, pulling out her lighter and sparking a tiny flame to light the way. -07:50 Jan 23
Abdiel: "It is your place," the angel answered, his eyes stern as his voice spoke softly. "As with all things in the chain of being. Of Chaos you were wrought, when God brought order out of nothingness, and there upon the edge of order to make a dungeon for the Fallen. To stray beyond your purpose invites the ruin of all." His hand moved again to his hilt. They were less than ten feet apart. "I would the Seal were mended..." Abdiel whispered, "But not by your designs." -07:50 Jan 23
Denise: (Righty oh guys.... I totally lost mah focus. XD I soooo sorry! I loved the rp tho! ;333 -total hugs for all and takes the stubborn arse genie with her.) -07:51 Jan 23
[Denise logged out of the chat.] -((07:51 Jan 23))
Andrew: "What sort of... master assigns purpose yet fails to iiiinform the design what that purpose is? Thaaaaaatis cruuuuelty at it's highest." His hand was on his sword hilt, and he was growing ever-closer; Andrew could see where this was going. "It... shall not be by my haaaaand that they mend the seal. Only by theeeirs can they hope to do so. Aaaall I hope to do is keep her safe throughout." His hands clenched into fists. "You will not... stop me from doing this. Yooooou cannot stop me from doing this." -07:56 Jan 23

Upon entering the cave, at first glance there didn't seem to be anything unique about it. But the farther one walked in, the more that could be noticed. The light from the lighter sent odd shadows playing on the walls. The stone looking churned instead of worn away by water. Faces, grotesque and screaming could be seen in the stone. Almost like the walls themselves were what was causing the eerie howl that echoed through the caves. -Mackenzie

Andrew: Try and stop me, angel... or get out of my way. The iiiiiiillusion of free will shall rest with you in this case." -07:59 Jan 23
Monet: Monet gulped. Looking at the walls sent shivers down her spine. For being one who prided herself on being level headed this was definitely one of her more insane endeavors. If she made it out of this she was going to be very adamant about a good amount of compensation. "Ay-yo, anyone think this is completely insane?" -08:01 Jan 23
Abdiel: "What you call cruelty..." Abdiel whispered, his hand tightening around his hilt, "Is the seed of faith." He moved suddenly, but it was his opposite hand that came up, the palm rising high and with a shimmering light. "By the Power of the Almighty I bid you yield!" -08:02 Jan 23
Andrew: "Faaaaaith... is the blind man's necter." Andrew burst free from the shell he had hidden himself within, tentacled limbs ready to do battle against the angel. "I shaaaaaaall not yield, Angel." -08:04 Jan 23
Abdiel: He snapped forward, link a rush of breath, his sword drawing in upwards arc an slashing through a tentacle. -08:09 Jan 23
[Conall has timed out.] -08:10 Jan 23
Mackenzie: Mackenzie kept moving. Even though the water was still rising up to their knees now. The faces on the walls were a little horrifying, but Mackenzie had never been so determined in her life. Something about it just felt like she was heading in the right direction. That she had been waiting years just for this. As she moved forward in the darkness, the cave started opening up to a huge cavern. Soon, it wasn't the light of her lighter erasing the darkness, but a strange, jagged opening on the back of the cave wall. It was twice as tall as she was, near burning with fire. Even heat seemed to come off it. But as she looked around the cavern, there was no man there. Only the people she entered with. "...he's not in there. ...What the hell is THAT thing?" -08:10 Jan 23
[Yuri has timed out.] -08:12 Jan 23
Caim: No, Mackenzie's father wasn't here; he must have come and gone. Caim knew exactly what "that thing" was, however. -08:12 Jan 23
Caim: "That, sweetheart," he said, grabbing Mackenzie's arm and pulling her forward, "is a very big mistake." -08:12 Jan 23
Andrew: The angel cut through the first limb to be swung, but there was many, many more where it had come from; Andrew was the Hydra to his Heracles. Propelling himself upwards with his newly-revealed limbs bursting from his body, he swung one arm around the back of the angel and caught Abdiel a blow across his back. -08:13 Jan 23
Caim: The sword came when he called, appearing in his free hand's waiting grasp. -08:13 Jan 23
Monet: "I could tell you what that sure as hell looks like it looks like some bitch's firey red vag." She rested her crossbow over her shoulder and waded forward to stand next to Mackenzie and Caim. The heat from the...interesting, opening was almost nice compared to the damp cold of the seawater rushing in. -08:13 Jan 23
Mackenzie: Mackenzie had a gun in her hand a sword at her waist. Had she any common sense she would have used ONE of them. Instead she was staring at Caim, waiting for him to explain what he was talking about. "AND? What do you mean mistake? We only have a little bit of time in here, did he jump through that thing or what?" -08:15 Jan 23
Caim: "No, Mackenzie. He made it. And you're going to undo what has been done." -08:17 Jan 23
Monet: "A'ight, who the hell is 'he'? And what the fuck is so important 'bout 'his' ass?" Monet cried aloud, tired of being left in the dark. "Tell me what the hell is goin' on. Now." She leveled her crossbow, not aiming directly at Mackenzie, but instead offering a sort of silent threat. -08:19 Jan 23
Abdiel: He was knocked forward, towards his foe. Abdiel brought his foot up on Andrew's chest and flipped high, circling over the tentacle that had struck him and lopping it of with a single strike. His wings flared before he hit the ground and propelled him into a tackle. He bowled the demon over and they crashed along the edge of the cliff, displacing great rifts of snow. He had one hand around Andrew's throat, pinning him with angelic might, while his other hand brought up the sword. -08:19 Jan 23
Mackenzie: She pulled her arm free from Caim, that confusion still plain on her face. "And what is it. I thought my father died. Kill by demons just like my mother..." Her head hurt. She always played those scenes out in her head over and over again. She always remembered every moment like it had happened yesterday. That first earthquake... how she and her mother were playing on the beach. Her father running towards them screaming. ...and those... things... the monsters. They died that day not far from the cave... "He didn't do this." she responded. -08:21 Jan 23
Caim: "Your father died, didn't he?" Caim asked softly, almost gently. "But he came back. He's the man you've had us looking for." -08:21 Jan 23
[Conall enters.] -08:22 Jan 23
Mackenzie: (Reverse post order!) -08:22 Jan 23
Caim: ((Whoops! Yes.)) -08:22 Jan 23
Conall: Conall had been to his house and gone; Mack's camera was safe on his dresser and he'd picked up his spare sword. The distance back would have been too far to run, but he wasn't concerned about hiding his race at this point. Mack was going to find out one way or the other, and he wouldn't care at ALL if she didn't live through this. So he was currently a seal, arrowing back south along the coast at speeds even a normal seal couldn't match. -08:22 Jan 23

A slow rumble began. The jagged rift starting to pulse as the walls in the cave churned. That howl started again. Now at such a ear peircing screen that it was almost deafening. The rift widened, and it looked like something was trying to step out of it! -Mackenzie

Andrew: The angel was incredibly strong, celestial might lending incredible force to his attacks; he had Andrew pinned to the ground, slowly choking the life out of him. Desperately he scraped at his attacker with his mortal limbs, yet Abdiel's hold was unshaking. The angel did not anticipate the other limbs, however; one the the eldritch tentacles wrapped itself around the hand raising the sword, pulling the angel high into the air before flinging him into the nearby cliffs with brutal force. Andrew pulled himself to his feet and prepared to continue his attacks. -08:24 Jan 23
Caim: "I don't think he meant to. He only wanted to come back. To be free." Caim knew. He knew so very well what it was like to crawl up out of the hole you were left in. "But other things, you see... They got out too. Things like me. And we're running out of time." -08:24 Jan 23
Monet: "Awwwwww shit, looks like that vag is havin' a nasty creepy ass baby!" Monet cried as she fell back a little, splashing through the water, reminding her that she was probably pinned between this monster wall and a long cave of swimming, raising her crossbow just in case she needed it now. -08:25 Jan 23
Caim: He yanked Mackenzie up to the Rift, bearing his blade on her. "You have his blood. Sorry about this, but there are certain things that shouldn't be allowed to happen." -08:26 Jan 23
Evander: Help them. That'd been the order. But when the group was divided, which side was he supposed to take? Mackenzie had offered him something in return. Caim had offered nothing. He moved swiftly, reaching with a searingly hot hand for Caim's sword arm. -08:29 Jan 23
Abdiel: He smashed along the edge of the cliff, rolling through the snow, tumbling over the precipice but gripping on with one hand. Then he lunged upwards and spread his wings. Snow and soil went scattering from his form and he pulsed again with light. He swooped in on Andrew, hacking his tentacles aside. He got inside the demon's guard then froze in mid-air, before dropping like a comet. He landed hard and the ground shook, a crack snaking out from his foot. Andrew stumbled as a slither of the cliffside peeled away with the force. And as he reeled the angel sprinted forward, sword poised for a skewering blow. -08:30 Jan 23
Mackenzie: "What?! Like fuck...!" That probably was the most eloquent of replies, but Mackenzie wasn't keen on having a knife brandished at her while being dragged towards what was likely a hole straight to hell. Evander provided an opportunity of distraction. Long enough for her to wretch her arm free. Then she was pointing the gun Conall gave her right at Caim. "Look...! I am not the damsel, or the helpless virgin type, here! I don't know what the fuck is going on!" -08:31 Jan 23

Out of the rift now was an entire arm. Huge. Bigger than anything that had been seen in a long time! Covered in scales and bracing it's clawed hand on the edges of the rift. It was trying to pry it open wider! -Mackenzie

Monet: Monet looked between the hell-hole, Mackenzie and Caim. "Ay-yo, this ain' the time fo' fuckin' around." She aimed her crossbow at the hole but should she help Caim? Or maybe she should protect the girl. It was tough to tell what was the right action. But a decision needed to be made and she aimed her crossbow from the giant arm to Mackenzie. "If yo' pops is in thur then don' yo ass want to go get him out?" She furrowed her brow and shot a glance at Caim, "She can get out righ'?" -08:34 Jan 23
Caim: The fallen angel deflected Evander's hand with the flat of his sword, holding it in a defensive pose as he glanced between them, eyes darkening. "You're right. You don't know. You don't know that soon enough, this place is going to end up just as hellish as where this rift leads. The only way is with the blood of the one who opened it, and your father is AWOL." -08:34 Jan 23
Conall: Conall exploded out of the water, shifting from seal to mostly-human in the air, his mottled pelt rippling and melting into his omnipresent coat.. As usual, the last hints of his seal-self were slow to fade; Jet-black eyes and razor-sharp teeth, this time. He was already brandishing his sword when he landed on his feet. "Mack! Get behind me!" -08:36 Jan 23
Andrew: Andrew was thrown off-balance, watching almost in awe as the cliffside began to crumble away from the force of the angel's attacks. His opponent was poised and ready to deliver the coup-de-grace now; he had hacked away many of the limbs, and it looked like it was all over. So Andrew did the only thing he could; charging forwards, he threw himself under his enemy's guard and tackled him to the floor, grabbing the angel's wings on the way down. Pulling himself to his feet, he rallied what strength he had left and hurled the angel into the air with all the force he could muster, launching Abdiel spinning into the snow-filled night-sky. As the angel plummeted down, he snapped out one of his remaining tentacled limbs. Gravity and the speed of the limb met with brutal results; the tentacle smashed through the angel's chest and out the other side, impaling Abdiel. Gore spattered the snow, staining it a terrible crimson red. With an inhuman roar Andrew spun round, using the momentum to propel Abdiel off his limb and out into the ocean. -08:36 Jan 23
Mackenzie: "What do you want me to do, jump through a portal to HELL?" If it was true... if her father had caused the opening. Was Monet right? Would he be right through that rift? Conall's sudden appearance only made everything more confusing. Mackenzie didn't move. Glancing back and forth between Conall and the rift. "I... I can't! I have to go through the hole, Conall!" -08:37 Jan 23
Andrew: The tide was rising; soon the cave would be inaccessable. Andrew did not have much time. The battle against the angel had all but finished him, but he could not give up now. He needed to get to her, now more than ever before. She would be in danger, and he had to keep her safe. Andrew began to limp into the cave as fast as his broken form could carry him... -08:40 Jan 23
Conall: Conall didn't waste time with Mack's typical obstinance. Instead, he grabbed her arm and pulled her away from the rift, slashing at the arm reaching through the rift and shouting a syllable that reverberated with the crashing surf. "If it's a sacrifice it needs," he said coldly, addressing Caim, "I'm sure you'll do just fine, Fallen." -08:41 Jan 23

The rift ripped open wider. Two massive hands pulling it apart. Now it looked like a huge cave entrace, bright orange light almost blinding to look at. A pair of glowing eyes could just barely be seen beyond it. It was too late. The rift was fully open. Large, bat like creatures began crawling out of the entrace. Followed by larger beasts like the one from town. Huge, furry and rows of teeth in their mouths. -Mackenzie

Evander: Silent, watching the scene unfold. Evander frown for what felt like the millionth time that day. Help them. It was an order. "Her blood has to pass through the rift, right?" he asked, his voice perhaps a little too calm as he watched Hell's army march toward them. -08:43 Jan 23
Monet: Monet thought quickly, a sacrifice? She looked at the hole and then between the others standing there, the cold water was lapping near her waist now and she was rather tall for a woman. "A'ight, I don' care who goes in but somebody close this damn thing ya mean!?" Monet shouted shooting a couple bolts at the hands trying to tear the rift open wider. She shook the thoughts of what that image reminded her of. -08:43 Jan 23
Mackenzie: "Conall, you're being stubborn!" She shouted, now tugging her arm from him. But demons were pouring in to the cavern now. Surrounding all of them and looking hungry. Mackenzie rose the gun to aim. "I have to go!" She made a dash for the rift! -08:45 Jan 23
Andrew: Out of the darkness something shot out and wrapped itself around Mackenzie's waist, pulling her back. There was no malice to the move, no intent to injure. The tentacled limb placed the girl gently down onto the ground next to her companions. "Yooou... donot need to go anywhere, child." Andrew stepped out of the gloom and into the light of the cave. -08:46 Jan 23
Caim: "No, I won't. It has to be her, or someone willing to take her place!" Caim stepped in front of Conall, blade ready to block him. -08:47 Jan 23
Conall: Not a chance. Conall wrapped and arm around Mackenzie's waist and dragged her back. -08:47 Jan 23
Abdiel: The demons slowed, their steps becoming heavy, almost painful. The waters were changing colour, ever-so-slowly. Blood was being brought in by the tides.... the blood of an angel... -08:48 Jan 23
Conall: "Fine, Fallen. Your word that binds that you'll look after her, then." -08:48 Jan 23

Demons were swarming in the caverns, but those that touched the waters, were slow, almost stupidly awkward as they tried to rush through the waters toward the people inside. -Mackenzie

Andrew: He was a mess. All cuts and severed limbs from his battle with the angel. But he was there, and ready to help right the wrongs he had cause in this place. "The Nephilim... iiiiis correct. My blood must be shed to ssssssseal the portal..." his eyes looked upon his daughter sadly, "...or yours." -08:49 Jan 23
Monet: Monet wasn't able to weigh in as a demon had bounded towards her, a strange looking beast, much like how the old biblical images depicted, bat wings on the nude form of a man. She fired bolt after bolt into the creature, puncturing the creature's wings and flesh. -08:49 Jan 23
Mackenzie: "Daddy...?" He looked so different. Yet, almost exactly the way she remembered him. Every demon in the place forgotten, the rift unnoticed. All she could see was her father. "I thought they killed you. Moma is gone and I... I've been trying to find your ghost for so long..." -08:51 Jan 23
Caim: As Mackenzie's attention turned to her father, Caim held Conall's gaze. "You're willing to sacrifice yourself in her place?" -08:52 Jan 23
Conall: "In a heartbeat, Fallen." -08:52 Jan 23
Andrew: "They..." the words were heavy in his mouth, "...they did. I pulled myssself out of... the rift you see now. The rift I caused fiveteen years ago, on the daaaay I died." -08:52 Jan 23
Conall: ((I'm going to go with....for some reason, Conall can't see Mack's father)) -08:53 Jan 23
Andrew: "I waaaaaas a stuuudent of the... occult. As was the man who came to thisssssss town hoping to break... the seal. Your mother and I triiiiied to stop him, but in the struggle... the seal was broken." -08:54 Jan 23
Caim: These mortals were such complicated creatures. Capable of so much passion and feeling. It was why Caim had found them so compelling, had gone so far for them. Had loved them more than he loved his Lord. -08:55 Jan 23
Mackenzie: Mackenzie shook her head. "We can fix it. That angel said my blood can fix it. I'll do it right now and everything will be fine!" That's all Mackenzie could think about. Demons everywhere, but she could fix this and have her father back! She turned, heading for the rift again. -08:55 Jan 23
Andrew: "Now we must fix my mistake. Our family's blood... muuuust be offered. As must..." I pause again, unwilling to say the words, "...a willing sacrifice." -08:55 Jan 23
Mackenzie: (Reverse post order again!) -08:55 Jan 23
Andrew: "NO!" He reached for his daughter and pulled her back. [b]"Thissss was my failing. It shall... be my blood we -08:56 Jan 23
Andrew: *use." -08:56 Jan 23
Monet: Kicking the demon off of herself she charged as quickly as she could towards the others, firing bolts at the slowed demons, picking off the weaker ones. "Y'ALL BETTAH MAKE A FUCKIN' DECISION NOW!" -08:56 Jan 23
Conall: Conall yanked back on Mack's waist again, keeping her as far away from the rift as he could without drowning her. "Your WORD, Fallen!" -08:57 Jan 23
Evander: Helping where he could, Evander took to fighting off the demons alongside Monet with a sword composed solely of his own raw energy. He sliced his way from one beast to another, making his way closer to the rift. -08:57 Jan 23

With demons everywhere, the others in the cave were quickly becoming over run. Yuri held most of them at bay, but one dropped right off the ceiling on to his head. His neck snapped with a sickening crack, followed by the sounds of ripped flesh from his body! -Mackenzie

Caim: "You have my word." Taking Conall's hand, he pulled the wereseal to the rift and raised his sword. -08:58 Jan 23
Caim: And cut Conall's palm with the edge. -08:58 Jan 23
Andrew: "We have a sacrifice..." he said, looking to Caim and Conall, "...and you have my blood." He raised one of his bleeding severed limbs. -08:59 Jan 23
Mackenzie: "Conall, I can fix this! I can fix this for us...! I want my father BACK!" Between her father and Conall, she couldn't get near the rift. "What are you doing...!" She shouted at the Fallen one. He was taking Conall's blood. "Don't you dare go through that rift..!" she hissed in warning. "Don't either of you dare...!" -09:00 Jan 23
Monet: Monet, busy fending off a creature with her knife in one hand and her crossbow in the other was tossed back and bumped Caim forward, landing with a splash in the crimson waves. -09:02 Jan 23
Abdiel: His eyes opened. He was floating in the water, his wings outspread, the blood seeping out from his chest. His brother held him. "Jehudiel..." The other other angel was crouched upon the surface of the water, a hand outstretched. "Rise up," he spoke, his fingers interlacing with Abdiel's. "What grace is mine, I give unto you." -09:02 Jan 23
Conall: Conall steeled himself and launched himself through the rift with an inarticulate battlecry. -09:03 Jan 23
Evander: "Keep strong!" Evander said as he gripped Monet's arm and yanked her back to her feet. -09:04 Jan 23
Abdiel: "You left me...." Abdiel whispered, his voice echoing as his life gave out. Jehudiel smiled... "I guess He stopped me after all... this was my penance, for trying to interfere... to witness your demise. But there is one choice left to me." His hand closed over Abdiel's chest and between them there was light, beautiful, ethereal. The tide swelled and Abdiel's back arched as he released a scream. -09:06 Jan 23

The open doorway pulsed the moment Conall stepped through it. Sacrifice accepted. Nothing else seemed to come through in to the cavern. ...yet... the rift was still wide open and glowing. It was not yet finished...! -Mackenzie

Evander: As Conall rushed the rift, the battle seemed to pause. Then the flow of Hell's warriors' was stoppered and Evander breathed a sigh, whirling around to finish off the beasts that had already escaped. -09:08 Jan 23
Monet: Monet helped Evan finish off the demons and waded a bit further back in the cavern, away from the rift as best as she could -09:08 Jan 23
Caim: "We still need one more thing," said Caim gently, extending a hand to Mackenzie and her father. -09:09 Jan 23
Abdiel: They stood within the water, their arms entwined. Both angels bled now, their wound shared, their division made manifest. They leant against one another as they waded towards the cave. The entrance was now little more than a crack, the greater part of it below water. -09:10 Jan 23
Andrew: "And yooou...sssshall have it," Andrew replied, offering up a bloody limb, "Finish the ritual; seal the rift." -09:10 Jan 23
Mackenzie: "CONALL! YOU ASSHOLE!" Mackenzie was trying her damndest to get out of her father's grasp. Twisting, flailing, kicking. But he wasn't letting go... and Conall was gone! "...don't let him stay there! Get him out!" -09:11 Jan 23
Andrew: "There isssss nothing..." Andrew intoned sadly, "...that we can do... for himmmm now. He has crossed to the other side." -09:15 Jan 23
Monet: Monet helped Andrew hold back Mackenzie, she didn't want another person to sacrifice themselves needlessly. -09:16 Jan 23
Caim: The pain in Mackenzie's voice, the suffering... The suffering that Conall would endure left beyond the rift... It was a fate Caim had known, one that no being should. -09:17 Jan 23
Caim: "There is a way," he said. -09:17 Jan 23
Abdiel: "It was never about interferring or not," Jehudiel shouted above the roar of the waves. He had put his back to the cave entrance, which even now was beginning to buckle. "It was about standing together. We can end this, Brother." Abdiel looked to him and nodded, feeling what he had not felt for year. Certainty. He drew his sword. "Brace the cave - keep the entrance open. I shall return." And with that the angel clutched his wound and dived beneath the waters, plunging into the cave tunnel. -09:18 Jan 23
Evander: The despair in that cave was so energizing. Evander had never felt so strong. Turning to face Caim he raised his brow in question. "Say it and I will help however I can." -09:18 Jan 23
Mackenzie: "The do it! DO it...! I'll give you anything...!" Conall had chided her for making promises without knowing the conditions.... and now he might never chide her for being stupid again. "Anything." -09:19 Jan 23
Andrew: Andrew snarled and pulled his daughter back, bringing him face-to-face with Caim; his daughter would not be striking a bargain with a Nephilim. "No she will not. I know your kind... Fallen." -09:21 Jan 23
Caim: "Your father is a wise man." Caim smiled. "An angel may travel through the rift and back. But only while it is open." -09:22 Jan 23
Caim: "He may carry the blood, and there will be a very narrow window as the rift closes to bring him through." -09:22 Jan 23
Mackenzie: Her heart sank. There was no angel there. Only the Fallen and the others. Conall was as good as gone, and all because she wouldn't listen... -09:24 Jan 23
Andrew: "And there are... no angels present save for yourself." -09:24 Jan 23
Monet: Monet was stuck. She had nothing to do with this world. She had heard of fallen angels before but she hadn't ever seen one in real life. "Jes' do what needs ta be done. Goddamn, y'all fuckers jabber to much." -09:26 Jan 23
Caim: "I suppose I owe you for my freedom," said Caim. -09:27 Jan 23
Abdiel: The waters parted behind Caim, a light appearing, a shape rising from the pool. -09:27 Jan 23
Abdiel: Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Abdiel emerged from the water, great streams cascading from his chiselled form and the wound that glowed within his chest. His sword caught the hellfire light as he raised it aloft, azure eyess piercing the darkness. -09:29 Jan 23
Evander: Well. There was their angel. Taking a few steps backward, Evander made sure to keep some distance between himself and the heavenly being. -09:30 Jan 23
Andrew: Andrew's eyes narrowed upon the angel he thought he had defeated earlier. What were his intentions coming here? What did he want? -09:31 Jan 23
Caim: "Abdiel. -09:32 Jan 23
Caim: The word rolled from Caim's tongue like a stifled curse. -09:32 Jan 23
Andrew: "And heeeeere was me hoping... that I had killed him," Andrew snarled. -09:33 Jan 23
Andrew: His hands clenched into fists once again, uncertain of what the angel would do next... -09:33 Jan 23
Mackenzie: "You showy other world bastards, I could have gone and gotten him ten minutes ago!" She practically shrieked at the lot of them. In her impatience she was struggling to run towards the rift again. What if he was there too long...! -09:34 Jan 23
Abdiel: Abdiel looked to Andrew, then to Caim. "You are a Fallen. The bonds of hell will not allow you safe passage... not with a human soul in tow." He lowered his sword. "Only a Loyal Angel may bear a spirit from the Otherworld." He looked to each of them, letting a silence pass. "You have my aid.... it is MY will." He extended a hand to Andrew, asking silently for the blood. -09:34 Jan 23
[Conall has timed out.] -09:36 Jan 23
Andrew: Andrew looked from his daughter to the angel and back again. She could not bear to see the pain in her eyes at the loss of her friend. He would do anything to make it go away. "Very well... angel." Without another word, he offered Abdiel the blood. -09:36 Jan 23
[Conall may be dead, but he's still here dammit!] -09:37 Jan 23
Monet: Monet offered no resistance to any of the commotion. She was happy that things were moving along...she felt no remorse at any of these people, she was detatched from the rest of them, aloof even. "Do what has to be done!" -09:38 Jan 23
Abdiel: His hand was daubed in Andrew's blood. He ran it along the blade of his sword, coating it in the half-breed ichor. Then without another word he stepped forward, charging headlong into the fit, like a diamond sinking into fire. -09:38 Jan 23
Caim: The offer from Abdiel caught Caim off his guard. The Fallen stepped aside, lost in his own thoughts. -09:39 Jan 23

The moment the Angel stepped through with Andrew's blood the rift flashed so bright that the entire cavern was filled with light. Inch by inch the opening began to close. Even faster than anyone would have realized! -Mackenzie

Evander: Evander felt the same way Monet did. He watched, content to keep silent, even though he had a feeling that this was a carefully planned trap by Caim. He didn't care about any of them. He was only required to help when needed. -09:39 Jan 23
Andrew: He had done all he could now, given all he could give; Andrew held his daughter in his mortal arms tenderly as they waited with trepidation for the return of the angel... -09:40 Jan 23
Abdiel: The cave began to shake as the rift closed. Rocks began to fall. The tide was coming in, the water now rising above their waists. -09:41 Jan 23
Mackenzie: She couldn't even watch the rift for a shape the light was so bright. Mackenzie squeezed her eyes shut, shivering from the cold of the water and a dread filled anticipation. The cave would soon be too filled with water for them to leave it, but there was no way she could go without Conall..! -09:42 Jan 23

From the entrance of the cave, beyond the tunnel that was now fully flooded, the voice of Jehudiel could be heard. "HURRY! I CANNOT HOLD THE ROCKS!" The other angel was bracing the whole weight of the collapsing cliffs. -Abdiel

The rift was closing and the cave entrance was nearly collapsed. If they did not leave before the main opening was blocked, there was no way any of them could hold their breath long enough to swim out of the caves. As the rift was also near closed, it was go or die! -Mackenzie

Caim: "Come," said Caim, going to Monet and pulling her toward the exit of the cave. The djinn, too, he ushered toward the opening where Jehudiel waited. -09:47 Jan 23
Andrew: "We cannot... stay here any longer," Andrew told his daughter sadly, beginning to lead her to the exit, "We must escaaape... whilst we still can." -09:48 Jan 23
Monet: Monet didn't argue, she wanted to see the angel emerge, or to find out if he would emerge but it wouldn't be wise for her to stay inside. She waded through the deep water, taking deep gasps as the cold water grew higher to her neck and face -09:49 Jan 23
Andrew: (OOC: Gonna needs to run in about ten minutes, guiz. D:) -09:50 Jan 23
Mackenzie: "Fuck that, I'm waiting...!" 'Lead' away might not have been a strong enough word. It was imperitive to drag Mackenzie. So focused on single problems, that she had no understanding the grand scheme of their predicament. All she knew was that Conall would come out of the rift, and she was gonna be there! -09:50 Jan 23
Andrew: He was not leaving his daughter to drown in a dark cave. "I'm sorry..." he muttered sadly as he began to haul Mackenzie out the cave. -09:51 Jan 23
Monet: "SHUT THE HELL UP BACK THUR, HIS ASS CAN SWIM REMEMBER?" She called as she pulled her way out of the cave and out into the crashing shoreline, shivering. "AND I BETTAH NOT GET NO FROST BITE YA MEAN?" Monet didn't mean to be harsh, it was just her way. -09:53 Jan 23

"HURRY!" Jehudiel shouted. His arms were holding up the weight of the subsiding cliff as Monet, Evander and Cain swam out underneath him. But even with the strength of angels his limbs were beginning to buckle, and blood was flowing from his half-wound. -Abdiel

Andrew: Andrew pulled himself and his daughter free of the cave just as the angel's strength began to fade; the other two did not have long to escape the rift before they would be trapped. -09:54 Jan 23
Mackenzie: Mackenzie was caughing up water, having cursed so much she got more than a mouthful of it as they swam away from the cave. -09:56 Jan 23

It was over. His strength was exhausted. Jehudiel held on a few moments longer before collapsing back into the water. The rocks crashed down, the cave imploding and a great wave washing back and flinging the survivors against the shore. -Abdiel

The rift was now barely bigger than a sliver and nearly sealed. The cave now collapsed and sealed. It was over. The Bellmoore Rift had been resealed. -Mackenzie

Andrew: Dragging himself and Mackenzie to shore, Andrew sank weakly to the sand. He had lost a lot of blood already from his wounds; he could barely keep his eyes open. -09:58 Jan 23
Abdiel: There was a whisper in the air. -09:59 Jan 23
Abdiel: A light pierced the darkness. -09:59 Jan 23
Abdiel: Upon the settling waves, Abdiel walked towards them, carrying Conall in his arms. -10:00 Jan 23
Caim: Caim fell to his knees on the sand beside Mackenzie and Andrew, his skin beginning to mottle faintly as he watched Abdiel carry Conall safely to them. -10:00 Jan 23
Mackenzie: Mackenzie sat on the sat, next to the father she hadn't seen for fifteen years. The elation of knowing he was alive mixed with the bitter fear that Conall was dead. Seeing him in the angel's arms was teh first time she had feared anything in a very, very long time. "WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT! YOU STUPID ASS...!" She may have been screaming at a corpse, for all she knew. Choking on a sob as she shuffled to jump to her feet. -10:01 Jan 23
Andrew: Seeing Abdiel striding from the water with Conall in his arms, though, and Andrew couldn't help but smile. -10:02 Jan 23
Abdiel: Jehudiel helped his brother lay Conall down upon the shore, giving space to Mackenzie. -10:02 Jan 23
Andrew: He could feel the influence of the Pit fading. It would take time, and maybe it would never entirely fade... but there was the hope that he could maybe reclaim the life he had once led. -10:03 Jan 23
Monet: Monet sat away from the others, feeling the same detachment from them. What had she gone into that cave for? Nursing a nasty scratch on her arm. She let her crossbow flop into the sand with a clack. -10:03 Jan 23
Andrew: And hope was all he needed. -10:03 Jan 23
Conall: Groaning - because, really, EVERYTHING hurt. A lot. - Conall shifted and slowly started to roll over so he could push himself up. -10:05 Jan 23
Mackenzie: Mackenzie scrambled across the shore, dropping next to Conall. She very nearly punched his potentially dead body in the face with his own gun out of spite. How she even managed to keep a hold of it that entire time a miracle in itself. "...I swear to GOD if you're dead, I'm not going to live another day...!" He coughed and sat up. Mackenzie stared at him for a moment. She dropped his gun and slapped him! ...but then she was throwing her arms around his neck. -10:07 Jan 23
Monet: "Ay-yo," Monet started, who cared about the guy, he was alive after all, "Ay-yo Mackenzie. 'Bout my bill comes out to about...2 mil. How you funna pay?" -10:07 Jan 23


Andrew: (OOC: Good game, guys. Thank'ee very much.) -10:09 Jan 23
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Monet: (Good game! :D) -10:09 Jan 23
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Abdiel: I CONTRIBUTED! :D -10:09 Jan 23
Abdiel: Oh... *glances back at Yuri's corpse* >__> -10:09 Jan 23
Mackenzie: YAAAAY! :D Now go to bed. -10:10 Jan 23
[Abdiel passes out] -10:11 Jan 23
[Abdiel logged out of the chat.] -((10:11 Jan 23))
[Evander has timed out.] -10:12 Jan 23
[Caim ] -10:12 Jan 23


Mackenzie: Mackenzine and Conall were now safe and sound at Conall's cabin. She really wanted to spend time with her father, but the man had so much to catch up on after fifteen years. Not to mention exhaustion, and things Mackenzie couldn't even comprehend. She too was exhausted. And sleep was on the forefront of her mind... at least until she was pulling off the belt Conall gave her and she was eyeing the sword with an entirely different point of view...! -10:16 Jan 23
Conall: Conall was...exhausted. And in pain. He'd collapsed in an armchair in his living room and didn't plan on going anywhere. -10:19 Jan 23
Mackenzie: Mackenzie wandered in to the living room. The unsheathed sword in her hand, tilting back and forth as if she had just found something dirty in his clothes. "So... what IS the deal with this thing? And the gun? And swimming in winter and... come to think of it, you do a lot of wierd shit Conall!" Even as she was asking the question, the little puzzle pieces were starting to fit in to place. Conall had done a lot of odd things for a really long time, and he -hated- when she tried taking his pictures... -10:21 Jan 23
Conall: Conall shrugged. "The hilt is brass. Much easier to hold. And the Sig has a plastic frame." -10:24 Jan 23
Mackenzie: "Come to think of it... you go freaking ballistic when we have to go up the iron stairs at Margery's..." That was a puzzle piece too. The sword she put down on a table. He practically LIVED on the water, and in the summer in he'd be in it for the entire day if she didn't complain about being sea sick... "...YOU KISSED ME!" And then her mind completely leap frogged over what she -should- have been piecing together to land on something irrevelent. -10:27 Jan 23
Conall: Conall blinked. There was the tangent he'd come to expect. Though a little more sudden than usual. "Yes. Yes, I did." -10:28 Jan 23
Mackenzie: She seemed a little disturbed by the revelation. Then... not so bothered by it. Followed by a narrow eyed suspicion, that finally ended with that look she tended to get when she was trying to be 'subtle' but failing miserably at it. "...And you thought that was supposed to keep me from realizing you're a selkie?" Once again, Mackenzie failed to realize the obvious, and tried to pin together the wrong information. -10:31 Jan 23
Conall: "As usual, I have no idea how you reached that conclusion." -10:34 Jan 23
Mackenzie: "I am not going to do a book report on why I know you're a damned selkie!" Mackenzie stalked across the floor, quite ready to pummel it out of him though. "Who swims 400 meters and doesn't drawn! And this coat..." That was it. The coat! Instead of beating him, Mackenzie leaned over him trying to steal it. "You could have told me sooner and I wouldn't have been so fucking worried that you would die in that stupid cave! Where you get off going to hell and back anyway?! What was I supposed to do if you were dead!" She had switched her train of thought again. -10:37 Jan 23
Conall: Conall sighed. He really, really did not understand how Mackenzie's mind worked sometimes. "Mack..." he sighed, grabbed her, pulled her in and kissed her again. Hopefully she'd get the point this time. And it had the added benefit of shutting her up for the minute or so it usually took her to think through things. -10:42 Jan 23
Mackenzie: That did well enough to silence her for the moment. Leaving her blinking in to his eyes a bit startled, even when she returned that kiss with confusion. When she broke away, the momentary silence was gone. "...I'm not saying I don't love you too, I'm just saying that going to hell was a pretty stupid fucking way to tell me!" -10:46 Jan 23
Conall: "Yes, well, I wasn't about to let YOU go to hell." -10:47 Jan 23
Mackenzie: "What. Kinda. Stupid. excuse. is. that!" Between every word she swatted him. She had been wanting to swat him since that angel had pulled him out of the ocean. "I would have came back!" -10:49 Jan 23
Conall: "As far as I knew, it was a one-way trip." -10:50 Jan 23
Mackenzie: Snorting, Mackenzie dropped on to his lap with an unceremoncious plop. It wouldn't have been the first time she sat on him, but now... now it was just a little different. Now she was actually looking at, not just jabbering on her typical crazy nonsense and seeing past him. "I would have come back. ...I also would have gone to get you had anyone let me go. I almost shot my own father and I've been waiting to see him for years." -10:54 Jan 23
Conall: "Don't ever change, Mack. Don't ever change." -10:58 Jan 23
Mackenzie: "You should remember that the next time I want to take pictures of demons." And so, in some odd Mackenzie way, she had won an argument they weren't even having. As an after thought she gave a quick kiss to his forehead. "I am going to quit school and come home. I have a place to live?" -11:02 Jan 23
Conall: "I'm not about to kick you out, you know that." -11:03 Jan 23
Mackenzie: "...and you know... my father is going to need somewhere to live too..." -11:04 Jan 23
Conall: "I only have two bedrooms. So unless you plan on moving into mine, we'll need alternate arrangements." -11:05 Jan 23
Mackenzie: Mackenzie pursed her lips as she thought about. Really gave some deep consideration to it. "...are you a seal when you sleep, usually? 'Cause that would get pretty awkward real fast." -11:06 Jan 23
Conall: Conall chuckled. "I'm sure that made sense to you, Mack. No, I am not a seal when I sleep." -11:08 Jan 23
Mackenzie: Her mouth curved up to a wicked sort of smirk. "Do you sleep naked, because THAT wouldn't get awkward at all." She paused, her expression going serious again. "...Unless my Dad saw you." -11:09 Jan 23
Conall: "Yes, I do. And we have these newfangled things called 'sheets.'" -11:10 Jan 23
Mackenzie: "That's not what I meant." ....Mackenzie decided against explaining what she meant. That fell under the jurisdiction of 'weird Mackenzie things no one understood'. "It's a deal, then. I'll sleep with you from now on." -11:12 Jan 23
Conall: "I'm pretty sure your dad knows I'm a selkie, Mack." He chuckled. -11:15 Jan 23
Mackenzie: "I was thinking he would do that father thing and crush any male that looked sideways at his daughter." Mackenzie was looking thoughtful again. "You're both a lot a like. I wonder what my psycologist would suggest that says about me..." -11:17 Jan 23
Conall: "Given that Freud was convinced that every man secretly wanted to have sex with his mother.....I have no idea." -11:18 Jan 23
Mackenzie: "Not something I studied in school. ...But I did learn about Selkies, and I have no idea why I didn't notice before." It might have been because she had always been so busy looking for ghosts and beasties that she didn't noticed what was standing right next to her. " ass! You could have let me know sooner that I wasn't crazy!" -11:22 Jan 23
Conall: "I was trying to keep you pointed safely AWAY from the supernatural. Look how well that turned out." -11:23 Jan 23
Mackenzie: "On the bright side, I'm not dead. And that's saying a lot." Mackenzie gave that wicked grin again. She did know fully well that her mental stability was.... not stable at all. She could safely say Conall was the only reason why she wasn't in an institution or dead and buried already. -11:25 Jan 23
Conall: "As often as you go looking for trouble? Yes, it is." He stuck out his tongue at her. -11:26 Jan 23
Mackenzie: She covered his mouth with her hand. Tongue and all. "I'll have you know, I behaved while in New York, just like I promised. Not a cut, bruise, or broken bone." -11:28 Jan 23
Conall: Well, if she's going to do that... He licked her hand. "Mmmmhmmm.' -11:34 Jan 23
Mackenzie: Mackenzie blinked. "Are you going to eat me, Conall?" -11:38 Jan 23


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