The Riders

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Today is the day you have waited for since you were old enough to walk. The people bustle through the streets, talking animatedly. The tension, excitement, and anxiety flows through the air almost tangibly. You're clustered into groups, each class, and you're proudly in the final grouping. The other, lower, classes stare in awe. One hundred strong, you are the pride of Seballa. A man, strict and wizened, begins to line you up.

People are gathering around now, hushed whispers invade your ears and you close your eyes, only to open them when you feel a sharp rap on your spine. "Stand up straight, now, eyes forward. Look sharp, look sharp". The man goes about disciplining more students. Dressed in jade green and silver, your entire class is now lined up. The future of Seballa, you are the class of the riders. Privileged with being born that your class coming of age aligns with this most auspicious of years.

You are marched through the doorway and into a cavernous room, glittering with gemstones and dripping with condensation. The entire room glows eerily and you can make out the shapes of eggs, nestled tightly in their feathery nests. There are only around ten, but they are large, bigger than your head, and they glitter with different jewel tones. You have been preparing for this day, when you touch one of the eggs, perhaps it will burn you, marking you with the rider's tattoo. That will be your egg. You will be one of the elite ranks, then. You feel almost sick with anticipation.

A village nestled in the highest reaches of a mountain, Mount Fury it is called. Long ago, legend states that the founder of the village was a humble man, outcasted from his own village because of his talent. There was never, nor has there been since, a more talented blacksmith than he, states the legend. He wove the waves of the ocean into a breastplate, and paid the price for his actions because the villages feared him. Starving and forsaken, he climbed ever higher onto Mount Fury. When he reached the end of his strength, he finally collapsed onto the ground, clutching only one item to him, his crowning glory, the chest piece he had lovingly crafted. Seeing the man, the dragons who nested on the mountain took pity and they rescued him, allowing him to bond with one of their eggs. He became he first rider, a protector of the land and the truest virtues. His name was Eridu, his dragon the might Balthon, the first and last golden dragon.


Eridu founded the city with the wife he later took, the fair lady Lasandra, who herself became a rider of the silver dragon, Kahn.


Since then, the village has had a group of children every ten years who become the next generation of riders. In previous times, they often simply upheld relations between Seballa and other cities, but trouble is brewing. This is the time of blacksmiths, heroic battles, and tall tales. Medieval-esque frame.
Character Sheet:

Age: (Seventeen or eighteen, you're coming of age)
Dragon: DO NOT fill this in. I will do it. Leave blank.
Ohhh, I really like this! Though... *pokes it suspiciously* is it based on a series of books/anime/tv show?
Uhm, loosely, perhaps, a book I read during a much too long visit to my grandparents when I was eight.... Couldn't really tell you, that was a very long time ago. Other than that vague possibility of a detail or two half-remembered - no.

So you want to join? :D
Well, I plan for this to be a lot of fun, so I'd love for you to join.
I have a pair of characters that I'd like to use :)

I'm wondering what "training" these youngsters have to go through? Also, what's the level of technology? And does magic exist/under what form?

Name: Nelrika "Nell"
Age: 17
Personality: At first glance, quite unassuming and easy-going, sporting a smile 24/7. But she is incredibly observant and perceptive. Angering her triggers her sadistic side and her vicious tongue. Being extremely good at training has left her left rather jaded and unmotivated... well, at least until she met Liam, whose passion irritates her to no end. She does not seem to take interest in much, except maybe needling Liam.Though she may seem quite harmless, she does have her very calculated motives. In battle, she is a patient and clever fighter, adaptive enough to turn the enemy's weakness against them and often wearing out her opponents with quick, accurate jabs. Her weapon of choice is, of course, the bow, which enables her to maintain a defensive position.
Dragon: DO NOT fill this in. I will do it. Leave blank.
Name: Liam
Age: 19
Personality: Talking about Dragons or Riders will animate this usually serious and solemn boy. Unfortunately not branded with the rider's tattoo during his coming of age, he now channels his passion into his craft, blacksmithing, and lives vicariously through Nell, whom he fervently believes will become a Rider.
Dragon: None.
Interested! But not sure I can play yet. D:< If I do it'll be a female character (as usual)! I'll see about hunting down some players though.
If you feel you can comfortably keep up with posting duties for both characters, then that should be ok once fleshed out :3
Diadia, please do ^^
Name: Balthasar Gelt
Age: 18
Personality: Gelt seems like he'd be the calm and cool type, and he usually is...when on the ground. But once he gets airborn, he likes to push the limits, flying faster, diving sharper, stopping closer than even experienced riders would dare. When fighting, Gelt likes to take advantage of an opponents blind spots. He uses shadows and misdirection to their fullest effect, often endabling him to strike at a foes exposed side.
Dragon: DO NOT fill this in. I will do it. Leave blank.
Name: Sarrin acarion
Age: eighteen
Personality: Sarrin, is withdrawn and shy, He is an excellent warrior,and very intelligent, but he doubts his abilities. he is very skilled with the sword, bow, spear, war-pick, and the halberd. He prefers to end battles quickly striking hard and making every strike count, he is somewhat of a tactician. He tends to lose his head and so he can be reckless. He loves weapons that pierce armor, the war-pick and halberd are his favorite weapons, and the ones he uses most often. Despite being a warrior, Sarrin is a very caring person, he strongly believes that his strengths were given to him so he could protect the weak. Sarrin cannot stand injustice.
Appearance: Sarrin is average height with black hair and green eyes, he is of a strong build.

Dragon: DO NOT fill this in. I will do it. Leave blank.
All right - none of you have dragons yet, just clarifying... when you get your first dragon, it'll be a baby o.o
Okami, aside from that and no appearance, it seems good so far. :3
TnT, first detail same for you, but aside from that, looks solid.
This looks like a very good RP- I'll join now
Name: Pandora Lockhart
Age: 17
Personality:<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p>
Pandora is soft spoken and quiet. She isn't very social, but she is very intelligent and quick witted. When she does speak freely to others, she is well spoken and witty. She isn't cruel, and is kind and sweet. She seems to have an affinity with all living creatures, and she hates to kill them. Though, when she does she always has a good reason behind it. She is good at surviving and has a tendency to run off and hide. Though she does flee, she would never leave anyone behind in battle, and is a skilled huntress. She is loyal and sweet, though she doesnt seem it on the outside. She is athletic and energetic at her best, and very hurtful and violent at her worst, though only to humans.
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Dragon: DO NOT fill this in. I will do it. Leave blank.<o:p></o:p>
I take it you mean that the part about his personality when flying doesn't apply yet?

Took me a moment to figure out that we wouldn't have actually had any flight training yet since it is unknown whether or not we are dragon riders until we touch an egg, which means they wouldn't wate time training us to fly dragons because we might not get chosen.

So can we just assume that that part of his personality will remain dormant until he actually gets a dragon? If not, I'll just put it in spoiler tags for later.

BTW, if it seems I'm rambling, it's because it's 6:30 AM and I haven't been to bed yet.
*pokes Kitti*

I'm wondering what "training" these youngsters have to go through? Also, what's the level of technology? And does magic exist/under what form?
No magic... unless you count flying around on dragons o.o
Training? Lore of the dragons (aka history), simple reading/writing, general school stuff. Add in some physical training for those just in case, you might be riders.
TnT, sounds ok to just leave dormant. Just making sure you guys know >_<
Name: Minnette Younge
Age: 17
Personality: Outgoing and bubbly, people suspect that she will not get chosen for a dragon simply based on the assumption that nothing would willingly bond itself to something that talks so much. Minnette isn't afraid to voice her opinion on anything, and she's not shy in the slightest. Nor is she subtle. If she has a question, not only will she bluntly ask you, she'll do it in front of all your friends and family.
Appearance: Minette
Dragon: DO NOT fill this in. I will do it. Leave blank.
Mmmm... Yeah, I think I'll be in this one.

Name: Lehim Brokenstone
Age: 18
Personality: Obsessive in a personal manner, Lehim is devoted to perfection... particularly, that of his own physical form. While his mental abilities are... lacking, at least compared to his fellows that are also coming-of-age, his athletic ability is nothing to sneeze at. He speaks rarely - and slowly, when he does, avoiding large words (which he'd mispronounce or misuse, anyway). He has no doubt of his abilities, and the few times he has been defeated in training... he's laughed it off, gotten better, and defeated his opponent in a manner of days. He lacks the foresight in political or social matters, thinking only in the physical world... this comes as a horrible let-down to some of the village's females, who find him attractive. He likes to laugh, and is very friendly and outgoing. Many think that if he gets chosen as a rider, it'll be from a dragon as huge and dim as he is...
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Dragon: (None!)
Sounds good, I'll start this up when I'm feeling better xD